An entire factory was the perfect place for over a hundred non-benders to gather up. The whole crowd gazed at the stage set up by the Equalists. Many had been anticipating the Revelation. The others were just curious what Amon had in store to show.

What nobody knew was that high above, near the ceiling, the Batman had perched himself on top of the rafters. He gazed down observing every member of the crowd before drawing his eyes to the crowd where the Equalists were posted.

"Sir," Alfred spoke through the radio in Batman's cowl, "That's a lot of people."

"It's no surprise that so many have a hidden disdain for benders." Batman said. "If Amon has something that can turn the tide for nonbenders, everyone will at least be curious at what it is."

"Well, do keep your head up." Alfred said. "There's no telling what sort of surprises the Equalists have."

"Don't worry, Alfred." Batman said.

"And now!" cried out an announcer. "Presenting your hero, your savior… AMON!"

The stage opened a door at the floor and Amon rose from underneath it. He had on his signature hood and mask look on him. He took the microphone and made his address. Batman couldn't do anything but listen.

"My search for equality began many years ago. When I was a boy, my family and I lived on a small farm. We weren't rich and none of us were benders. That made us easy targets for the firebender who extorted my father. One day, my father confronted this man, but when he did, that firebender took my family from me. Then, he took my face. I've been forced to hide behind a mask ever since.

"As you know, the Avatar has recently arrived in Republic City. And if she were here, she would tell you that bending brings balance to the world. But she is wrong. The only thing bending has brought to the world is suffering. It has been the cause of every war in every era. But that is about to change. I know you have been wondering 'What is the Revelation'. You are about to get your answer.

"Since the beginning of time, the spirits have acted as guardians of our world, and they have spoken to me. They say the Avatar has failed humanity. That is why the spirits have chosen me to usher in a new era of balance. They have granted me a power that will make equality a reality; the power to take a person's bending away… permanently."

The whole crowd was stunned in audible gasps. Even Batman was surprised by this statement.

"Sir, I think I may have misheard." Alfred said. "It sounds like Amon just said he can get of a person's ability to bend for good."

"That's how it sounds to me." Batman said.

"But how? Is that even possible?"

"For the Avatar, yes. For anyone else, it shouldn't be."

"For those of you who doubt my word," Amon said, "Allow me to demonstrate. Let me introduce Lightning Bolt Zolt, leader of the Triple Threat Triads."

The crime lord in question was forced onto the stage by Amon's lieutenant tied with his hands behind his back. The crowd booed at Zolt who booed back. After him, other members of the gang had been brought up with their hands tied too, including a chubby teenage boy who was scared out of his wits.

"Zolt has amassed a fortune by using and abusing nonbenders. Today, justice will be made." Amon said. "But in the interest of fairness, I will allow Zolt a fight to keep his bending." With a wave of his hand, his lieutenant unbound Zolt, who then stood up facing Amon with a confident smirk.

"You're gonna regret doing that, smart guy."

Zolt struck with his signature lightning bending at Amon. But the Equalist leader dodged out of the way taking a step closer to his adversary. Within a minute, Amon got behind Zolt, brought him to his knees, and planted his thumb on top of his forehead. Zolt gave one last lightning bolt into the air followed by a fire until it died out. Amon stepped back letting Zolt go. He tried to shoot another bolt at Amon, but there wasn't even a spark. That scared the gang leader.

"What… What did you do to me?"

"Your reign of terror is over." Amon said. "Your bending is gone, forever."

All of the nonbenders cheered as Amon slowly began to stip the bending from the other gangsters. The scared kid was at the far end, so he was saved for last.

"What do you think it means, sir?" Alfred asked.

"All I know is that Amon's playing with forced he may not understand." Batman said. "I'm going down there and…" His eyes caught sight of a certain someone sneaking into a side room. He zoomed his vision to catch the face of the straggler, and he grimaced when he recognized the rebellious teenage girl he had met the night before. "It's the Avatar. She's here."

"Really?" Alfred asked. "Well, guess even your warnings wouldn't keep her from trying to rescue her friend."

Batman scowled as he found another opening at his own level. He slipped through it and followed the Avatar's trail until he caught her being confronted by a large Equalist. Korra was just about ready to fight when Batman suddenly appeared behind the thug and locked him in a sleeper hold. He passed out quickly after.

"Batman!" Korra gasped.

"What are you doing here, Avatar?" Batman asked gently placing the Equalist on the ground. "I told you…"

"I know what you told me," Korra said, "But right now, I don't care. That's my friend up there and Amon's about to take away his bending."

Batman gave a silent stare before reluctantly agreeing. "Fine. What's your plan?"

"Well, Mako and I decided to burst these steam pipes here." Korra said pointing at the pipes right at her left. "The smokescreen will provide us an opportunity to take Bolin and escape."

Batman examined the pipes before pulling out a Baterang gripping it in his hand. With one strike, he cut them in half and steam exploded out.

