The fight against the last enemy has begun. Apocalymon roared at the chosen children. "Impossible, how did you evolve without your crests?!"

Matt countered proudly. "You're in big trouble if you underestimate the Chosen Ones!"

"Especially if the guardians re involved!" Beth crowed.

Tai agreed. "Got that right! Now… let's go get 'im guys!"

"YEAH!" Everyone threw their fists in the air.

They all charged towards their opponent with renewed confidence.

"Die!" Apocalymon snarled, hurling the claws at them. It was Joe with Zudomon, and Mimi with Lilymon, who were in charge of destroying the double-helix chains that were rushing towards the four strongest of their group. Zaira, Sara G. and Haruna counterattacked any other claws that tried to take out their comrades in arms.

Mimi had to hold Lilymon's hand but she said, "Let's help them Lilymon!"


Then unexpectedly Lilymon tosses Mimi up into the air.

"What? What're you doing-?!"

Lilymon then uses flower cannon on the claws then catches Mimi's hand in the nick of time.

"How could you do that to me?!" Mimi whined.

Lilymon grins, "Well I AM your digimon after all, Mimi."

"And just what do you mean by that?"

"Don't worry, we'll sprinkle fairy dust so you can fly on your own!" Yui joked.

"Can you do that?" Mimi gaped.

However, there were so many chains that they also rushed upon the group. Fortunately, Yui, Theo and Dana joined Kari with Angewomon, and T.K. with MagnaAngemon, covered for them, cutting off the chains' with their own powers.

The rest aimed for the human-shaped part of Apocalymon's body. Apocalymon used the data of the Dark Masters that he had absorbed to recreate their finishing moves and attack them. Right now, Machinedramon's cannon appeared bubbling up like mucus from the surface of its protuberances, ready to fire the Mugen Cannon.

"Horn Buster!"
"Shadow Wing!"

Izzy with MegaKabuterimon and Sora with Garudamon pulverized the cannons. Beth and Kylie flew on ahead. Tai rode on WarGreymon's shoulders, as Matt rode on MetalGarurumon's back. They hurled their finishing attacks on Apocalymon's human shape.

Tai yelled. "Finish it off!"

Matt hollered. "Take this!"

"Go to H- I mean Tartarus, and take your chums with you!" Beth shouted.

"You'll never harm my realm again!" Kylie cried.

MetalGarurumon, Wargreymon and the two Enchantix fairies struck and the human shape shattered into pieces. All of Apocalymon's chains were also cut down. The group was certain about their victory. In a white flash, Apocalymon was destroyed, as were all of his claws. But the dodecahedron still remained.

Beth snapped. "We got you beat!"

Kylie insisted, "It's best if you surrender!"

But Apocalymon, whose existence was originally an Idea, only needed a physical body to reset the Digital World. It was not affected by the loss of its physical form in the least. It had steadily been preparing for the big bang within its body all along.
After the big bang, Apocalymon planned to rule the new world that was created out of it by becoming its god. It wanted to become the god of a dead world— a world that fully denied evolution, growth, movement— all sorts of transient processes in exchange for silence and stagnation.

"You think you've won?" Apocalymon laughed as smoky shadowy shapes leaked out of the glowing rolling shape. "Is that so? Perish we shall. But we won't go away quietly! We will drag you and this world down with us! Watch! Our ultimate finishing blow: Grand death big bomb!"

Apocalymon's body burst. In the place where Apocalymon had been was dark space filled with a subzero frigidity that was felt by all five senses. That dark space shrunk momentarily, and then came the big bang. An unimaginable shock wave headed towards the heroes.

"It self-destructed!"

"Is this the end for us?"

"I don't want that!"

"It's not the end!"

"This challenge isn't over yet! "

"It won't end.

"I won't let it end."

"We shall overcome."



"Always a tomorrow worth fighting for!" The group all cried out.

Kylie removed the gift, Piximon had given her, holding it close. Her eyes glowed a gentle bluish-white, with it the children's digivices glittered brightly. Then with the magic that is only known to those who were gifted, each digivice floated up and gold beams of light shot out from the screens. Each symbol of the elements glowed combining with the lights, creating a large cube enclosure to seal Apocalymon within. The lines of light formed a perfect cube that enclosed the big bang, Kylie moved it with her hands like a conductor before a grand orchestra and swept it away into the distance where it shrunk and vanished in a blinding flash of white light.

