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/AN :Story idea initially Harry learns to do one spell without a wand and silently, Wingardum Levioso.

an outline of the story idea:

During the ritual to restore Riddle's body, he levitates a stone and a part of a plant, Bindweed, into the cauldron and that radically changes the ritual.

Peter chants his portion of the ritual:

Bones of the father, unknowingly taken, will restore his body.

Peter then cuts off his hand and arm a point below the elbow.

The Flesh of the servant willingly given will renew his flesh

Harry's Voice interrupts Peter and the ritual:

The voice of his enemy will be heard.

Stone of Earth shall contain his person and all his branded followers.

Wind of the world will carry all parts of his soul here.

Bindweed will soul within the stone,

until the end of time.

Peter cuts off his arm and finishes to finish the ritual.

Voldemort rises from the cauldron.

Harry's scar rips open and the fragment is pulled from his scar as a great wind appeared.

The rest of Horcrux are pulled out of their containment vessels and impact the slowly hardening body of Voldemort as screams once in agony as his body turns to stone.

Seconds later Peter drops the knife as his body also starts turning to stone, as does all the rest of the Deatheaters where ever they are.

Harry uses the spell to lift the knife to his hand and cuts the ropes. Freeing himself.

Harry looks and sees three stone wands sticking out of Peter's stone robe.

He goes back to the cup and takes it back to Hogwarts.

Everyone is upset. There is a stone Moody standing in the middle cleared pitch and in the stands are dozen of stone figures all Deatheaters scattered throughout the Ministry of Magic

I wrote that note to myself a few months ago, back in May or June of 2019. On the 1st of November, I reopened the note and started outlining and fleshing out the story. I believe I have it half done after about 7 hours of writing and correcting and rewriting. It stands at 22,000+ words currently and 6 bullet points to deal with before it is done.

Here is the 1st chapter of about 50,000 words. I hope you enjoy it.

Funny I find myself writing more in hurried bursts, trying to get scenes and dialog down before I lose the train of thought. The writing is rough and I will need hours to refine it.

Then there is the story as it ended up:

Bindweed Chapter 1

The Morning

Harry awoke. Before jumping from the bed, he took the time to take a deep breath and center himself. This would be the final day he hoped. All the work and planning since All Hallows Eve will come down to this final event. After winning each task with full points, he would be 1st to enter the maze. He would be 20 minutes ahead of all the other champions.

Harry recalled all the visions he had during the Summer Holidays. Visions of Voldemort plotting a ritual to restore his body. Harry was ready to disrupt those plans if he could. Hermione and he had studied all sorts of ritual magic, since the first dream vision he had dealing with Voldemort getting a new body.

He was worried that the plan they had made would fail somehow. There were just too many factors which he to had to take place exactly right. He know at some point when things went tits up, he would be winging it. It was one of his greatest abilities, guess the right course of action and seeing the little openings and how to use them.

He had practiced doing the spells which he could do without a wand and silently. The other six he could do wandless but his accuracy wasn't as good as he wished. He had options. If he was wandless wouldn't be defenseless.

Months and years of trying to keep his summer holiday activities off of Dumbledore's radar were not always easy. He would often just avoid the discussions and agree that he would go along with Dumbledore's plans. Then once he left the Hogwarts express, just disappear by hiding in plain sight.

Harry had to apply himself after his 1st year. That was when he had realized he couldn't allow Ron to distract him from doing his best in class. The hard work paid off. The results were he took a different set of classes and insisted on dropping Divination before day one and picking up Arithmancy in its place. Even after the Headmaster tried to play his legal Magical Guardian Card, MacGonagall ended up agreeing with Harry. She just reported to the Headmaster, it had been taken care of, and Dumbledore dropped the issue into the waste bin. The loss was due to the pitfalls of a person with too many distractions and three full-time positions. He ended up doing none of the jobs 100% and most time it was closer to 25%. That was because he was always sticking his nose in other people's jobs and trying to micromanage their business and jobs.

Harry shoveled all those and many other conflicts aside, and made the effort to clear his mind. Taking three more deep breaths. And exhaling slowly. He reviewed the plans for today.

Shower; dress; meet up with Hermione; breakfast; a quiet walk; lunch; prep for the third and final event; win the damn thing and move on; take the end of term tests; escape for the summer.

Swinging his legs out of bed and gathering his shower stuff he headed off to start the day. Fifteen minutes later with his hair still damp, Harry wandered down the stairs leaving a slumbering Ron Weasley still asleep. As he went down the steps toward the Common Room he recalled all the Ron problems and how things had been somewhat resolved.

It had become an unwritten rule in the Dorm. Everyone had stopped babysitting Ron. It was after one too many famous Ron Rants about missing breakfast and most of the morning classes for the 4th day in a row, a dorm meeting was held. Neville suggested every stop babysitting Ron. No reminders about homework, no waking him up, and even not telling him to shower or change clothing. Eventually, McGonagall got involved after Ron had missed even more morning classes. She read Ron the riot act. He was put on academic probation and given detention for a month. While in detention he was required to write the essays and do school work which he had not been doing all year long.

This all ended up with Ron ended up resenting his life at school. He focused his resentment on Harry and blamed him for everything which was wrong in his life. Ron still took his resentment out on everyone but had focused several specific anger issues at Harry.

