A week had passed, and most of the injuries were beginning to heal quickly. There were some that would take a lot longer than a week to heal, but it was enough for Marinette to begin to get antsy. She had never been one to just sit around and do nothing, something Gabriel noticed right away and allowed her to bake in his kitchen. Luka was pleased to learn he was allowed to watch Marinette bake, but he was irritated with everyone else who was also watching her.

Luka often was begged by Marinette to let people help him by letting them check on his injuries. Luckily, he was able to go back to school with Marinette a week after the incident which made the blue-haired male groan at the overly happy expression on Marinette's face as well as the pleased look that the blond kid had. Though Luka was happy to see his sister once more and he doesn't have a lot of make-up work to do from his week out of school.

Gabriel had his driver bring Luka and Marinette to her home, which was being over-looked by her grandfather. Marinette was happy to know that her family's business hadn't been destroyed by the lack of employees. When the two had entered the bakery they smelled the pleasant aroma of the pastries, bread, and cakes.

"Good," a raspy older voice called from the back. "You're back. You can have this place back."

The short old man threw an apron at Marinette, who fumbled with catching it. Luka rolled his eyes at the man, but he was just happy it was he and Marinette once again.

"So," Marinette said lightly as she began to clean the place up to her liking.

"Spit it out," Luka snapped.

Her bright blue eyes glared into his own, Luka wouldn't admit it but her glare was slightly intimidating. "How about you go upstairs and pick a room."

Rolling his eyes, Luka stuffed his hands in his pockets and did as he was told. It wasn't his house and he actually liked Marinette enough to listen to her. He saw the home up the stairs was not clean at all, it looked like someone threw a fit and decided to leave nothing untouched. This was not how Marinette usually had it, it was much cleaner than this. Finding a room would have to wait. Right now he needed to bring everything back to its original order. Luka took off his heavy hoodie and hung it in the closet.

As Luka worked he thought about the new living arrangements he gotten himself mixed in. He wasn't used to living with someone, and now he was about to live with another teenager. Specifically, one whom he now works with and he goes to school with. What type of things will Marinette allow him to do before she decides that she wants nothing more to do with him and kicks him out? What if he accidentally gets the girl pregnant because he couldn't control his urges?

He doesn't want to put that kind of responsibility on her. She had done so much for him already, he couldn't do that to her. If it was someone else then, yeah, he wouldn't care about it because they should have protected themselves better and not spread their legs to him. Luka was lucky enough to not have that done to him, yet.

"You didn't have to clean you know," Marinette said from behind him.

Luka jumped so bad that he fell right on the couch. "Geez! And you say I need to make some fucking noise when I walk!"

Marinette allowed herself to giggle as she sat on the couch with him. "Sorry." Luka glared at her, though it was halfhearted. He sighed and laid his head back on the back of the large couch. It was mostly silent as Marinette organized the papers on the coffee table. "Did you pick out a room yet?"

Luka hummed lightly, "not yet. Been busy."

Busy he was, the once cluttered and messy room had become more like what she had once had it before the mess. "You did great, but I can take it from here if you want to find something you want to eat from the fridge."

Getting up Luka did as she suggested, but he almost gagged at the mess the fridge was. Everything had spoiled and molded from it being out in the room temperature kitchen since the fridge door was wide open as the freezer door had as well.

"Uh," Luka said loudly, "I think we might need to go shopping first. That or we order out after we get rid of a lot of this shit."

Marinette furrowed her brow as she walked into the kitchen to see what Luka meant, but as soon as she saw what was right in front of her she gagged. "Second option."

Luka nodded and ordered pizza, half with pepperoni and extra cheese the other with no cheese with pepperoni and sausage. On the side Luka had ordered an arrangement of chicken wings; he really liked chicken wings. When he was done, he went back in and helped Marinette with the kitchen.

By the time the food had gotten there both of them had finished cleaning the mess, as well as opening a window or two. "Whew."

"Just eat." Marinette smiled as she obeyed Luka's orders, but halfway through her half of the pepperoni and cheese she had fallen asleep on Luka's shoulder. When Luka looked over he saw she had barbeque sauce all over her cheek. "You're such a mess."

Luka picked Marinette up and laid her down on the couch, grabbing a blanket from her room to put over her. He took his time to put the leftovers in containers before he went to bed as well. There were just two more days before he has to go back to school, so they had some work to do with getting this place cleaned and ready for living in it once more.

It was already decided that Luka was in charge of the top-level and half of the main level of the place to keep clean. Marinette wasn't hard to get along with when it came to things like that. So when morning came, he made coffee and hot chocolate for the two so they had the energy to get through the day.

"I'll go shopping," Marinette said as she munched on some dry cereal. "Gabriel should be stopping by tomorrow to bring us some interested employers to help with the bakery. We will be taking care of the front area of the bakery after the bakers get used to the recipes that we have here. While I am out, do you think you could take off all of the bedding so we could get those cleaned once more?"

"Sure," Luka hummed lightly he was mesmerized with the taste of the coffee. It was so good, "I'll even look around the place and make a list of what we would need. If I still have time, I will be cleaning more of the house."

Marinette smiled and leaned down to kiss his head, "thank you, Luka. You've been a big help."

Turning his head away Luka saw that the windows needed cleaning. "How about I make that list now?"

"Sure," Marinette said as she sat down to go back on her computer. "We may be high schoolers, but we now have much more responsibility than a lot of other people."

She noticed that Luka had walked off to do what he said he would, it made her smile knowing she wasn't going to be alone anymore in the house. Marinette was done with being alone. Luka being here made her feel much more relaxed as she looked over the applicants that Gabriel had sent to her. Most of them she liked, but then there were a few that gave her a bad feeling. Sending a reply back, Marinette told Gabriel her thoughts with such professionalism that it may have stunned the older Agreste.

Luka had come back with the list and told her to get going so she did. This will be an interesting turn of events. She wonders what life has in store for her and Luka, but she didn't want to focus on it too much since she had things to do.