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Bindweed 8

Harry stood in front of the doors to the Wizengamot Chambers. He was wearing the formal lord's robes wit the Potter Crest as the Primary family. The other crests were his secondary families, which he was also seat holder and Head of House.

He took a deep breath and centered himself. He knew Both Hermione and Luna were in a witness's isolation chamber waiting to give testimony about the attack on the Hogwart's Express. He was also going to be presenting evidence and testimony hoping to provide proof to exonerate Sirius Black.

He knocked three times upon the door. He waited until it opened slowly.

A voice asked, "Who seeks admittance to the Wizengamot?"

Harry answered with the overly formulaic response, "I, Harold James Potter, Lord of the House of Potter to offer evidence and testimony. I demand entrance as is my right."

The door opened a bit more. Harry walked in as if he owned the Room. Strapped over his shoulder was the sword of Gryffindor. He walked to stand in front of the Chief of the Wizengamot.

He nodded, "Madam Longbottom."

"Lord Potter, You have evidence to present before the Wizengamot in regards to Mister Black's case?" asked Madam Longbottom.

Harry replied, "I do, Madam."

"Present your evidence and statements, Lord Potter." Madam Longbottom replied.

Harry quickly illustrated the complete lack of a trial or tribunal record. The lack of any actual examination of Sirius Black's wand. He added in the fact that both Crouch and Dumbledore have a conflict of interest in the case but, those two signatures appeared on the Writ that had sent Sirius Black to Azkaban.

Harry next introduced copies of his parents' wills and journals detailing who their Secret Keeper was and how Dumbledore knew who was their Secret Keeper. He followed up with a demand for Exoneration and compensation for Sirius Black.

Twenty minutes later, a vote was taken. The verdict was 61 to 10 in favor of Harry's motion.

Harry let out a sigh of relief. Sirius was now a free man.

The Wizengamot took a short break before the trial of the Shifty- Seven, those sons and heirs of the Death Eaters, which attacked students on the Hogwart's Express.

Harry took his seat to wait. He knew Hermione and Luna were waiting in witness rooms to be called. Harry looked and saw Lord Greengrass sitting across from him. A simple nod was exchanged.

Harry recalled how Abner Greengrass had met briefly with Harry just before Harry was released from St. Mungos and thanked Harry for saving his daughter's life.

The 1st words out Harry's mouth were an apology for failing to stop the attack sooner.

Lord Greengrass explained, "If you had not stopped to plan, more people might have gotten hurt, or you might have gotten into a protracted battle and not been able to help my daughter in time. Your defensive attack was properly planned and well done. Your take-charge attitude stopped the chaos before widespread panic had time to start."

Harry said, "Somehow this is all the fallout from the fight between Tom Riddle and me in the cemetery. These people came looking for me and just followed the same tactics they learned from their Death Eater fathers."

Harry stopped and gathered his thoughts. He was prepared to argue a case against these seven people. These followed a path to the dark. They had sought revenge and power, rather than justice. How to do it so they had no chance of hurting anyone again. He was just happy Dumbledore wasn't here to preach second chances and forgiveness. One of these men could become the next dark lord and the rest his minions, marching under the new dark lords banner.

Slowly the rest of the Wizengamot filtered back into the chamber. Yesterday, Draco Malfoy had his trial and been found guilty. The sentence was death. He had been ordered kissed. The verdict had been carried out just before midnight, Effectively ending the Malfoy line in England.

This morning at Narcissa Malfoy's request, he had Nullified her marriage and reclaimed her dowry from the Malfoy Estate. Harry had also signed the eviction papers and had them delivered and served to the statue of Lucius Malfoy and legally reclaimed Blackstone Manor for the Black Family.

How these seven were treated today, would set the course for Magical England for years to come.

Abner Greengrass had said to Harry before he left the hospital, "No free passes. They nearly killed my child and if not for your and Miss Granger's timely interventions she surely would have died. No the full weight of the law shall be brought to bear. There were not children acting out, but grown men, fully committed and responsible for these attacks. Two of them had started to rape a girl when you intervened. These are animals and need to be put down."

Dowager Longbottom called the Wizengamot back to order. Had the seven accused criminals brought in and chain to a bench.

The Wizengamot clerk read out the charges. "18 charges of attempt premeditated murder and a charge of conspiracy to commit murder. Additionally, two of the seven had charges of attempted rape and sexual battery. Last were the charges of trespassing.

Harry wasn't surprised when several barristers stepped forward to represent these men.

They all offered up "Not Guilty" pleas.

One of the Barristers asked for dismissal of all charges because the men were within their rights as Head of House.

Harry quickly stood and entered an "Objection!"

Madam Longbottom stated, "Give us your objection, Lord Potter."

Harry stayed standing as he spoke, "Not one of these men, is Head of House. Not one of them has the rings which are Magic Recognizing them as head of the house. IF as they claim, I am responsible for the condition of their fathers, then I would have a lawful claim upon their houses. This makes them come to harm me, their lawful Head of House, a crime. Just like the crime for which the Ministry successfully prosecuted against the late Heir Malfoy. Assassination or Attempted Assassination of their Head of House or claimant to their Head of Household position, is a crime punishable by death."

Taking a deep breath, "Since the Barrister raised the question, I so move to have the charges amended to attempted Assassination because they were going to hold me responsible for the condition their fathers are in currently. In their minds, I was the claimant to the position of their Head of House." Harry nodded as he sat.

Madam Bones stood and was recognized. "I second the motion to amend the charges as stated. During the interview process, each one of them admitted their goal to kill Lord Potter for what they believed he had done to their Head of House."

One of the dark families called for discussion and the argument was that if these men were found guilty and executed they in 5 of the 5 cases the family name and line would be dead.

Arthur Weasley stood and when recognized stated, "Your argument about ending family lines doesn't matter, that exactly what the accused were seeking to do. Kill a recognized last male of an Ancient and Nobel House, thus ending the Potter Family line."

