Ayy, So this chapter is a little gory because zombies, but here ya go.

Chapter 11: Undead Dungeon: Pt 1

Raven is currently confused. Scratch that, she was currently very fucking confused.

She watched the Boy from not too far away, as he kneeled at a grave, and walked over to the groundskeeper's shed, taking out a key and inserting it.

Using his distracted and lone state, she snuck up on the boy, and the moment he turned around, she kicked him square in the chest. He flew through the door and it slammed shut again. Raven drew Omen, and opened up the door again. Instead of finding the boy ready with a weapon or passed the fuck out, she found…

"A shovel?" In all honesty, even for a groundskeeper's shed, it was pathetic.

"A singular, lone shovel?" Raven reinforces, looking around both the shed and the area surrounding her. Not letting her guard down at all, she walks around the shed, and finds there was no place he could have gone.

"The fuck?" Raven swore, sheathing Omen and looking around. She walks back around to the front of the shed, and walks in, picking up the singular shovel in the room. Looking left and right, the barren room gives no clues. She jumps a little, finding that the floor is indeed solid. Scowling a little, she leaves the shed, and stands outside the shed, arms crossed.

'What the hell happened?'

Currently with Bryzan

"FUCK!" Falling down the stairs isn't exactly a pleasant feeling.

"SHIT!" Especially if the stairs are made of stone.

"PISS!" See, the worst thing about falling down stairs isn't the fact that you'd hit every stair, but rather the fact you skip stairs, bouncing off certain stairs.

"CUNT!" Like in the Print "Relativity" By M.C Escher. If you fucked up your footing, you'd find yourself falling infinitely, since gravity is always changing. You fall, gaining more speed and skipping more stairs, finding yourself in more pain.

"DICK!" Either way, I started cussing about a minute ago, which was a full minute after whatever the hell hit me sent me flying down the flight of stairs. I'm pretty sure I skipped at least thirty steps that last one.

It didn't help one bit that the initial strike depleted my aura entirely. I hit the stairs one more time, just as I ran out of cusses to use, and I landed flat on my face.

HP: 2,000/ 4,100

"That fucking hurt." I say, standing up and brushing myself off. I look around and see the stone interior of the dungeon, as well as a solid oak wood door.

'What the fuck did that? Cause it might've fucking killed me.' I sit down on the bottom step and sigh, deciding to rest for now.

"Haa, I gotta get my shit up. The hell is aura for if it just breaks like that?

Fighting people outside your level can result in varying degrees of death.

I scoff, almost letting out a chuckle.

"So A person hit me? And they can deplete my aura right now in a single strike? God I'm ass." I breathe out, laying on the stairs.

'So this is how unforgiving this is gonna be? If I'm gonna fucking survive I'm gonna need to actually do shit that's gonna level me up. Like a dungeon.' I sit back up and look at the door.

AP: 10/42,000

"Fuck, that goes up slow." I say aloud, sitting up and hunching over.

'Time to think this through. I'm stuck in a dungeon, with the only thing that can let me out being a Homeward stone, which I don't have. So that leaves my only option being to go through the dungeon, and I really don't like that idea seeing as Sense Danger is kinda going nuts right now.' I look at the door and feel the aura of pure murder coming off of it.

"Course, I could just starve in here. That's an option." I sigh and try to scratch my head, only for it to run into the Jingasa.

'Oh, yeah, that's a thing.' I take off the Jingasa and see a notification.

[Swordsman] outfit incomplete! AP Damage taken has been reduced to 30% (Full set is 50%.

I click my tongue and nod lightly.

'So even though I took 50% less damage to my Aura, I still got one shot. Good to know.' I decide to cross my legs and meditate, entering the Interstice.

Entering Interstice…

For getting a bit more Good Karma you have unlocked your first [Karmic skill]

Unlocked: Minor Blessing.

Minor Blessing (Passive): Has a 1% chance to protect against a Fatal blow with 1 HP. Cost: 1 Karma

Standing back on the light bridge, I find I have more room on it now, probably about three feet. 'Okay, so How much Karma Do I have?'

Karma: 100

'... what?'

You have a total of 100 Karma Points, and you cannot gain any more through the course of your life. You must distribute them between Good and Evil Karma skills.