The straw that broke the camels back totally severing his friendship with Ron Weasley took place the night of October 31st. The night when Harry's name came out of the Goblet of Fire, Harry stood before Ron could even say anything. Standing on the bench while everyone was staring at him, he had made a Magical oath. "I Harold James Potter, didn't enter my name into the Goblet of Fire, I didn't ask anyone to enter my name in my stead. I swear this by my magic and upon my life. So Mot it." And A flash of light signified his oath had been accepted. "Well Folks, I am still alive, right? Had you expected me to drop dead?" Looking around at the mouths hanging open, he cast: "Expecto Patronus" and a large silvery stag coalesce from the mist which had flowed out of the tip of his wand. "Magic still works, so everyone knows I didn't enter my name. End of story." and sat back down.

That's when the fight nearly started. Ron blew up and yelled "Cheater."

Dumbledore made his way down, with several of the organizing committee following along behind him to where Harry sat.

The 1st words out of Dumbledore's mouth was "Harry my boy, you must complete. The Goblet of Fire has entered you into a binding contract, waving the slip pf paper under Harry's nose.

Harry eyed the slip carefully, "Nope! You're wrong."

Dumbledore asked with a dumbfounded look of amazement on his face. "How is that?"

Harry took a deep breath, "Well Headmaster, your instructions stated 'for one to enter the tournament, you must be an of age student', right? Guess what, I am not 'of age' and therefore not eligible to enter. The second of your instructions was 'Any student which is of age that wishes to enter were to sign your name and write their school's name on the slip of parchment'." Pointing at the slip of parchment. "That name is printed on the parchment, not a signature and there is no school name, ergo only a fool would call that an entry slip. That is three things you have which are just wrong, Headmaster."

Barty Crouch interjected, "See here child, you must compete in the tournament, it is in the rules and contracts."

Harry gave a vexed exhale, " You just called me a 'child'. A child' can NOT be entered into the contest. Then I have to ask you what rules and what contract. I have neither seen any rules nor contract. Only a total fool enters into a contract without informed consent. Has any of the people that entered their names seen any rules or contracts? Why should I take any of you at your word about what is in or is not in the rules and contract? You said" pointing at the Headmaster, "that 'it was impossible for anyone not of age to enter into the tournament', right Headmaster?" Taking a breath of air and trying to control his rising temper, "Did you lie then or are you lying now? How can I tell which?"

Harry turned around to sit down. Ludo Bagman said, "You have to compete!"

Harry laughed, "Let me see the contract and rules, then I can decide for myself. I am sure you have some unlawful betting scheme cooked up. How much did you lose at the World Quidditch Cup? How much do you still owe?"

Dumbledore said, "As your magical Guardian I can make you comply and compete?"

This sat Harry's temper off. "Now you claim and play that card. Where was my Magical Guardian on my 11th Birthday? That is the absolute deadline by law for my real Magical Guardian to explain to me of all the rights and duties I have as an Heir to Nobel and Elder House, isn't it? Well, where was my so-called self proclaimed and self-appointed Magic Guardian? It was also the absolute deadline for my will my parent's will to have been read and executed. Where are my parent's wills? Why haven't they been read and executed? After all, that is the basis of all your claims, isn't it? But the great and mighty Albus Fucking Dumbledore is the person that sealed the wills. Who knows what is in the wills? No one but you Headmaster. However all of that, you failed and if you keep insisting on playing the role of Magical Guardian, maybe I need to see you in front of the Wizengamot for gross abuse of power and position as well being criminally negligent in your claimed duties. You either did ignore the laws and customs and are a common criminal or you are not and never were my Magical Guardian. Maybe what we have an attempt at line theft. I can and will ask the Goblins for an audit of the Potter Vaults, If you took any money and I find out you're are not my Magical Guardian, Then I will demand you be placed in Azkaban Prison. Either way you are way off base, Headmaster. " spoke Harry as he turned his back to the group.

"Oh, and by the way people," Harry finished off with these words and with an affectation of talking downward to inferior people, "I understand that contracts are complex and most often misunderstood. If I, a minor completes in the tournament, I could be in breach of the contract of the rules. What then happens to you because you signed the contract which stated I must be 'of age'. If you allow me, a minor, to complete you would also be in breach of that contract. The way things stand right now, I am a minor, and if I fail to compete, I lose my magic and maybe my life. If I do compete I lose my magic and maybe my life. However, you all are a party to the contract. If I don't compete then you are also in breach of contract. Now this last item, if you allow me to compete, then you, the organizing committee, and that's all of its members are in breach and if If I don't compete you are in breach. You lose no matter what I do. Get me the contract and a copy of the rules. I will need tomorrow off to contact a Wizarding Barrister at Law. Why? Because not one of you idiots is a barrister and you have no ability to understand what is and isn't contract law. It could be that if I do compete in the tournament, then the other champions will be in breach of contract because I am a minor. What will happen to them?"

Standing up once more he motioned to Hermione and she stood they both walked out of the room. The explosion of noise erupting behind them was deafening.

Walking slowly down the steps from his dorm, Harry reached the Common Room, He spied Hermione. She hugged Harry. "You are too tense.", stated Hermione. "You need to relax and center yourself. The plan will work."

"Just remembering stuff. It makes me edgy. Old memories about the Halloween feast." Then Harry explained his biggest fear. "There are just too many things which go wrong. The plan counts on each one of our guesses are exactly right, all the time. It all hinges on the idea that Voldemort will make his move after I win this event. But we don't know how he will get to me."

