Tsubaki was glancing at her new weapon form, the Uncanny Sword. She still couldn't believe that she had gotten it. At first, she had almost believed that her brother was right, that she was weak and named after a scentless flower, but when Black Star's words had gotten to her, she then remembered that she was human and yes, she was bound to make mistakes, but that was why mistakes was created.

She was supposed to learn from mistakes and she was supposed to get stronger with Black Star. She and Black Star promised each other that they would get stronger for one another.

So why?

So why she couldn't fully trust in Black Star when he wanted to go over his own limits when he wanted to fight Mifune?

Why did she want to protect him so damn much? Black Star was known for being reckless in battle so why did she refuse to help him worn out his body even more? She was his weapon and she was supposed to obey his every command. "I'm sorry, Black Star, but I don't want you to get hurt." Tsubaki tells Black Star as he glared at her for disobeying him. She disobeyed me, but why am I both mad and relieved? Black Star was confused about his own emotions.

Well, he was confused until he had noticed that Mifune was trying to stab him and he leaped away. "Have you realized why she refused to let you use her in your state?" He questioned him and Black Star glared at him.

"Shut up, samurai! You don't know know Tsubaki like I do." Black Star shouted at Mifune.

"Oh? Well, if you know your partner so well, then tell me why she is crying over you right now?" Mifune shot back at him. At first, Black Star was confused and pissed off, but when he took a glance back at Tsubaki, he noticed the tears running down her face and he looked over himself. I'm so angry that I had completely given into the beast. Tsubaki was still the girl that brought me back over and over again and yet, I still kept on falling into the pit of power that will only lead to despair. He thought.

"What the fuck am I doing? I'm sorry Tsubaki." Black Star tells Tsubaki and when the demon weapon hears her miester's apology, she could only do nothing but smile at him with a teary face. "You've always been the person to bring me back." Black Star tells Tsubaki and Tsubaki waited on him to get close to her.

When she held out her arms, Black Star collapsed into her soft hold. "I know how you are, Black Star and that's why I would never choose another miester over you." Tsubaki tells him.

Tsubaki was still the same girl that Black Star had met that one fateful day and whether he knew it or not, he depended on her to bring him back every single time.