The discussion died down and The Chair of the Wizengamot stood "Any more discussion? Motion for dismissal is before you, I ask for a call for the question."

Several voices were heard by the call "Question!"

"All in favor of dismissal, stand. Madam Bones announce the count to the clerk. " Asked Madam Longbottom.

Madam Bones spoke, "I count 5 votes for dismissal."

Madam Longbottom spoke, "Clerk record those five votes for dismissal, as I concur with Madam Bones' count.

Madam Longbottom asked, "Those which wish to abstain on this vote please stand." After several minutes and no one stood, she spoke once again, "Last Call for Abstentions?"

"Lord Abbott please announce your count." Madam Longbottom asked.

Lord Abbott stood, Turning complete around and double-checking "Madam, My count is Zero."

Madam Longbottom spoke, "on the assumption the remainder votes against Dismissal, The motion to dismiss is refused."

"Madam Bones proceed with your case." Madam Longbottom ordered.
Madam Bones stood. "I call Inspector Auror Shacklebolt."

Once Shacklebolt entered the Witness Box and was sworn in, Madam Bones asked Shacklebolt, "Tell us about the events of June 5th of this year."

The Aurora started, "I was in the Aurora Bullpen as on duty as the watch commander. We had received routine notification of the on-time departure of the Hogwarts Express. About 18 minutes later we receive a Patronus Messenger that the Hogwarts was under attack. I proceeded to go to full alert, calling in reserves and sending a notification to St Mungos. I did a briefing and broke the Shift into three squads. One with brooms and a Portkey to Hogsmeade's Station and instructions to "Fly towards London following the tracks. The second group was given instructions to Portkey to a point 30 miles out of Hogsmead and Flyback north follow the tracks. Both groups were instructed to use caution and attempt to take prisoners as the standing rules of engagement are in place. I lead the South most group and I turned the Northern Squad over the Senior Aurora Blakely. The command at HQ was turned over to Auror Davis. He was to take charge of the reserves and be ready in case this attack on the Express was a diversion."

"What did you find upon arrival?" Asked Madam Bone.

Shacklebolt explained, Upon arrival, the Squad went airborne

and started scouting northward. A few minutes later we spotted smoke from the express about 2 miles from our location. It took us about 5 minutes to arrive in the vicinity of the train and after scouting and hearing no spell fire we entered the stopped train. We were met by George and Fred Weasley which had taken over defense of the train. All uninjured students had been moved forward. It was reported also Harry Potter and Hermione Granger had gone back to fight a rearguard action and had secured prisoners and was with several 7th-year students who was rendering medical aid. Cedric Diggory had been sent to St Mungos and was to bring back Medical aid. He was licensed and qualified to Apparate over that distance. As we started to secure the prisoners and investigate the second squad arrived and secured the perimeter. About 2 minutes later a Field Squad of Healers arrived from St Mungos. They immediately sent up a tent hospital and started triage."

"And then what happened?" asked Madam Bones

"I and both squads followed SOP, I posted outside guards. I instructed the members of both squads to start taking statements. I gathered the Wands of the Accused and examine them using the Priori charm. The last ten spells of each wand were recorded. All of that is my detailed report."
stated Shacklebolt.

Madam Bones held up about thirty sheets of parchment. "Is this the report of which you spoke?"

Shacklebolt looked carefully, "Yes, Director Bones 32 pages. Each page numbered and initial by me and the last page contains my signature and testament."

"Madam Chief of the Wizengamot we offer this as exhibit one and offer copies to each seated member."

"So allowed" spoke Madam Longbottom.

The Clerk quickly used a duplicating spell and distributed the parchments.

Madam Bones asked setting out 15 bags of wands. "Do you recognize these wands, Auror Shacklebolt?"

I do Director these are the wands all collected in the last carriage of the Hogwarts Express. One of the accused had Three wands, Three had two wands, and two only had one wand. Every one the wands had Unforgivable curses recorded on them. Several of the wands found in the accused hands had cutters and blasting curses which we identified as blowing open doors and injuring students. Mister Knott's wand was identified as the wand which nearly killed Astoria Greengrass." testified Aurora Shacklebolt.

During questioning of the accused did they give any reason or rationale for their actions?" Asked the DMLE Director.

Auror Shacklebolt stated, "They were sure Lord Potter had something to do with their fathers' condition and was going to torture his friends until they got the information on how to reverse the effects of whatever it was that he did?

She stood looking at her notes. "That covers just about everything. Madam Chief Witch, I will reserve the right to recall this witness at a later time."

Madam Longbottom spoke to the defense team. "Justice will be swift and thorough. Your witness."

"Madam Chief Witch, Members. I thank you for a chance to question the witness." Turning to the witness, "Mister Shacklebolt, What's your blood status?"

Shacklebolt corrected the Barrister, "The name is Auror Chief Inspector Shacklebolt, Barrister Brown."

Before Harry could stand, Madam Bones stood and objected, "Blood status has no bearing on the testimony of the witness. What Aurora Shacklebolt testifies to can not change because of his blood status. He followed SOP and all standing orders."

Madam Longbottom asked, "Can you justify that question?"

The barrister said with a straight face, "He should not hold his position as an Auror without proper blood status, Madam. And because of that his testimony should be discarded and ignored."

"Then I will have to allow the question." Madam Longbottom frowned, knowing where this was going. "Answer the question."

Shacklebolt said My Father's Father 22 generations ago was a Chief Wizard in Sudan for the Pharaoh Ementhoth. The rest only go back 15 generations. I guess you would say I am Pure Blood Magical because the goblins certified me for this position."

"No other questions." stated the barrister as he looked at Harry Potter with a smirk.

Madam Bones knew she just lost the case but decided to go through the motion anyway. "Next witness is Lord Harold Potter!"

Harry stood and as he walked by Madam Bones he passed a sheet of parchment, He was seated before she had a chance to look at it.
She looked at her notes and then the parchment Harry had passed.
"got ya," she thought as she smirked at the defense Barristers.
"Good afternoon Lord Potter. I need to ask you this and move forward with your testimony since the good gentlemen brought this up. What is your blood status?

