Bella hummed as she looked out at the two people playing in the snow from the open window in their bedroom. the family had recently moved to England as the people in forks began to wonder about their age.

lost in her thoughts she wwas surprised by her husband who's hands encircled her waist before he brought his lips to her neck. kissing a trail down to her now exposed shoulder, bella fought to bite back a moan.

This was a very bad idea... now if she could only remember why and remind Edward, ah yes. the two impressionable people currently building a snowman in the front yard. "Edward, the kids... they'll hear us." she protested. "hmmm? they're all the way over there. it'll be fine." he murmured against the hollow of her throat.

he slid his hands teasingly under her shirt and Bella let out a pleasured gasp. just then the two four year olds heads turned in their direction. having heard their mothers indrawn breath.

faster than the two outside could catch with their still developing eyes, Bella pushed Edwards hands out of ger shirt and smiled brightly at her two little miracles.

"why did you gasp mommy?" Chrysanthemum asked. Bella smiled at her inquisitive daughter. " your daddy told me a shocking secret!" she called out. just a little louder than her normal tone of voice.

Elizabeth, Chrysanthemums twin sister cocked her head to the side in silent disapproval. Elizabeth had a very... unique gift. she could sense desire, and Elazer, Carlisle's friend, thought that when she was older, she would be able to manipulate people's levels of desire.

and although Elizabeth had no idea what it was that she was sensing. she did know that she did not want to be around people while she was sensing it coming from them. she had respectfully asked- well, demanded that we turn off the gooey feeling that made her blush.

now she silently frowned at anyone who dared feel all gooey in front of her. Emmett was eagerly awaiting the day when she discovered just what it was that she was feeling. Rosalie swore that she wouldn't have sex with him for a decade if he was behind the reason she found out.

Bella had laughed. Rosalie doted on her goddaughter almost as much as Alice doted on hers. they were constantly arguing over who was the better godmother, who gave the best gifts. who taught the girls the most. ect... Chrysanthemum and Elizabeth let them have their fun and bore it with admirable civility. Elizabeth had inherited her mothers love of books. and Chrysanthemum Edwards love of music, the girls were identical. Bronze hair with brown highlights that was a bit curly. brown eyes with golden specks swirling around them. and adorable crooked grins that only came out when they tripped over something and broke it. the only thing that distinguishes them is their scents.

after a moment the girls looked at each other in silent communication. Edward snorted and bella raised an eyebrow in his direction, the girls adored pranking. especially if they were pranking Emmett. they had him and Jasper wrapped around their fingers. it was quite vute to watch.

"Mommy..." the girls began. Bella sighed "yes darlings?" she asked. "can we go over to Auntie Rosalie's?" Elizabeth asked. Bella frowned. "why?" she asked. "I wanted her to take me to the bookstore in town, if you take me we'd just end up buying the store out." Elizabeth said.

" alright. but use the ziplines. I dont want you walking there by yourself, even if it is only a few miles." she insisted. The girls giggled and ran towards the tree that held the zipline tthat stretched from their property, through the forest, onto Rosalie and Emmet's property. It was jaspers idea.

"they're going to cock block Emmett" Edward murmured. Bella snorted and shook her head as she turned around and wrapped her arms around her husband's neck. " hmmm. just imagine, when their hearing gets better we won't have any more alone time." she murmured. Edwards face morphed into one of horror as His wife giggled and walked away.

she wondered when he would remember that they had six very willing babysitters whenever they wanted a weekend of privacy.