The white-haired boy woke up on a sandy beach, 'Ugh, my head." He groaned before holding his head in pain, he weakly got up and looked at his clothes, they were ripped and torn, "Dang it."

Weakly, he began to look around, seeing the ocean, "Oh no, I'm stuck on an island!" He gasped. Frantically, he began to look around. "Lincoln? Is that you?" The Loud boy heard a familiar voice, Lynn. He quickly turned, "Lynn!" The boy ran over to his sister and embraced her, "Are you okay!?"

"Are you okay!?"

"I'm fine, where's everyone else?" Lincoln looks around, "Hm, must be here somewhere." Lynn tapped her chin, "Let's get going, the quicker we find them, the quicker we can find a way to go home." The two siblings walked on the sandy beach, the two began to hear sounds, "Yo, Linc. You hear that?"

"Yes. Probably a bird or something." Lincoln then looked down and his eyes widened so much that it looks like they're popping out. "L-Lynn, look."

Lynn, confused, looked down as well and had the same expression, it was blood, a trail. "Oh my God." The two looked up to see the blood trail leading behind a rock, slowly, Lincoln looked behind the rock to see Lori huddled up, rocking back and forth with an expression like just saw the devil. "Lori?"

"Sc-Scaly birds...big beaks...killers."

"Scaly birds?"

"Big beaks?"

Lori lifted her finger and pointed to the shipwreck, having tears and dead bodies around it. Lincoln and Lynn looked at each other before investigating the wreck, the two entered the wreck, seeing water and some blood dripping from the walls. "Yuck! What happened here?" Lynn gagged, "A shipwreck did all this? This a little hard to believe." The two stopped in their tracks when they heard a familiar screech, "Wh-What was that?" Lincoln looked around, "Let's go find out."

The two siblings continued to follow blood trails, leading to a human carcass, "What the?" Lynn squatted near the body, the captain, the body looked like it was been eaten."There's no way the wreck did this." Lynn quickly poked the body before recoiling, they hear a small growl behind them, they look behind them to see a Pteranodon staring at them, "Oh crap."

The Pteranodon open its wings and screeched, the two kids screamed and began to run the other way, the pterosaur jumped in front of them and snapped at Lynn, she responded with a kick to the face, "Keep away from us!"

Lynn found a long piece of metal and picked it up before swinging at the creature, scratching its face, drawing blood. This enraged the pterosaur, it took to the sky, once it was at a comfortable height, it divebombed with claws out. Lynn prepared the metal stick before the pterosaur got close, another, larger one slammed into the side of it.

The larger male had a light grey beak with sharp edges that look like teeth, his skin was dark red and it looked like armor, it had two crests instead of one, the wings had orange streaks on them, the male roared at the smaller one. The smaller one screeched back before flying off. The larger male turned its attention to the Louds, scaring them, he came closer too the two, sniffing at them.

"Uh, hi?" Lynn said while the pterosaur nudged it slightly, "Yo, Linc. He looks familiar." The white-haired boy came closer, the pterosaur didn't mind as the boy ran his hand down his body, "I'll him...Rodan."

"Rodan? From the Godzilla movies, really?" Lynn chuckled, "Well, he looks like him." Rodan tilted his head to the side, confused. He turned his attention to the outside, he opened his wings and flew outside, "Rodan, where are you going?" The two siblings followed the pterosaur outside, he was going into the forest, before following him any further the picked Lori off the ground and lifted her on their arms, carrying her into the forest after the pterosaur named after a kaiju.