Without a change of expression to his face, he stated, My father's family magicals date back to Celts and Beakers. My mother's family was believed to be muggles. But she was adopted. There is a record of her real family being magical for over 60 generations. Rowebree and Blofeld where her parents' names, both killed by the Knights of Walpurgis. The muggle authorities got the scene 1st and took the uninjured child to Social Services, after 6 months they placed the child up for adoption." The Certificate of Blood Purity you have in your hands was filed the morning in the Ministry Office of Inheritances. I will be claiming the Rowebree, Blofeld, and Oal Family seats and appointing proxies for them." Grinning at the defense barrister. Checkmate Harry thought.

Madam Bones questioned him about what happened on the train ride and the banter which took place between Knott and himself. He described in detail the wound Astoria Greengrass and how Harry had tried both magic and muggle methods. Finally, he stated The Healers at St Mungos suspect it was Wild Magic fueled by my emotions and need. That healing nearly exhausted my magic core and overworked magical pathways, endangering my life. I not sure I could ever do it again. I wish that I shouldn't be required to do such a thing. I believe Miss Greengrass left St Mungos three days before I was released."

"No more questions," spoke Madam Bones. "Your Witness Barrister Brown."

Barrister Brown was at a loss. Their whole defense was going to having Potter and Granger's blood status called into question. That door was closed.

He looked over his notes and found one question. "Mister Potter,"
"That's Lord Potter to you, sir. Actually, since I outrank you, Barrister Brown, the proper address from you to me in formal sitting like this, is My Lord Potter, Now correct yourself and start again.

With a frown of being put down by this whippersnapper, Barrister Brown started over, "My lord Potter, Mister Knott is willing to swear he was talking to Draco Malfoy and not you. Because you have never been taught human transfiguration, just how did you fool Mister Knott?"

Harry frowned, "I was going to try to keep it a secret. My grandmother was Black. The Black family is known for having one inherited talent which can not be taught or learned. One can learn how to control it and I have been working on the control from before I went to Hogwarts. I am a MetaMagnus. I am still working on control but can keep a form for about an hour."

Slowly Harry concentrated into reshaping himself. The Barrister's mouth stood agape as he was looking a near doppelganger of himself. "The more changes I do seem to take off the total time I can how the next change."
The look of concentration disappeared and The witnesses feature quickly reverted to the normal Harry. "There you have it."

Barrister Brown called for a recess, and it was granted. Barrister Brown requested a magical sound barrier so he could confer with the accused.
Madam Bones nodded and cast a circle of silence around the chained accused.

Fifteen minutes later, Barrister Brown approached Madam Bones, "Several of the accused ask if you are willing to make a plea bargain deal?"
Five of the two will plead guilty to the charges of assault, in exchange for dropping the charges of the attempted assassination, the two additional will plead guilty to the sexual assault charges, in addition to the general assault charges. In exchange, they will offer information to the supplier of the extra wands and be a witness on behalf of the state. The names they gave me are eye-opening."

"Madam Bones as long as these five do not include Knott, I may be agreeable to a minimum time in Azkaban prison minimum security section. How much I wish the Magical World had an alternative to Azkaban."
"The plea bargain is not for Knott." Barrister Brown stated. " Even after I explained to him the only avenue of defense collapsed when Potter played that trump card. I don't see him here so he is down in Inheritance claiming those seats and votes? How many seats?"

Madam Bones smiled. "All total 18 from both sides of his family. If he claims all those seats that are currently empty because they are now statues, over 60."

Barrister Brown, "That too much power for any one person. But I know I am responsible for some of that. I knew of Auror Shacklebolt's blood status. Please forward my apologies to him. I had to establish a precedent before questioning Potter. I lost."

Madam Bones observed, "Here comes Madam Longbottom. Let me speak to her,"

"Ami I know that look, What's up?" asked Madam Longbottom.
"Madam Bones grinned, "We have what we want. Five want a Plea Bargain down to a charge of magical battery and trespassing and the two plead guilty to sexual assault in addition to the magical battery. Minimum concurrent sentences. Minimum Security in Azkaban. In exchange, we get names and details. We know there were unmarked supporters and some are in the Ministry. We have a few now and will get most of them. This is the break we need."

"We will see, any plea bargain will have to court ratified." reminded Madam Longbottom.

A few minutes

later, Madam Longbottom called the Court back to order. "Will the Prosecution and Defense approach the Bench."

"Madam Bones, I understand the Defense has an offer?" Asked the Chief Witch.

"I have received such a proposal, and if the investigation proves their information true will be willing to enter into a plea bargain for 5 of the cases."

"Barristers for the Defense?" Asked the Chief Witch.

"Barrister Brown, I spoke with the 5 of the defendants, and with their counsel, they have elected to enter into a binding Plea Bargain Agreement." The lawyer spoke with an air of resignation.

"Then We will adjourn until 9:00 AM tomorrow. The prisoners are remanded to the custody of the DMLE until that time. The court is recessed." Announced Madam Longbottom.

Harry stood somewhat vexed. Madam Bones made her way to him she was quickly joined by Lord Abner Greengrass.

Madam Bones explained to Lords Potter and Greengrass, "No one is getting off without some time in prison. Five of the seven are entering guilty pleas. Two of them are entering guilty pleas for sexual assault. Sentences will be served concurrently and will be minimum security in Azkaban. In return, they will give full information to everyone behind this attack. This will give us an inroad into the unmarked supporters of Tom Riddle."

Harry turned to Abner Greengrass, "I don't know how I feel about this. None of them were the ones firing curses, but they enabled Knott. They all had unforgivable curses on their wands. The must answer under Vertiserum where and when they used those curses and make sure no human or other sentient magical being was killed. They are all cowards that depend on mob strength to terrorize people."

Abner said, "To which attempted the sexual assault should not get concurrent sentences. But if we get them to give information on unmarked Deatheaters and supporters of Riddle, then so be it.

