Author's note: Go easy on me, this is another crossover with several ocs that I've been wanting to post for a long time. Don't worry, it won't just focus on my OC Kylie's partial origin story, but on the Chosen children, the digimon and how they interact with the girls too.

Now for the blunt part, you'll seeing more of:

* five Winx/W.I.T.C.H. ocs of mine and my sisters with transformations from winx club.
* plus three canon characters from obscure animes in the 3rd arc.

The Winx girls and anything else from the fandom will only be mentioned or referenced, just fair warning. And all questions must be done by PM unless you want a salty reaction. Thank you and enjoy the fic

Summertime, one of the single greatest words in every language. No school, no homework and no more uncomfortable cramps from badly made chair-desks. Nine long months of anticipation that build up into three wonderful months of fun in the sun.

Except the first mistake the girls made was thinking there wouldn't be a need to think about average day worries such as curfews, tedious extra-curricular activities or teenage drama.

The second mistake was not noticing all the supernatural signs: The summer of 1999 was full of strange occurrences, the climate went completely out of control. Many crops dried out, and other places became flooded. And places that were usually blazing hot in the summer, had suddenly gone dreadfully cold.

But, our story takes place several miles northwest of Tokyo, right where many people were out camping. Among them were the Enchanted Ones and the allies. Despite all of their different personalities, these eight young women had one major thing in common; a quest much greater than the Guardians of Candracar. They were charged with the challenge of keeping the entire universe safe from all kinds of evil. Being empowered with magical abilities allowed them to control not four but seven elements: earth, thunder, air, fire, star, heaven, and water.

It was the Guardians' job to make sure that no evil (human or non-human) crossed the portals found within the Veil. The Winter solstice had weakened the Veil to a great degree. Corrupted humans, creatures of every shape, size and form were able to travel through the Veil, by way of portals, which are like cosmic tunnels. So far, they've done a pretty good job for the past four years, learning their craft from the Wizarding world and it's been an entire school year since the last major threat, which meant they could enjoy summer vacation.

Or so they thought.

The older girls had originally been looking forward to joining several college students to an eventual beachside bonfire party, except their parents had other plans for them in the month of August.

"Oh, no!" The three Pantheon sisters groaned.

"You're sending us away with perfect strangers in the middle of the wilderness?!" Kylie had wailed.

Dr. Jenna Pantheon shook her head at the girls' reactions, "Now, now, I've made arrangements for you to be counselors-in-training for elementary school children. You won't be completely alone, your friends have been signed up also and Dana will joining as a camper alongside her schoolmates."

Unbelievable, it was summer, and it's supposed to be a vacation without an actual job!

"And camping with a number of other kids and teachers I don't know is going to be a drag!" Beth complained.

As the keeper of the Heart, this made the tomboyish and quick-tempered redhead, Beth, the unsuspected (and usually fearless) leader of the team.

"It's not going to be a drag, it's going to be fun. This is a bigger opportunity for you all to get out of the city and enjoy the countryside before you head on off to college. I'm sure you can all find some fun things to do together. And who knows? It could be just about the most exciting summer you've ever had." Dr. Pantheon insisted.

Dana, the youngest of them, with her green eyes and an affinity for animals, cried. "What did you think I was planning to do this summer?"

"Preferably WITH a chaperone, the local wildlife doesn't count." Her mother answered back flatly. "Dana, don't forget you have at least five more years before you finishing schooling."

"But it just won't be the same without…" Dana stopped herself.

The memory of what happened the previous year and the one before that was still fresh in their minds. Even the older girls looked downcast.

Dr. Pantheon sighed, her disposition softening. "I know, but I'm sure they would've wanted you all to live for them."

Obviously, in spite of their unusual gifts, they were all just a group of teenage girls and one preteen with everyday problems as the next. The drama never ends.

The girls had begged and pleaded with their respective parents day after day, but soon their bags were packed and sent to the bus on that fateful day. And so, the reluctant girls were sent off to the temporary school camp (Well, Dana, who was the youngest was signed up as a camper) in noisy crowds that stood before the buses lined up for departure, the children and their respective counselors assembled into their assigned groups as they chattered endlessly.

This is just great. They could be down joining other classmates at the beach meeting eligible college boys, but oh no. Their parents just had to send them off on some lousy summer camp with absolute strangers! What's worse as assistant chaperones, they were going to be working constantly and not have a lot of time to talk to friends or do their own hobbies.