Harry and Hermione ate their breakfast in companionable silence. When both were ready they left to take a walk down by Black Lake. Harry set down and mindlessly stared off into space. He attempted to order his mind, viewing and putting the restless thoughts away.

That Halloween Eve was one of the worst ever for him. The following weeks were a mix of some students calling him a coward and others still calling him a cheater.

Over the following weeks the Wizard Barrister, Theodore Edwards Tonks made a small fortune in legal fees. The Wizarding Barrister started by filing a suit before the Wizengamot on Harry's behalf. When the Barrister Tonks explained exactly what the people that wrote the contact had done, the Wizengamot was fit to be tied. The Committee had tied every member which voted in favor of restarting the Tournament as being part of the committee as a whole. If the Tri-Wizard Tournament needed extra funding, those members of the Wizengamot would have to pay out of their own pockets. Not only that but because of the age clause, the Wizengamot was forced to declare Harold Jame Potters was an 'of age' wizard. If they didn't they all were in danger of losing their magic. The Wizengamot then turned around the stripped of Albus Dumbledore his Chief Wizards post and his appointment to the ICW.

Harry needed to force all those issues out of his mind. The past was over and today was what he needed to concentrate upon.

Hermione sat beside him as they both watched a piece of parchment. It had all the same appearances of the Marauder's Map but was specialized to show the only maze and creatures within it.

Harry said "There goes Barty Crouch into the maze carrying the winner's cup to the center of the maze. I thought someone said that Mad-Eye was supposed to do that?"

"Maybe he is busy or the Headmaster changed his mind." posited Hermione. "Hagrid is there with his Blast Ended Skrewts. Wow, 15 of those things are being turned loose."

There are already two Bogarts, and Sphinx in the maze." Remarked Harry. "Is that a Lethifold? These people are insane."

Hermione nodded in agreement as four Acromantulas were seen being placed inside the maze. "Insane indeed. Take no chances today Harry stick to the plan."

Harry nodded in agreement watching the maze shift.

Lunchtime the day of the third event.

Soon it was time for the noon meal. Harry and Hermione made their way to the Great Hall. They were met by Professor McGonagall, and she said to Harry, "Your family is here to share lunch with you."

Harry asked "My Family?"

McGonagall says "Yes, the Weasleys are awaiting you for lunch. All arranged by Professor Dumbledore."

Harry said with an even, almost detached voice, "My Family might be considered Ted Tonks, his wife, and Nymie, they are cousins. Other than Malfoy and his Mother, and Crazy Cousin Bellatrix or Sirius I have no relatives. The Twins are my friends and teammates, not family. Ron isn't my friend, and if you recall Molly sent me 6 howlers when Ted Tonks forced the Wizengamot to nullify the unlawful marriage contract with her daughter, which 'Professor Dumbledore' also arranged. No, the Weasleys are not my family, now or ever." Harry turned and walked with Hermione into the Great Hall.

As the two sat down Harry said, "Family? Hermione one day I expect it will be you and your parents who have that title."

Hermione sat there blushing.

After Lunch.

Harry had an hour after lunch before he was required to report to the contestants' tent.

When Harry got there, he was separated from Hermione, and her last words to him were "Remember the plan. All of the plans. Stay Safe!" followed by a kiss which left a lot to be promised.

The Maze

Harry stood patiently waiting as final instructions were given. It seemed those instructions were more for the crowd than the Champions. Harry could not pull out his map and look at it. Harry was counting minutes as recalled the reiterations of the maze's configuration. If the cannon sounded on the minute, he had a straight run into the maze. It was might make 1/3 of the way into the maze before the maze shifted.

Harry raced into the maze as the cannon sounded. Following the plan which they had developed slowly over time since his name came out of the accursed Goblet of Fire. Harry stopped when he reached a solid wall of green. Turning to his left he ran 125 feet stopped and turned towards the center of the maze. Referring to his map, He waited for the maze to shift.

Standing there waiting Harry recalled the many months of fighting with the Ministry of Magic, Wizengamot, and Dumbledore. All of those appeared at one time or another to want to kill him or steal from him. The realization that not all was as it seemed took place after his 1st year. After getting help from the twins, he was taken to St Mungos for the injuries he had from his so-called Uncle.

While in the Hospital and showing the bars which were on his window to Dumbledore, Dumbledore backed off his demands that Harry must return that summer to the Dursley. He got a room at the Leaky Cauldron for the summer.

Called back tot he present, Harry felt the magic build just before the maze shifted. He ran forward again. He ran until he was stopped by another solid wall of the hedge. There he turned right and ran 45 feet and stopped and turned facing the center and waited until the maze shifted again. The maze shifted a second time, and Harry ran forward again. He stopped before he reached the wall which would have stopped him from moving forward. This time he turned left and ran a few yards and stopped to face towards the center of the maze and waited.

Harry thought about his second year. How hard he had worked. He became lost when Hermione got petrified. How he struggled and worked alone. He was forced to become a better student. He worked at taking notes for Hermione. He would set and read aloud the chapters which were set for reading. His grades improved over time that year. He revised his notes aloud.

After Hermione was un-petrified, she told him she remembered every word he spoke. Harry felt all his hard work was worth the effort. The hug he was rewarded with made him realize how much he valued Hermione and how much he had missed her.

The second summer, he didn't even go to the Dursleys but went directly to Leaky Cauldron. He again paid for and got lessons from the Goblins just like the prior year. The Petra as they preferred being called, encouraged him to read and study. Over time he knew what questions to ask of them.