At least the girls involved with the assault will not have to testify. Their names will remain private and not be part of the public record. That is a good thing."

Harry nodded in complete agreement.

Abner asked Madam Bones, "Any word on Albus' condition, Ami?"

Amelia shook her head. "McGonagal said 'he stays in bed all day and Sleeps most of the time. His magic is waning and he is wasting away. It is as if his magic is fading and that was the only thing that kept him alive. When he wakes up he asks for Harry Potter and then falls asleep quickly again."

Harry said, "He set himself up by not following the rules. I certainly hope no one ever again decides to use that cup as something to bind a person to a contract. Anyone that does suggest that needs to be removed from power."

Abner said, "You speak as if you have done more than the normal amount of study."

Harry spit out the words, "I... well a group of students that helped with research and training... We have. That Artifact is dangerous. One can write just about any contract they wish, active the Goblet of Fire, and then write a person's name and enter it. 48 hours after activation the contract automatically gets activated. The person is forced to follow the contact. "
Abner asked, "How might that work?"

After Harry thought for a second, "Well let say some old wizard with a taste for young ladies got his hands on the Goblet of Fire. He could write a marriage contract. Activate Goblet of Fire by the contract and then entering any young lady's names 48 hours later that contact will be active, and it could cost your life and the life of your daughter if not followed through."

"Even worse, "Harry explained, "He would write a contract for you to sell him your business, Perform a deed or just about anything else lawful or unlawful, and need not even tell you about the contact. And the results would be the same."

Madam Bones shook her head. "We could have used Goblet of Fire in the last war and written a contract which would have had required Voldemort to surrender and all his Death Eaters? The Goblet of Fire could have enforced it as well?"

"Or," Harry said, "an agent of Riddle, could have contracted that he be named King. That's why I am looking for a way to destroy the Goblet of Fire. And the sooner it is destroyed the safer I will feel."

Amelia asked, "So do you think the cup is still in play?"

Harry said "Yes, because in his head Dumbledore is still seeking a way to win and revoke my adult status. As long as he won't give up the Goblet of Fire will punish him and all the others that tried to do the same thing. He must either stop his actions in thought, word, and deed or we must destroy the Goblet of Fire or he will continue to suffer the punishment."
Abner Greengrass said, "I will speak with the people in the Department of Mysteries. They may want to undertake that project."

Madam Bones nodded, " I will talk to Croaker myself and ask the object to be destroyed."

The Members of the Wizengamot slowly filtered out chambers, Harry remained behind hoping that the press would have glutted themselves own different member's statements and had their appetites sated for the time being.

As he made his way towards the atrium, before he got to the lifts he was joined by Luna and Hermione. They rode in silence and when the doors opened quickly made their way to the fireplace to Flu home. Allowing the young ladies to go 1st gave him a chance to take a deep breath and step forward calling out the Rookery as his destination.

Sirius was waiting for them and the 5 gathered around the table.
Sirius asked, "Well?"

"The Decision on your case was easy 61 to 10 for exoneration and compensations," Harry said with a grin. "Madam Bones did say to let the press blast the word around for a few weeks before you started popping up in public. Keeping you being freed in the press is going to be big news for a few days. Maybe an interview or three will keep it there."

Sirius nodded, "I hate the idea of interviews, but if that will make the transition easy for the public I might feel safer going out in public."
Hermione asked, "What about the other trial?"

Harry frowned, "Well it started with the charges being amended to an attempted assassination. The defense had an ace in the hole. The prosecution's first witness was Shacklebolt, as expected. What was unexpected is a challenge to his blood status, There is a little law that prevents anyone except purebloods from being an Aurora. Because an Aurora is required to testify as a witness and only purebloods can testify against purebloods."

With a grin Harry went on, "While Shacklebolt passed that test easily, everyone knows my mother was Muggle, right? Just like everyone knew Sirius was my parents' secret keeper, they were wrong. Two days ago I have an inheritance test done because I ran across some paperwork stating my mother had the same test done. Turns out she was adopted, Her real name was Lilith Diana RoweBee. I had it registered this morning and filed for the three seats which go with the Rowebee family."

I have to have lots of children it seems, My 1st born son will be a Potter, The second son will have to be a Black unless you have a son, Sirius. The Rowebee Oal and Blofeld lines can go to either gender. I don't want or need that many votes."

"Well, Back to the trial, that move killed the defenses only option, and had to out myself as a Meta to the court. They asked how I could fool Knott, and I give them a demonstration by morphing into Barrister Brown."
Best Prank Ever.

No, there is one better but I need to let the dust settle a lot more.
So we adjourned for the day, 5 of the 7 are offering a plea bargain agreement, Madam Bones is ironing those out. The specifics are non-concurrent sentences. The Charges of attempted assassination is dropped. Trespassing, Conspiracy, and Magical Assault and Battery stay, Two plead Guilty to sexual assault. All are Minimum Security stays in Azkaban. 30 years reduce 15 years if the information leads to prosecution and arrest of those which aided and abetted them in the attack and any information they might know about hidden and unmarked supporters of the Voldemort. That's how Karkaroff got out prison time after the 1st war. He named people, including Crouch's son as Death Eaters."

Hermione asked, "So the two girls will not have to testify?"

"It doesn't look like that." The only thing left is for Knott and Stebens to offer Vertiserum testimony. The two of you may not even be called. Madam Bones will ask for justice tomorrow. Knott and Stebens appear to be unrepentant. Probably ask for them to be kissed. No lifetime of Dementor Exposure."

Sirius declared "Being kissed is kinder than life in Azkaban. You do know that the cell doors are not locked from the outside in Azkaban. Any prisoner is free to open the door at any time. Some do. They are usually swarmed within minutes. I was free to travel the prison wing in my animal form. It was easy to escape when I was ready. "

Luna said "Dementors are terrible, I think. No one should be exposed to them."

Everyone nodded in agreement with Luna.

Hermione asked, "So out of the 169 seats, you actually can claim control of how many?"