Kylie pushed her sunflower blonde braid off her shoulder for what felt like the umpteenth time that day.

Ahead of her, a grumpy Beth adjusted her backpack and overnight bag before moving through the crowd in search of their friends. Behind her, Dana just jumped off and rushed away as Kylie trudged along with a fatigued sigh.

Now, it was a little hard for Kylie to be around most mortals because there were times she felt like she was sticking out like a sore thumb. You see, she was one of the only half-fairies (besides her foster sisters) while everyone else no-maj (non-magic) born. Adding more to this secret, most of their other friends who knew it this fact, regrettably, lived abroad in different parts of the world. So it was just only the eight girls out camping with a few children they had befriended during their baby-sitting years.

But only time will tell; she is currently searching for a higher purpose. She feels like there's more to see past this world. Luckily she has amazing friends to support her.

Except, it had been years since she or her family had gone camping so frankly, she and Beth were a little rusty. Dana was much more irked at the fact that she wouldn't be able to visit her animal friends in places of her choice.

Sara was leafing through the morning newspaper of their realm. The peculiar world climatic changes had been badgering her and the semi-goth Zaira for days. "That's weird," she paused and looked around the campsite.

"What?" Dana asked.

"It's the global weather changes," said Sara, "In Southwestern Asia they're getting droughts, it hasn't rained in months; in Middle East, it's raining so much there's floods and get this: in the USA, local weather reports that it's the coldest summer yet!"

"Really," Kylie whispered, her almond azure eyes widening in surprise, "That is strange. . ."

"Blame global warming, girls, it worked for me." Kurt, a clumsy but good natured boy from their school said with a shrug.

Sara then comments, "Before I even mentioned this, you've been awfully quiet for a while, Kylie. Something up?"

"Hmm?" The beautiful blonde broke out of her daydream. "Oh, it's nothing. Really."

Theo said, "Girl, you've been acting like this since when we arrived at camp. Having bad dreams?"

"Well. . . . . . Something, but. . . . I'll tell you later," Kylie sighed.

The laid-back mixed race girl and the scholar looked at each other for a second wondering what it was Kylie wasn't telling them right away.

What they didn't know was that it would be the summer of discoveries for all of them, truths, loves, and new allies. Today was just be the beginning of their new adventure.

"How's your left arm?" Zaira abruptly asked Theo as they were being assigned the groups they'd be looking after.

Theo looked solemn. "Sometimes it still hurts." she says sullenly, grabbing ahold of her arm.

"How come we're not sitting together?" Yui questioned.

Haruna shook her head, "We're lucky to even end up in the very same camping trip altogether."

They had been hoping to try and this summer volunteering somewhat fun. So far some of the kids are okay, but this fourth grader in the pink cowboy hat - this Mimi Tachikawa girl was a pain! She complained about every little detail!

Perfect, Lisa's probably living it up at the beach party right now and we're stuck with whiners like this prissy princess! Beth thought ruefully. Well at least maybe one good thing could come out of this: as CITs, Theo and I can break her of that little attitude problem and toughen her up.

A medium blond-haired boy wearing brown gloves and a forest-green, sleeveless turtleneck named Yamato 'Matt' Ishida observed the camp from his spot. A younger blonde boy wearing a green hat and long–sleeved shirt that was the same color as the sleeveless T–shirt Matt was wearing, stood next to him. Although there were many people who spoke to Matt, none of them spoke to the little boy, and the boy himself never waved his hand in greeting at anyone else. He simply stuck to Matt's side as he quietly looked around, grinning broadly at his surroundings.

The situation was as it should be, for this little boy was not a part of this school, and thus was not acquainted with any of the students there. He was Matt's younger brother, Takeru 'T.K.' Takaishi. The reason they had different last names was because the two were now living separately due to their parents' divorce. T.K. was allowed to participate in Matt's school camping trip after receiving special permission from Fujiyama–sensei, the man in charge of organizing it.

Although their faces fell the moment they heard they'd be placed in separate groups. Matt was a part of Beth's group while T.K. was in Kylie's.

Kylie kneeled down to T.K.'s level and lifted his face up to her with a gentle hand, "What's wrong?"
"My brother and I won't be in the same group." He replied morosely. "We'd already promised Mom we'd stick together."

"Who – or rather, which one is your brother?" Kylie said glancing around.

"Matt." The little boy glanced to where his older brother stood in the group next to them.

