"Wanna bet they forget to give a quarter," Danny spoke to the small fairy that sat on her hoodie. Danny watched as the guardians, plus Jack, try to collect the teeth with Baby Tooth; she found it honestly amusing. Faintly she glared at the man dressed in red, she had nothing against him personally, but she just strongly disliked him. Baby Tooth chirped amusedly at Danny, but Danny couldn't understand the little fairy. A chill went down her spine, a familiar chill. It was a chill of fear.

"Sorry Baby Tooth," Danny stood up quickly, "but a child needs me."

As gently as possible, Danny placed the fairy on a billboard, where Jack was sure to pop out from. Her body went invisible as she followed the trail of fear towards Jamie's room, she saw Ella was laying on the floor in a cold sweat. Changing into her physical form, Danny hopped on the young girl.

Her fluffy fur stood on end from the amount of fear she was feeling from Ella, she had to fix this somehow. If not, it could attract the wrong type of spirit. Closing her eyes, Danny placed her paw on Ella's forehead, the fear making her stronger. Static was the best was to explain what she heard and saw before she dove deeper when the images became more clear.

"You," Danny heard a female voice say in the darkness, "you are the reason why I am so miserable. My own child, a fucking mistake, is forcing me to stay with the man I hate the most."

Some glass shattered near Danny, but it wasn't aimed where Danny was. Images became clearer and Danny saw Ella on the floor with her mother over her with a sharp half-broken bottle of pure vodka dripping with blood. Ella's blood.

Danny heard whimpering from behind her, slowly Danny turned to find Ella in a cage where she was forced to watch what was happening.

"No, Mommy, I love you. Stop, it hurts."

Danny broke at the desperation in her voice. Slowly, she moved to the cage with her hands on the bars, "Ella."

Ella turned to look at Danny with watery green eyes, fear consuming them. "Who...who are you?"

"I am Danny Phantom, the spirit of Halloween," hopefully her helpers were helping the children as she was. "I help with facing your fears."

Ella bit her lip as if she didn't believe her. Danny smiled as she walked over towards her mother, changing the image to Ella playing with the other kids that day. "You faced you slight fear of talking to Jamie today, I am so proud of you, Ella."

Ella's cage slowly began to fade, she was still holding on to the fear that kept her there. So Danny changed the image of Ella with her mother just before her parents left for the business trip. In the image Ella and her mother were looking at all the cats in the cat cafe, both females looking as happy as can be.

"Ella," her mother called to her daughter, "is there a kitty that you like?" Ella picked up the full black kitten with one green eye and one blue eye. Ella's mother smiled at her daughter and went to the owner of the cafe, a moment later she came back with a bright blue collar. "Let's go home, with Luna."

"She still loves you, Ella," Danny said soothingly, "she just needs to get help to keep her from drinking as much as she does."


When Danny opened her eyes she realized that she wasn't the only spirit in the room anymore. Jack and the guardians' were panicking over the now awake Jamie. Changing back into her human appearance, she glared at the others in the room.

"What the actual frost is going on here," Danny hissed. Jamie flashed his flashlight towards her, but she didn't notice. She also didn't notice that Ella woke up to the sound of her hiss. "You all woke up a child, maybe not Sandy."

Jack rose his hands in the air in surrender, "snowflake..."

"Don't you snowflake me, Jack Frost," Danny bit as her finger pressed firmly into his shoulder. "These kids, all the kids in the world, are having nightmares caused by some black sand. They need rest and here you are, all of you, waking these kids up. For what? Teeth?"

The others looked down with deep guilt, Danny had a point.

Danny sighed and walked over towards Ella, surprised to see she was looking right at her. "Who were you talking to?"

"You can't see them," Danny asked with a flinch. Ella shook her head as she looked around the room in search of the people Danny had been yelling at. "Well, I was talking to Santa, the Sandman, the Toothfairy, the Easter Bunny, and Jack Frost."

Ella looked at Danny with confusion, "but they don't exist. Mommy said so."

Danny smiled sadly at Ella, "then I also don't exist. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there."

Nodding, Ella frowned and moved towards the bed with Jamie, accidentally stepping on Abby's tail. As soon as the greyhound saw it was only Ella getting into bed with Jamie, she looked in front of her to see all of the others in the room. Although, she seemed extra focused on Bunny if the growling and staring was anything to go by.

"No stop, that's the Easter Bunny," Jamie panicked. "What're you doing, Abby? Down!"

"Alright, nobody panic," Bunny said with a slight quiver in his tone. He was obviously afraid and beginning to panic.

Danny felt like Bunny didn't really know what he would be getting himself into, "But that's a, uhm, that's a greyhound."

Bunny looked at her confused and slightly annoyed. This was supposed to be his time to shine, but Danny was ruining it for him. Jack smirked as he looked at Bunny and Danny. This should be fun.

"Do you know what greyhounds do to rabbits," Jack asked as his eyes held mischief.

"Well, I think it's a pretty safe bet he's never met a rabbit, like me," Bunny said as Sandy preps a ball of Dream-sand. "Six-foot-one, nerves of steel, Master of Tai Chi, and," Danny tried to stop Jack, but she wasn't fast enough. Jack used his staff to hit Jamie's alarm clock, startling Abby making her begin to bark while lunging forward. "Crikey! Ahh!"

Chaos ensued. Ella and Jamie held back Abby, though Ella was confused as to what was happening, but Abby was much stronger than the two children and broke out of their grip. Bunny began to bounce around the room, trying to stay away from the greyhound. "Stop," Jamie cried as he tried to help, "slow down!"

Abby bumped into Sandy, making him lose control of the ball of dream sand that began to hit everyone in the room, all but the intended targets. "Candy...canes," North slurred before falling on Jamie's bed.

Jamie and Ella flew in the air. Sandy was able to catch Jamie as Ella was caught by Danny. Sandy nodded his head down at Jamie making him fall asleep before tossing some sand towards Ella making her also fall asleep. The two placed the kids back on the bed, though Danny removed North from the bed and placed Abby back on the foot of the bed.

Jack watched from the sidelines as he began to chuckle, "Oh I really wish I had a camera right now."

While Sandy only gave him a side glance Danny glared at the winter spirit. "That could have woken up the adults."

Jack smirked, "but it didn't."

Just as Danny was about to say something the door opened to find Misses Bennett looking in the room. Her brown eyes showed absolute confusion as he walked over to the knocked out greyhound. "What was all the ruckus about?"

She then shook her head and picked up the dog to bring her in her own room.

"You were saying," Danny hissed at Jack. Jack hated being yelled at by Danny because she was good at it. Probably had to do with the fact that she was a mother. He felt bad now, but he still found it funny.

A figure made out of black sand moved away from the windowsill, catching Jack's attention as well as Sandy's. Danny glared at the retreating sand figure, that sand was the cause of so much fear. She hadn't noticed that the other two had followed behind her; all she cared about was finding where this sand was coming from. Danny protected children and some times adults from their fears by facing them. Something whipped her on the back of her neck making her fall out of the sky. Her vision swam in black. Pitch black.

She knew what was the cause of this black sand. Or more accurately, whom. Pitch Black the embodiment of fear and nightmares.