"What happened to the explosion?" T.K asked.

"It was sealed away with the power of our digivices and the elements." replied Izzy.

Tai gasped, still finding it hard to believe. "So that means we won!"

"Sure we did!" Beth playfully punched him.

A shell-shocked Joe almost stumbled forward in relief, "We were able to prevent…"

Sora smiled, "The destruction of both worlds!" It still hadn't struck her that it was all over, but the anxiety that had been tightly built up within her had loosened and tears were streaming down her face. Sora didn't notice.

To their surprise, Ogremon is seen running over to them. "You did it! You guys are really something else!"

Mimi posed with a grin. "Oh, you think so?"

Andromon was there holding Elecmon. "Thank you very much, I mean it. "

Izzy felt sheepish. "Oh, there's no need to thank us."

It was at that moment that Andromon and Elecmon noticed Kylie, they kneeled into a bow of respect. "My Lady, we're in your debt."

"Please, that's not necessary." Kylie said humbly. "I honestly couldn't have done it without my friends here."

"Ogremon, bow before the daughter our guardian nymph!" Elecmon scolded the ogre digimon.

"Oh right." Ogremon grumbled with an eyeroll but kneeled before Kylie anyway.

Back on Earth, the Digimon illusions vanished, the people there could tell that the menace to the Digital World had been vanquished. The empty space of the Digital World that had covered the skies was gradually fading away to a light, night sky.

In Odaiba, the families of the Chosen Children and the guardians shook with emotion as they watched the sun rise. Some hugged each other, some whooped with cheers, some raised their clasped hands up to the rising sun in prayer. Well, Mimi's mother was crying unashamedly.

Just before the Digital World disappeared from the skies, Shin Kido murmured his thanks to his brother and his friends who had worked desperately to save them. "Great job, everyone."

"I'm proud of you all." Omri Pantheon smiled thinking of his three daughters.

Gennai flew towards them, piloting his Mechanorimon. "The combined power of your digivices and the guardians' gifts have contained it! It seems your world is also saved."

T.K. questioned. "So what's gonna happen to the Digimon world now?"

Centauromon, who'd arrived with Gennai, motioned. "Take a good look below you."

In that empty sky, the first place in the Digital world where the children had landed on, File Island, was reconstructing before their very eyes.

Centaurmon spoke. "File Island is small but it contains various terrains and climates because it was originally known as the "Island of Beginnings." That name originated from records of when the Digital world was first created. It's like a miniature copy of the entire Digital world, so to speak. I learned of this by deciphering the inscriptions of a different part of the Ancient region. The Digital world is being recreated now, once more, using the data of File Island as its base to create a new world."

They all looked down in time to see little white orbs dissipating to show something beneath them as a viewing portal.

"It's File island!" cried Haruna.

"The Village of Beginnings, right?" Mimi asked, to which Gennai gave a resounding nod.


"New Digimon will be born!"

"Hey, let's all go check it out!"

They arrive at a newly restored Primary village. And many digi-eggs began falling from the sky much to the delight of Patamon, T.K., Dana and Kylie. They rushed in to the center with Elecmon running after them "Hey, wait for me!"

The Village of Beginnings was recovering its youthful vibrancy. Multiple Digieggs appeared on its cushioned ground, waiting for their rebirth.

At the beginning of the world, when the Digital world was still in chaos, the Digital world chose the idea of "evolution."
By deciding that this process would involve the Digital world itself "evolving," it created Homeostasis for that necessity. Homeostasis mainly worked on minute security detail within the Digital world. Because Homeostasis was a system and did not have physical form, it created Gennai and others as autonomous agents (called "Agents") to act as its arms and legs. But for the source of magical energy that helped fuel it's progress, Sirene had arrived to keep it in check.

Light and darkness are two sides of the same coin. It is when light and darkness are at equilibrium, that the world is stable and balanced. Homeostasis functioned to keep that balance equal, so whenever the powers of darkness increased dramatically, it needed to stop them in order to keep the balance of the Digital world from collapsing.