Harry's attention was pulled back to the present as he felt the subtle buildup of magic around him. Harry scolded himself for being allowed to be distracted. Harry prepared for the maze to shift. When the maze shifted, an opening appeared directly right in front of him. Ahead is saw he saw a straight path to the center of the maze. The trophy cup was finally within his sight. Without glancing left or right he raced forward. As soon as he reached the goal he allowed his fingers to close, grasping the cup. The center of the maze was filled with the multi-color flash of a Portkey. Harry was gone!

Harry felt the wrenching feeling as if someone had hooked him just behind his navel and pulled him across the fabric of the universe. The dizzy swirling of colors filled his eyes. The wonder of Portkey travel he thought. Harry remembered the harsh lessons he had learned after the World Cup Portkey trips.

The trip to the World Cup. What a cluster that turned out to be he recalled. The Game itself was great. It was what had happened after sunset which still made his stomach clench. The explosions. The fires. Becoming separated from Hermione and the rest of the Weasleys. The finding the three Death Eater scum raping those two girls. Without a second thought, he cast the Bombarda charm three times quickly and watched as their heads disappeared in a red mist. It was so easy. A slash and a three-syllable word. Then the memory of picking up the youngest girl and carrying her out of harm's way to the edge of the woods. Hearing more screams from the camp, Harry made 4 more trips rescuing people.

Then being called in front of the Wizengamot. They demanded an explanation of why he had killed, rather than stun. During that trial, he had been prosecuted by Dumbledore. During the entire trial, Albus had, what Harry called, Dumbledore's disappointed Grandfather's face on the whole time,

Harry had replied when asked about his actions said, "I protected the innocent."

Dumbledore asked, "What about those you killed, they were not given a chance to repent."

Harry simply asked, "How many times and how many chances have they had and still didn't repent. They made their choice. I made mine. I stand by my choices and my actions. Turning to look at the Wizengamot Chamber and gallery full of people. If those had been your daughters, grandchildren or even you, Would you have wanted those criminals to be given a third or a fourth or more second chance to 'repent'? Would you have simply stunned them, if you were in my shoes?" Harry asked as he stared at a scarred Auror. "No! You would have done just as I did. I put them down, like the animals they were. That night I made five trips taking Witches and Wizards to the safety of the woods. Each of them was in danger of losing their lives. One group was being tortured with a curse being yelled, 'Crucio'! What should I have done just ask them to 'stop, please'?"

The vote was taken and Harry was cleared. He was allowed to leave and no charges were pressed. He learned later during the debate which had followed that many wanted him rewarded with an Order of Merlin. The person who stopped that was Dumbledore.

Harry finally put the distractions out of mind and concentrated. The Spinning slowed and he started kicking his feet. Full focus on what is happening now, he reminded himself.

Harry was successful as he landed on his feet without the minute of disorientation or falling over he had felt the last two times he used this method of travel. Dropping the cup to the ground, he crouched down and took in his surroundings. A graveyard. The one that had filled his mind during his recent visions. He rolled to the right slightly as a red beam of a curse flew over where he had been crouching. Before he could arise the rapid footfalls of a single person running towards him were heard. He played as if he had been really stunned.

Freezing still, Harry waited. Then when the person stood over him casting a shadow on his face, Harry cast a silent Stunner thinking, "Stupify" at near point-blank range, dropping his unknown foe to the ground.

Standing up, Harry looked down at Peter Pettigrew. "Stupify" was cast again for good measure. He quickly looked around then began searching the unconscious man, he secured another wand, several pouches, and bottles of potion ingredients. Stunning the man a 3rd time, he felt safe searching the nearby area. He found a large cauldron and fire burning and a book of rituals sitting next to it on a wooden table. He quickly realized what was going on.

Harry continued to look around in a general search pattern around until he heard someone screaming out "Wormtail" in a nearby mausoleum. Peeking through the doorway, there he found Voldemort, well actually Babymort. He appeared to be small, like a baby in size. But the thing also had the appearance of an old man, twisted with age. The body Voldemort was currently occupying was horrible in appearance, a twisted unnatural thing. The abomination was weak and had been screaming for Pettigrew to feed him. Harry stunned Voldemort picking up the bundle and carried it to the cauldron.

The prankster blood ran through his veins and said "No, No, No. That ritual just won't do." After he had read through the prepared ritual.

Harry decided to rewrite the ritual. All that extra reading he had done since he got access to information during his second summer holiday would be put to good use.

Three important things he had learned three things about Magic. It was the Focus of the caster, the caster's intent and the power which the caster could call up. It was the intent of the caster in all rituals like this which was far more important than anything else. Harry just didn't take the time to worry about the unintended consequences which might take place as he altered the intent of the ritual. He started by modifying the wording and content of the ritual.

Harry found a piece of parchment, a quill and ink in the bag of supplies which were near the cauldron. Thinking back to the classes and extra reading he had done, Harry planned.

Harry reread the words on the original parchment starting with: Bones of the Father, unknowingly taken, will restore his body, and the rest of the ritual.

He starting writing the new ritual he would use in the original ritual's place:

Spirit of Magic, hear my voice.

The voice of Tomas Marvolo Riddle's enemy.

The voices which call out for justice in the names of all his many victims.

Stone of the Earth. Solid and unmoving,

You will give his body material form.

You will contain his person and all his branded followers.

Winds of the world. Swift, free, and unbound

You will carry all parts of his fractured soul here.

From wherever they may be hidden or locked away.

