~ Unclear Signals ~

"Show me the sign for 'Sunfire elf' again," Janai said.

Kazi patiently demonstrated the sign once more, slowly enough that Janai could see every nuance of the gesture.

"Are you sure that's right?" Janai asked, quirking an eyebrow skeptically.

"Yes, that's definitely the sign for 'Sunfire elf'," Kazi replied.

"I recognize the 'elf' part, but that isn't the sign Amaya uses for 'Sunfire'."

"How does she sign it, then?" Kazi asked.

Janai made a sign that was much simpler than the one Kazi had used.

Looking puzzled, Kazi informed her, "That just means 'hot'."

"So she's been calling me 'hot elf'... wait, has she been flirting with me this whole time and I didn't know it?"