And in the human world, four years ago, a single Digiegg flew through the gate into Hikarigaoka. It was an unexpected— Or, perhaps, fateful accident.
That Digiegg hatched into a Digimon who "evolved" to Koromon, then Agumon, then Greymon. Such rapid evolution was unthinkable in the Digital world.
It was a little human girl named Kari Yagami who had caused the evolution. They didn't know what it was about Kari that accelerated "evolution."
Homeostasis sent Parrotmon to Hikarigaoka to retrieve Greymon. At that time, they scanned the data of that curious young girl and, for comparison purposes, also scanned the data of her brother Tai beside her along with the data of all humans who had witnessed the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon.

Homeostasis used a group of its Agents to analyze the data set they had obtained. The result was their discovery that in each child existed unique spiritual traits such as courage, friendship, love, knowledge, purity, sincerity, and kindness, etc. These qualities were not about whether they already possessed them or not, but that they had the hidden potential for it.
Kari's trait (and Kylie's element), however, was different from them all. It was like the presence of the power of "life" itself. It had the same meaning as "evolution" for the Digital world, or maybe even the same meaning as "truth" and "beauty." As an umbrella term for the source of life, they called this trait "light."

Elecmon declared proudly. "Yup! A lot of Digimon will be born from these Digi-geggs! The future of the Digiworld is just beginning."

Kari picks up one egg, listening to their conversation and joins in patting and snuggling the eggs to make them hatch.

Ogremon sighed. "Now Leomon will be reborn again."

Mimi was surprised. "Really? does that mean Piximon, Whamon and the others will be, too?"

Gennai confirmed. "Yes, someday."

Andromon then suggested. "How about we take a picture to commemorate the occasion, everyone?

Yui nods. "Sounds good to me!"

A few minutes later, they were all gathered in front of Andromon's eye camera, making poses.

"OK, go ahead!" Tai indicated.

Theo joked. "Everybody smile, say Calamari!"

Then the egg Kari is holding begins to move. "Huh?"

POOF! There was a cloud of pink smoke meaning the egg had hatched - right when the camera flashed! Just as the shutter went off, the Digiegg that Kari was holding in her arms popped open with a puff of white smoke, changing into a Botamon tucked in a cute cradle.

"It hatched!"

"Who could it be?"

"Maybe it's Leomon or Whamon!"

They all watched lovingly over the baby Digimon.

Suddenly, Ogremon said, "Well then I'm off! I've got no business here anymore. I'm gonna go travelling!"

Palmon questioned. "Why? Stay with us! "

Ogremon declined "No way, you think a proud virus as myself can stand hanging with you data and vaccines?" He added to Kylie, "No offense."

Kylie shrugged. "It's quite alright. goodbye and thank you!"

Ogremon then departed towards the horizon, "I'm so outta here. See ya!"

Theo and Yui waved a goodbye. "Take care of yourself Ogremon!"

Gomamon sighed. "Geez, he just won't admit that he likes us."

Mimi tried to go after Ogremon as he barreled away, but Joe stopped her. "Let him go. We need to accept that everyone has their own way of life. That sort of life suits Ogremon the best, I'm sure."

Tentomon stated. "I can never get along with viruses."

Gennai lectured him. "Now don't say that. Back when Agumon evolved to Skullgreymon, I did say he evolved wrongly but by that I meant it wasn't the evolution meant for your purpose. There's nothing right or wrong in an evolution itself."

Agumon crossed his arm in thought. "Oh, so then the next time I digivolve it will be virus attribute."

"NO!" Everyone screamed suddenly.

The guardians and Digimon companions are surprised by their own sudden outburst, look sheepish then the kids end up laughing.

Until now, time in the Digital World passed quicker than time on Earth. In terms of Earth-world time, the Digital world had only been born recently. Perhaps its rapid flow of time was what caused the real world to try and catch up to its "history" from the big bang to the present time. Because of it, the Digital world as a world before now lacked stability. This was the reason why other worlds invaded it so easily, as well as why it influenced the human world. The Dark Masters' "restructuring" of the Digital world actually helped it to increase in stability. What's more, the scale of the computer network in the real world had rapidly expanded the past few years, and there were more personal computers in use as terminals. Both sides must have satisfied enough elements of some sort, because time in the new Digital world was now synced with the real world.