Looking around he noticed the last symbolism he needed. Harry thanked Neville silently in his thoughts for his fascination with plants and plant trivia. Walking over to one of the graves he picked up a few spindly, long green vine growths with white 5 petaled flowers. He noted some of the blooms had already started going to seed.

Bindweed, grown out of the Earth, The keeper of life

You will join the souls within the unchanging stone,

and bind it inside the stone, unliving and unmoving until the end of time.

The first three lines spoke of his authority to call upon Magic.

Then he followed with the actual command lines of the ritual, giving his intent to magic.

Three lines and three commands. Three by three. Hermione lectures about Arithmancy are paying off.

Intent: Check; Authority: Check; Symbols: Check; Permanence; Check. All set.

Harry started casting his rewritten ritual.

Slowly placing the potion ingredients, in the cauldron in the proper order as originally written. then waiting for the proper interval to pass between each ingredient. As the time came Harry picked that perverted twisted travesty of nature, Babymort and dumped him without ceremony into the cauldron.

Fixing his intent and goal firmly in his mind.

"Spirit of Magic hear my voice.

The voice of Tomas Marvolo Riddle's named enemy.

The voices which call out for justice in the names of all victims."

"Picking up a dark red stone with green and green spots which looked hard and solid, he held it over the cauldron reciting:

Stone of the Earth. Dead. Solid and unmoving,

You will give his body material and form.

You will contain his soul and all his branded followers.

After dropping the stone into the cauldron,

Harry threw his hands open wide:

Wind of the world. Swift, free and unbound

You will carry all parts of his shattered soul here,

From wherever they may be hidden, locked away or residing.

Carefully and gently he had a rolled up ball of dozens of vines of bindweed with Flowers and seed pods intact. He held the ball up while he was a few feet away from the Cauldron.

Bindweed, of the earth, keeper of life

You will join the souls with the unchanging stone,

and bind it inside the stone, unliving and unmoving until the end of time.

As soon as he tossed the ball of Bindweed into the Cauldron, a large column of white light and red sparks burst from the cauldron. The wind appeared swirling around the cauldron from sides, like a small tornado. Whipping and blowing debris around the cauldron. Then it changed into a large whirlwind. Harry watched as a tendril of green light came out of the cauldron and struck his forehead. Just before Harry passed out from the pain, he did witnesses the beam of green light, seizing a blackness and ripping it out of his scar. As the pain overcame him and he slid into the darkness of unconsciousness, he had a stay thought, my scar contained a piece of Riddle's soul. What joy!

Harry wouldn't be awake to see the seized a piece of Riddle soul drawn into the cauldron. Over the next several minutes, objects would swiftly arrive and the magic of the ritual would extract and seize the pieces of Riddle's soul drawing them into the cauldron. After the bit contained in Harry's scar, next was large snake, The green light simply removed the Snake's head and two feet of its large body, next flying through the air was a ring; then a locket; followed by an ornate cup; A silver locket; a tiara; then a shadowy form of a young teenage boy trying to struggle to escape. If Harry had been awake he would have recognized the form as young Riddle, which had been sent to his afterlife, when Harry killed the diary, was finally seized by the green light, and drawn into the cauldron.

The ritual was completed.

The graveyard suddenly grew silent as the wind stopped completely.

The angry hissing a white column streamed up into the air. As fast as it appeared, the beam of light shrank into a smaller beam as it suddenly grew brighter, only to slowly turning into an oblong oval-shaped blob of light sitting inside the cauldron. With a loud crack, the cauldron shattered and split apart and some parts of the cauldron slowly turned to dust as a figure emerged from the quickly dimming light. The figure was huddled into a fetal position. Slowly it stood up and as it stood a glow encompassed it, slowly moving from the feet upwards. The figure was tall and slender. It stood, But before it could move more than to open its mouth, forming a what would become silent scream of torment and pain, the body froze in place, unmoving and still.

A little more than an hour later, Harry slowly awoke. On top of being groggy, he was stiff and sore from laying on the ground for so long. It seemed to take far too slowly become aware of his surroundings. The blood from his forehead had run down the side of his face and dried into a thick cake. As he moved a little more blood wept from what had been his scar running down into his eye.

Harry took his time and looked at what was left behind in the aftermath of the ritual. The cauldron lay split and broken. The stresses of which the magic had placed upon had been too much Harry guessed. The lifelike statue of Voldemort with a look which was of pain mixed with rage was forever carved upon his tortured face. Voldemort's unblinking eyes were filled with unmistakable look anguish and pain. The body was still deformed and face had some of the features of a snake.

Harry stood, and carefully went looking for Pettigrew. When he found him he was lying still where he had fallen after he was stunned. Harry's eyes widened as he realized Pettigrew was stone-cold because he was turned to stone.

Harry developed a worried look sooner or later the Ministry or Dumbledore would come looking for him. One can not do this much magic and not go undetected. The light show should have attracted the Muggle police or military by now.

Harry grabbed the parchment with his changed ritual on it and hid it inside his shoe. He left the litter of the potion bags and bottles laying on the ground around the overturned table. He noticed the items laying around where the cauldron had stood. He gathered up the ring, a cup and tiara, and necklace and put them a different bag. He went through the bag with the original ritual parchment, book, and inks and left it all near the small table which had overturned in the aftermath of the ritual.