Harry shook his head, "Enough may be to force a change. I want those 37 seats of the death eaters put up for election. The ministry nominally holds 13 voting seats for Department Heads. That would leave 156 seats held by heads of house. Most of those Ministry Department Heads also hold a family seat giving them two votes each. Now the ugly part, the Ministry appoints people to sit the other empty seats. These are political appointments. Often brought by contributions to the current Minister of Magic. These are one-year terms appointed by the Minister alone. After my and Hermione's paperwork is filed and processed. The ministry is left with 31 votes. That leaves 73 votes held by inherited rights. Out of the 73 I control 27 seats. Hermione has 12 seats.

Luna's dad 5, Abner Greengrass 7, Longbottom's Gran has 11 votes. Our small alliance holds 62 votes. The ministry controls 57 votes until they decide to appoint the 39 seats which belonged to the Death Eaters. That is still in legal limbo because the Goblins are no certifying deaths. The Goblins have certified the souls are Encased in the stone bodies. No right of inheritance can happen until the soul departs this realm."

Harry looked tired, I would like to give up some of the Potter votes. Those plus the 39 and those 8 held by heads of departments, and hold open elections of 4-year terms for those seats. 82 seats elected, 41 up for election every other staggered by 2 years. Map out each district by the population of Witches and Wizards without regard to blood status. Every Magical person of age gets to vote. The ministry votes are reduced to 5, and those appointments must not hold any other seats. That makes 82 inherited seats and 82 elected seats. 5 ministry seats. The Chief Wizard or Witch, not an elected or hereditary seat holder but elected by a majority of both houses and 5 ministry votes combined.

"The hereditary seats are more apt to be conservative and the elected seats more progressive. Because it allows equal status for all, it will be more egalitarian. Shouldn't our primary move should be to void all blood status laws." Hermione asked

Harry asked, "Why not both."

The next morning saw Harry Potter and Sirius Black passing early through the Atrium at the Ministry for Magic.

The two of them made their way and Harry filed the assignment of proxy to Sirius Black to vote the Black Family Seat. He also filed to proxy for Oal Seat to Andromeda Tonks.

They made their way to the Ministry Cafeteria for a bite to eat before the politics started.

By 9 AM both were seated in the Wizengamot Chambers and the session recalled to order.

Each of the five of the accused subjects to the plea bargain agreement was asked individually to the terms and they fully understood what was required. The 5 were sentenced to 2 years maximum security followed by 20 years in Minimum Security. The sentence to be reduced to 1 year and ten years after they complied with the plea bargain agreement. Also, the two which plead guilty to sexual assault would get an additional 2 years in maximum security wing plus and additional 20 years to be reduced one additional year and five in the minimum security wing of Azkaban. Each of them upon release will be placed upon parole, allowing never to commit any crimes.

Madam Longbottom asked for the sentence to be ratified. The vote was again 51-10 in favor.

Madam Longbottom asked Madam Bones if she had any more witnesses for the prosecution.

Madam Bones, "I offer Misters Knott and Stebens to right to testify under Vertiserum on their behalf."

Barrister Brown looked at the two men, Both shook their heads in the negative. "The defendants decline that right."

Madam Bones said, "The Prosecution rests."

Madam Longbottom, "The Defense, do you have any witnesses to call?"
Barrister brown again looked in askance to the two defendants. "No Witnesses.

Madam Longbottom spoke, "Then we will move to the closing statements."

Madam Bones rose from her seat and looked the two men, Frowning at what needed to be done. "Members of the Wizengamot. We are seated today to pass judgment on to unrepentant criminals. They attempted the assassination of one of our peers and the unjustifiable attacks on innocent students need to be addressed in the harshest way we can. A guilty verdict is required. A Lifetime in Azkaban is beyond cruel and unusual, I ask for the Kiss. The attempted Assassination is a suitable sentence. The unjustified act of careless firing life-threatening curses into a train compartment requires our stiffest penalty also the Kiss. The evidence plain as day. They can not and will not testify to their innocence.
Madam Bones sat down.

As the Defense stood up.
Brown spoke. He spoke in a sincere tone, "Yes these two men committed would appear to be a heinous crime. But luckily no real harm came from it by the swift actions of others. No lasting harm. We ask mercy."
And took his seat.

Madam Longbottom said "30-minute recess. Take this time to reflect. Our actions today will set the stage for years to come. Will be overly forgiving and offer an endless number of second chances or stick to the law and render true judgment and offer justice for everyone."

Nearly everyone sat quietly. A few people moved from one group to another group and discussed what options were open. Some were families that had a darker reputation, some were lighter. Lord Greengrass sat for most of the 30 minutes.

Lord Greengrass stood and moved toward Potter and Potter stood and walked and met him near halfway. Abner had led the Neutral Families for years. He offered his hand and Harry took it. Moving the majority of seats slightly to the more progressive side. Changes were going to happen. He would rather be on the egalitarian side. With a nod of understanding, they both returned their seats.

At the 30 minute mark, Madam Longbottom recalled the session to order.

"Are we ready for the Question?" she asked.

The 1st call was "Discussion?" from the Chief Witch

The silence was nearly overpowering.

The Chief Witch then called "Question" took place after several minutes of silence.

The answer was almost thunderous. "Question."

Those Opposed to a guilty sentence please stand and be counted.

Lord Black, please make the count please and give it to the clerk. "Court Scribe, I have Nine standing for a not guilty verdict."

Madam Longbottom, "Court Clerk the count of standing for a Not Guilty Verdict is 9 votes, I concur with Lord Black.

Those abstaining please stand.

"Mister Weasley, Will you count and report to the Clerk? Asked the Chief Witch.

Arthur counted " Court Scribe I see 11 that have stood for abstention.
Madam Longbottom spoke, The court assumes out of the possible vote the rest vote Guilty. The verdict is for Guilty. The accused is sentenced to be given the Dementors Kiss before the midnight hour has passed. The Aurors quickly removed the Guilty.

Any other business to come before the Wizengamot? The chief witch asked.
Harry stood, "I offer a bill."