It was an indication that the Digital World had proceeded into its next steps, as both signs of its own evolution and a new era for the humans living on Earth.

Of course, no one was told the meaning behind this. The knowledge of this was not conveyed to Homeostasis, which was simply a security system, much less to a mere Agent like Gennai…

But even Gennai was able to sense that the flow of time had changed. Tai and the others still thought that time passed differently, so they were thinking about continuing their adventures in the Digital World until summer vacation was over on Earth.

Soon everyone was back at the lake where Gabumon had become Garurumon for the very first time.

Joe mentioned. "A lot had happened to us, but all's well that ends well right? We can go back to our own world with pride! Maybe when we go back, they'll treat us like heroes! All of the reporters coming after us and stuff…"

He stops when he sees everyone's somber faces. The reporters and all the questions from both the No Maj's and magical dimensions, they're going to have a lot of explaining to their ministries too.

"Joe…" softly scolded him.

Joe backtracked. "Oh no, I think I said something wrong. But hey, even if we go home, we can always come back and-"


"Er. Oh yeah, it won't work out even if we do come back. The flow of time is different between the worlds so won't know if we'll be able to see each other again… sorry."

Matt suddenly brightened. "We still have a lot of time left for summer vacation right? I'm thinking of staying in this world until vacation is over."

"You already have my vote." Kylie smiled.

T.K. agreed. "If Matt's staying then I am too."

Sara G jumped up. "Count me in!"

Kari asked. "So am I - that's ok right?"

Everyone agreed to stay.

"That's right. If we consider one day in this world to be the equivalent of one minute in our world, and we have four weeks of vacation…" Izzy calculated.

"Leave the math calculation to me!" Joe offered. "Let's see… 40,320 days… That makes it about 110 years!"

Mimi gaped. "That long?!"

Theo grinned. "Then I say we start a new adventure!"

Beth cheered. "Well I'm game!"

Tai declared. "Alright then let's go, to our new adventure!"

"Agreed!" Everyone shouted.

A solar eclipse was taking place above File Island right now. It was actually the gate to the real world, and it was going to close in two hours. There was no telling when it would open again next. That could take several years or even hundreds of years.
Gennai and the Digimon had to return the Chosen Children and the guardians, the heroes who had saved their world, to Earth before that gate closed. Only Sirene's child had the choice to either stay or return.

Although he was heartbroken, Gennai mustered up his courage and broke the news to the group who had no idea about this and were excitedly planning their next adventure…

Theo accompanied Sora and Piyomon.

"…When you're back in your world, say hi to your Mom for me," Piyomon said cheerfully to them as they sat on the branch of a large tree in the forest of Dragon's Eye Lake.

Theo smiles sadly. "Will do."

Sora nodded earnestly. "OK, I want to thank you for that Piyomon. I've misunderstood my mom this whole time…but because of you, things between us are all right now. I'm sure I'll be able to get along just fine with her from now on."


Sora gazed at Piyomon with a gentle smile and said quietly, "Really."

Theo winked. "I know so!"

"If that's really true, then I'm so happy!" Piyomon flapped her pink wings widely to try and convey how happy she felt. "I thought that I was only a bother to you because I kept depending on you."

Sora suddenly pulled Piyomon into a tight embrace. "That's not true, you never caused me trouble, Piyomon."

She must have thought that Piyomon would be sad if she showed any tears. But Piyomon heard and felt the shaking that came through in her voice and body, so Piyomon hugged Sora back just as tightly. This way, she would always remember how she felt and how she smelled…

Theo gently patted Piyomon. "We're gonna miss you so much."

By the Lake, Joe is throwing rocks into the lake despondently with Yui and Gomamon. They'd avoided looking at each other directly. Instead, they looked at each other's reflections on the quiet lake surface in front of them.

"I might not have been a good match with you, Gomamon, but I had a lot of fun," Joe said.

"Me too. Anyway, good luck on your studies when you're back in that world. And I mean it for you and Yui." He clapped Joe on the shoulder.

Yui nods. "Sure thing."