"You guys unpack the tent and lay everything out on the ground. And I'll stand here and tell you how to put it up," Beth was telling the group she was in charge of. She had picked up the page of printed instructions that lay on the grass and began to read them.

Matt frowned." Who made you team leader?"

"Who's the CIT here, you or me?" Beth snarked as she undid the tent pack and upended it, so everything fell out onto the grass.

Zaira looked out around the campsite watching everyone either setting tents, carrying their knapsacks or just enjoying the view.

Theo's group had finished setting up their tent.

"I need to shake out my clothes. They must be horribly creased." The whining girl in the pink cowboy hat interrupted, combing her hair with her fingers.

"Ooh—ooh, so are my jeans!" Theo teased in a high, fussy voice. "I'll have to ask Mr. Fujiyama to iron them for me."

The other children laughed. Mimi huffed and glared at the older girl. From her spot, Beth and Dana smirked.

Mimi was actually a very nice, well–behaved girl by nature. It was just that, in some cases, she would respond to the inner logic she had formed within her head with disregard for what was actually said to her during the conversation. It often caused many people – even friends – who were talking with her to become very, very confused and unable to know how to carry on their conversation. In other words, Mimi would get angry, cry, or laugh at the drop of a hat, regardless of what topic they were previously talking about, and the person she had been talking to would be left with absolutely no idea on how to deal with her. That was exactly what was happening right now.

"Has anyone seen a Taichi Kamiya?" Haruna asked around holding a clipboard.

Up on one of the branches, an eleven year old boy with wild brown hair in a blue shirt and goggles atop his head is resting, when a snowflake falls. He wakes up startled. But he wasn't the only one caught by surprise. Over to where Haruna was naming the flowers, one of the elementary school girls in Zaira's group, this one wearing a light-blue bowl-type hat that covers almost all of her red hair. Her name was Sora Takenouchi.

Next, Matt glances up in mild surprise.

At the entrance to one of the camp cabins, a red-haired boy is using a laptop. His full name is Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi. Mimi Tachikawa, who had been kneeling, stood up as another snowflake falls at her feet.

In the grass, Dana was talking to T.K., having been introduced to him by Kylie as one of her sisters. The two look up as a snowflake falls.

Finally, entering one of the cabins, was a blue-haired kid, Joe Kido, who glances up in confusion.

The snow kept falling, until a snow storm began making everyone take refuge in the cabins or tents. There was a bit of jostling and shuffling about. Just for the sake of peace, Kylie spread her sleeping bag right by the entrance.

Sometime later, the guardians and the seven kids from earlier stepped out of their cabins. Izzy even with Haruna's help, couldn't get internet access and all they heard from the radio was static.

"So what are you counselor, or a camper like us?" Sora had asked the older girls.

"CIT: That's counselor in training, kiddo." Theo replied.

"Ah well," said a bouncy haired Yui raising a hand outside the door-frame to verify, "The storm stopped anyway."

The exclamations from the children standing at the edge of a small hill got their attention. As if on instinct, the older girls grabbed their bags, each one had the right idea of packing useful items in case of emergencies.

But what they saw was not much cause for alarm, but wonder. They look up to see rainbow-colored lights shine in the sky. They're all in awe, as evidenced by their collective sigh.

"How romantic! It's so pretty!" said Mimi

"What-what is it?" questioned Izzy,

"The Aurora Borealis." Sora responded, admiring the view.

"It's the first time I see this." commented Matt.

It's amazing! T.K. piped up.

"This doesn't make sense," Zaira shook her head, "You only see this in Alaska."

"It's very strange to see the Aurora Borealis in Japan." said Izzy.

Sara nodded, "He's right, we're way too far southeast."

"Good point." Sora acknowledged their confusion.

Joe piped up, "I really think we ought to get back inside with the other adults we'll be much safer there."

"True. It wouldn't be much fun if we catch a cold." Matt said gravely.

"We'll some extra blankets," Yui suggested.

She, Haruna and Sara were already walking right back into the cabin.

"Alright, let's all head back…" Zaira started to say but something else caught their eyes.

"Hey, what's that?" said Tai's voice.

Kylie looked up to see light-green vortex through the colorful lights. Everyone looked up and mumbled what was going on.

Then without warning, strange beams of yellow light streaked towards them! Everyone scattered before the small comets hit straight down at their (the seven camping kids) feet, leaving holes in the already thick snow.

Waving her hands to clear the smoke, Beth spoke up. "Sound off! Who's still in one piece?"

"We're alive." Matt said, staying close to T.K.