The Chief Witch had understood Potter had a plan. The time to strike was now.

You have a copy of the bill to present.

I do

Hand to the clerk for duplication and distribution, please.

Harry made his way across the floor, handing the parchments to the Wizengamot's clerk. A few seconds later, duplicates were being sent to every member.

Harry stood, "This proposal will reshape the Wizengamot. Currently, as we sit, these 39 empty seats can't be filled. We all know that they must be filled but how? Currently, if the lines are ended by the death of the seat holder, they are inherited. If no family member steps forth, they get filled by appointment by the Minister of Magic. That places him in virtual control over the Wizengamot. That must not happen. Already he appoints 31 vacant seats, plus 13 department heads which have full voting rights. This proposal eliminates that problem. I suggest that the Wizengamot take the 31 inherited seats currently filled by appointment by the Minister of Magic, the 39 of now-vacant seats, along with 10 of the 13 Head of Department seats by assigning them to an elected proxy. Plus, I am donating 5 seats to make the total of elected seats equal to the seats that are currently inherited seats. A suggestion is made that Britain should be divided into 82 different election districts. Each district will be made up of an equal amount of magical population. Each magical district will elect one witch or wizard to set the proxy for a term of 4 years. The 1st election will be for 41 two year terms and 41 4-year terms. Any of the age witch or wizard can run for these seats. The Minister of Magic is still allowed to send 5 people to represent his administration, provided they are not already seat holders. This will split the Wizengamot with 82 elected members and 82 inherited members. The Chief Wizard will not vote in less need to break a tie exists.

The Chief Witch asked, "Any questions?"

"This bill is declared properly introduced. A vote will be held in two days, the session will start at 10 AM." Madam Longbottom declared and then inquired. "Is there any more business to come before the Wizengamot today?"

After waiting a few minutes, she declared, "The Wizengamot Session is in recess.

In seconds chaos erupted. "Potter was mobbed with voices of support and against his proposal.

Eventually had enough. "Do you wish your votes to become useless? If you do not move quickly, then the Minster will. The favoritism of the past nearly ruined this nation. If Voldemort would have succeeded in the recovery of his body, our nation would be again crouched in fear. While the lawless ruled again. Those 39 voices all carried the Dark Mark. The where Voldemort's voices. If you allow the Minister to appoint those seats, They shall be his voices. He will be the next tyrant, making his word the only word. This allows everyone a voice, the old families as well as the people themselves. It is called buying in, and it works in the Muggle world. It works in the Magical world. In The States, The Middle American and Caribbean Confederation, The Magical Arabian States, The Union of Pacific Islands all have a split house system. It works. Why have the last two Dark Lords come from England? Grindelwald wasn't German, he was born here in Godrics Hollow good grief people he was Dumbledore's best friend and lover when they were both young."

Harry said, "If you sit and wait, the choice will be taken from you. This can not be allowed to happen. The choice is ours to make. Discuss this and weigh your options. Nothing is being taken from you. Those currently sitting appointed seats

may lose them in the end. Starting today, Gringotts is offering to test any muggle-born for inheritance. In the last three days, I have claimed the seats from my mother's side. Several other Muggle-born is starting the process to reclaim their family seats. By making a move now, those 39 seats which will never be able to be claimed will be removed from the equation. Our choice, people. We need to exercise our choice, or it will be made for you by the Minister of Magic."

He stood and made his way through the crowd that stood in silence with the stark realization of Harry Potter being right again. Harry thought to himself, He had not just stirred up an honest nest. He had kicked it so hard the members were actually thinking and acting rather than being a rubber stamp.

Two days later, sharply at 10:00 AM, Madam Longbottom the Acting Chief Witch, banged her gavel. "Come now! The Wizengamot will come to order."

She started without hesitation, "We have a Bill on the floor which has been introduced. Does everyone have their copies? Good. Moving on, I open for the floor for discussion. You will rise. I will start the rightmost upper tier seat first. When I call upon you, state your name for the record. You can Comment or ask a prior commentator about his comments or question the author of the Bill. Be Polite. Be Calm."

"Those wishing to make comments, please stand." Madam Longbottom saw a dozen members had stood. He pointed to the first person.

Madam Longbottom voiced, "Mister Johnson. The member representing the Department of Transportation, You have the floor. The Five Minute Rule is in effect and can be extended if need be."

Mister Johnson stood and started, "I don't see the need for any ministry members. This politicking takes my valuable time. I can see why a member representing the DMLE is here. I glad to see the members stipend every month in addition to my wage from the Ministry. Truthfully, I believe that my time is better spent doing my job. I think this is a good idea. I yield my time." Mr. Johnson sat looking around, he saw a few surprised faces and thought at least no one is screaming yet.

Dozen of people proceeded to speak, mostly for the bill. A few questioned how the Election Campaigns would be financed. Would there be a limit or cap on spending? What sort of extra rules needed to be made. Can people outside the district contribute money? Do they have to reside inside the district and maintain a primary family residence there? Most were good questions. There were few ugly suggestions like one that wanted to amend the Bill to exclude Muggle-born Witches and Wizards. Some want to restrict the elections to males only. Some want only purebloods to run for election. Those were in the minority. Someone even suggested a maximum age limit. And few wanted to raise the minimum age limit. In all, the Group moved forward nicely. Madam Longbottom had kept track of possible amendments, as had Harry. As they wrapped up the discussion,

Harry stood up and thanked everyone for the comments. He had listened to the discussion and answered the questions the best he could. "I admit the Bill isn't perfect. I knew not everyone would like it. The discussion we had, has shown that this body can be a fully functioning lawmaking body. I condensed the best of the suggestions to an amended Bill". He said while walking down and presenting to the Clerk. "It isn't perfect, but it allows the Wizengamot to retain the power to write laws. It answers most of all your misgivings. It covers the rules for domicile, campaign finances, and spending limits. It also creates a rule for impeachment and removal by the group. As well as creating a method to recall a member by the voting public in the districts."