"Yeah!" Joe nodded without hesitation, and then held out his hand to Gomamon.

"Hm? What?"

"Let's shake hands."

"Huh? Okay."

Gomamon wiped his flipper on his furry side like a towel to rub off dirt before holding it out, to which Joe said, "Huh…"

Gomamon looked at him blankly. "What?"

"I just noticed - it really was a hand."

Yui was close to laughter. "Oh Joe! You- c'mere!" She pulls him over to give him a playful noogie. Gomamon looked annoyed for a brief moment, but his frown changed immediately into a smile.

When he had first met Joe, Joe had been a really straight-laced guy who couldn't even make a single joke. But now…Gomamon laughed. Joe laughed. They looked at each other and laughed even more. They could see the tears falling from the other's eyes, but neither of them brought it up.

Izzy discussed with Gennai and Andromon that they would need a vehicle of some sort to return to the real world, and they decided on using the scraps of a single train car that was on the narrow sandbank dividing the lake.
While Gennai and Andromon were attaching propellers on the outside, Izzy with Sara G's guidance, was sitting in the conductor's seat of the train car, inputting Odaiba's location into its destination.

Next to him, Tentomon watched happily at Izzy's hands as they skidded skillfully across the pad. Suddenly, the boy's hands stopped. With a meek look on his face, Izzy said to his partner in a choked voice, "Te–Tentomon…"

Tentomon knew that Izzy was about to say his goodbyes to him and replied back a bit tearfully, "Izzy…"

But his parting words were: "I've… really…I've really imposed upon you greatly. "

Tentomon falls over with the reply. Sara G and Izzy went to pick him up. "Tentomon!

"Ahh~ To the very end, you speak to me as if we're strangers!" Tentomon retorted.

Izzy had also thought that there was a different way, but when it came time to say it, he ended up speaking in his usual tone of voice. "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. But what are the right words for me to say at a time like this…?"

Sara G replied, "Izzy, that's something for you to look within your heart, cheesy as it may sound to some."

"Hmm, that's a difficult question. But I don't think you need to push yourself to search for the right words. It's fine to speak formally. I'm sure that one day, there will come a time when you can say those words naturally." Tentomon said this and gripped his partner's hand.

Izzy returned his grip and said, "Do you think so? I hope so too…"

Sara G reassured. "They will in time."

Tentomon nodded silently. And, within his heart, he said: Do your best, Izzy. You couldn't have it with me because we lacked the time, but I hope instead that, one day, you will have a natural conversation with your father and mother in the human world. One that's just like a conversation between a blood-related child and their parent…

In the grassy fields T.K., Patamon and Dana are crying their little hearts out.

"Don't cry!" Patamon said, who was also crying.

"But… But we won't see each other anymore!"

"That's not true! Your world and my world have the same time now, so there will be a day one day when we see each other again."

At his words, T.K. blinked. "Really?"

Dana wipes her eyes, "You really believe that?"

They look at each other with teary eyes.

"Really!" Patamon nodded. "We met again after Devimon."

"Yeah. That was because I believed we would see each other again."

Dana added. "And kept wishing for it."

Patamon nods. "Well keep on believing!"

Dana tears changed into a warm smile and she held out her hand. "Then let's make a promise, the three of us. We'll see each other again!"

"Then, let's meet again. It's a promise." T.K. placed his hand on hers. Patamon grabbed their hands with both paws in agreement.

Matt and Gabumon sat somberly next to each other at the bank of the river with Zaira. Neither of them spoke. Were they going to go their separate ways without ending up saying anything to each other? Because he didn't want that, Gabumon mustered up his courage and spoke first.

"…Hey, Matt?"

"…Yeah?" Matt looked at Gabumon's face.

"Could I listen to it again? Your harmonica."

Matt said readily, "…Okay," and nodded.

His harmonica played a sad melody filled with grief. Zaira let it sweep over them and thought, There's no need for words.
In Gabumon's heart, he felt Matt's feelings, that were more than words could ever convey…

The wind carried Matt's music to where Tai and Agumon stood with Beth. Tai grumbled low under his breath, "Matt, you moron."

"What's wrong?" Agumon asked worriedly at Tai's sudden mood.

