Hello guys and welcome to my new story. I decided to take a break from my Reincarnation story. (Since I've kind of lost interest in the Rwby show.) Hopefully I'll get that interest back to continue it but we will see.

But enough about that let's talk about this. I watched the No Game No Life Zero movie and I got to say that it brought me to tears. And so I have thought of a story that will have Riku and Shuvi lead a better live.

I will warn you though that the beginning will have spoilers of the movie so if you haven't watched it yet...

Go watch it! It is brilliant and you won't regret it!

Sorry, got a little hyped up there. Anyway that's enough from me and I will let you guys enjoy the show.

Disclaimer: No Game No Life is made by Yū Kamiya and My Hero Academia was created by Kōhei Horikoshi.

The god of games, Tet, has always been a fun, mischievous, playful god. Unlike all the other gods who always fight to see who is the strongest. He was never like that, he just doesn't see the point of it all. Why does he want to command others when all he wants is to play with them? That was why he never participated the Great War. The war that puts all the gods and all their creations into battle that destroyed the land, sea and the stars from above.

All because of a mystical devise, the Suniaster, a devise that could grant them the title of One True God. The gods thought that whoever is the strongest could make the Suniaster appear. So that means that whoever bests the others in battle to the death would win the prize. That's how gods think, it's how they do things. But Tet was not like that yet he still won when all the gods defeated themselves. Tet was the one that became the One True God by default. All thanks to this one weak human.

This human, despite being the part of the weakest race of Disboard. He didn't have divine protection like the Flügel, didn't have magic like the Elves, and didn't have the strength like the Warbeasts nor the smarts like the Dwarves. He is an Imanity and yet he has done the impossible.

This human with his great manipulation skills, lured the races into a situation that would stop the Great War once and for all. He used that power against them and destroyed the Spirit Circuits. The very essence of the gods. But he did not do it alone.

By his side was an Ex-Machina, a machine that wanted to learn what was inside of the human heart. The machine gave the human information and her strength in exchange for information about the heart.

At first the human didn't trust the machine, saying how the machine and her comrades had killed multiple of his people. At first the machine couldn't possibly know what the human was feeling so she felt that it was best for them to play a game of Chess. The very same game board the human played ever since he was a kid. It was the only time she ever saw the human smile brightly to.

As time passed. The human smiled more and more. The Ex-Machina started to understand the heart and found out that she had love him just as much as he had loved her. Their love grew as the two got married as the war raged around them.

The human than began his plan. To finish the entire war. He lured the Warbeasts to attack the Dwarves, told them and the Elves about their secret weapons that would obliterate a continent. And guided them along with their alliances straight to the Flügel home base where the final battle will take place.

But he was still human and tried to do something that would kill his body. Black ash. The very ash caused by this long war that it became air they breathe in. The human covered himself with it to not cause suspicions from the other races.

The Ex-Machina was worried for the human and got the human to sleep after parts of his body crumbled from overdosing on the black ash. She tried to complete the plan by herself so that her partner wouldn't hurt himself anymore.

But she was found out. A lone Flügel flew down and wishes to take the machine's head. The machine thought her chances of winning are nil. But even so, in her games with the human? There is no zero.

Even so. Despite her giving it her all. The machine got destroyed and the Flügel had won.

The human was devastated. He has gotten another one killed because of him. He almost lost all hope until another Ex-Machina appeared. The machine said that the girl sent all her data to the core which had giving them a heart.

'Riku. The rule says for nobody to be killed. But that does not apply to a machine who is nothing but a tool. This makes check.'

Was the message she left behind and the human who still felt devastated for his lovers death but he also felt to honour her last wishes.

His final plans had begun and used all the biggest powers in the world. Heavens Strike from the Flügel's, Àka Si Anse from the Elves and the E-bombs built by the Dwarves. He used their own attacks thanks to the Ex-Machina's copying ability and drilled it right into the earth.

'Sorry, all you gods!'

The Suniaster, a devise that started all of this, appeared right in front of him. But unfortunately he was still just a human and couldn't even touch such a divine devise. And so, in his last moments, he gave it to a god that he had trusted the most. Tet.

This human has done so much but none of the races knew what he did. Only the rest of the humans, now called Imanity, knew who he was.