He fired a few more "Stupify" curses for good measure to make it sure it looked like a fight had taken place. He recalled the original ritual, Harry found Tomas Riddle's grave and pulled lots of dirt up, churning the ground, making it appear the grave had been 0violated. He found the ritual knife and carefully cut his arm allowing it to bleed. After smearing blood down his arm and allowing it to soak his shirt. He carefully wrapped it tightly with a strip of cloth torn from his shirt. He even used one of the wands he found on Peter to conjure a set of ropes and wrapped them around a tombstone to have appeared to have been tied up.

Having the scene all set and his lines all laid out in his mind. Harry found a broken tombstone and sat down to wait.

He ended up waiting for several hours to pass before help would arrive. Smiling at the imaged look he would get to see on Dumbledore's face when he sees Voldemort, bound into stone.

Back to the beginning

The center of the maze was filled with a flash of an out-bound Portkey. Everyone turned to watch the platform where the Winner would appear.

Seconds turned to minutes as a worried look slowly appeared on Dumbledore's face. The magical maze had started to disappear as soon as Harry touched the Cup. The Headmaster watched as various trainers moved to secure their assigned beasts. The of the three contestants two remained outside the maze were Krum and Diggory. Fleur had only made it about 40 feet into the maze when Harry touched the Cup. Confusion and then the chaos started as Dumbledore was peppered with questions by Fudge and other Ministry Officials.

McGonagall came up and reported plainly "Mister Potter was not to be found, and the Cup was missing."

Seconds later as the degree of confusion increased she was followed by Professor Flitwick and his report to Dumbledore. Flitwick had been tasked with examining the center of the maze and trying to detect what had happened.

The little Professor stated "The Cup's Portkey had been activated and appears to have taken Mister Potter off the school's grounds. The Portkey's target had been changed from the winner's platform to someplace else. The Aurors are trying to do a trace on its signature as well as the person which modified the Cup."

Dumbledore spied his friend, Alastor Moody standing on the far side of what had been the maze, stunning two of the Acromantulas which were supposed to part of the challenges in the maze.

Frowning, Dumbledore yelled "Silence!"

With a calmer voice, Dumbledore instructed, "Get the other competitors into the medical tent. Then order all the students to return to their common rooms until we sort out this little hitch. Don't let anyone leave the grounds. "

Nearly 18 minutes had passed since the Portkey had taken Harry away, several screams of pain or shock were heard. Those were followed by sounds and shouts of panic and uncertainty. Albus looked and saw the closest person screaming was Narcissa Malfoy.

Dumbledore's long legs made the distance shrink. He made his way to her and saw the reason for her screams. Her husband had turned to stone. Just sitting his seat looking down at his other hand which was clutching his arm.

As the Headmaster scanned the crowd he noted several new stone statues had appeared where before they stood or set as a living person. The oddest one was an Auror, Part of Fudge's protection detail. Yakley had also been turned to stone. Scanning the crowd he found Severus, he had also been turned to stone. All the known and many suspected but marked Death Eaters had magically been turned to stone, he summarized to himself.

In fear, he turned to Madam Bones, "Send an Auror to check on Azkaban. Most of the people here which have been turned to stone were known, accused or suspected Death Eaters."

Albus quickly cast several different diagnosis and detection scans on the statue of Lucius Malfoy. With a touch of panic in his voice, "These were not like the prior petrifications in our second year. These are not people turned to stone, these are stone, and appear to have the souls of the person locked inside. Alas, I know of no reversal process."

Fudge screamed, "Find who did this? We will push him through the Veil of Death! Look at how many purebloods lives he ended. It was Potter, wasn't it? Find him Dumbledore."

Dumbledore cast "Point Me Harry Potter" and held his wand in the palm of his hand. The wand slowly spun around in a circle. "He is located someplace which has been magically hidden." He declared.

An Auror flew up the path from Hogsmead on a broom. Upon spotting Madam Bones, he veered to her direction. Stopping next to Madam Bones, he leaps off his broom and stood at attention. After she acknowledged Him with a nod, he reported, "A large outburst of Magic in a Muggle area in the Yorkshire area. We are having trouble locating the exact place but three teams are working on it. One of the magical signatures in play seems to be Harry Potter's, but nothing is showing up in the magical under age detection network. No Magical Trace violations."

Madam Bones turned to Dumbledore, "Albus do you why Potter would have been taken to someplace magically hidden in Yorkshire? I have three squads searching in the area, now "

Albus frowned. "I expect this was an attempt to return Voldemort to a new body. I believe this was all part of Voldemort's original plan with a final result of Harry Potter's abduction. I suspect the goal was to force him into some dark ritual to restore Voldemort's body. If I recall Voldemort's Mother and Father were both from Little Hangleton in Yorkshire."

Fudge's face turned an ugly color of puce, and shouted, "He is dead! The Dark Lord is DEAD! Dead people do not come back to life."

Dumbledore frowned, "Speak to the Unspeakables, Cornelius. I know of four or five ways. The Ancient Egyptians and Chinese both had different ways."

Continuing in his teacher mode, Albus recited, "Atlantis was said to be destroyed because of their method of attempting immortality was so abhorrent to Magic, that Magic refused to allow it. The few which escaped the island became the Dementors. Many people have used different methods to gain a sort of immorality including the Vampires which are humans that have died once and returned to a life of a sort. So you see Cornelius just because you don't know how it is done, doesn't mean it is impossible."

Fudge stared at Dumbledore, "Its possible for him to come back?"