Tai secretly wiped away the tear that had unexpectedly rolled down his cheek and turned back around, forcing a cheerful smile. "It's nothing."


Beth said nothing she only sat quietly. The place they were in was memorable to the both of them, and Agumon pointed at a spot on the dirt. "This is the place, right? Tai. This is where I used my Baby Flame to light the firewood."

"Yeah, that's right. That firewood burned Seadramon's tail and that's what made Seadramon mad."

"Huh? That was my fault?"

Tai admits sheepishly. "No, it's because I poked the fire. Ahahaha!"

Agumon and Beth glowered at him. "TAI!"

Beth calmed down. "Look afterwards, I'm really gonna miss all of you even if I did sometimes come down hard on you lot."

Tai shrugged. "No worries, no matter what anyone says you'll always be a princess to us."

And they end up laughing about it.

"Here," Kari said, held out the whistle that she wore around her neck to Gatomon.

Gatomon blinked up at her in surprise. "Are you sure?"

Kari crinkled her adorable eyes and said, "Yeah." And she placed the whistle herself around Gatomon's neck.


She knew that Gatomon was concerned about how childish she might look to others with a whistle around her neck, so Kari complimented her. "It looks really good on you."

"You think so?" said Gatomon, blushing. "Well… Take care… Kari."

Gatomon tasted each word of goodbye carefully in her mouth as she said them. She thought Kari might burst into tears, but instead, Kari smiled and nodded. "Yep. Until next time."

"Next time?"

"Yep, next time."

Gatomon blinks confusedly. The confident way that Kari said it bewildered Gatomon, but she felt fortunate that Kari hadn't cried.
If Kari had cried, then Gatomon would have definitely cried as well…. Which would have been fine, but Gatomon felt that wasn't in her own nature.

Several feet away, Kylie pondered on her decision on whether to stay in the Digiworld to help rebuild the realm her mother helped flourish under Gennai and the Digimon's guidance, or return home so that she could properly recover from the heartache of her star-crossed romance with Myotismon.

Kylie seemed to be determined to stay in the Digiworld, for a split second. Kari looked at her in concern, knowing such a choice could have its own investigation not only with authority figures but with her adoptive family.

Gatomon took a deep breath and looked to Kylie. "No. You have to go back."

"I've only gotten to know you in so few days, I can't leave you or the Digiworld."

"You never will."

"You're sisters, nothing will ever change that." Kari reassured.

Within a forest that was lined with nonsensical traffic signs, Mimi shouted out her partner's name as she walked.

"Palmooooon! Palmooooon!"

When she came upon the Geckomon, she asked them, "Did you see Palmon?"

When one of the Geckomon answered, "No, we haven't."


She looked sad. When the Geckomon asked her what was wrong, she said, "I can't find Palmon anywhere. Oh, where did she go? There's not much time left… Palmoooon! Palmoooon!" And she walked off again, searching a different place.

The solar eclipse was going to end soon. While Gennai and Andromon were preparing the train that would take the children to Earth the children came grouping together after they had finished saying their goodbyes to their Digimon partners.
Each of the children came with their Digimon except for Mimi accompanied by the guardians. Mimi was by herself, crying softly. Sora was comforting her.

"Have you all finished saying your goodbyes?" Gennai called out to them. "We're pretty much finished here too. Go on, everyone on board."

"Well…" Sora glanced at the crying Mimi and said hesitantly, "We want a little more time. Just a little!"

Kylie looked to Gennai. "Please Gennai, can't you do something?"

Gennai shook his head. "I'm sorry, the portal cannot wait. What's wrong?"

Inside the woods, Palmon looked up sorrowfully at the solar eclipse. "Mimi…"

There, the Geckomon arrived. She hurriedly tried to hide in the bushes but the Geckomon had already spotted her. They called out,
"Ah, there you are ribbit."

"Mimi was looking for you ribbit."

Palmon gave up on running away. "I know… But I don't want to see her," she said in a small voice.

Not knowing why, the Geckomon asked her, "Why not ribbit?"

Palmon shouted wildly in distress, "Because! It's painful saying goodbye if we see each other! So… It's better if I don't…" and she trailed off into sobs again.