"See?" Korra asked. "And you said you didn't need me."

"I don't." Batman said. "I was already going to save the hostages. You being here changed the plan."

"Whatever you say, broody." Korra said. "Just watch me at work."

With several waves of her arms, the steam flowed through the air and crashed right into the wall. Right when Amon was about to confront Bolin, the wall beside the rally exploded in steam and smoke covered the entire stage. Mako then sneaked onto the stage to save his brother.

In the meantime, Amon took a step back for a better view of the situation. He perched himself above and saw his lieutenant following Bolin and Mako as they attempted to escape. He then saw Korra following. He climbed up to follow only to be confronted by a certain Dark Knight who stood across him from the catwalk they were both standing on.

"The Batman." Amon greeted. "I've heard of you."

"And I've been hearing things about you too." Batman said. "I had a feeling you would be dangerous one day. And tonight, you just proved me right."

"You call it dangerous to make the world a better place?" Amon asked. "I have eyes around the city, Batman. I know you're a nonbender like us. Why protect those who keep us down?"

"Because this isn't the way." Batman said. "Zolt may have been a piece of scum, but he deserved a day in court."

"A trial isn't going to fix the big problem. As long as he had his bending, he would've continued to be a scourge. Now, the nonbenders of Republic City will sleep better at night."

"And tomorrow, they might turn out to be just like you, a madman who blames all the world's problems on bending."

"And your solution is dressing up like a bat and breaking the arms of criminals. And you call me mad."

"I've always figured that you can't be talked out of this. But at least this conversation is giving the Avatar time to escape."

"You really think I want the Avatar captured? On the contrary, I'm letting her, you, and those two boys to escape. You shall be the perfect people to tell the world of my power."

"What's stopping me from stopping you right now?"

"Because the only way to stop me is to kill me." Amon answered. "And I've heard of what you do. You injure. You wound. You maim. But you've never taken a life, have you? Well, if you want to stop me, you'll have to start."

Batman gave a dark glare through his eyes. He gripped a small, black pellet in his hand and raised it over his head. "This isn't over." He shot his hand down and smoke covered the bridge. When it cleared off, he wasn't there anymore. Amon wasn't surprised at that.

"No. In fact, it's just the beginning."

After escaping the Equalists, Korra, Mako, and Bolin took a moment to take a breath. They rested on their polar bear-dog, Naga, and recalled the last ten minutes of their lives.

"Guys, I can't believe it." Bolin said. "Amon… can take away… a person's bending."

"Yeah. We noticed." Mako said.

"That's not all." Korra said. "You see… Batman helped."

"What?" Mako asked.

"Did you say Batman?" Bolin gasped. "You guys know Batman?"

"Take it in." the Caped Crusader said as he landed right behind them.

Bolin shrieked when he came out of nowhere. "Oh, my gosh! You're Batman! THE Batman! And you helped save my bending!"

"Don't celebrate just yet." Batman said. "Amon let us go so we could tell the public."

"Well, let's not keep him waiting." Korra said.

"I'll conduct my own investigation while you warn every bender you can." Batman said.

"Does this mean you're finally willing to work with us?" Mako asked raising an eyebrow.

"No. We are not partners. We're just different people with a common enemy. I'll handle him on my end and you work on things on your end. That is it. Now, if you excuse me…"

Batman pressed a button on his belt, and the Batmobile drove up right in front of them. Bolin dropped his jaw and gasped silently at the sight of it while Batman jumped into the driver's seat.

"Hang on." Korra said walking up towards him. "Why won't you just work with us?"

"Batman works alone." The Dark Knight said as he closed the top and drove out into the dark shadows of the street.

"I really don't like that guy." Mako commented.

"He's so cool!" Bolin grinned.

The walls of Arkham Asylum were silent at night. Normally, the brave orderlies would deliver food to the most dangerous inmates. Unfortunately, the Equalists had other plans. Amon lead a small group to break into Arkham, knock out the guards, and get to the corrider of the inmates.

"Amon, not to question your decisions," said the lieutenant, "But why are we breaking someone out of here? This place is full of lunatics."

"I don't like this choice either, but the Batman's forcing our hand." Amon said. "Now that I know he intends to oppose us, we need a certain edge. We need someone with an… outside-the-box thinking. And that is where he comes in." He stopped in front of a metal door. He pulled out a key he got from the orderly and unlocked it.

Once the door opened, Amon stepped in to meet the man inside, a tall, skinny man with slick, black hair, glasses, and a goofy-looking face. Still, his intellect was something the Equalist leader was looking for.

"Mr. Nygma." Amon said. "How would you like to change the world and get revenge on the Batman?"

The thin man chuckled as he stood up straight and walked to meet the masked man. "Riddle me this... need you ask?"

Author's Note: At last, this thing is updated. Now, I introduce the Edward Nygma of the Avatar-verse. Can't wait to see what comes next. Any and all comments are welcome.