Dumbledore asked a simple question, "Did anyone ever see his body? Evidence of death, isn't it? A lack of Prima Facie evidence. That's a clue, Minister. There are many ways to trap a soul on this side. Ask any ghost in the castle.

Necromancy is the name of one of the darkest of arts. It does exist and isn't talked about in polite circles. All the books we have on these subjects are in the Headmaster's private library. All-access is restricted to an 'on a need to know basis'. I understand Gringotts' curse breakers know about them and how to deal with them. We, the Unspeakables and Headmasters are charged with keeping the books so we know how to go about fighting these dark arts. I know for sure Voldemort made at least one anchor and it was destroyed two years ago, by Harry Potter."

"Why is Potter always in the thick of everything. Last year it was the nonsense about Sirius Black and the lie he was innocent and now he has cheated his way into this tournament." Fudge blurted out.

"Well, Minister," Dumbledore explained. "Harry Potter was the person Voldemort went to kill that night in October. Not his parents" Albus smiled as Fudge shuddered at the name. "Harry fought his shade during his 1st year here and then again his second year he destroyed one of Voldemort's soul anchors. Last year he cast a Patronus strong enough to drive off all the Dementors you had stationed around the school grounds. This year he won every segment of this tournament, competing against students 3 years older than him.

Between you and I, Minister, there is a good reason Harry Potter is in the thick of things. I believe now that he is being used as Magic's Own Champion. I do personally know he didn't enter himself nor did he asked someone else to enter his name into the Goblet of Fire, because of his oath on his magic. His entry slip was a parchment torn off one of his old school assignments. No school name was listed as required by the rules. Now I have been thinking on the matter, the reason him doing magic doesn't show in Under Age Officer of Magic, is because Barty and Ludo forced him into this tournament. They declared him 'an of Age Wizard' when they wouldn't let him withdraw his name because he was an underage wizard. The Wizengamot even passed a ruling declaring Potter was 'an of age wizard' because of the contract. The goblet might have stripped us all of our magic otherwise. We have Miss Granger to thank for that. Harry insisted on getting a copy of the contracts and rules. She discovered the problem and a simple solution for it. We can strip him of that declaration after the Tournament is over if it becomes a problem."

Fudge looked pensive for a moment. Before he could speak, Dumbledore pointed out "Did you know Sirius Black never had a trial or hearing. He was sent to the prison on Barty Crouch's authority alone. I don't believe Bagnold signed off on it. Twelve possibly innocent people went to Azkaban without hearings or trials. Simply on the orders of one person. Would you think it right if Madam Bones decided on her whim to send you to prison, What about Delores or Weasley or Marchbanks, Even two years ago you sent Hagrid to prison on just your say-so, just to be seen doing something. You kept him there even after the attacks continued."

"Now, it is up to you to set the course of the next few moves. This could be your highest or lowest moment in history for you. How are you to be remembered in the years to come. A weak man or a strong man. Either way, the next few minutes may be the most important decisions of your career. There is a reason only Death Eaters and accused Death Eaters have been turned to stone, Cornelius. Lucius is no more. Make a clean break while it is possible." Warned Dumbledore.

Madam Bones said," I have an idea. Have Dumbledore make a Portkey to Little Hangleton, and we can do a sweeping search of the area and see what we can find."

She nodded in the affirmative and called aloud, "All Aurors to me. She designated 5 to stay and provide security. The rest are coming with us."

Albus Dumbledore summoned a large length of rope and charged it with the Portkey Charm, "Portus" and watched as the rope glowed a soft blue color.

When Madam Bones signaled all were ready, Albus commanded "Activate!" and 20 Aurors and the Minister of Magic, Head of the DMLE and Albus Dumbledore all spun away in a display rainbow of colored lights.

Harry looked up after hearing the fourth set of whirling sounds. He understood that was the sound of an incoming Portkey This one was the loudest so maybe it was the closest or a larger group of people. It had been nearly two hours after the first Port Key sound by his reckoning. Harry responded again by shooting up red sparks. The signal of a Wizard in distress. He was afraid of leaving the graveyard, and the evidence contained inside. He knew he would need the stone bodies of Pettigrew and Voldemort to explain what happened. And to free his godfather, Sirius Black. He didn't know what sort of wards or charms were present around the graveyard, but there had to be some fairly heavy ones because no notice had shown up for underage magic.

Harry sat exhausted and sent yet another streak of red sparks, and finally, he heard a voice in the distance calling "Harry!"

Harry walked slowly towards the voice. Every few feet sending up red sparks. When he reached the edge of the graveyard he stopped and called out and shot up red sparks.

Finally, after many minutes of this magical cat and mouse, he saw figures in the thick evening mist, slowly appear. He called for help and a few people heard him and they blindly entered into the warded space.

Harry Potter felt a rush of relief. Harry thought to himself 'safe at last, my rescuers have finally arrived.'

Professor Dumbledore reached and grabbed him then gave him a careful once over. "Harry, my boy, what happened?"

Harry started off blurting out, "It was Voldemort and Pettigrew. They kidnapped me and did this ritual to give him back a body. I ruined the ritual by kicking dirt and rocks and stuff into the cauldron. It really seems to be a blur. Let me show you. That will be easier."

Harry lead the rescue party deeper into the graveyard. He pointed the grotesque and gruesome statue of Voldemort and the shattered remains of the Cauldron. "After the ritual was complete the Cauldron shattered and the pieces went flying. I think that thing came out of the Cauldron and froze. It hasn't moved since then."