"That was scary." said Mimi, holding the ends of her pink cowboy hat.

Joe adjusted his glasses, "What- What was that?"

A precautious Izzy crawled towards one of the telltale holes in the ground, "Meteorites?"

To everyone's shock, glowing white lights float up from the holes towards them. Each of the seven kids grab ahold of the mysterious glowing objects.

Sora raised an eyebrow, "What are these?"

Kylie looked over the younger girl's shoulder to see small mechanical objects.

"They aren't cellphones, pagers or anything." said Izzy.

"But they were glowing a second ago. . ." Haruna murmured confusedly.

Theo suddenly elbowed Beth and mumbled out of the corner of her mouth, "They're not the only ones. . . "

Something glowed a bright pink under the redhead's shirt. She pulled out the Heart of Etherea looking dumbstruck.

"Great, NOW you start warning us." Beth muttered to it.

Kylie, however, was still staring at the little devices "What in the magic…" she'd reached a finger towards it.

Instantly, the tiny screens start to shimmer green. Just then they heard something roar.

"Heads up!" Zaira suddenly yelled.

Kylie looked up in time to see an enormous green wall of water suddenly rise up out of the ground. Flecks of white foam splashed at the top of the wave a hundred feet above them.

The gigantic tidal wave split like the Red Sea and rolled toward them. It lifted the eight children and five of the teenagers upwards, carrying them high into the sky.

Kylie could hear Sara, Yui and Haruna's voices crying out for them. "Wait!" "Come back!"

The wave tossed them and turned those picked up back and forth, rolling, falling, screaming… right through a narrow spectrum tunnel, then a dark place with colorful lines and flying around towards a blinding white light at the end.

The scenery caught Kylie by complete surprise when she first awoke. She was in the middle of the forest somewhere. It was large, bright, and thriving. Its thick canopy and a range of flowers, clashed with the otherwise mundane scenery. A variation of wild sounds added life to the forest, and added to the sounds of the rustling of the leaves and branches of the tree tops in the wind.

Kylie touched the back of her head and slowly got to her feet. Odd. She's never been here before, so why the feeling of déja vu?

A loud buzzing made her look up and see a stream of smoke rising from the jungle.

"Oh!" she whispered. "The others might be in trouble!"

Without a moment's hesitation, she followed the smoke but it was dissipating. Now how would she find them?

Yet she needn't have worried, once she stepped into a clearing just four feet away, she found Sora in front of a tree.

"All clear!" the eleven year old girl said, "No need to hide anymore."

Standing beside her is a small pink creature with large green eyes and a blue flower on its head.

"Sora?" Kylie asked.

Sora turns and smiled, most likely relieved to see at least someone older in the area. "Oh, Kylie you're here too!"

Out of the tree came Tai with a tiny pale flesh-colored head without a nose. Its ears are long and look like cat's tails. It has sharp, jagged little teeth. While Izzy was being tailed by a small, pinkish brown eyed blob with arms but no feet. Behind them came Theo, who'd stopped at the sight of Sora's unusual companion.

"The sound of Kuwagamon is getting further away." said the little flower creature at Sora's heels. Its voice was that of a bright little girl.

"Yeah. Thanks Pyokomon." she said.

Consumed by fascinated curiosity, Kylie crouched down and stroked the little creature's flower a little, making it giggle. "That tickles!"

"How sweet…" Kylie said gently, "And those?" she asked about the others by the boys' feet.

To her surprise, they looked a little sheepish at the sight of her. The little pink one waved, "Call me Motimon, pleased to meet'cha."

"I'm Koromon!" the other one said cheerfully.

Theo nodded, jerking her thumb at the little creatures, "Yeah, when the boys woke up they found these little cuties looking at them."

"It looks like a plant, but she's a friend to… them?" Izzy wondered about Pyokomon, glancing back at the other two.

"I actually love the color combination of her flower." Kylie said gently touching the petals. "From both an artistic and an amateur naturalist point of view."

Then a small, white, guinea pig-like thing with long, thin ears runs into the clearing. In spite of the strange circumstances, Kylie and Theo cooed, "Awww."

Tai, Sora, and Izzy looked astounded. "They're popping up everywhere." Izzy exclaimed.

The white guinea-pig turned to its left and called, "T.K., Dana, over here!"

About six feet away, T.K. and Dana came running out from behind a large tree.

"Coming!" called the little boy in green, "Tokomon, there you are!"

