So the voting had ended for this story. There was a close tye between two and three, but three won by a few extra votes, I am deeply sorry for those of you who wanted a reboot of this.

Marinette wasn't a girl many would pay attention to for she was a rather quiet and shy girl. She wouldn't say her life is terrible because of the fact she actually really liked her life the way it was. Despite the fact she has a bully, Chloe Bourgeois, who wasn't a very good bully since she was able to go to school and love her quiet life. Chloe wasn't important to Marinette to pay attention to.

So when Marinette just walked away from Chloe to go to her favorite spot at the park, where her inspiration would be modeling again. Chloe just huffed and began to speak with her best friend, Sabrina. Chloe also happens to be friends with her inspiration, Adrien Agreste, He is the model for Gabriel Agreste as well as his son. She loves seeing what types of things that Gabriel would come up with for Adrien that day. Today, if she remembers correctly, it was a more punk theme of clothing.

She came so often that the photography crew grew to recognize her and make a place for her to sit herself down. The black-haired teen would bring freshly baked macarons for each member of the crew, even sneaking one to Adrien. When she got to the park she saw a small boy being cornered by older men, looking about ready to attack.

No one was around and she felt she had to do something, and she would have had it not been for a boy with black hair; the tips being dyed a light blue. The boy stood in front of the small kid and glared, his blue eyes burned like the hottest flame known to man. She noticed that he looked as if he had already been in a fight beforehand with all the blood and bruises all over him.

"Touch this kid and you will die," the teen growled. He took off his black jean jacket leaving him in a black t-shirt and leather pants. Gripping his knuckles he cracked them, "I promise you that."

The men looked at the teen, only to scamper off a moment later. He sighed and looked at the shaking kid, she couldn't tell what he looked like since his back was towards her. Clearly, the child was terrified so she walked over with a small smile on her face.

"Hello there," Marinette said to the two.

The teen glared up at her as he then stood up straight, "what the hell do you want."

"To help," she said as she squats down to grab a macaron from her bag. She always brought extra, "this is for your bravery." The child, who had blonde hair and brown eyes, looked at her then to the other teen before stepping closer to Marinette to take the treat. "Is your mommy here?"

The kid shook his head. "She is home, but she said she would get me when daddy called her to get me."

"Then where is your father," the teen asked the smaller boy who kept close to Marinette. The child hadn't responded, but he did seem more comfortable now that Marinette was around.

"Here,"' Marinette held a pack of wipes in her hand, "let me help you...?"

"Luka," Luka said gruffly. Instead of allowing Marinette to help him he snatched the pack of wipes from her.

"I can take this guy home if you can do me a favor," Marinette said.

"The hell do you want," gingerly he wiped the wounds on his face but he winced a lot. Eventually, he gave up when it was clear he couldn't do it himself.

"Take my things over by the fountain," she quickly wrote a note on a piece of paper, "and give the people this note. I'll only be a few minutes."

Nodding he took her things, surprisingly gently. She then took the child towards his home, which was quite literally across the street of the park. When she was directed by the child to where his door. When they arrived Marinette told the mother everything she had seen, but she was surprised when the father had apparently been in the home the entire time. The mother looked at the father and kicked him out then and there.

"You said he wasn't there when you went to the park not even ten minutes ago," she screamed at him.

Not wanting to hear anything she said goodbye to the child and mother before going to the park where she wanted to be. Upon arriving she saw that the crew members were staying away from Luka as he sat near her things, Adrien was beside him with a sad smile. To her, it looked like Luka wanted to rip the blondes head off, so when she reached the group she went straight to Luka.

"Hey," she spoke lightly, "thank you so much. Um, let me do something for you, please?"

When he didn't reply she grabbed the wipes, but it seemed the photographer wanted Marinette to change in an outfit for a moment. "You, stay."

Luka growled at being ordered at what to do, but he did it only because he wanted to be around that black-haired girl with the prettiest bluebell eyes he had ever seen. When she was back out in a hot pink silk tank top with an elbow-length black leather jacket with diamonds on the collar. Her high waisted black pants showed off her form perfectly, but the ankle boots she wore were simple, yet it tied the outfit together.

It was a good effort on the whole punk theme of this shoot that the blonde kid told him about, but her outfit could use some more details. The blond was already in a changing area, so it was only the girl and him.

Sighing, Luka got up and pulled the girl to hair and make-up. He found hair chalk and he began to put it in her bangs and the tips of her hair; after straightening the hair that was tied in twin tails. The hair chalk was a bright pink so it went good with the outfit. "Uh, what are-."

"Shut up," he grumped, "they fucking suck at this style."

"But I," again he interrupted her. Only this time he kissed her, hoping that would be enough to keep her quiet long enough to let him do his work.

Fuck that hurt my busted lip, he hissed painfully. He did her make-up with light colors until he got to her lips and eyes. He would use a silvery gray for the eyeshadow and use a dark red for her lips.

When he finished the blonde was still in hair and make-up. Typical. He went over to her things and grabbed his jacket, ready to leave.

"Wait!" He stopped, "I still want to help you."

"Fine...but tell me your name."

"Marinette," she breathed as she got the wipes and bandages once more. "I live above the Dupain-Cheng Bakery, actually I am the daughter of the owners." She was gentle and careful when she cleaned the wounds on his face. Her eyes focused on the cuts and bruises as she worked.

"Looks like this one needs stitches," she grabbed a needle and some of the medical thread she carried around with her. "I usually keep these with me in case I cut myself on a beaker again. This might pinch a lot."

And a lot it did, Luka hissed lightly when she punctured his skin with the now sterilized needle into his tender skin. But she was quick and neat about it that it wasn't long before she finished her work when she placed some cream and bandages on his face.

"Uh," Luka looked away with a light blush on his cheeks, "thanks."

"No problem," she smiled and gave him her water bottle, "I hope we meet again, but both of us unharmed."

Her grin made him want to leave, it was too pure for this dark and evil world.