"Understood. Get it." Acquiring the skill, I see it has no other benefits, so I just shrug.

"So is this level 1 so far or is this permanently at 1%?"

This Will go up along with your Good Karma. Karmic Skills can be unequipped if your Karma Changes Drastically.

"Ah, good to know. Is there anything else that I unlocked so far?"

Get better Karma Balance to Unlock the Next feature of the Interstice!

I nod my head and leave the Interstice, waking back up on the bottom of the Stairs.

AP: 42,000/42000

Beginning HP Recovery..

I sigh and chill for a minute. 'Fortunately my AP recovers much quicker in the Interstice. Though its a little annoying that HP regen doesn't start until my AP is full. It makes sense, but goddamn that's going to get annoying and dangerous later on.' I stretch my arms and take deep breaths.

'Let's start this dungeon.' I grab onto the handles and pull, finding that its about a ten foot by ten foot empty room, with stone walls. Too small to have a proper fight in, but just large enough for SOMETHING to be in it. Looking to my right, I find another door, just as large.

"How's it goin' Kid?" I spazz the fuck out and draw Underdog, pointing it at the voice.

"Hey, Chill the Fuck out. I ain't gon' Hurt ya." Looking at the source of the voice, I take a deep breath and say:

"Whodafuq?" Its hard to describe exactly what he looked like, but If I had to say, Its like that really scuffed artist depiction of the devil in some bible, you know, green, lanky, with horns on his head and wings. He was suspended in mid-air and wearing a Tuxedo seemingly tailored for his wings. Its floating just inside the wall, behind a counter. Blinking a couple times, I observe him.

Black Market Dealer

LVL: -1

'Creative name, huh? But Level Negative one? Is that insanely bad or insanely good?'

"The hell are you doing here?" I ask, not putting my sword down. The Black Market Dealer turns and bobs in the air.

"That ain't the right question, Kid. I've been here." I take a deep breath and ask:

"What are you?" It raises an eyebrow and grins. Snapping its fingers, The space around the creepy floating thing distorts, as it becomes black and red, as opposed to stone grey.

"I'm just your average dealer. But I only deal in these dungeons here, nowhere else. I got just about anything you need. And if I don't have it, I'll get it for you. For the right price, of course." I nod slowly, and put my sword back in the sheath.

'Hey, system, what the hell is this guy?'

This is a Shop that can only be accessed inside [Main Dungeons]. It sells a variety of things, as well as being a gateway of sorts to the [Black Market Forge].

I take a deep breath in and rub my hand against my face, exhaling.

"So why didn't I see you in the water dungeon?" The Creepy devil thing actually laughs at this, sounding like sandpaper running through gravel.

"Well, That purty Water Goddess doesn't like me on her property, so I unfortunately can't sell in there. But you can find me just about anywhere else, so long as its in one of these dungeons here."

The Black Market Dealer can only be found in Dungeons that may be used once.

I nod my head and ask:

"So what exactly do you sell?"

"Well, Tell me kid, What exactly do you wanna buy?" I scoff and throw my arms apart.

"I dunno what I wanna buy, Why the fuck do you think I asked?" The Creepy guy grew an even creepier grin somehow as he leaned forward.

"I like you kid, you got some spunk. Lemme give you this, Since you obviously have no idea how this works, I'll give you a 100 Gold coupon for anything and everything in my store."

+10 Relationship with Black Market Dealer

I nod my head and think: 'Another currency to use. Great. I'm unsure how to gauge this now. I'll figure it out.' As I finish my thoughts, a window pops up in front of me, saying:

You have found the: [Black Market]! At the Market, you can purchase Items like HP Potions, SP Potions, MP Potions, Crafting Ingredients, Dungeon-specific Consumables, and even Items from the Overworld. Though, to buy Items for the overworld, you must wait, and depending on the quality and rarity of the item.

'... Soo I could pay this guy to steal the Staff of Creation and drop Atlas right out of the Fucking Sky?'


"Hey, How about the Staff of Creation, In the Atlas Vault?" The Devil guy's eyes almost sparkle as he says:

"You really do like to live on the wild side, don't you? Well, I doubt you could do that, but If you could, That'll be 4 quintillion Gold." I nod my head slowly. I really didn't intend on doing that, although it would have been awesome if I could, I just need to Gauge things a little, and to test this a little.