"And he found everyone else too!" Dana cried, clapping her hands in delight.

They're closely followed by Matt, who's holding an orange fuzzball with a fin jutting out of its forehead. Right behind him, are Zaira and Beth, looking relieved to see them.

"Oh good, he found them!" Beth exclaimed.

"Matt, you too?" Tai asked him.

"Tai! I didn't know you'd be here."

"No, I meant that! You got one of those too?"

Matt raised an eyebrow. "Yeah. He's..."

Immediately the teenagers begin to gush over Matt's new friend, causing the little critter to bashfully flush. The boy himself was greatly taken aback, probably from the attention the girls were giving his friend.

"Hello. I'm Tsunomon." The furry little thing said shyly.

The guardians smile encouragingly, as they found the little creatures endearing. Already, Theo and Beth were baby talking and fawning over Koromon, Motimon and Pyokomon as any girl would over a lovable baby animal.

T.K., Dana and Tokomon are happily playing together as young children would with new friends, when they hear someone screaming. Joe dashes out of the bushes.

"Help me!" he yelled, "A weird thing is chasing me!"

Up on his shoulder crawled a small, grey seal-thing with orange hair. "I'm no weird thing. I'm called Bukamon."

Joe merely screams some more. Until Beth actually started laughing at his expense.

"Don't be such a wuss, Joey Jojo! The little baby probably thinks you're his parent!" She said, smacking him on the back.

The teasing nickname got a chuckle out of the others. It was enough to get Joe's attention to the other five little creatures next to the others, none of them were as frantic as he was, and began to gradually calm down.

"Wha- What are these things? They're- They're everywhere! What are they?"

Bukamon jumps off Joe's shoulder and onto the ground with the other little creatures.

"We're Digimon!" they chirped together, "Digital monsters."

"Digital monsters?" Kylie asked while the kids gaped in bewilderment.

Did they actually discover new magical creatures? It could be the biggest zoological discovery of the millennium!

"Yeah, Digimon." They chimed in and introduced themselves.

"I'm Koromon."

"Hello I'm Tsunomon."

"I'm Pyokomon."

"My name is Motimon."

"I'm Bukamon."

"And I'm Tokomon."

Then it was the kids turn to explain who they were. Tai went first. "Friends, I'm Tai Kamiya, I'm in fifth year in Odaiba Elementary."

Next he introduced Sora. "She's Sora and in the same year as me."

"A pleasure, I'm Sora Takenouchi." Sora grinned.

"That's Matt, he's in the same year."

"I'm Matt Ishida."

"He's Joe."

"Joe Kido. I'm in sixth year."

"That's Izzy from fourth year."

"I'm Izzy Izumi."

"And next over here is…"

T.K. introduced himself brightly, "T.K. T.K. Takaishi, I'm in second grade."

"So long as we're all introducing ourselves…" Theo piped up casually, "Name's Theo Schaffer. First Year College from abroad."

Beth was next. "Beth Pantheon. Hoping to be a Xenoanthropology major, I want to open a martial arts dojo in the future."

Zaira spoke up, "Zaira Baker. Majoring in law."

Kylie brushed some hairs from her face, "Kylie Pantheon. Zoology and cryptozoology major with a Minor in art."

And last was Dana. "Dana Pantheon. I'll be starting second year of middle school."

However, the girls notice they're missing three of their fellow guardians.

"Uh-oh! Where's Yui and Haruna?"

"Sara's not here, either!" Kylie added worriedly.

Dana speculated, "They must still be back at the camp!"

Sora suddenly recalled, "Speaking of missing, wasn't there another girl with us?"

"Mimi! Mimi Tachikawa's not here!" Izzy added.

"That's right!" Joe remembered, "Mimi from fourth year, I lost sight of her…!"

A young girl's scream, shrill enough to rip a hole through silk, erupted from the forest to their left. That could only have come from Mimi. Together, they all race towards the sound of her voice.

Right in time to see Mimi rush into a clearing, wailing at the top of her lungs. Alongside her was a small four legged digimon with warm brown eyes and a plant on its head. Both were running away with good reason: An unbelievably gigantic stag beetle with a bright red body that was almost harsh on the eyes. The ear–splitting roar of sound and gusts of wind were caused from its enormous wings.

"It's the stag beetle monster!" Izzy yelped.

Next to him, Motimon corrected, "No! It's Kuwagamon!"

The entire group ducked down. Unable to fly that low, the Kuwagamon, passed overhead and into the trees.

