Well gang... this is it. My first ever Movie AND Shipping Fanfic. It's a Nemo X Pearl Fanfic! Not really much of these but I really hope there's more in the future! Welp, let's do this. Leave good reviews and maybe some kind words of motivation.

Chapter 1: Special Secret

'Hm, I wonder when he'll be able to get here,' thought a little flapjack octopus that was at the drop-off waiting for something or perhaps someone. Pearl was just waiting for the school day to end in about 20 minutes but was also waiting for a certain little clownfish to show up with her. "Oh when will he ever show up?" said Pearl feeling a little impatient. Suddenly, 3 voices boomed in, "When will who show up Pearl?" Hearing those voices so sudden, she screamed and inked out of fear, but quickly became upset at the people she knows the voices of. It was just her friends Tad the Butterflyfish, Sheldon the Seahorse, and the gang's new friend, Squirt the Sea Turtle.

"Tad, Sheldon, Squirt! Not funny you three! You guys made me ink again!" Pearl whined as she was filled with embarrassment about the fact that she inked in front of her friends again. Tad started to snicker a little, but Squirt told him to hold it, in which the young sea turtle said, "Sorry about scaring ya there dudette, but the dudes and I were just wondering what you meant by who you're waiting for." Pearl started to become a little nervous about that and was starting to panic a little in her mind. "Oh no one, just Nemo. Just him and me, and no one else," said the young octopus as she's getting worried that her friends were on to her.

The gang wasn't fully buying her baloney and Sheldon was a little confused of what she meant. "Nemo? Why just- ACHOO! Why just him? I mean we all hang out from- CHOO! Time to time, but why do you want just him and no one else- ACHOO!" Pearl was slightly blushing and fiddling with her tentacles, knowing that her cover was almost being blown. She tried to keep calm and think of a way around the conversation, but unfortunately, her voice was faster than her mind. "Oh no reason at all, just a friendly conversation that's all. I mean, it's not like I actually looooo-" Pearl quickly covered her mouth with her slightly short tentacle. 'Oh heck, what have I done,' she thought hoping that the boys didn't catch on with what she was saying. However, Tad was starting to realize what she meant, and was also starting to wear a smug smile on him, because of the very words she just said.

"Either I'm definitely obnoxious and completely crazy, or you actually have a crush on Nemo!" snickered Tad as he was secretly enjoying the fact that Pearl has a crush on his best friend, Nemo. Realizing that she's been close to caught, she wasn't wanting to fully go down on the truth. "N-No I don't, what makes you think that," she said while blushing a bit. Squirt and Sheldon took a while to think about what the two students meant, but were able to catch on quickly, and wore the same smug expression that Tad has on. "Ohhhhh, sure you don't," said Sheldon sarcastically as he, just like his friend, also enjoys the fact of Pearl like-liking the little clownfish. Squirt then piped in saying, "Dudette, this is great! You having a crush on the clownfish dude, this is totally wicked!"

Even though she's been close to being caught, Pearl was desperate to hide the evidence. "I already told you guys, I DON'T have a crush on Nemo!" she shouted while fully blushing.

"Do Too!" "Do Not!" "Do Too!" "Do Not!" "Do Too!" "DO NOT!" "There you guys are," a new voice piped in. The gang turned around to see a small clownfish with a small fin on him. That fish's name is Nemo, who was captured 1 month ago by divers, but was rescued by his father, Marlin, his friend, Dory, and his gang of older friends, the Tank Gang: Gill, Peach, Bloat, Bubbles, Gurgle, Deb (& Flo), and Jacques. "Oh, hi Nemo!" his classmates said seeing their friend. Nemo swam towards his friends, but a bit closer to Pearl, which caused her to blush a bit. "Hi Pearl!" Nemo chirped in happiness. "H-Hi Nemo," said Pearl as she was still embarrassed that her friends were close to finding out her secret. "I just wanted to say thanks for helping me on the team science project that Mr. Ray gave us. I really couldn't have done it without your help," said Nemo as he held her short tentacle with his lucky fin, "You really are a great person Pearl!"

Upon those actions, Pearl's face was blushing madly and smiling goofily about the facts that Nemo was holding her "hand" and also calling her a great person. "You're welcome Nemo!" the little octopus said, still blushing madly. "Well, I better head back to Mr. Ray, school ends in 5 minutes. Bye guys! I'll see you all some other time," exclaimed Nemo as he swam off to get ready for the school day to end. "Bye Nemo!" the gang shouted back at him. Pearl was so pleased with Nemo that she accidentally blew her cover. "Oh, he is sooo CUTE!" she exclaimed being filled with tons of happiness, only to cover her mouth in horror about what she just said in front of her friends.

She slowly turned around to find her friends wearing very big smug grins on their faces. "Do Too! Do Too-OO! DO TOOOO!" the boys sang in a silly tone. "Um... do not?" squeaked Pearl being filled with tons of embarrassment. The boys then wore "Are-You-Sure-About-That" faces on them, showing that they fully know Pearl's secret. The little flapjack octopus can only groan and say 'yes' in annoyance, knowing very well that her secret has been revealed. Tad, who reverted back to his normal face, then said, "Alright lover-girl, it's time to get going. I can already hear Mr. Ray calling us from here." The boys then sped off with Pearl following close behind, who was still upset that they found out her little secret. Today is going to be a VERY long day for Pearl the Flapjack Octopus!