"Yeah, not happening. Let's take a look around." I say absentmindedly, as the wall starts to shift, becoming wiggly lines of red and black. Another window opens up in front of me, showing a selection of items.

- HP Potion: 10 G

- MP potion: 10 G

- SP Potion: 10 G

I stopped reading the potions after that and moved on, looking over at the ingredients.

-Vampire Fang: 100 G

- Werewolf Claw: 130 G

- Beowulf Claw: 5 G

'Okay, Not something I can think about as of now..' I move on to the Consumables page, and my jaw nearly Drops.

-Garlic: 25 G

Now, I'm no expert on Economics, but Inflation must be fucked if a clove of Garlic Costs 25 gold, and a GODDAMN HEALTH POTION costs 10.

"That Garlic is Bullshit." I say aloud, as the Dealer guy just scoffs.

"Should have come prepared then. Coming to an undead dungeon unprepared is just a bad idea."

'Not like I had a choice.'

"Makes sense, I guess. I'll take two of each potion, and one thing of Garlic." The creepy little thing snaps its fingers, as the Items appear in my inventory, and my total gold goes down.

"If ya need anything else, I'll be here." It says, spinning once more, as it bobs in the air. I simply nod as I walk back over to the still closed doors, Opening them up, I find once again, a rather empty room, except this one, has a coffin in it, with a Rose on top.

'This is sketchy.' The room was massive, to say the least, and did resemble that of a boss room.

In these "Main" One time dungeons, the boss Room is the second room you enter (Barring the Dealer room). And the Boss must be unlocked via finding "Keys" To release the boss, and let you out. These "Keys" Are items dropped by stronger enemies in the Dungeon. Enemies (Apart from the Ones that drop the keys) respawn once you leave a room onto the next. Happy exploring!

New Quest: Survive the Undead Dungeon!

Side objective: Plant the Oak tree

Rewards: 5,000 XP, Crafting Recipe(s)

I walk over to the coffin while nodding, and look at the rose.

'Finally, a proper dungeon, rather than some bullshit straight line that has me progress one room by one room. I have to open up the boss coffin, though. Not to mention Plant a god damned tree.' I leave the Rose on the Coffin as I enter a room on the far right side.

'I'd assume the final boss is some sort of Pure blood vampire. Goddamn vampires are annoying. They're not even that OP! Everyone thinks that their only weaknesses are Holy shit or the sun. That and Garlic. But Noo! Vampires actually have a lot of weaknesses, such as not being able to cross rivers, Extreme OCD to the point where if you toss some rice or something anywhere the Vampire WILL pick them out individually, and that'll force them to remain in the sun. Or Break a mirror in front of them, and they crumble. Even Juniper will work in keeping them at bay. Vampires really aren't up to all that.' I think to myself while scowling slightly, opening the door. The first thing I'm met with aside from what I would describe as a mass tomb of sorts is an AWFUL smell. I physically gag at the stench and cover my nose with my scarf, which really doesn't help.

Gamer's Mind Negated effect: Nausea

Thank God it did, because I'm pretty sure anyone else would have thrown up. See, corpses do smell, but when one says: "The smell of death" They probably don't know what they're talking about. When one dies, they tend to release their bowels. I.E They shit and piss where they die. That's the smell of death.

Its really a detail they forget about when discussing zombies. Speaking of which , Looking in front of me, are about forty of the things, nearly fully-formed with only minor fatal injuries, the zombies look at me, and stare.

'Okay, this is manageable. So long as they aren't-' As I'm finishing my thought, The zombies in the room start screaming as they all start SPRINTING at me.

"-World War Z zombies." I deadpan, drawing Underdog. I simply rest it on my shoulder and take a massive swing horizontally. While I do manage to slice two of them, the blade gets stuck in the third's neck, not stopping it at all. There are still another three that close the distance incredibly quickly. I take a quick step back, only to run into the door.

'Shit Wait, if these guys bite me, do I get some zombie effect, or will Gamer's body fix that?'

.. You're immune.

