What If

Summary: Based off of Kate Winslet's song from the movie "The Christmas Carol: The Movie". Set 20 years in the future where Sharpay and Ryan are home for visiting their parents. Although, Sharpay has been married for 5 years to a wonderful guy named Brain; she can't help but think about the past. When her and Troy were together until something or someone ripped them apart. She begins thinking what if she never gave up hope and what would have happened. (Author's note: I don't own any of the High school musical characters. Disney owns them I only own Brain and Linda. I forgot Sharpay's moms name)

Chapter 1: Sharpay's side

At The Evans' Family Mansion:

Sharpay Evans- Foster is in her former room the one she had since childhood and before she moved out when she went to college. Her and her husband Brain Foster met when they were in college and they have only been married for 5 years now. They are staying in her old room while they there visiting her parents. Since Brain went to help her parents with something she decided to stay home and look through her old stuff. While looking in her old closet she finds a box containing memories from when she and Troy were together all those years ago.

Sharpay signs, picks up the box and sets it on her old bed. She didn't even notice that Ryan had walked in.

"Hey Shar, what are you looking at?" Ryan asks already noticing the box but not what was inside the box.

"Oh hey Ry, I'm just looking at some old memories from a long time ago." Sharpay answers.

"Really? And what memories would those be?"

"Just the ones from when Troy and I were together. I had forgotten that this box was even here since it's been forever. I don't even remember what's inside it."

"Are you still thinking about him after all this time? I thought that you had gotten over him after you and Brain met?"

"I have gotten over Troy. But that doesn't mean that part of my heart has ever healed. It's the part that never healed and is still hurting Ry." Sharpay says as she signs again. Inside of her hand is a picture of her and Troy. That picture was taken of them on their first day of High School in their freshman year. They had been dating since the fifth grade until freshman year when things changed.

"I know but, it has been over 20 years since you guys were last together."

"I know that too but, I can't help but look back and see where everything went wrong though." She says getting off the bed and grabbing her jacket with the picture still in her hand. Ryan is left in her old room knowing that she needed to be alone with her thoughts. The topic of Troy always had her thinking what if things could've been different.

Sharpay leaves her family house and goes to East High School, where in beginning she thought that things between her and Troy wouldn't change until they did in the end.

Here I stand alone

With this weight upon my heart

And it will not go away

In my head I keep on looking back

Right back to the start

Wondering what it was that made you change

Sharpay flashes back to the start when things began to change. She just never thought at the time that Troy would break her heart and she would close her heart off to anyone after.

It's the first day of school and Sharpay Evans walks into the school with her is her brother Ryan. She sees her boyfriend Troy of four years talking to some guy with afro hair (Chad).

"Ry, can you believe that we are now freshman?" She asks excited because she is already planning her high school future.

"Yeah! Come senior year you and Troy are going to be homecoming royalty as well as prom royalty!"

"I know! Oh there he is I'm going to go and talk to him. I'll see you later at lunch ok?" She says hugging her twin brother.

"You know it, but we have the same homeroom I'll just wait for you and Troy." He says once he sees how big the school is and not wanting to get lost.

"Okay, let me go and get Troy." She says and walks over to the lockers where Troy and Chad are talking. She sneaks up behind Troy and covers his eyes. "Guess who?"

"Well it can't be my mom or dad. So it has to be my amazing girlfriend!"

"Great guess and you win a kiss". They kiss and she sees Chad standing there. "Hi my names Sharpay," she says extending her hand to greet him.

"Chad nice to meet you," he says rudely when Sharpay was just being nice and friendly. "But do you mind Troy and I have to catch up on how we are going to be co-captain of the basketball team."

Sharpay looks up at Troy wondering why he is just letting Chad some guy who she has never met before talk to her like that. (He and Chad met at basketball camp over the summers while Sharpay was away with her family on vacation. He just didn't think that Chad would ever come between them and he would lose Sharpay forever. ) Troy just looks between the two not knowing what to do but little did he know at the time that Chad was trying to rip him and Sharpay apart. With that Troy and Chad leave to class leaving Sharpay behind hind. Not knowing what had just happened.

Ryan goes over to his sister seeing the whole thing. "You ok sis?"

"I don't know what just happened?" She says as the bell rings for class. With that said they leave for class. Never knowing that in just two months Troy and her would be over.

Well I tried

But I had to draw the line

And still this question keeps on spinning in my mind

That was the beginning when things between her and Troy changed or more like he changed. He began missing dates and ignoring her at school. It continued for two months until she finally had enough.

Sharpay is at the movie theater waiting for Troy to arrive. He was supposed to be there 3 hours ago. So she calls his house and his mom answers the phone.

"Hello Bolton residence." Troy's mom Lisa says answering the phone.

"Hi Mrs. Bolton its Sharpay. I'm wondering is Troy there?"

"Oh hi Shar. How are you honey?"

"Good and you?"

"Good, oh but honey Troy isn't home he went to a party at Chad's house and won't be back home until later. Do you want me to tell him that you called?"

"No that's ok I'll just try his cellphone. Thank you though." With that said she hangs up the phone. Lisa just looks at the picture of Troy and Sharpay. Troy has his arms around Sharpay and they are both smiling happy. Lisa and Sharpay's mom Linda (they have been friends since they were kids) had a dream of Troy and Sharpay getting married one day. Little did they know that would never happen.

After getting off the phone with Troy's mom she calls Troy on his cellphone. Only it wasn't Troy who answered though it was Chad.

"Don't you know he's busy having a life without you?" He just says right away without saying hello. (Troy doesn't know about any of this yet)

"What do you mean? He was supposed to meet me here at the movie theater for our anniversary."