Tet felt that this was unfair. That the human and his partner deserved much better than this. The human was the only one that got so far and even managed to put in a draw in their last games of Chess.

And so in the name of One True God he says this.

'All you think that you are the greatest and erect a pillar of corpses? Let me tell you. Are you any better than the beasts!?'

None of the races speak in defence. They knew that nothing will change the god's name. He then spoke.

'Then I will give you a chance to instead build a tower of knowledge. To prove to me that you are smart to build a better world!'

With that is the creation of Disboard. A world where games decides all and killing is forbidden.

A few years have passed since the war ended and the races finally accepted the fact that fighting is no more and that these laws that Tet has erect is here to stay.

Meanwhile Tet is just watching what the races are doing while kicking about on top of his new home which is on the top of the gigantic king chess piece. The Flügel, who only takes heads as prize is now desiring books and knowledge above all else.

The Warbeasts are beginning to follow the Dwarves and are learning new things. Already they have inventions that could rival the Dwarves old weaponry in terms of revolution.

It seems like the races are following what Tet said and starting to understand that learning new things are more important than showing off their strength. Now they are showing off their knowledge.

The gods, the Old Dues have been quite silent. It seems like the stunt that the human caused have pretty much hurt their pride. A few back chatted at Tet for taking the title without earning it but the God of Games reminded them of how he won in the first place. They had nothing to say after that since talking further about it will only humiliate them further.

The Old Dues decided to keep who defeated them a secret though Tet knew that a few mortals had already figured it out one way or another.

Which leads him thinking back to the human and the Ex-Machina. Riku and Shuvi.

'Those two sure was something. In all my centuries I never encountered mortals that are like them. Especially that human.' He thought as he held a chess piece. The very same piece that made their game of Chess a draw. This brought a smile on his face.

'Despite having lost numeral times, that human never gave up. He actually showed me how Imanity had survived for so long despite being the weakest of the sixteen races.' Tet then jumps up on his feet and teleports himself inside his game room.

It has all the games you could imagine. Board games, cards, pinball, Casino machines and even video games. Video Games had not been invented in his world though. But he isn't called the God of Games for nothing.

He looked in other worlds and have seen many civilisations, each with its own technology. There was a world filled with pirates and Tet always enjoyed that world along with a world of Wizards and mages.

He seen a world being covered with black beasts with another inhabiting giants. Another filled with monsters called Youkai with another filled with vampires. So many world's that are quite similar yet so different in many ways.

But there was a world he enjoyed greatly. A world filled with heroes and villains. He is a kid in heart so seeing this really sparks up his spirit. He is always rooting for the hero's that uses a power called One for All. A power that could stack up strength and passes it on for the next person to grow even more.

It was then that Tet got an idea. Usually this would be a taboo for the gods. They are not meant to meddle with worlds that they don't govern.

'Well I am the One True God so those rules don't matter to me.' Was what he thought at the time as he brings out the Suniaster and looks at the biggest screen.

"Oh my Suniaster. As the One True God I order to bring out the souls of Riku and Shuvi." He said with a strong accent. Those words didn't mean anything. Tet was just having a bit of fun.

The Suniaster glowed as two balls of light pop out. Tet smiles as he turns on the TV and puts on the world of hero's.

"I hope you two live a happy live." He says to it as the two souls went into the screen.

"Now then. Let's see what kind of game this will turn into."


'What happened?'

Was all Riku could think about when he slowly got his senses back. But even then it is all a bit hazy. His eyes wouldn't open, his nose just doesn't work and his ears could only make out jumbled noises. Only his sense of touch is working fine and even then he feels really cramped.

Because of that his mind is in a jumbled mess with question after question.

'Okay let's just calm down and think this through one question at a time.' Was his thought as he tried going through his memories before this.

'I was in a battle? No, a war?' Riku slowly got his memories back and felt like widening his eyes if he could move them. 'Shuvi. The Suniaster. That's right, I lost Shuvi and I putted an end to the war for her. Then the Suniaster appeared but was too powerful for me to even touch. Does that mean I died as well? Am I in hell? After everything I've done, after ordering so many people to die. I wouldn't be surprise if I did went to hell.'

Riku doesn't know how long he has been in this cramped space but he didn't mind it if this was hell. Could be a lot worse he suppose.