Dana covered her head as they dove out of the way, "We've got to do something!"

"Like what?! Just randomly tell these grade schoolers we're magical?" Theo rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah, that'll smooth things over."

"That's different, almost everyone else that helped us were already involved in some weird stuff one way or another, but these kids are young and inexperienced. This is life and there are consequences, don't you remember what happened in May of 1998?" Zaira said sternly.

"As if we needed reminding." Beth scowled. Theo was also glaring at her.

Zaira paused momentarily understanding how tactless she sounded. "The thing is, can't we just open up a portal and send us all back?"

"I tried that! But we're all still here!" Beth snapped through gritted teeth.

Nearby, Mimi had fallen to her knees to catch her breath. The little digimon beside her spoke, "Are you alright, Mimi?"

"Tanemon." Mimi said the little plant creature's name softly.

"You've got to get up." Sora kneeled down to the other girl.

Mimi looked up, "Sora, you're here too."

"Duh, we're all in one piece aren't we?" Beth snarked back.

When Mimi saw Theo and Beth were there, she groaned in exasperation.

"It's coming back!" Zaira cried out.

Far away and high in the sky, the children could see the stag beetle monster make a wide U–turn and head in their direction again. The girls, the seven children and their Digimon hurried through the forest, looking for a safe place to hide. Although they couldn't see the sky through the thick layer of trees, they heard the buzz of Kuwagamon's wings in the sky above.

"Can someone please tell me what kind of place is this?!" Joe cried.

Tai straightened up determinedly. "I'm not gonna let myself get beaten by him! No more running away!"

While he didn't know where they were, he was more than sure that he didn't like to be scared half out of his wits by some giant bug exterminator's nightmare.

"Tai, don't! What else can we do?" Sora spoke out.

Matt said pointedly, "She's right. We don't have weapons to fight that thing!"

'Except maybe us.' Kylie thought. She and the girls exchanged meaningful glances. First thing was to get the children to safety then power up and finish up Kuwagamon.

"There's no choice but to run away!" Izzy added.

"Here's a unique idea: You kids and the little critters there go find a place to hide, and we'll hold the bug off!" suggested Theo, referring to herself and the other teens.

With them hidden out of harm's way, it could allow the girls to fight without having to reveal their secret. But the kids weren't too keen on letting the closest things to a grown up disappear from sight. Unconsciously, they felt that they were someone they could depend on.

"What?!" Sora exclaimed in disbelief.

"No!" T.K. cried, grabbing his brother's sleeve.

Mimi shook her head frantically, "You're not leaving us alone out there!"

The kids just pulled them to run away. It wasn't as though the children were going to give the girls a chance to transform unseen and Kuwagamon was getting closer.

So they kept running. Even so, they didn't know if they could keep running away forever. Once they ran out of stamina would be the exact moment they became stag beetle food. As much as they wanted to believe that their smaller selves held more stamina than this monster, they couldn't.

A moment later, the trees ended unexpectedly, and the group found themselves running across a short stretch of open ground. That ground, too, ended sharply—in a cliff overlooking a wide river at least two hundred feet below – which Tai confirmed. They pulled up short.

"We're trapped!" Dana gasped.

The trees behind them shook, and then abruptly vanished as Kuwagamon cut through them like a lawn mower. Once more the kids and teens ducked, barely avoiding the Digimon's slashing jaws. Kuwagamon rose into the air, then curved around for another pass. The creature headed straight for the closest target: Tai.

Standing at the edge of the cliff, Tai had nowhere to run. Beside him, he felt the little Digimon tremble as though gathering his energy.

"Tai!" Koromon shouted.

The little Digimon launched himself into the air. He let loose a round of pink bubbles from his mouth, which blasted against the side of Kuwagamon's red shell. But this time it wasn't enough to stop Kuwagamon. The huge Digimon brushed Koromon aside and continued straight ahead.

Tai leaped out of the way, barely dodging the snapping jaws. Without slowing, Kuwagamon changed targets and swooped toward the rest of the group.

The other six Digimon leaped into the air, each one letting loose a Bubble Blow. Tai and the others would have turned their faces away if they could. But their worry overcame their fear and they looked on. It was obvious that these small Digimon were no match against this enormous stag beetle monster, yet they challenged it to battle. Combined, the energy blasts had more power as they smashed into Kuwagamon's face. The big Digimon roared and lost its balance, spinning off course and crashing into the trees. The monster disappeared from sight among the branches and leaves. The kids waited a moment, but there was no sound. For the moment, at least, Kuwagamon had been defeated.

