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Antiope finally pulled into a dingy, boarded up auto service shop. The locked garage door that was a deterrent for mischievous humans was no obstacle for a Terminator as Antiope easily lifted it up, drove inside, and shut the door again. Now it was time for triage.

Since he was the only other non-injured person, John had to assist her. They treated Sarah first, so she wouldn't bleed out. Then Sarah helped her with the T-800, fixing its arm and removing bullets from its skin. Finally, they treated its flesh wounds.

"You need a name," Antiope said, "I'm not calling you 'T-800' all the time."

"How do I get one?" it asked. John piped up here.

"Somebody gives you one. Or you can pick it yourself, like this kid at my old school who decided his name was Bruiser. His real name's Clarence, but he hates it."

"Dear God, don't name him Clarence." Sarah said. John went into the front room of the shop and found a small TV which he turned on and started channel surfing.

"It's not just that," Sarah added, "Your name usually says something about you. It gives people an impression of who you are. Or at least, who the person that gave you the name hopes you'll be. Usually, it's parents naming a newborn baby, but with you guys, it's different. ...Antiope, how did you get your name?"

"John gave it to me." the T-800 woman replied.

"But why? Why that name?" Sarah asked.

"He saw it in a book of some sort. About a 'Wonder Woman' or something like that. Apparently, Antiope was an 'Amazon' woman."

"Okay, you're named after an Amazon, a warrior. They're stronger and faster than humans, and they fight for good. Which seems to fit you, from what little I've seen. Now, we can't do that for him, because Amazons are females, but that should give you an idea of how to choose a name."

"You talk like Spock." John offered as he watched an episode of the original Star Trek.

"He needs something that sounds human, John. But...good try." Sarah said.

"Who is Spock?" the big Terminator asked. John beckoned him to come sit beside him on the bench.

"C'mere, I'll show you." The boy launched off into explaining about Vulcans and Spock in particular, and his relation to an 'Amanda' character. Sarah nodded off to sleep in the van while Antiope positioned herself by a window. They had destroyed the T-1000, but she knew one could never be too careful when dealing with Skynet.

They slept in the shop the rest of the night. John had fallen asleep against the T-800 again, the TV still on. Antiope removed the license plate from the van and traded it for one she found in the shop. Sarah woke early, and the two women went to a gas station Antiope had passed on the way to the shop. They stocked up on food and drinks, and Sarah got donuts for John. By the time they got back, John was up already.

While the girls were away

"Who is Leonard Nimoy?"

"Oh, he's the guy that plays Spock. He's the actor. He's a human, but he wears a costume and makeup to make him look like an alien. That's why his skin's kinda greenish-looking." John explained.

"He is made to look like something he is not." the machine stated, "Just as I am."

"Wha-No! No, not like you. He looks like an alien, but he's not! You...you look like a person, and..." John's voice became more serious, "...and I don't care what Mom says. You ARE a person." He hugged the Terminator again.

"You think and you have feelings. That makes you a person. Even if you don't understand them or know what they are, I know you have feelings." The boy sighed, "I wish Mom knew it too." The machine's arm wrapped around him again.

"John, I am not human. I can't be a person." John looked up at the 800''s face.

"Says who? Being human doesn't make you a person. Look, you see all the aliens they meet on Star Trek? They're not human, but they're people." He met its eyes, "Like I said, it's the fact that you can think for yourself and you have feelings. THAT'S what makes you a person. Like, remember that episode we saw last night with the Borg guy? He wasn't human, but he was a person, and he realized it by the end. He even got a name...kinda like you're doing." John paused as if in thought for a moment.

"Actually, you're a lot like that guy. And Spock."

"How so?" the machine asked.

"Well, there's the obvious; you and Borg guy are cyborgs who both came from kind of a big hive-like supercomputer and now you're free and becoming a person." John answered, "And you're like Spock because you're different from everybody, even your own kind, and you're kinda just trying to figure out your place in the world. You're really smart, but you're quiet, y'know? And serious. Really serious. And you use a lot of big words."

"Should my name really be Spock?" the T-800 asked suddenly.

"No, Mom was right, that sounds too...not human." John thought for a moment. Then his eyes widened and he broke out in a huge grin.

"But I know what would mean the same thing for you. And sound pretty human." John told him with a smile as they heard the garage door raise up, followed by a car as it pulled in and the engine shut off, and finally the door closed behind it. John got up and went out to meet them when he heard the women's voices.

"Thought you guys left us." John said. Then he called back into the front room, "It's okay, they just went to get some breakfast." His answer was a soft shuffling and slight squeak of leather.

"Here, have a donut. I got your favorite kind." Sarah held out the bag to him.

"Sweet!" John eagerly took one.

"Where's the T-800?" Sarah suddenly asked, just as said machine appeared in the doorway.

"I am not 'T-800'." it said quietly. Then it looked at John as it said even softer,

"I am Leonard."

Yes, I am referencing Star Trek in this fic. Deal with it.

Can any Trekkies tell what episodes I referenced here? :D