As time went by. He started hearing voices.

"Come... ... eth deeply."

'What? What was that?' Riku thought as the walls around him got smaller. Like something was pushing him.

"...honey. You can... it."

The voices got a bit clearer as it seems to be a male voice. He then felt something lightly grabbing him as he felt like being pulled.

'Ow! Why is this hurting so much!?' He cried out in his mind. Then light went on so brightly that he actually move his weak arm to cover his eyes.

"Congratulations Mr and Mrs Donna. It's a boy!" Riku now hears much more clearly as his eyes tried readjusting from the light but it seems to be hard to do so. He tried to think on what's happening as he feels someone holding on to him like a parent would to a baby.

Riku feels those arms moving and now feels a new pair of arms holding on to him. It feels much more feminine then the other one.

His eyes are starting to readjust as he now slowly opens his eyes. It was blurry but he could see a long, white haired woman holding onto him.

"Welcome my boy." Riku hears her voice and realised that voice sounded familiar. That was the voice that sounded so jumbled.

"He sure is quiet for a new-born. Is that fine?" He hears a male voice from behind but Riku can't move his head

"No worries Mr. Donna. Each baby reacts at different times. Most are instant because of the new things surrounding that baby. But there will be times where the brain is slow and the baby reacts will take some time to adjust."

'Baby?' Was what Riku got out of that conversation as he looks down and sees his tiny body. He raises his arm a bit and tries grasping his chubby hands but it was hard to do.

'I'm a baby!?' Riku thought loudly as tears starting coming out of his eyes for some reason. Why is he crying and why isn't he stopping!?

'Shh Shh its okay my baby." The lady who he thinks is his new mum said as she rubs his white hair gently. Just that touch alone brought comfort to Riku.

"Have you thought of a name darling?" The male who he thinks is his new father said. His mum hums a bit while still rubbing his head.

"Riku. His name will be Riku Donna."

'Huh, strange coincidence.' Was how Riku reacted to his new... or old name reaching to his what he supposed to be his new life.



"Checkmate father." Riku said while taking out his father's king piece.

"Man son have you been training behind my back?" His dad, who Riku found his name was Ichigo Donna. Unlike Riku and his mum, Ichigo has shot dark purple hair with similar lavender coloured eyes.

His father plays Chess as a career. Riku and his mum seen his father play in chess tournaments and even saw him win a few times. He isn't a Chess Master but he is pretty close.

"Ready for another game?" Riku challenged him as his father smiled amusingly.

"Well I got to fix my pride somehow." The dad said as they were about to set up for another game. Riku smiles back as he was about to set up on the board but was stopped when he sees the news coming back on.

"We are life at this residence in Musutafu city. This just in there is a fire happening right now. It has been going on for half hour and it doesn't seem to slow down. The hero couple, Water Hose, is on the scene and are trying to bring down the fire. Is this an accident? Or is there a villain involved?" They hear the news reporter said as the TV shows a man and a woman in white helmets and red jackets. Fighting back the fire.

"Oh my, that looks pretty close to where we are isn't it?" Mum said full of concern as she came in the living room. Riku seemed to have gotten his mum's white hair while getting his father's lavender coloured eyes. His mother is named Corone Dona. She was a foreign exchange student from England who came here in Japan to learn more about hero's from other countries. But that plan got changed when she stumbled across a Chess competition that was happening in the school she was in and met dad who had just lost another game. One thing lent to another and the two fell in love. The rest was history as far as Riku was concerned.

But despite the looks being different Riku can't help but compare his mother to his sister in his past life.

Riku was saddened at the start of his new life on how he pretty much left her behind when she has done so much for him.

"Don't you worry about me Riku. Go ahead and start a new life. And make sure you get yourself a new wife."

Riku smiles a bit as he thinks that would be what past Corone would say. 'Wife, huh?' Riku became a bit quiet as that last word made him remember of Shuvi. The robot girl from his past live who had become his wife despite them being from different races. One made from flesh with another made out of metal.

He then felt someone patted on his head and look up to see his mother. She smiles at him but he feels like she is misunderstanding on something.

"How about you go get us something honey. We are almost running out on milk for dinner tonight."

