- June 10, 1922 -

Rose drove down the country dirt road in her husband's Talbot, traveling at a relatively slow pace. Was it the right idea to be going to Chippewa? It would only bring back memories. It's been ten years. Time to face your demons.

The sinking of the Titanic would always impact Rose. She could never forget Jack's limp hand, how his grip had faltered. Rose's voice was so hoarse, she barely spoke for the entire boat ride into New York.

She'd managed to find a place to stay- a hostel. It was her only option until she could find some sort of work. She eventually auditioned for and received the lead role for a film which shot in New York. Her costar became her husband. Rose did a few more pictures, before moving to Los Angeles.

Rose managed to get away from her routine life and took a road trip vacation, telling her husband that she was visiting a sister in Wisconsin. A lie, partially. She had no sisters, however, her trip would bring her to Wisconsin.

Jack still owned part of Rose's heart. She loved her husband, but Jack Dawson could never go away. She wanted to do everything they'd talked about doing. Santa Monica. Ice fishing. Even flying a plane. But to begin- she'd visit Chippewa.

Her car rumbled on. Rose was exhausted. She'd been driving for days, with nightly stops where she'd (attempt) to curl up in her car and rest (Rose was 5'7" so it was no easy venture). She was near the town though, according to her map, which reassured her.

It was close to sunset, the land around her was dark. Shadows rest in every corner. This was the final stretch of her journey.

But something popped out of nowhere. A deer in the middle of the road caused Rose to swerve. From there on it was a blur of lost control into a darkness that she would never awaken from.

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