Sora was the first to turn and look for the small Digimon. She saw them all lying on the ground, exhausted.

"Pyokomon!" she called out.

The kids rushed toward their newfound friends. The teen girls each went to at least one of the children to check up on them and the little digimon.

Tai picked up Koromon. The poor creature looked small and weak.

"Are you nuts? Why did you do it?" Tai asked.

"It's that…I have to protect you." Koromon said in a small voice.

All of the rest of the Digimon were dazed, spent by their short battle with the giant Kuwagamon.

"Tokomon…" T.K. held his little friend in his arms.

"That was very brave of you," Dana said to Tokomon, gently patting his head.

"But that could've gotten you killed!" Zaira rebuked Tsunomon.

Matt agreed but was concerned for Tsunomon. "Hang in there, please."


The sound of Kuwagamon's voice filled the air once more. The giant Digimon had recovered from the attack and was about to charge again. Picking up their Digimon, the young friends backed away from the trees. But they could only go a short distance before they reached the edge of the cliff. Tree trunks snapped and branches fell to the ground as Kuwagamon, no longer flying, stepped forward. Each step that he took made the ground tremble. Standing on his massive hind legs, Kuwagamon was at least two stories tall. His huge scissor-hand jaws snapped together.

Beth and the girls exchanged dark looks, and nodded once. No choice, they're going to have to fight right in full view of the children. But in Tai's arms, Koromon stirred. "I have to go. We have to fight!"

"What are you talking about?!" Tai said.

Motimon's eyes popped open. "He's right! That's why we've waited so long…"

"Waited for so long?" Beth wondered. What did he mean?

"Don't do it!" Izzy pleaded.

"I'm going." Pyokomon said determinedly.

Sora looked at the Digimon, who were all still weak from the first battle. "Don't be absurd! Even if you work together, you won't be able to beat him!"

By now, all the Digimon had reawakened, and all of them were struggling to break free of the hands that held them.

"But we have to fight!" Tsunomon yelled from Matt's arms.

"Me too!" Tokomon cried even as T.K. tried to keep him from jumping away.

"And me!" Bukamon shouted with Joe barely able to hold on to him.

"Tanemon, you too?" Mimi asked, looking very serious.

"Yes." The little plant creature nodded.

"Time to fight!"

As one, the little Digimons slipped from the arms of the children and hurled them-selves at Kuwagamon.

"No!" Tai cried. "You'll be killed!"

Beth shook her head, "We'll do the fighting, you stay here!"

"WHAT?!" The kids exclaimed in shock.

First their new small friends were possibly going to fight to the death just for them, now the teen girls and another one of their group were dead-set on doing the same!

Each child felt a pit open in their stomach, deeper than the one that had dropped them into this new world. They'd only known their digimon for a short time, but for such little creatures, they had big hearts.








Each of the seven children called out the name of their respective partner. If only there were something they could do to help! That very moment, they felt the peculiar devices they'd received start to grow warm. Then flash brightly. As the devices activated, seven streaks of light came down from the heavens and engulfed their Digimon.

For a second, the children lost sight of their Digimon within the bright light. Koromon stopped in his tracks. Suddenly, the little creature called out, "Koromon digivolve to ... Agumon!" The energy beam washed over him, and the Digimon morphed into something larger and tougher, a small green eyed orange dinosaur with sharp claws and powerful jaws.

One by one, the other Digimon transformed as well.

"Pyokomon digivolve to ... Piyomon!" The little flowery bulb turned into a pink bird.

"Motimon digivolve to ... Tentomon!" A quick-legged bug appeared and buzzed its wings, rising eagerly into the air.

"Tsunomon digivolve to ... Gabumon!" The tiny horn-headed fuzzball was replaced by a striped blue creature with fur and claws.

"Tokomon digivolve to ... Patamon!" The little white critter transformed into a tanned and creamy guinea pig creature with long ears in the shape of bat wings.

"Bukamon digivolve to ... Gomamon!" The seal Digimon changed into a white seal with purple stripes.

Tanemon digivolve to ... Palmon!" Mimi's Digimon transformed into a tall plant-like creature.

The kids' jaws dropped much further when they looked at the girls. Seeing them glow in different colors before being enveloped in varying elements.

Crackling purple electricity covered Zaira from toe to head. Until she wore eggplant fingerless gloves, sparkling purplish cropped halter-turtleneck crop top, a matching skort and thigh high violet boots.