"Peter is over here and looks just the other statue." Harry lead them about 15 feet away and pointed to Pettigrew stone body huddled behind a tombstone. There is the body of a large dead snake too, but his head is missing,"

Dumbledore asked, "Harry, where is the Tri-Wizard Cup?"

Harry pointed to a spot, "Over there. I dropped it when I landed and was afraid to pick it up again."

Dumbledore nodded wisely. "Once burned, twice warned. A very good saying to remember. Sometimes the safest recourse to sit down and wait. You did that well young Harry."

Fudge looked around and called Dumbledore over to a table which had been overturned and pointed to a book. "Look, a ritual... 'Bone of father; Flesh of the servant; and blood of the enemy'. It is all here. Just like you said," as the Minister stared at Harry's bloody arm.

Madam Bones called to one of her Aurors over, "Get the boy medical care, Tonks. Albus, can you figure out who changed that Portkey's destination. Voldemort and Pettigrew had to have someone in the school which helped set this up. We need to find that person."

Albus summoned a small piece of rope and charmed it, "Portus!" and looked at Tonks and Harry. "If you would take care of Harry for me, Nymphadora?"

The Auror in question frowned and said "It is Tonks! Just Tonks, please."

As she took the rope in her hand and grasped Harry's uninjured arm. "Activate."

As Tonks and Harry Potter disappeared, three new people garbed in gray robes entered the graveyard. Albus turned to them and said to his group of people standing around him, "Unspeakables. Watch your words or you could cost us all our memories."

The one in the lead spoke, "Minister, Madam Bones, Albus, what have you found?"

Albus took the lead and spoke, "A resurrection ritual gone bad, it seems." Watching as the other two Unspeakables wandered away. He continued speaking, "It seems the potion part of the ritual became contaminated with elements outside the required symbolic objects. The required enemy fought and kicked rocks and dirt into the Cauldron and some plant material too. See there is bindweed has been kicked up and may have influenced the ritual. The sacrifice was awake and spoke and yelled interrupting the ritual and as you know the intent is powerful and all words inside a ritual have different meanings and can change a ritual. Even a stray thought can be a disaster for the ritual caster. Being awake, aware and a very powerful wizard allowed Potter's intent to change the ritual, substantially it appears."

"Indeed! Maybe a memory of the happenings today from Potter. Just so we can document what took place." Voiced the lead Unspeakable.

One of the other Unspeakables wandered back to the group. "That's Voldemort without a doubt, and according to the readings we have made, his entire soul is intact. 100% contained inside the stone. The stone is harder than a diamond. He is trapped inside, not dead but then not alive either. Time inside the stone doesn't exist there is only now. The inside of stone is literally frozen in time."

"The prophecy!" gasped Dumbledore. "I was given a prophecy years ago. '... he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and one must end at the hand of the other for only one can live while the other survives...' Like all prophecies, they are puzzles and enigmas until they come to fruition. This result is certainly is a surprise. The Voldemort, the Dark Lord, here is merely only surviving, not living. And Harry is 'living' and doing well."

The two Unspeakables nodded in agreement, "It does appear the prophecy had been fulfilled. We will check the orb in our department and make sure, later. We suggest you allow us to clean up the mess and we will take charge of the 'statues' and move them to a secure place for study."

Albus spoke, "We also have a collection of statues at Hogwarts, I think the full set will be every marked Death Eater. I suspect there are a few in Azkaban, too which Madam Bones sent someone to check on their disposition. There could be an interesting experiment: allow a Dementor to try to kiss a statue. See if they can remove the captured soul. OR maybe try to send a statue through the Death Veil. Additionally, you will also need to check the homes and places of work of all the suspected Death Eaters. I am sure there will be several to found in Nockturn Alley as well."

Fudge instructed Madam Bones "Tell your Aurors to assist the Unspeakables. Have you examined the Cup yet? Who modified the destination?"

The last Unspeakable nodded behind his veil. "It was modified by Barty Crouch Jr it seems."

Fudge said "But he has been dead for 12 years. How can that be?"

"Simple he wasn't dead, because that modification was cast this morning. Albus, you have had a dangerous Death Eater in your school lately. Do think you had better go find him?' asked the Unspeakable.

Dumbledore's eyes went wide with a full realization that Crouch must have had been filling the role of Moody all year. Just in case he wasn't turned to stone Albus needed to return to the school. Albus made his quick excuses and quickly Apparated away. Being the Headmaster granted some privileges. The most important one was being able to Apparate out of and onto the castle and school grounds.

Albus quickly located McGonagall, and quickly closed the distance between them. "Harry's been found and is now in the Infirmary Ward here at Hogwarts. He was slightly injured and needs to be attended to by Madam Pomfrey. Any report or a full listing of the number of statues here. Madam Bones will be expecting a full list."

Minerva shook her head "22 is the count and that includes Professor Snape and someone trapped between transiting between looking like Mad-Eye and Barty Crouch Jr. It is very gruesome looking and the man appears to be in a lot of pain. I put Percy Weasley to work doing the actual count and mapping where each of the statues is. We have three Aurors which are now statues as well as Lucius Malfoy and Richard Abelson, both Board School Members. Madam Edgecomb from the Office of Magical Transportation and her Husband at both statues. Doyle and Crabbe are also statues sitting not far from Parkinson and Malfoy."

"Oh Dear!" Dumbledore exclaimed, " I wonder where the real Moody is being held? He had to be alive for the Polyjuice potion to work." as he turned and started moving quickly towards the castle.

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