"Come on we're gonna be late," said Alex

He always wanted to be on time. But this was important for him, going to the Greenhouse like mom even if he did want to be an Eagle. Hi I'm Ava woods, my twin brother Liam Woods and I are the unknown twins of the Woods family. Both of us are just able to test into the Greenhouse this year. My brother and sister AND mom all are huge overachievers. I love them dearly and I'm super happy to be able to test this year. Now that we live here at the Greenhouse it should be fun.

Now onto what house I want to be in. I'm not honestly sure, Eagle with my brother and sister, and maybe Liam he really what's to be an Eagle, or a Raven like mom.

"Come on we don't want you to be late for your test," mom said. I really wish I could decide. I decided to go with the rational choice of a Raven, knowing I'm not very athletic. I think I will also like the Ravens better than the Eagles, I can always change.

As we got into the room not knowing what challenge we would face we got ready. As it turned out there was the worst challenge yet. Leo playing guitar and the Eagles playing ball. Now I love sports and music as much as the next guy but this was plain cruel. I finished and thankfully passed the written exam. Hopefully I get into the Ravens.

I eventually passed and did get into the Ravens, and Liam into the Eagles. I kinda feel like an outsider with my siblings. They always talk about what they are doing in the Eagles. I still make it a point to go to the games, even if I'm not fully welcome. I'm just feeling worse lately, questioning a lot of things. I'm gonna head down to the cave that mom found the moon rock in.

As I walked down I saw some smoke and heard a heat deal of coughing.

"Hello, anyone there," I say very scared.

"Ava," I hear Leo and Hailey's weak voices call, "Don't come in."

To late I was already in there and coughing. I saw them staying still and I knew something was wrong. There were blinking lights and a wire running to...

Under Hailey's foot. She stepped on the trigger. I ran out of the cave and grabbed the nearest rock.

"When I *cough* say go run as fast as you can, and tell mom I loved her, and dad, and Alex, and Liam, and I'm not gonna say"

Leo nodded, understanding. Hailey on the other hand was very concerned.

"What are you going to do," she asked me, I knew she was worried but I was not going to let that get in the way of me saving her.

"Just run*cough," I said as I got into position.


"Ava wait" Hailey said.


"Ava..." said Hailey with desperation reaching through.

"1" I said as Leo grabbed her hand and nodded at me.

"GO" I said.

Leo ran out with Hailey and I threw the rock onto the trigger...


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