Hey Guys! Just a little one-shot I wrote when I watched an interview of Jennifer Tilly, for Cult of Chucky.

' Dearest Okasan,

This will probably be a shock when you come home. I can't imagine what you will be feeling, but I just want you to know that I love you very much and the fact that I even want to leave makes my heart crumble. Tell Glenda I love her... I'm not sure what to tell Dad. Tell Otosan I love him too, even if he doesn't care.

Just know that even though I am hurting to do this, I'm happier this way. I think you guys will be too. I love you.


Tiffany had been staring at this note for what felt like hours as she sat on her son's sheetless, empty bed. She had always known somehow that this was coming. She didn't know how she knew. She just knew. 'A mother's instinct' She thought to herself with a sad smile as she wiped one of many tears away.

She had been visiting Glenda who was in prison for three years due to a case of 'Involuntary Manslaughter', and had come home to Glen's room completely empty, except for the furniture and the note she held in her hand. She had to sit down on the bed to keep from collapsing on the floor from grief.

Her baby was gone. She began playing the blame game in her head. Chucky. He had always been pushing Glen, forcing him to go on hunting trips, wanting to shape him into the heir he had always craved for, never accepting him for who he was-

'NO. You are as much to blame as Chucky, and you know that. Your hands aren't clean in this.' Her mind shouted at her, and Tiffany knew that it was right. Glen was always too perfect for them... Too innocent for them to have. He was the complete opposite of their expectations, but Tiffany still loved him. She loved him whether he was a boy or girl, gay or straight... And now as her heart was breaking she loved her son more than ever.

She didn't know how she would break this to Glenda, if Glen hadn't already visited her. The twins, though extremely different, were always very close. Always having each other's backs. Hell, when they were six, Glenda had punched a little girl in the nose for talking shit about Glen and had to stay in the corner for a while, but the little redhead never cared. Glen was her top priority... And now, with him gone...

Tiffany slowly looked around, wondering if Glen had left anything. She began searching, trying to find the remaining essence of her son, to keep and cherish until-... She saw something inside a drawer in his dresser. And when she saw what it was, her heart dropped.

It was an old photograph, very old. But looking at it brought back so many memories, some wanted, and some not. Two dolls standing in front of a bloody, burnt corpse. One doll- Chucky was grinning proudly, giving a thumbs up to the camera. The other was looking down sadly, tears clear through his bright blue eyes. That doll was Glen.

She remembered years ago when she was a doll herself how she clutched this photograph with rage, furious at the fact that her husband had gone against their promise. She hadn't paid attention to Glen. How terrified and sad he had been that he had KILLED someone. She had paid attention to her own feelings- "I WANT A GIRL!" "It was a slip! Rome wasn't built in one day, you know?" "Jesus Christ, Chucky. What did you do to him?"

And that was why he was gone. She had always put herself before others. Not even giving her son/ children a choice. Blaming her husband for her mistakes. Just to get fame. Just to be high and mighty, to try and act like she wasn't a psychopath. Make it like she wasn't some trailer trash from Hackensack. But it cracked through. And Glen knew it would never change.

Tiffany was on the floor sobbing now, the photograph crumpled in her hand.

"I'm so sorry, my baby..."