The Clerk duplicated and distributed the amended Bill. Most sat and read it quietly.

Lord Greengrass stood." Madam Longbottom, Can we have a 30-minute Recess in chambers?"

"The Chamber stands in recess. 30 minutes people." Madam Longbottom stated.

Harry had never seen a group so engaged in a discussion. A few had frowned, but most felt the Bill was workable. The 5 day filing period and 15 days to election meant it would not be a protracted period. Many of the goals Harry and Hermione wanted, were covered, and once the new Wizengamot was assembled. The details on the bill removed all Blood Purity laws. It was considered a back door way of fixing a problem but the language was straight forward.

Group collected and broke up well before the 30 minutes were up everyone was back in their seats.

Madam Longbottom nodded and asked, "Is everyone ready?"

With no dissenting voices, She Rapped her Gavel. "Session will come to order."

Immediately Lord Greengrass stood and was recognized. "Madam Chief Witch, I am proud to call for the Question and a Roll Call vote."
"Thank you, Lord Greengrass. "The motion is a call for the question and a roll call vote. All opposed stand? Mr. Johnson, will you count those standing an inform the Clerk of your count?

"Madam Chief Witch, I count seven opposed to the question." Mr. Johnson Replied.

The clerk will record seven stands as opposed to the question. Any Abstentions please stand. Mister Abbott your count please."

John Abbott looked and report, "Madam Chief Witch I see no one standing in Abstention."

Madam Longbottom commanded "The clerk will call and record each member vote. Can everyone keep their tallies as well."

The Clerk started with the single votes 1st. The Call starts with John Abbott he voted in favor. The voting in this style was long and protracted because even members not present need to be called declared absent. Finally, in the end, The Clerk called, "Lord Harry Potter?"

Lord Potter Stood and declared "I vote The Potter Seat for and the Rowebee seat for. The remain Seats abstain."

Continuing on Harry said, "I am happy to say I see that a majority of members support the move forward. I wish to thank everyone. The small fact this Bill would have passed without any of my votes. Today we made history. This day in years to come will be as important as the Day the King granted the magical people our Great Charter."

Madam Longbottom smiled. "Everyone we thank you all for your hard work. Any further business? Good work, We stand in recess until Monday at 10:00 AM All those that wish can sign the Official Tally. Today we made history." and she banged her gavel.

The Wizards and Witches stood and approach the table. Slowly laid their tally sheets down and stood back waiting.

Madam Longbottom said "It is traditional that the author of a bill is 1st to sign it. Mister Potter, you have the honors today. Harry walked down and with a sigh seen the long row of tally sheets to sign. Well, this is one reason so few bills get passed he thought and quickly made his way down signing each of the member's tally sheets.

At the end of the table, Madam Longbottom stood. "Press conference next Mister Potter, The clerk will collect your personal sheet for you."

Amelia Bones, Augusta Longbottom, Lord Greengrass, and a few other Members made their way out to Wizengamot doors. To a small podium and table.

Madam Longbottom stood. A microphone for Wizard Wireless service was setting on the podium. Madam Longbottom spoke. "Good afternoon, Wizards and Witches of Britain. As many of you know the Wizengamot has been struggling for days now, on how to handle the vacant seats which can not be filled by inheritance. Lord Potter was Gracious to donate a few seats. Tomorrow will mark a shortened filing schedule. The goal will be to fill those vacant seats, ten former seats held but department heads for a total of 82 seats to be held by-election. Britain will be divided up in the 82 equally populated districts. Each district will elect a member from that district. The person running in that district must have their primary domicile in that district. Tomorrow a committee will set down and draw up those districts and publish them in the Daily Prophet. The next morning will start the 5 day filing period. And then after 10 days after that will be the election. This is a special election 41 seats will be for 2-year terms and 41 seats will be for 4-year terms. An election thereafter will be every two years for 4-year terms. Any of age Wizard or Witch in good standing may file to run."

The news reporters scrambled to pick up the press handouts.

Madam Longbottom asked, "Any questions?"

Dozens of reporters stood and shouted a barrage of questions from every side, Madam Bones stepped up and emphatically said "Stop that, Right now. We will take the questions in an orderly manner and with proper decorum. I will indicate a reporter. He or she will introduce themself, then state the news outlet which works for and then ask one question. The questioner may ask for a follow-up. It may or may not be allowed. No personal questions, the only questions allowed at this interview is about the Bill which was just enacted or the process which took place."

She pointed at one of the Reporters, "You first."

The person indicated spoke, "Dane Harrigan. A reporter for The World Voice, I read this handout. It states any witch or wizard of age and in good standing. Does than mean that blood status does not matter?

Harry stepped forward, "Any Blood Status, as long as they are in good standing. Part of the definition of good standing is to have passed at least one Owl in a wand based subject. Do not read anything more into or out of the new law. The wording is plain and simple. There are no tricks or loopholes."

Next, Madam Bones points at the younger Witch. She spoke softly, I am Grace Farragut with the Weekly Witch, "How much of this law was written by Lord Potter? If he had help in crafting it who aided him?"

Harry again stepped forward, The initial concept came about while I was in St Mungos recovering. The wording was smoothed out with

the help of Two Witches, Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood. The final wording was done during this morning's session to ease some misgivings and correct some of the election and nomination protocols, campaign finances rules, and spending limitations. Many of the members of Wizengamot, aided in the final markup of the Bill that was passed into law today. In the end, it was a group effort."

Madam Bones pointed at another, And that person spoke with a pronounced French accent. "Juene Margo, Parisian Daily, "This new law allows witches equal vote and equal say in Government, Oui?"

Madam Longbottom "I take this one. Because there are a few more witches than wizards, I might expect there to be an equal or slightly greater number of elected Witches. The hereditary seats by far will still follow family charters and will be mostly Wizards. The rule currently is something like only 17% will allow a Witch to hold the seat."

She pointed at one more Wizard reporter. "Hank Longfellow, Daily Prophet, "How many seats will you end up holding when all is said and done?"