The Geckomon waited for her to calm down, and then asked, "…Is that for the best gecko?"

But when Palmon didn't answer, they pressed her again.

"Is that really what you want gecko?"

"Are you sure you won't regret it later gecko?"

Palmon hung her head and began to argue with herself inside her heart.

"Well, guys. Take care," Tai said for all of the Chosen Children.

"We won't forget you." Kylie said fondly.

Outside of the train car to see them off were Agumon, Gabumon, Piyomon, Tentomon, Gomamon, Patamon, Tentomon, Gennai, Andromon, Centaurmon, Elecmon carrying the newly born Botamon, along with Meramon, Yukidarimon, and the crowds of Digimon who Mimi, Theo, Yui and Joe had brought with them.

Speaking for all of the Digimon, Agumon said back with a smile, "You guys, too!"

As if to brush away the trailing, lingering aftertaste of their goodbyes, Gatomon blew the whistle that Kari had given her.
The steel tower standing on the sandbank sent electricity through its power lines to the pantograph on top of the train car. The train began to move slowly towards the gate that looked like a solar eclipse. Towards the human world.



Everyone waved each other goodbye…

While everyone was looking down from the windows and waving reluctantly goodbye to the Digimon, Mimi sat apart from them alone, sobbing into her hands. Sora glanced over at Mimi and wondered if she should speak to her. But she didn't know what to say to comfort her.

Just then, Mimi abruptly stood up from her seat and threw open the window closest to her, sticking her head out and shouted. "Palmooooon!"

At the lake shore that they could see below, Palmon was running while wildly waving her arms. "Mimiiiii! Mimiiiiiii!"
Agumon and the other Digimon were also behind Palmon.

"Mimi! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" She frantically apologized to Mimi with a voice hoarse from crying. But of course Mimi knew how Palmon felt.

"It's okay! It's okay, Palmon! Goodbye! And thank you!"

As Mimi waved wildly back, her arm jostled her pink ten-gallon hat. It fell off her head and disappeared, carried off by a clear breeze…

Palmon suddenly trips Mimi gasps as her hat flies off and into the breeze. Palmon recovers continues running after the trolley soon followed by the children's Digimon. Mimi smiles warmly while the guardians other kids continue to wave. Kylie blows them a goodbye kiss once the Digimon reach the shoreline, where they stop but wave and cry their goodbyes.

The car flies up into the air with pixie dust and disappears into a portal from the Digital World.

Near the Village of Beginnings, in an empty prairie, the alarm on the railway crossing rang loudly. Ogremon, who just happened to be there, looked up and stopped walking. Mimi's ten-gallon hat came floating down from the air like a leaf. Ogremon tried to catch it, but a sudden gust of wind picked it up again and stole the hat away.

Somewhere in the skies up there, Ogremon understood, the Chosen Children with the Guardians and Sirene's Heir were heading back to Earth at that very moment. And, turning his eyes up to the sky, he mumbled something under his breath before continuing to walk again.

The skies of the Digital world, in its blinding brightness, were as vivid as the August sky in the human world…

Surprisingly, the rest of their summer vacation ended quickly. Sora quit the soccer club and began to learn the basics of flower-arranging under her mother's tutelage. Matt grew more involved with other people, searching for the best way to express himself in his relationships. Izzy began doing more active work. First, he created a computer club for the elementary school.
Joe decided that he did want to become a doctor after all. He couldn't forget about the Digimon who had died before his own eyes.
Mimi had her parents buy her a new hat, one with the same design as before. T.K. stopped crying easily.

However one thing they all had in common was that the eight guardians soon became either their tutors in magical subjects or occasional babysitters. Kylie had become a frequent visitor to the Kamiya household while Dana and T.K. exchanged emails to chat.

From her lighthouse, Vanessa watched with a fond smile. She knew that the children, their Digimon and the guardians would always remain close friends. She knew that many more adventures still awaited for both the children and the guardians, but the gate to the Digital World would open again much sooner than they all thought.

And it would be May in of the following year but that was of course another story altogether…

The end… for now.

Author's note: Finally I've finished it! Now onto the other fics I've wanted to write besides the obvious unfinished ones in my section, expect more lots fics involving the eight girls in the future.