'Thanks for that.' I Jump up, and step on a zombie's face, launching myself right into the thick of the zombies.

"Shit." I adjust my body midair, pointing the tip of my sword at a Zombie's face. Slicing through it, I thrust my hand forward, effectively ripping its jaw apart and stabbing into the chest of another. I'm about to attempt to flip over the rest of the horde, when I feel something grab onto my ankle. Mildly flipping out, I get pulled into the horde, finding scratches and bites going at my Aura.

"Fuckfuckfuckfuck." I mutter, trying to get enough momentum to start swinging my sword.

'Again, Maybe magic would help me a little here!'

AP: 41,500/42,000

'They don't do a lot, but once they start to dogpile, it'll add up.' As I think this, I look up from the mass of hands and see the pile of Zombies obscure light.

"FUCK!" I shout out, both in frustration and at the feeling of having my left arm get dislocated.

"Back-" I close in on myself, curling into a ball.

Charging MP..

"OFF!" I shout, exploding outwards, throwing my arms wide, the Zombies on me are thrown off, in a shower of blood and other bodily fluids. Breathing heavily, I look around, seeing that I'm standing up and my arm is indeed intact.

'It's fine, it just hurt.'

-200 MP

Unlock skill: [Repulsor] Cost: 100 MP, +50 MP charging.

Repulsor: By charging your MP, you can release it outwardly.

"Nice. Came in handy." I spin Underdog in my hand and slice at the nearest zombie's head. After about three, the rest of them got up, and started sprinting at me again.

Activating Focused Strike -10 MP/S

I exhale and dash backwards, Getting as much distance between me and the zombies as possible.

'I wonder..' Putting the blade to my cheek, I let them approach. Sensing two or three behind me, I release Foused Strike and Spin in an arc, doing a full 360 with the blade.

-60 MP

Slicing cleanly through six heads, and getting stuck in the seventh, I nod to myself, and yank it out, performing an overhead strike on a zombie, sinking the sword into to about its neck. Putting my leg on its chest, I pull Underdog out and pivot my foot, using the strike I learned earlier.

[Blade of Water] Technique Leveled up! Novice Lvl. 2!

Ignoring the box, I almost see small water droplets fall from my blade as I cut off the arm of a zombie behind me. In my efforts, however, another grabs onto my elbow, sinking its teeth into my Aura. I wince and raise my blade up, turning it in my hand so I stab it in the neck. The thing doesn't let go as another grabs onto my shoulder.

"Fuck off." I mutter, crouching and jumping a bit into the air. Letting go of underdog in the thing's neck, I use my hand and grab its face, forcing it off my elbow. Then summoning the other sword by switching Loadouts, I stab the one on my shoulder in the face, while simultaneously slamming down on another zombie, crushing its head. I'm nearly swarmed again, when I decide to dive towards the still alive zombie with Underdog in its throat. Pulling it out, a ligament is left on its neck when I Take out my shurikens and throw the three of them at one zombie.

Of course, I miss entirely and manage to get each shuriken to miss an inch away from its head and somehow miss all the other zombies behind that one.

Down to about twenty four zombies, I sigh and lift the Jingasa up a bit.

'This thing is a little annoying, not gonna lie.' I think to myself, scanning past the zombies for any environmental advantage I might have.

'What I'd do for an exploding barrel right now.' I shake my head and just press forth, starting to dual wield swords.

Although I do a bit less damage, I guess It doesn't mean much when the opponents you're facing are pretty much rotting, as with my left arm, I'm just as capable as slicing off a zombie with my right.

WIth little other scuffle, I manage to clear out the rest of the zombies, with AP, MP and SP to spare. Sighing, I'm about to open the door to the next room, when I spot something out the corner of my eye. How I managed to spot it, I have no Idea, but it was a white piece of paper with the Words:

"Selena Williams- Lv. 10, Mage. Status: Deceased. Player message:"

"My name is Selena Williams, And I think I'm going to die in here. Upon dying for the first time, and being reincarnated as a Gamer on this planet, I took my first chance at the wonders of magic, and subsequently a dungeon. I disregarded the warning left for me on the Dungeon key that told me going in a graveyard and doing this was a bad Idea. I should have listened, honestly. I ran out of Mana, and have nothing left to fight with, apart from my fists. I can't even do that well. I have a little advice for anybody who reads this: Stick to the grinding. I got past the first room and moved on. I should have stayed and leveled up here. If you're my level or lower, do just that. Please don't die like I did. Selena out." I'm left there looking at the note, as I place it in my inventory.