Riku thinks that his mum is comforting him about the fire on the TV but he still appreciates it. That is one of the similar things about this Corone and the past one. The two are always looking out for him even when he is at his worst.

"Sure mum."

And so after the mother giving Riku some money and a kiss on the cheek she sent him off.

"I'm still not sure about sending him out alone. Especially that fire that is nearby." Ichigo said after his son left. Corone merely sighs as she looks at her husband.

"Darling. I trust Riku to do the right thing. He seems more smart and mature for kids his age." Corone said to him as Ichigo continues setting the board up for when Riku comes back.

"I think he's smarter then we might think. I've actually tried beating him on the last round you know." He said back.

Riku sneezes out of nowhere. He wondered if someone was talking about him or something.

"No way. Let's be real here." He said quietly as he never believed in superstitions.

As he walked he found himself where the fire is taking place. He was then remembered that a hero was taking care of it.

'Hero.' Riku let out a laugh at the word. He still couldn't believe the kind of world he's been reborn in. A world filled with Heroes battling Villains. He wondered, if there were heroes in his world. Couldn't it stop the Great War from happening?

'I believe it was the hero Water Hose couple. Well it's not like I am interested in heroes or anything. Better get my errand done.' Was what he thought as he turned another direction.

As he was walking he heard something. Riku look back but saw nothing. As he was about to walk again he hears someone.


Riku's eyes widened as he hears a familiar voice. A voice he thought he would never hear again.

'No. It's not possible.' Riku thought as that voice was undeniable. He did wondered if there were others that's been reborn into this world. But he tried putting it at the back of his mind because he knew that he would be heartbroken once again if he found out that he was alone in this world.

"Riku. It's you. Isn't it?"

Riku slowly looks back and even though the girl was short, he could see many similar things between her and the girl in front of him. He looks straight into her golden eyes. Her long deep purple hair was just as he remembered it. Only difference is that it seems to actually been clean and have gone wavy instead of it being just plain messy. Her cloths she wears even looked the same one that he has given her to hide her mechanics. The girl he wanted to get a second chance he thought would never come. The Ex-Machina, who has her hood on so he can't tell if there was anything else underneath. Was who he wished to have protected back then is right in front of him.

"Shuvi?" Riku mumbled out as he felt his eyes tearing up. Shuvi widens her eyes as she realises that it was really him. She begins to tear up as well.



The two runs towards together and gave a big hug.

"Shuvi I am so sorry! You got yourself killed because of me!" Riku cried out as Shuvi shakes her head.

"No Riku it wasn't your fault. I was the one that left your side. I wanted you to not hurt your body anymore. So I left to take care of the plan." Shuvi said back while choking back on her tears. It was obvious that she still isn't used to her new human body despite having it for four years.

"But it was because of my plan I've putted you in danger. If it wasn't for that we would have had our happy live together." Riku said to Shuvi as she puts her hand on Riku's head. She saw her own mother do this sometimes when she herself was a baby. She found it strangely comforting so she knew that this would work on Riku.

"It's okay Riku. It's all okay now. We are finally together." Shuvi said gently as the two just let each other cried on their shoulders.

"Well well well. What do we have here?" They were then interrupted when they heard a sinister voice. They look in the ally way and sees a haggard man that seems to be tired from the running. "Looks like I finally got an escape route." The man said as he reaches out his burned out hands.

"Riku!" The boy yelped as he felt Shuvi pushing him aside when the man grabbed her.

"Shuvi!" Riku was about to punch him when a gun shot went by him.

"Ah careful there lad. I have a real trigger finger." Riku look up to see smoke coming out of the man's finger which seems to have turned into a gun barrel. Riku then widens his eyes in realisation. He then analysed the situation.

'This man. He must have been the villain on the news. He was the one that burned that house down. And now he's using us to escape from the hero couple because he knows that they won't attack when there are hostages involved.'

Riku's eyes raced around the street to look for something to help but the man wasn't having it.

"And don't you try to be a hero kid. I can see it you know." Riku looks at him as the boy is wondering what the man meant. "You're quirkless, aren't you?"

Riku widen his eyes, this time in shock that the man realises that he is pretty much useless. That's right, Quirks are what gives these people special powers at a young age. Unfortunately Riku was a part of the minority that does not have one. Kids get their powers at the age of four and yet Riku never got his when all his classmates get some kind of wacky ability.