"Oh you mean he didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"He decided that he doesn't want to be with you anymore. In fact he is making out with this really hot cheerleader right now?"

"What?" Sharpay asks trying to keep her tears from falling out of her eyes.

"Yeah here hold on and I'll send you a picture." With that says Chad hangs up the phone. But a few seconds later Sharpay sees the picture with her own eyes.

She then calls Ryan to have their mom come and pick her up. She leaves there with a broken heart.

That evening she makes the choice and calls Troy only to get his voicemail and leaving the most painful message in her life.

"Hey you reached Troy leave a message after the beep and I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can."

"Hey Troy, it's me Sharpay. Listen I've been thinking lately and I think that it's time that we end things between us." She hangs up and lies down on her bed crying. Ryan having been there through the whole thing stays there holding her. Listening to her cry her eyes out until she finally falls asleep.

What if I had never let you go

Would you be the man I used to know

If I'd stayed

If you'd tried

If we could only turn back time

But I guess we'll never know

Life from there on changed. Sharpay changed into the drama queen or the ice queen as Chad likes to call her. She did that so that no one else would ever get close enough to break her heart again. She didn't think that she would be able to heal it a second time. The next day at school her and Ryan enter school and see Troy. He is talking to Chad. (He hasn't heard the message yet. But he will that evening) As Sharpay sees Troy she ignores him and goes to her locker to get her books for homeroom which is drama. Ryan in the meanwhile glares at Troy because he broke his sister's heart.

Troy having just recovered from seeing Sharpay walk past him tries to go after her only to be stopped by Chad.

"Leave her be man. You have us now." Chad says while giving Troy a fist bump.

"Yeah ok, I'll just meet up with her later I guess. " With that him and Chad head to the same doors that Sharpay and Ryan entered.

Many roads to take

Some to joy

Some to heart-ache

Anyone can lose their way

Life moved on for both Troy and Sharpay. She managed to get into the Drama Club with Ryan and become co-presidents. Two years later Sharpay saw something that broke her heart all over again. She sees Troy and Gabriella (who has moved there since January). Sharpay saw Troy putting a necklace around Gabriella. It was the same necklace that he had given to her after their first date.

"Oh thank goodness it's finally summer Ry." She said in a happy voice.

"I know! No homework and No school for two whole months." Ryan says.

"I know ri…" Right before she could finish her sentence she saw Troy putting the T necklace around Gabriella's neck. Before anyone could see her tears fall from her eyes she leaves the school with Ryan following her.

Ryan looks back and can only glare in Troy's direction. He leaves after that to take his sister home so that she could cry. And he can hold her while she cries her eyes out again over Troy Bolton.

And if I said that we could turn it back

Right back to the start

Would you take the chance and make the change

Do you think how it would have been sometimes

Do you pray that I'd never left your side

Years passed with Sharpay and Ryan leaving for College. They had gotten into Julliard their dream school while Troy had been drafted for the MBA. While driving Sharpay sees the Bolton house, a house that she knew well. Her parents where still friends with the Bolton's'. Every time her parents went out for dinner she would always not be up for it. Not wanting to be around Troy. Her parents understood and decided not to push her knowing that she was healing a broken heart. Jack and Lisa understood as well and even though they were disappointed they knew that she needed time to heal. Troy had always wondered where she was and how she was doing. But her parents would always tell him that something came up.

The real reason why she never went was because she couldn't be around Troy. Without looking back at the memories before being painfully reminded that they we're not together anymore.

Now with it being 20 years later and Sharpay being married to Brain they are at the Bolton's party to celebrate Troy MBA career. Before she leaves however she goes up to Troy's old room and sees an old photograph of the two of them on the floor. So she lights a candle and says:

"Troy my wish for you this year is the miracle of understanding. With that said and done she blows out the candle and goes back downstairs to her husband. After returning to her husband she sees Troy there by himself.

What if I had never let you go

Would you be the man I used to know

If I'd stayed

If you'd tried

If we could only turn back time

But I guess we'll never know

If only we could turn the hands of time

If I could take you back would you still be mine

Sharpay and Brain left after being at the Bolton's house after being there for two hours. They wanted to get some sleep before sharing their news with her parents and brother .For they had a special gift for her parents… Sharpay is pregnant with her first child. They decided to tell her parents while they were visiting for Christmas.

"So what did you do today love?" Brain asks while he gets into bed.

"Oh I just went out for a walk."

"Anywhere special?"

"No not really just wanted to see what had changed in 20 years. Not a lot though." With that said she gives Brain and hug and kiss. Then goes off to sleep leaving Brain to read his script being as he is this big movie and music producer.

'Cos I tried

But I had to draw the line

And still this question keep on spinning in my mind

What if I had never let you go

Would you be the man I used to know

What if I had never walked away

'Cos I still love you more than I can say

While Sharpay is dreaming she flashes back to every joy and heartache of her relationship with Troy. Knowing even though she ended things she still loved him. She wanted what was best for them both and for them to be happy. It took her time until she was ready to move on and she wanted the best for Troy.

'What if I had stayed and worked things out would Troy still be the man I fell in love with.' She thinks as she dreams.

She had always wondered if she stayed if Troy would become the man that she fell in love with. But in the end she had to let go of the what ifs. When she met Brain her heart was finally ready to move on.

If I'd stayed

If you'd tried

If we could only turn back time

But I guess we'll never know

We'll never know

While Sharpay was dreaming of the past Troy however was getting another dream or should I say visits.

'I guess I'll never know what could've been we can't mess with time. I only wish him the best in life.' With that last thought she dreams of the future with her husband and baby.