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Chapter 2: Sea-ing Memories Part 1

As the young sea creatures made their way to Mr. Ray for him to take them back to the reef, Pearl saw Nemo smiling at her on the way, which caused the little octopus to giggle and blush a little. He was a little confused of what she was giggling about, but his thoughts were interrupted when the teacher called for him and the other students as they boarded on top of him. Mr. Ray then exclaimed to his students, "Okey-Dokie explorers, field trip's over! Congratulations on all of you finishing you team projects by the way! It certainly took all of you a while to set up your reports of coral and the algae living inside of them. However, now it's time for you young ones to head back home to your families! Ooooooooo..."

The spotted eagle ray started singing while swimming his students back to Sandy Patch School to wait for their families to come and pick them up. On the way, Tad was being obnoxious to other students, Sheldon and Squirt were having a conversation about interesting facts about seahorses and turtles, and Nemo was just sight-seeing the entire ocean. Every student was busy in their own conversations, except for one young female octopus. Pearl was gazing upon Nemo as he was looking around the big blue world, which was causing her to silently laughing about how enthusiastic he is. 'He really is an actual perfect combination of cool and cute! He's amazing,' Pearl thought while gazing upon the fish she secretly loves.

Suddenly, thinking about the little clownfish caused her to fall into deep thought and think about another very great thing: it was the day she first met him!

Pearl's POV

"Oh dear, this is bad. Really bad!" I said as I was panicking out of my mind! I'm now trapped inside of these scary caves. 'I knew I shouldn't have left Dad and went to the caves. I literally have no idea where to go and I'm really starting to freak out.' I started to cry a little, thinking that I'll never be able to leave. However, I suddenly heard someone swimming towards me. I felt a little confused and was wondering to myself, 'Who's there? Dad? Guys? Anyone?' Then suddenly, some kind of fish swam towards me, frightening me and causing me to ink. Even though I couldn't fully see it, I scream in shock, "Aah! Aw, you made me ink." It took a while for the ink to clear, but that's when I saw a small clownfish in front of me. Oh, this is just great! I inked and now I'm pretty sure he's gonna make fun of me for inking. What I didn't expect is that the clownfish then recoiled a little and apologized to me, "Oop, sorry, sorry. Well, um, I'm Nemo." I was actually surprised that he apologized about making me ink, because other than my parents, no one has ever apologized to me after making me ink. 'He said...sorry...for making me ink? Why would he want to do that? ... Although, I do have to admit, he does look a little cute.' Usually, someone would laugh or tease me whenever I ink, but there's something nice about him that makes me feel happy, especially his name.

'Nemo... what a really nice name,' I thought as I was watching him. I then said to him, "A big pleasure to meet Nemo, I'm not sure if you already know, but my name's Pearl." He smiled when I told him my name, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy for some reason. He then said to me, "Tad and Sheldon said you got lost in here." Upon hearing those words, I figured that he already met my friends Tad and Sheldon, meaning that he could possibly be a new student to Sandy Patch School. All of a sudden, my thoughts were pushed aside when I realized a bad thing: we were gonna be late for school!

"Oooh! We're gonna be late for school! Do you know the way out?" He nodded his head 'yes,' which means he definitely knows the way. He coaxed his tail at me, meaning that he wants me to follow him. As we moved around in the caves, he told me a little bit about himself, like who his family is and where he's from. 'An overprotective father and living in what he tries to say "anemone?" ... that does sound a little odd but I shouldn't really judge him that much on those details, especially when he tries to say anemone. He sounds really lovable just trying to say it!' I thought as we moved around. Soon enough, we were able to escape from the caves and he brought me back to my friends, Sheldon and Tad. Tad was known to be an obnoxious butterfly fish, and Sheldon was a sea horse who is known to be H2O Intolerant, which causes him to commonly sneeze at times.

Sheldon was apparently the first one to spot us both and said, "Look! There's Nemo! With Pearl!" Tad then piped in shouting, "Hooray! You found her!" 'He sure indeed did!' I thought as we now discussed how we can get to school in time, but Nemo told us that there was a giant clam blocking the way. However, I knew one way to get the giant clam out of here, so I pulled out a pearl, which I previously found in the caves, from one of my tentacles, held it with me, and said to the gang, "Hey guys, look what I found in the caves!" The boys all 'wow'-ed in amazement, but Nemo was the one that was most amused by it. I knew I owed him one because he rescued me in the caves, so I was quickly able to decide on what I should do with the pearl. "You can have it Nemo. Thanks for saving me!" He then took the pearl from me and thanked me for the gift, which for some strange reason caused me to blush. Nemo was starting to hatch a plan and said, "Hm, Dad said clams like these things... maybe if I give it to the clam, it might close, allowing us to head for school!" He was very excited to go to school, which I can't blame him for, since school is very fun. It took him a while to carry the pearl over to the clam, but he was able to get it to close its mouth. He looked very happy about getting the clam to move, which made me feel a bit happy for him.