"Holy fuck." I say aloud after a solid minute and a half.

'People have died in here.' I Look around at the zombies I've either decapitated or bisected and cringe.

"I wonder if more people have been in here." I step back towards the door, and open it up. I don't see anything apart from the stone brick walls and torches that light the room.

"Now this just says Trap all over it." I say aloud, taking another step.

At that moment, I hear a deep gargling-belch sound echo along the walls of the tomb as I ready myself. As I say:

"Sounds like there's a Boomer over here." As if on Cue, behind me, I feel something breathe on my neck as I whip around and stab directly into the largest belly I've ever seen.

"Oh. There IS a boomer here." I mutter, as the Zombie Explodes, sending me flying across the room in a pile of goo and what is possibly acid.

"Feck." I say as I get back up. Wiping to goo out of my eyes, I look around, and find there really is nothing else.

"That's an assholish room, not gonna lie." Looking around, I find the corpse of the Boomer, while it was blown out, There is still some stuff left to it.

'Hey, system, Do I have to loot bodies in order to find these "Keys"?'

No! Simply defeating one will allow you to acquire the "Keys". You will know a key when you see one, and you only may carry one at a time.

I click my tongue and facepalm. "You really like introducing things that could be irritating really late, huh?"

At least I told you!

I nod slightly and notice I have three other doors I can choose from. Smiling, I do the best possible way of picking thins.

"Eenie meenie miney moe." Picking the door to the left, I saunter on over to it, as I pull the doors Open. Instead of letting me see the room first, something tosses me inside it, as the doors slam.

"The hell?" As I look up, I see it.

"Skeletor?" Now, it wasn't skeletor, but it WAS a big-ass skeleton with a hood on. The massive skeleton grabbed me by my scarf and chucked me across the room. I miraculously land on my feet and slide slightly as I analyze the situation.

'Not sure how this'll work. Skeleton is massive and buff somehow, and can probably crush MY ribcage.' Speaking of ribcages, inside the skeleton's was a gear, probably about the size of a Manhole cover.

'Well that's a "Key" if I've ever seen one.' The Skeleton doesn't advance, however, as it spreads its arms, purple lights erupted from its palms, as what I could really describe as arrows floated off, and pointed towards me.

"Magic. Great." The Magic arrows Shoot themselves towards me, as I sidestep, seeing them erupt on contact with the ground.

"Don't get hit with those." I note to myself as I see the skeleton make MORE of the things, probably twenty or so.

"Fuck." Staring it down, I run at it, seeing as its a ranged spell, I try to close the distance, as I swear I see a glint in its eye as the purple arrows retract back in an instant, as they begin to cover the arms and legs of the Skeleton.

'Oh.' Is all I think to myself before the Skeleton thrusts its hand at my face. I narrowly miss its grab as I take a second to observe it.

Skeleton Lord

Title: Servant of Khoros

LV: 35

HP: 60,000/60,000

Special ability: Undead. Undead: Allows the Skeleton lord to recover and control limbs that have been chopped off, as well as being immune to normal means of death.

"Great, so I have to break the bones that are probably magic infused as well as about three inches thick. At least its only orange." At least its not as high of a level as the paladin. Looking around, I sigh and take a slice at its ankle, finding the blade deflects right off the magic infused bone. I slide under the legs and get back up, Enchanting my blade.

"KTA esaercnI nopaew tnahcnE." The blade glows a light red as ATK increases. I put myself in a defensive stance as The Skeleton whips right back around and throws a haymaker at Underdog.

For a brief moment, time slowed down as the magic spazzed out for a second and pushed itself onto Underdog. The Magic on the Skeleton's hand disappeared as it hit my sword, effectively smacking me in the face and sending me back a couple feet.

'Don't get hit with that, cool.'

Guard Broken!

