Riding the giant Ambler was pretty boring. It was just an endless swaying motion and sand everywhere you looked. Honestly, going through the forest had been way more interesting and even riding that crazy feather-dog-deer thing had at least needed his full attention. Callum opened his mouth to ask Rayla something about the enchantment over her home, then shut it when he saw the expression on his friend's face. Talking about most elf-related things was now a depressing idea. So Callum let his mind roam around for a safe-ish topic and came up with "so, what was up with your, uh, dad, I guess? Or is he your uncle?"

"You can just call him Ethari," answered the sullen moonshadow elf. "And what do you mean? He was fine."

"Well, I've seen a lot of elves by now, but none that were so…" He trailed off and fidgeted with his hands.

Rayla looked at him with an eyebrow raised and a bit of a smirk on her face. "So…what?"

Callum flailed a bit more, a sight that amused Rayla. "Well, he looked kinda…" He trailed off again and motioned with his hand in front of his stomach, drawing a slight dome over his abdomen with his fingers.

Rolling her eyes, Rayla scoffed as she looked down at her feet. One of her boot laces was coming undone "He's fine, he's just pregnant. Though," she continued, ignoring the stunned silence behind her as she fixed the laces. "I wasn't expecting him to be so far along. He wasn't showing at all when I left."

She looked back at her companion and saw him frantically digging in his ears. "I'm sorry, I must have sand in my ears. I could have sworn you just said your dad was," he paused, staring at her pleadingly, "pregnant? Is that an elf thing?"

A spark of mischief lit inside Rayla's brain and she turned back to the desert, hiding the small smile playing around her mouth. "No, it's more of a mage thing. Ethari's really good at enchanting things like the flowers, and he uses a lot of magical materials to make his weapons and necklaces and such, so that's why it happened to him. But he's not the only one. Some mages work spells every day, so they get pregnant really fast. It's like, the more they practice magic, the more likely it is to happen to them. Some of the ones I've heard of aren't much older than us."

She heard scrambling behind her and suddenly Callum was right in her face, looking a bit frantic. "But there are plenty of human mages and it's never happened to them. So it's just an elf mage thing, right?"

Got him hook, line, and sinker. "Well, you have to use primal magic for it to happen, and humans can't do that, except for you. I guess we'll have to wait and see, right? Although, we probably won't have to wait for that long, with the way you keep practicing all the time." And there's the blush, she chuckled inwardly as he turned red from the roots of his hair all the way past his collar.

He quickly backed away from her and returned to their pile of luggage, staring at her with something akin to horror on his suddenly pale face. "I'm never doing magic again," he promised in a very high-pitched voice. She couldn't hold it in anymore and let loose her laugh. At that sound, her friend relaxed from his panicked state and glowered at her. "Oh right, laugh at the human, sure." He waited until her chuckling subsided, which took quite a while. In the end, they both were smiling, Rayla from her well-executed prank, Callum from hearing her laugh after too long without it. "But really, what's up with him?" He asked again.

Her smile died. "That is what's up with him. Male elves who use magic intentionally sometimes get pregnant. I don't really know why or how it happens, but it does. I doubt it'll happen to you, though."

Callum looked at her again, frown leaving his face for a more apprehensive expression. "Are you sure?" He pulled at the fabric over his middle, as if imagining what it might look like stretched out like Ethari's top had been.

She rolled her eyes fondly. "You've only been doing magic for a few weeks. It took Ethari years for it to happen, and he's the only one I know who's gotten with child. I was joking about some of what I said."

They both relaxed after that, Callum reassured he was safe from the horrors of babies and Rayla thinking about her guardian. With everything that had happened since the failed assassination, she had actually forgotten about the potential little girl or boy waiting back home for her. She'd been excited to meet them. "I wonder if you can un-ghost someone." Or maybe, once Ethari told the village the truth, they wouldn't make his baby do the spell too. Even if it was just one person, at least there would be someone from her old life who could still see her.

I have a passion for Mpreg, if you couldn't tell from my community or my other story The Seahorse Effect. But, I don't enjoy writing lemons or just gay relationships in general. I'm not shaming anyone who does, it's just not for me. Still, I couldn't get this idea out of my head after Season three. I decided that the Dragon Prince magic system wasn't nearly complicated enough, and designed a whole new layer including my favorite trope and Ethari, who I'm completely in love with at the moment. So review if you wish to read more!