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Lynn Sr., Rita, and Lily were trekking across the murky water as a Compy ran past, "Ew, how do these things drink this?" Rita gagged. "I think the dinosaurs are smarter than to drink dirty water." Lynn Sr replied.

He was proven wrong by an injured Compy fell into the water and began drinking it. "Dinosaurs are smart he says." Rita rolled her eyes, "That one fell into it!"

"My point still stands."

The three made their way out of murky water and into some bushes. "Ew, what is that awful smell?" Rita nearly gagged. Lynn Sr moved the bushes around only to find a Gorgosaurus carcass. "Nasty! Nasty!" Lily babbled as she held her nose.

"Ugh, what did this?" Rita soon got her answer as a low growl was heard. They all looked up to see a therapod dinosaur, the Carnotaurus. "Don't move," Lynn Sr whispered, "Their vision is based on movement.

He was quickly proven wrong as the beast bellowed, sending them all to run in the other direction. How dare these pests enter his territory thought the saurian as he chased them.

The humans didn't get far as a Ceratosaurus stopped them in their tracks. The Carnotaur turned the corner and saw the fellow therapod. The humans were no longer his priority, this rival was.

The saurian sped past the humans and bellowed at his foe. The single-horned beast roared back. The two horned reptile scraped its foot on the ground like a bull ready to charge.

He did.

Catching his foe off gaurd, the Carnotaur rammed into the Ceratosaur's chest, knocking him back. The smaller carnivore shook his head and snarled. The two beasts clashed and their heads collided.

Like two Triceratops fighting for dominance, the carnivores attempted to push the other back. Despite being smaller, the Ceratosaur was holding his own against the larger Carnotaur.

"I think we've seen enough!" Lynn Sr shouted as he grabbed Rita's arm and tried to flee. The loud roars made Lily cry loudly, getting the Carnotaur's attention. The smaller saurian used this to break the horn lock and ram into the Carno's side.

Unfortunately for the humans, the Carno's tail swiped under their feet, causing Rita to drop Lily as they fell into the mud below. Lily tumbled in between the dueling dinosaurs and could not escape without being trampled.

The Cerato backed up before ramming into the Carno's side, roaring in pain. Using his tail, the Carno whacked the Cerato before lunging and clamping down on his foes neck.

In an unrealistic fashion, he lifted the Ceratosaur off the ground, and slammed it on the ground. The Cerato quickly rose to its feet as Lily crawled to a safe distance.

A terrifying roar stopped the fight and the Cerato cowerd in fear. The Carno used this opening to jab his horns into the Cerato's leg, spraying blood.

The smaller saurian screamed in pain and limped away. The Carnotaurus roared victorusly before snorting. As soon as the saurian turned around, Lily spotted a mark that looked like a peice of toast. "Toasty."

This sight calmed down the baby, but she then realized thaf her parents were gone. "Mama? Dada?"

Rita and Lynn Sr. were stuck down in a muddy pit with just enough room to sit. "So, any ideas came to mind on how to escape this deathole?" Rita asked, "No," Lynn replied with a sigh, "You?"


They sat in silence until the sound of Lily calling their names caught their attention. "Lily? Is that you up there!?"

The human infant poked her head down in the hile and giggled, "Mama!"

"Hi, sweetie! Stay up there, we're coming up in a sec!" Rita shouted before quickly turning to her husband, "How do we get out?"

"Uh, I boost you up and then you lift me up?"

"Great idea!"

Lynn moved over to the side of the wall and set his hands down, "Come on."

Rita climbed on top of her husband's hands and grasped the edge before slowly pulling herself up and out of the mud pit. "I'm out, now grab my hand."

Lynn Sr began to climb the slippery wall and stretched his arm to meet Rita's, "Just a little further..."

Their hands met and Rita began to pull her husband out of the mud. Sr.'s feet began to slip from the mud, "Uh, Rita?"

"I got it!" With one last pull, Rita yanked her husband from the pit, sending him crashing into some bushes. "Ow." He groaned as he climbed out. "Oops, sorry hun." Rita apologized as she grabbed a sitting Lily.

"So, what's plan B?"

"Easy, we find our kids." A loud roar made them look to the left, "And quick." Rita added before the three of them hurried into the trees. As soon as they left, the Spinosaurus walked into the area, still grumpy about the loss to the Tyrannosaur.

It quickly picked at its teeth before catching the scent of the Louds, a similar scent to the ones he chased. His teeth bared and let out an enraged bellow.