Danny was bound by chains, she felt them on her wrists', ankles, and around her neck. She felt cool metal on her bareback, but why was she without clothes. It didn't make any sense. Blearily, Danny opened her dulled blue eyes to see her number one nemesis on the other side of a glass. He appeared to be talking to someone, but it looked like her in her ghost form. The only difference is this person was a male.

Now she remembered, Vlad made a new clone of her and Danny tried to befriend the other clone so he could see what it was like to feel actual love. But, the clone; who she had begun to call Dan; only made her believe that it was working, so when he told Danny that he wanted out of Vlad's home Danny offered to meet up with him. When they met up, Danny was then caught in a fight with three of his strongest enemies, plus his parents, before being knocked out.

That explains her pain and lack of clothes, but why did she fall for something like that?

"Ah," Vlad hummed when he looked over to see a sleepy-looking Danny, "welcome back, young Danielle."


As much as Danny didn't want to admit it, but she thought of Vlad as a more parental figure in the last year than her own parents. When her secret got out six months ago; it was Vlad who comforted her; her own parents had begun to do experiments on Danny. Slowly, Danny didn't see her parents as her parents anymore and moved out on the streets. That was three weeks ago.

Vlad looked at Danny with sad eyes, he had to chain the girl up in case she began to try and cause harm to herself. He knew who had made this clone and he was sickened by how it reminded him of when he created Daniella, but this was far worse. Danny's own parents made this clone, both Dan and Daniella had been offered a place to stay here, but Danielle refused; preferring to travel the world.

"What do you remember, sweetheart," Vlad asked gently as he and Dan walked in the room.

Danny closed her blue eyes, "I remember Skulker, Technus, and Vortex working with my parents when I went to the place Dan offered. We fought. That was all I remember."

Dan crawled on the bed beside Danny with tears sliding down his face, "I am so sorry, Danny, I had to do it otherwise our parents would have killed us."

Confusion washed over Danny as she looked Dan in his green eyes. "What?"

Dan told his story. How he remembered everything that she had done before he was made, how their parents did things to both of them in order to make the perfect clone, only that he was made a male somehow. As Danny listened to Dan she began to feel white-hot anger towards Jack and Maddie Fenton, but that went away when Dan was stopped by Vlad who knew what was going on.

"I couldn't let Dan live like that while you were in a medically induced coma. So when you woke up we decided to let you believe that I made him instead of the Fentons because it would feel more natural to you. You wouldn't be afraid of me since you already went through this with me beforehand."

Danny couldn't help it, "can you unchain me?" When Vlad did, Danny charged at him. Her slim arms wrapped around the older man's waist as she bawled her eyes out. She didn't have a family who wanted her because she was theirs, they only wanted her because she was useful to them. If it hadn't been for Vlad she would have believed that she wasn't loved at all. "I don't want to be Danielle Fenton anymore."

Vlad rested his arms around the malnourished child, he moved to sit on a chair with Danny on his lap. He knew she was hurting, but something felt different to him. "Then who do you want to be?"

"Danielle Masters," Danny looked in Vlads dark blue eyes with her pleading light blue ones, "will you please adopt me?"

"If that is what you wish," Vlad wrapped the shivering girl in a blanket, "then I will make it happen."

Ever since Danny was adopted by Vlad she and Dan had been training with him to get their powers under control. Vlad had sued the Fentons for child abuse, but later for child molestation. The courts took tests and found it was positive that Jack Fenton had allowed a man to rape his own daughter while in a coma, unprotected. Vlad learned of the child when he began to hear another heartbeat in the dining room. At first, he had thought that it was Daniella coming for a visit, but he didn't sense her. He walked closer to Danny when he heard it getting louder. Fear washed over him as he rushed her to the nearest doctor's office with a panic only to have his suspicions confirmed.

Jack Fenton was a dead man, but Madeline Fenton was just as shocked as Vlad was and began to yell at him at first, but then she began to ask questions to Vlad very excitably. It wasn't long before she began to beg for her daughter back, she went as far as to use her body to try and get him to cave, but his feelings for her were long gone.

When the courts asked if there was a foster home available for Danny to live in Vlad stopped them and said he would be adopting the girl. It was odd, Danny was fine around everyone and showed no fear towards her parents. Dan, on the other hand, hid behind her whenever they were around. The court allowed both Dan and Danny to live with Vlad, as long as he got Danny regular appointments for the child growing inside of Danny. As if he needed to be told that.

Now, five months later, no one other than the house of halfa's knew about halfa's existing. Or at least in the human realm. Sam and Tucker still knew, but they moved away a year ago and it had hurt Danny greatly.

"Daddy," Danny came flying in his Vlads room, Dan and Daniella right behind her, "it's time."

He knew what that meant as he zoomed about the room getting everything ready for his daughter. Dan and Daniella helped keep Danny calm as they packed things up. Once everything was set it was in the car they went, all in human form, to the hospital. On December twenty-first of two-thousand-ten, a little girl was born. Danny looked at the child with raven hair and foggy gray eyes thinking this child was the most beautiful she had ever seen her.

"Daddy," Daniella gasped, "look. She is so squishy." Danny had allowed her to hold the baby so she could sleep.

"What is her name, sweetheart," Vlad asked as he sat on the hospital bed brushing Danny's long raven locks out of her face.

"Winter Lee Masters," Danny yawned with a small smile.

Soon she was asleep to recover from the labor that Winter had given her.

"Did she realize that today was the start of Winter," Dan asked with mild amusement as he played with his niece.

"That is something we will have to ask her."