It was a dark night in Republic City. The skies were mostly cloudy. The streets were quiet even though the city was still being built.

A theater stood shining in the middle of a street. When the show ended, all the members of the audience walked out at once, including a certain family called the Waynes. Thomas and Martha were the parents of their excited son, Bruce.

"That play was awesome!" Bruce exclaimed as his parents went down an alleyway. "The way that Aang defeated the evil Ozai and helped bring everyone back on their feet. He's a real hero. Can we go back and see it again, dad?"

"Maybe later, son." Thomas said. "I've got a meeting with the real Avatar tomorrow. Wayne Industries wants to help this city any way it can."

"Dear, are you sure we should go down this way?" Martha asked.

"It's a shortcut to the car." Thomas said. "Nothing to worry about."

Famous last words. Suddenly, a man jumped from behind a pair of garbage cans and held up a fist with a flame at the front. His presence stunned the Waynes silent.

"Hold it right there." The firebender said. "I'll take whatever you got."

"Take it easy, good sir." Thomas said. "We don't want any trouble."

"Too bad." The firebender said. Bruce saw the man's face revealed by the fire's light. He was a ragged man with a thin beard covering the lower half of his face. "Now, how about we start with your coins, good sir?"

"No problem." Thomas said nervously. He reached into his wallet and pulled out all the cash inside of it. He carefully placed it into the hands of the man who held him at fire point.

The firebender shoved all the money in his pocket and chuckled. Normally, that'd be the end, but then his beady eyes gazed at the necklace around Martha's neck.

"And the pearls too."

Martha quickly covered her necklace with her hand while pushing her son behind her.

"You got what you wanted. That should be enough." Thomas said. "Just leave us alone."

"Unless you want to be burned, the necklace."

Thomas sighed and prepared to turn to his wife. Then, in an instant, he turned back and jumped to the attacker hoping to catch him off guard. What happened next was merely an instant, but Bruce felt like it happened forever. The firebender reacted negatively and shot out his biggest fire out of his fist, big enough to impact both Wayne parents. The next thing Bruce knew, his mother and father were both laying on their backs with fatal burns on their bodies. The necklace the robber wanted fell in front of him and broke apart on impact. The firebender who committed the act changed his expression to nervousness.

"No. This shouldn't have happened. It's…" He turned to run out of the alley leaving Bruce alone with tears pouring out of his eyes. He knelt down without holding back his cries.

A few hours later, Bruce was inside of the Republic City Police Department completely blank and silent while the coroners were looking over his parents. He wasn't paying attention to anything until a hand was placed on his shoulder. When he looked up, he saw the Avatar, Aang, standing in his airbender robes and displaying his blue arrow tattoo on his bald head.

"You must be Bruce." He said. "I'm sorry."

"Why?" Bruce whispered in sorrow. "Why did this have to happen?"

"Sometimes bad things happen." Aang said. "Even the Avatar can't fix that. I remember when I learned of what happened to my people. I was completely broken. But I learned to do something about it. Can you?"

"Here you go, kid." The chief, Toph Beifong, said as she placed a blanket over Bruce's shoulders. "I'll have the new guy, Gordon, send you home whenever you're ready. Be strong, kid."

And Bruce did. He became strong and more. With the memory of what happened in his mind, he dedicated his life to making sure what happened to him wouldn't happen to anyone else again. Over twenty years later, Bruce returned to Republic City with a simple goal.

Bruce has tangled with many strange criminals such as the Riddler, Poison Ivy, and Scarecrow. Each of them fell short in his mission to protect Republic City. He now stands watching the city from above as his new persona: Batman.

Author's Note: Another crossover idea I had. I thought it might work with some elements. I hope you all enjoy it. Any and all comments are welcome.