This reminder only made him angry as he felt no better than in his first life. Humans actually have power in this world and yet he still doesn't have an ability to call his own. What kind of bull sh*t is this!


Riku look up to see Shuvi smiling at him. "It's okay, Riku" She says to him as she quickly took a glance.

Riku gasps a bit as he knows what she meant. He lets out grin as he charges at the man again. This time with no hesitation.

"W-what are you...?" The man was shocked at this development as he was sure he broke the kid's confidence. But Riku's spirit for Shuvi will not die. Especially after seeing her again after so many years

"Let go off Shuvi!" Riku shouted at the man as he jumped up to him.

"Stop!" The man frantically got his pistol finger out again but that was what they were hoping for.

"Aus: Jawohl." Shuvi quietly said as her quirk analyse it and copy it for her own use. In their first life, Shuvi could only copy an attack if she got hit by it. But she learned that in this life. She only have to see it in action to analyse and copy the weapon. She can only copy any individual weapon once, but can use it up to four times at 100% power. She can also copy quirks like this though Knowing someone has a quirk isn't enough, she needs to see them use it.

The man started freaking out when he saw Shuvi's finger turning them into a pistol like him.

"Oh sh...!" The man saw this and quickly pushes her away but that distracted him from Riku.

"Take this!" Riku shouts out as he punches the man straight in a face. Unfortunately while the hit did leave a red mark on the man's face it was still from a quirkless child.

"You little." The man grumbled annoyingly as he raises the gun at Riku. Shuvi was about to raise her own when helped finally arrived.

"Halt you villain!" The three look back to see that the Water Hose duo has finally arrived.


The battle was over in an instant. Apparently the man was a small time criminal who robs houses to sell valuables for a quick buck. A single woman that was living there alone had just came back and the man quickly tried shooting her with his quirk. But the man's aim was poor so he accidently shot the oven which caused an explosion. Thankfully the lady was all right but was only unconscious with a few third degree burns.

'That means that first shot wasn't a warning. He actually tried to kill me.' Riku thinks of it like getting shot at wasn't a big deal. He almost died multiple times during the Great War so being shot by a small criminal doesn't even faze him.

Riku and Shuvi was being interrogated from the incident and was congratulated for their bravery. But a few did lecture Riku for his reckless action when he tried attacking the man.

Riku used to be a leader on the human revolution in his previous life do this many people around him didn't deter him the least. Neither did Shuvi for that matter.

Soon the people finally let the go.

"Man what a day that was. I was only going to the shops but who would've thought I would be fighting a villain while knowing that I was useless without a quirk." Riku said to himself but Shuvi shakes her head.

"But you weren't useless Riku."

Riku looks at Shuvi and sees her smile at him. "In this world. You would be my hero would you not?" Shuvi questioned as Riku merely nervously chuckles.

"I wouldn't call myself a hero Shuvi. You see the news right? There are people much stronger than me." Riku said back as Shuvi disagrees with that.

"No. You may be weaker than them. You maybe won't last long in a fight. You maybe won't have enough stamina. You..."

"I know I'm weak okay!? You don't have to rub it in!?" Riku shouted while crouching down in despair.

"But..." Riku looks up and sees Shuvi handing out her hand. "I know I will rely on your plans. Because even if the chances is nil. There is no such thing as zero."

Riku gasps as he remembers that he was the one that told Shuvi that. That only hit the final nail that Shuvi was really here. The two smile brightly as Riku grabs her hand.

"Rule number 1. No matter what. You must not kill." Riku started.

"Rule number 2. You must not let anyone die." Shuvi continues.

"Rule number 3. You must let no one discover you." Riku said while getting up from the ground

"Rule number 4. No tactics is off limits." Shuvi says while looking at Riku purple eyes which feels like it has its own brightness again.

"Rule number 5. Those guys' rules means nothing to us." Riku said while pulling down Shuvi's hood which shows her spinning head piece. Which up close is actually a huge headpiece, an accessory.

"Rule number 6. Break any of these rules. And you lose." Shuvi finishes.

"We will become the ghosts once again. But in this life? I guess we can call ourselves heroes." Riku finishes himself as they both raise their hands up. They both start shouting the word that will start their new lives together.