"Oh." The Skeleton then leaps in the air, and Fucking Aerial Axe kicks towards me. In my stunned state, I don't move immediately, as Its left foot closes towards my head. I'm free of my stunned state just in time to move back ever so slightly. It isn't enough, however as the Foot clips my head, granting the same effect as before, but instead, it sends me flying towards the ground, smashing my head into the stone bricks, and bouncing up. The next thing I see is a left heel aimed directly for my chest, as it connects with me, sending me flying into a wall.

'Not just a wizard, he can fuck my shit up hand to hand, too.' I think absentmindedly.

AP: 35,000/42,000

'Guess the boomer explosion earlier didn't help, did it?' I mentally ask myself, sliding off the wall. I land on my feet as the Skeleton backed away, pointing its palms towards me as purple energy gathers around them.

My eyes widen as I clamber to get away from whatever it was preparing. It psyched me out, though, when instead of one massive beam, it spit its hands apart, and T-posed, Shooting two smaller, but still large, beams of magic bullshit out of its hands. My eyes widen as I nearly run Head-first into one of the beams. It doesn't stop though, as It starts to spin around, albeit kinda slowly. Running clockwise around it as to not get screwed by the laser, I run in closer, and Aim for a crook of the spine. I successfully slice it in half, and the lasers go off, only for the Skeleton's top portion, to grab onto the bottom of the spine and grab my face at the same time. It somehow lifts me up, as I see the purple magic wrap around its arm.

Somehow thinking quickly, I use underdog and slash at the joint, successfully dropping both me, and the magic-infused hand on my face. The magic doesn't stop charging, however, as I attempt to rip it off my face. The light becomes brighter than I can bare, as I rip the Hand off my face, and aim the palm towards the skeleton. If a skeleton can look surprised, it really did as it stared at its hand, as a mass of magic blasts out of the hand I'm holding, blowing it out of my hands, and out towards the Skeleton.

After the blinding light is done, I look to find that the skeleton is in pieces everywhere. Not even just regular bones lying around, but splinters of bones, effectively killing it.

You defeated the Skeleton lord!

+700 XP

+ Cog (Key Item)

Hood of the Sorcerer (Mage Only)

I sigh and pick up the cog, finding that it didn't just appear in my inventory, but rather, it materialized on my back. I avoid falling flat on my back, I find myself more imbalanced.

"Okayy. I guess I'm doing this now." While three is one other door apart from the one I entered from, I opt to go back, not being kicked through any doors this time.

'Just gotta get-'

Sense danger!

My eyes widen, as I Take out both swords, and cross them behind my back, along with the cog. An explosion is heard behind me as I'm sent flying forward, skipping along the ground and landing on my face.

"... They respawn." I mutter to myself, slowly getting up.

'It'll be brutal, but god damn, Getting outta here will be rewarding.'

Okay guys, That's all! I'm going to be honest here, I kinda enjoyed this one. The first five or six pages were kinda rough, but I wrote the other nine in a matter of two days, so there's that. As a side note, I'm going to address a few things I saw in the Reviews that I thought I might just try and explain.

So first off, the whole thing about siding with Salem and shit, yeah, to everybody who's just like: "What in the sam hell are you thinkin' That's retarded" Yeah. It is. But that's kind of the point. Salem probably wouldn't have recruited the people she did if they weren't nuts. Just my thoughts, though.

Another, the Morality. Its a little janky, not gonna lie, but Think of it like this:

Action, not Intent. Bryzan sided with the grimm, and that is seen as pretty evil. Although he does intend on being a spy, and trying to save the world in his own way, his actions so far have simply been siding with the Grimm. I.E Its how a lot of people see that Ironwood's actions of trying to pull Atlas into the atmosphere, simultaneously killing many people below, as inherently evil and nuts, but his intent is to try and keep the rest of humanity safe so Salem doesn't get ahold of another relic. That's Good, right? While over at Salem's side, she's destroying the kingdom to get the relic, for her final goal of being "Dark queen" (Which I highly doubt is the real reason, but more on that in a future chapter) Evil Intent, and evil actions. But overall, they've just showed evil actions, even if they're inherently good and bad. Okay, I think I've said my piece here. As a side note, if anybody wants to start Co-writing a story along with me, I'd love to discuss shit like that.

Till next time!