He then looked over to another older clownfish, which I think might be his dad. "Look Dad! We can keep going!" he said, being full of energy. However, his dad looked very concerned about Nemo and said-or rather shouted, "What are you doing? You could have been hurt!" Nemo looked a bit annoyed with his father and replied, "Dad! I'm fine, let's go!" Wow, he wasn't kidding when he said he had an overprotective father. Oh well, my dad acts a little bit like that towards me, although, I don't think he's really THAT worried for me. I'm a big girl and he knows that I can be able to take care of myself.

Nemo, his dad, the boys, and I then swam towards the school and went through an arc. However, Sheldon sneezed into the walls and all of a sudden, the rocks were starting to fall, in which we hurriedly swam out of the collision. We were able to get out in time, but the rocks were now blocking Nemo and his father from going any further. Sheldon was in full surprise and said, "Woah! Those rocks almost fell on us and now we can't move them." "Guess you'll never get to school Nemo!" Tad piped in while chuckling, but I gave him a small slap, telling to knock it off. I then heard Nemo's dad's voice, "Here, let me do it Nemo." I was able to look through a small peaking hole and found that he was only pretending to move them. Nemo's dad then lied to him saying, "Aw gee- I can't move them. Oh well, I guess we'll have to go home now." 'Jeez, what a faker!' I saw how Nemo looked a little sad, which caused me to feel sad for him as well. However, I couldn't let him be left behind, and I'll make sure he lives a happy life in school, whether his dad likes it or not. I was able to quickly hatch a plan.

"Hey Nemo! Maybe you could do it!" He then looked up with a face of hope, letting myself know that my plan could work. "Do you think you can try darting into the rocks to get them out of the way?" Nemo was filled with vigor and positivity and said to me, "Well, I don't know, but it's time for me to find out!" He swam back and darted into the rocks once, which caused the rocks to bulge a bit. He did it a second time and almost got the rocks out. On his third attempt, he fully charged into the blockage, completely pushing all the rocks out of the way. I was very astounded by his surprisingly boisterous strength. 'Wow! He's very strong... and he kinda looks a bit handsome when he shows his strength.' Nemo's dad then rushed over to him, being overprotective again. "Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?" Nemo then replied, "It's fine Dad!" He then sighed in relief, knowing that he was fine, even though my friends and I were able to completely tell that he was alright. All of a sudden, Nemo swam up to and, with a smile full of happiness, said to me, "Thanks for being supportive of me Pearl! Pearl Pearl! Pearl!"

"PEARL!" Pearl snapped out of her fantasy to face a little confused Nemo. "Pearl, we just got back a minute ago. You looked like you were in a bit of a daze. Is everything okay?" he asked as he was truly concerned about his friend. The students and Mr. Ray just arrived back at the reef. "Oh, I'm okay Nemo. Thanks for asking." Pearl chirped with a smile on her face. 'That's nice of him to let me know if I'm okay.' Nemo's frown was able to turn upside-down, and shouted to his friends, "Well guys, I'll see you all tomorrow!" "Bye everyone!" Sheldon said as he swam off towards his parents. "I'll see you guys next time!" Tad exclaimed while he swam towards his mom. "Catch up with ya later dudes!" Squirt chirped as he went off to find his cool dad. "I think I see my dad from here," Pearl said. "I think I see mine too, with Dory," Nemo replied, "I'll see you tomorrow Pearl!" She was so giddy with the clownfish when she accidentally blew her cover a second time. "See you later Cuti-" Pearl exclaimed as she rapidly covered her mouth while blushing madly, praying that Nemo didn't fully hear what she said. She then noticed that he stopped swimming and turned his head around, making her panic that he might have heard her. "Did you say something Pearl?" Nemo questioned, letting her know that he didn't actually listen to her last part of her goodbye. "Oh, nothing! I just had a bit of a cough," she replied back to him. "Oh, okay then. Bye!" Nemo chirped as he swam off towards his family. Pearl gave a sigh of relief, knowing that Nemo didn't actually hear her. She then went off towards her dad, but not before thinking of one important thought. 'Oh thank gosh, I really need to be careful on expressing my feelings towards him!'

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