White feathers and blue sparks encircled Kylie replacing her clothes with an ivory bodice with silvery lining, a turquoise skirt and white boots.

Dana spun around as a blast of wind and multicolored leaves wrapped around her like a giant ribbon. Her body and limbs lengthened until she was almost as tall as Theo. She wore a neat periwinkle dress with a shimmering pink sash.

Warm orange flames exploded around Theo's body. Until she wore a coral colored outfit that looked straight out of 1001 Arabian nights.

Hot pink energy surged through Beth before she struck a pose. Wearing blue, lilac and pinkish garments with a heart charm on the side.

What's more: Each of the transformed girls had mid-sized membranous, fluttering wings of different size or colors.

As the magical energy beams faded, seven larger, tougher Digimons and what looked to be five fairies squared off against Kuwagamon.

Tai blinked. "Wh-what just happened?"

"Need a hand?" Beth called out to the seven Digimon

"Sure!" Agumon responded.

They charged. But Kuwagamon was still larger than all of them put together. With one swipe of his claw, he knocked the digimon backward into the dirt. The girls dodged the incoming attack. It seemed at first that the massive creature's claw had torn them apart. But the seven Digimons were tough, and they popped back onto their feet immediately.

Palmon jumped forward and raised her hands. "Poison ivy!" she shouted.

Long tendrils like roots shot out and wrapped themselves around Kuwagamon's legs, holding him down. At the same time, Patamon flapped his little wings upwards. He and Dana nodded then attacked all at once.

"Whirlwind!" Dana moved her hands swiftly to one side causing a strong wind to blow.

"Air Bubble!" Patamon had taken a very deep breath and let loose a powerful gust that blasted the red beetle off balance.

The digivolved monsters did not let up. Tentomon followed the attack with a shot of his Electrical Super Zapper.

"Don't leave me out of it!" Zaira smirked, powering up her own attack. "Electric beam!"

Seeing an opening, Gomamon rolled forward, knocking one of Kuwagamon's legs out from under him.

"Stand back, everyone!" Agumon said. The Digimon filled his lungs with air. "Baby flame!" Agumon blew a blast of fire that scorched the red beetle's face.

Gabumon followed it up immediately with an icy shot of his Blue Blaster, and Piyomon added her Spiral Twister that curved toward Kuwagamon. The combination of blows stunned the giant Digimon, and it roared.

"One more time, together!" Agumon yelled.

The Digimon and five guardians gathered themselves and fired. All their weapons combined to slam into Kuwagamon. Fire and energy exploded against the beetle's chest, throwing him off his feet and slamming him backward into the trees again.

The seven humans were stunned. Although relieved beyond measure, the children did not have a clue to what was going on

"They did it!" Tai whispered. Then he ran forward. "Koromon! Or Agumon, or whoever you are. You did it!" He threw himself into Agumon's arms.

The entire group cheered each greeting their Digimon friend in a different manner. Mimi and T.K. are hugging their partners, Matt is slightly uneasy. Sora was holding Piyomon's wings as though they were hands. Izzy gave Tentomon a thumb's up while Joe was adjusting his glasses looking at Gomamon.

"Guess we did a pretty good job together after all." Theo grinned her arms behind her head.

That was what finally reminded the kids that the girls were still transformed and required to give them some answers.

"Hey, that's right."

The children all turned to the girls with looks of expectation, even the Digimon were eyeing them curiously.

"Explain something to us." Matt demanded suspiciously.

"Is this a place randomly turns humans into…" Izzy looked inquisitive.

"Are you really fairies?" T.K. piped up excitedly.

Oh, right. Basically the girls have A LOT of explaining to do. But their interrogation would have to wait.

Kuwagamon had leaped quickly to its feet. Angrily, it smashed full-grown trees out of its way and lunged forward again. But this time he didn't attack the monsters or the humans themselves. Using his massive scissor-hands, Kuwagamon attacked the cliff itself. The blades of his jaws sank into the ground.

Next thing they knew, heard a loud crack. Eyes flew down to the ledge they were all standing on.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me." Zaira grumbled just before the ledge completely broke.

The cliff-side plunged toward the river below, taking the humans and Digimon with it.

In effect, that was how the long and exciting summer adventure began… In this manner —sharing laughter and tears, mutual encouragement, and momentary disputes along the way — the guardians, the children and their Digimon set off on a long, long journey.

To be continued…