Welcome dear reader,

The story you are going to read is a work I am undertaking for various reasons, not the least of all; your enjoyment! I have enjoyed "The Dragon Prince '' tremendously and I loved the way the show and the relationship between Rayla and Callum specifically evolved. But what we've seen so far is but the start of a much greater adventure in the world of the Dragon Prince! And this is a world we can explore…together.

I am a writer of short stories and small works. I also run various Dungeons and Dragons games for which I've written hundreds of pages full of adventure. Though I have dreamt of writing a full novel, I find it hard to finish long works. This project is an attempt to rectify that. I am giving myself an assignment and a deadline, and a set of instructions to work with. The rules are simple;

- The Dragon Prince has nine episodes a season, so I will have to write nine chapters for this adventure

- I will post one chapter a week

- I will have ten weeks total to complete this project.

Story wise, it is my intend to explore the story that comes after season 3's finale. How will the elves, humans and dragons broker peace? What will Callum and Rayla do now that the main quest is over, and how will that affect their relationship? And what will Viren and Claudia do, now that they have lost all power and credibility in Katolis?

So, without further ado, I present to you my fanfiction story of the Dragon Prince: Heart of a Dragon. Enjoy!

Jaco 'Ocaj' Koster