Before Madam Bones could admonish the reporter Harry indicated he would answer but this was the last question. "When Everything is said and done, I will hold nothing for I will be dead. I surrendered 5 seats to make a workable plan, so the inherited seats and elected seats were equal in number and power. The Ministry gets 5 votes. As you will find out I voted two votes today, one to honor my mother's family, and one in honor of my father. Neither vote was needed to pass this law. Hopefully with the testing being done at Gringotts distant family members may be found and the seats distributed to them to votes proxies and with the long term goal for someone from that branch of the family to become the Head of House, eventually. I hold the old saying you can't take it with you. What is important is what I leave behind. A legacy of repairing the harm to this country is what I want to leave. This is a step. One of many needed, but a good step in the right direction. Out of the mess we currently have there will not be a dictator or tyrant looming in the next few months Power will be distributed, More evenly. You'll see fewer laws Edicts and Executive Orders of the Minister of Magic. Lawmaking will again be in the hands of the Wizengamot. Thank you all for your understanding and time. It has been a trying time for all of us. Good day to all."

Harry turned and stepped back as the rest of the Wizengamot followed him out.

Anber Greengrass Turned and said "Well-spoken Harry, I am glad we made our alliance. It worked better than I thought it would. Your willingness to compromise carried the day. Everyone felt they had input and could see the fine turning you did. We have a working body of lawmakers again. This wasn't created in a week or ten days, I suspect you and your helpers have been working on this most of the last of the school year."

Harry laughed, "Yes, but it was then a project for the far future. I saw we had a small window of opportunity before Minister Fudge realized what he might try to do. I didn't do it alone, each of the people that voted in favor voted to preserve our freedoms."

This time when he left for the lifts he was met and walked alongside Hermione and Luna. Before they left the lifts, Luna passed out two sets of Sunglasses.

Hermione laughed and said, "The future is so bright, we got to wear shades."

The trio moved confidently across the atrium and several press photographers took pictures of this trio of power.

And in three flashes of green flames, they were gone.

Thank evening, Harry and company sat around and the parlor. Joining the trio was Sirius Black, Xeno Lovegood, Dora, Andi, and Ted Tonks.

Harry said, "This is about the greatest prank even and lesson why one should never make up rituals on the fly. It started as I was Portkeyed away and arrived in the cemetery. I made a good landing and didn't fall. I saw something and ducked back falling on my ass and decided if they got closer I could get a better shot. There are two spells that I can do wandlessly. They are the levitation charm and the basic stunning spell. I have to be close because I can't get the aim down to hit anything reliable more than six feet away. I lay there listening two of these clumsy footfalls and hear him getting closer and closer. I heard him stop right next to me. I waited to the count of three and fired off a wandless stunner at near point-blank range. Blew Wormtail back over ten feet. I grabbed my wand and stunned him again for good measure. Then I searched Wormtail for anything I could use. I found a sharp Ritual knife and a couple of wands."

Pausing for breath and taking a sip of Butterbeer, Harry continued, "While I was searching the area, I heard a voice calling for Wormtail. Glancing into an open crypt, I saw this hideous thing. About the size of a two-year-old baby but looked like an old man. I stunned it. Whatever it was, it housed or was possessed by Voldemort. I stunned it again for good measure. I continued to explore the area. I was expecting Voldemort to have more of his Death Eaters around. I didn't find anyone. I did find a big arsed cauldron, a book on rituals, and all the stuff needed to restore Voldemort's body. Get this, his Ritual required the blood of an enemy, my blood. I could let that plan be ignored. So, I rewrote the Ritual. He reached into his pocket, fishing out the folded paper he used that night.

"I put the abomination into the caldron and started the ritual, using those words:"

Spirit of Magic, hear our voice.
I am the voice of Tomas Marvolo Riddle's named enemy.
I speak for voices that call out for justice for all of the victims.

Stone of the Earth. Dead. Solid and unmoving,
You will give his body material and form.
You will contain his soul and all his branded followers.

Harry explained, "I had found a good size piece of Bloodstone, most red with a little green. I tossed it into the mix."

Wind of the world. Swift, free, and unbound
I ask you to carry all parts of his shattered soul, here
From wherever they may be hidden, locked away, or residing.

Harry said "This next part was hard. I remembered what Neville said about some plants. I found and gently had a rolled up ball of dozens of vines of bindweed with flowers and seed pods intact. I held the ball up while he was a few feet away from the Cauldron. Before I tossed that into the mix."

Bindweed, of the earth the keeper of life,
You will join the souls with the unchanging stone,
and bind it inside the stone, unliving and unmoving until the end of time.

Sipping his butterbeer, Harry continued, "That's pretty much what happened until my forehead ripped open. A piece of Voldemort came out. I passed out because of the pain."

Looking at the people's faces, Harry smiled, "The rest was setting the stage and creating a false memory. I have hidden the real memory away and will hide it away deeper after tonight. Someone else needed to know. Voldemort and his Death Eaters will never walk this planet again. The universe has a long life ahead of it. They are stuck in the stone until the end of all time. With one little word, I changed the intent of the Ritual. It was not my intention to condemn all the Death Eaters to the same fate."

Harry opened his Mokeskin Bag. Reaching in it and picking out the now-defunct Horcrux of Voldemort. "The Ritual also gathered all the bit and bobs that Voldemort used to hide pieces of his soul."

"This ring, a tiara, a healers cup, a locket were all found as well a snakes head. Then there was my scar, which is why I claim that I hit my head. Somehow the Ritual pulled a chunk of young Riddle's soul, back from hell." Harry explained.

Hermione asked, "So, where do you go from here?"

Luna giggled. "We go back to school, Do our best to graduate, and move on, Giving Harry lots of babies. He has lots of family names to restore. My first will be Lovegood. The second will be whatever family he needs next. I see six children by me. And several more by you. The great restoration of magical Britain starts with Harry and us."

Harry turned bright red as he became the subject of discourse.

Sirius laughed almost endlessly a the great prank.

The Tonks family sat speechlessly.