Night had come on that late September night, after another Sunday had come to an end over the western horizon, seen from the young 14 year old boy's bedroom window. School was all set for tomorrow when it came to the boy himself, who was coming upstairs in through the open door to his bedroom.

The young boy himself was named Sean Cans. He had finished middle school this past summer, and had started high school this month as a freshman. His hair was short with a smooth texture to them, only a few hairs standing out from the back of his head, the color of them a dark brownish color.

Sean lived with his own family in his own household, which were both a mother and a father and being the only boy in his family, he had two sisters that were both younger and older than he was: Britney and Heather. His older sister is already in her senior year of high school, but did not end up going to the same school that Sean went to. The young sister Heather was going to elementary school, and was in the third grade.

His parents weren't exactly the poorest, but they weren't the richest either - being middle class tax paying citizens and working their jobs like usual. His father was in the business industry, working with the higher-ups who expected him to perform well and being early or on time. Sean's mother on the other half was working at a small local bakery, assisting in making sales for the cakes and other pastries that she and the other bakers in the store would make.

Growing up in school was not what Sean had expected, or had thought would happen. He had expected to make tons of friends over the years when he had been in elementary and middle school. Trying to make friends? It was only quite a bad gamble in the end. No one really wanted to play with him or talk to him at school, other than the teachers that taught him his subjects in class, for the knowledge he needed to learn.

He felt rather lonely at school... even at the mercy of bullies every year. Even there at the high school, he was the target of a group of bullies that somehow chose him to taunt and push around. Sean, not wanting to fight back as he knew violence wouldn't solve anything, would not throw any punches. Just something the teachers taught over the years about anti-bullying.

"Sean, it's school tomorrow!" His mother called from another room upstairs, being that his parents slept from down across the small hallway. "Get some rest!"

He continues into his room, not turning to look as he moves his left hand to close the door behind him. "Okay, good night mom!"

The door closes shut, with him gripping on the doorknob to make sure that it wasn't too loud, so that he wouldn't wake up Heather who was already in bed. He heads over towards his drawers, getting out his pyjamas and getting out of his clothing of the day. Once he had changed, he made his way over to his bed, opening up the covers and sliding into it.

The crickets outside were still heard with the occasional sound of a car passing by into the distance from that open window of his. His head turns towards the window, looking out at the stars in the sky.

Beautiful as they usually were with so many wonders from afar, he like a few of the students in Science class did ponder on the thought that there was something beyond them, like new worlds that he probably didn't even know about. But then there was that myth that he hardly or never even believed as a kid that if you wished upon a shooting star that passes or has passed, your wish would end up coming true.

"I doubt that wishing even works..." Sean mutters quietly to himself, his brown eyes blinking as he tries to make himself tired for tomorrow's school day.

Still, the idea of saying your wish to the stars was something to see if it can be proven. For the times as a kid at 5 years old, he did wish for friends... but nothing. Would it work this time? Probably doubtful, but he was starting to grow up into that teenage phase where he was expected not think of childish things.

"One last time probably wouldn't hurt, perhaps." He whispers quietly to himself once again, taking a look at the stars, at least two of them passing by rather quickly. He would then say those words once, with the promise inside that he would never say such silly things or somehow inside, believe nonsense like that.

"I wish I had a friend."

In a world far from Earth...

Twilight Town

The dark essence began to scatter itself away from the black haired girl at the bottom of the Clock Tower. She wore a black coat meant to protect her from the darkness, but she herself seemed like she had grown weak, falling to her knees, struggling almost to keep her blue colored eyes open.

The blonde spiky haired boy in front of her is stepping forward towards her, one hand on the side of his head, probably injured from a fight these two were having. He is struggling to figure out now what was even going on after a lengthy battle against his own friend with someone's keyblade, the Kingdom Key.

"Who are you... again?" The blonde boy had asked her, approaching towards her, a questioned tone in his voice as he continued. "It's weird. I feel like I'm forgetting something really important..."

The young girl, still awake, feels a part of herself beginning to give up from the battle she faced with him, trying to make the boy himself a part of her. She weakly blinks, slowly and slightly opening her eyes as she looks at the street tiles below her.

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"You'll be... better off now... Roxas." She says to him, a tired tone in her voice.

She closes her eyes for that moment, the boy named Roxas seeing that she was starting to slip from her own grasp. He reaches down, catching her with an arm before her head could fall backwards to the tiles.

An essence that almost resembles a crystalline mist is beginning to fly up into the sky and away from her as he saw that her own life and soul within her body was beginning to twinkle and fade away, still unsure of why he had to fight her.

"Am I... the one who did this to you?" Roxas asked the girl.

The girl shook her head. "No..." She responded to him as he listened to her speak. "It was my choice... to go away now. Better that, than to do nothing... and let Xemnas have his way. I belong with Sora. And now, I am going back... to be with him."

Roxas inside couldn't believe inside that this was her choice in the end, knowing his own friend was dying in his arms, struggling to stay alive long enough unless he could save her from that permanent fate.

Her left hand goes to the right side of her chest, her blue eyes staring at his own. "Roxas... I need you... to do me a favor," She asks of the nobody, as he wonders what her final request was from her last dying breath. "All those hearts that I've captured... Kingdom Hearts... Set them free."

"Kingdom Hearts..." Roxas ponders about the request. "Free them?"

His eyes turn, surprised that she was beginning to fade faster as those legs of hers were beginning to turn into ice-like crystals, her body giving up on him. Inside, there was some deep feeling that he should have prevented this from happening.

The girl spoke again, groaning a bit from the dying scars of battle she had to endure. "It's too late... for me to undo my mistakes." She continued. "But you can't let Xemnas... have Kingdom Hearts. You can't."

Roxas felt something inside that he didn't expect himself to feel: sadness and what was more loss itself.

"Goodbye, Roxas." Her voice caught his attention as he turns his head to look at her again. A hopeful weak smile was on her lips as she talks to him. "See you again. I'm glad... I got to meet you. Oh... and of course, Axel, too. You're both my best friends..."

She moves her left hand off from her chest and places it gently onto his right cheek, the icy crystalline of light covering her up more. He remained confused, slowly processing what was going on as she spoke her final words to him.

"Never forget. That's the truth..."

Roxas kept his eye on his own friend, coming now to the realization now of what was happening to her. She was dying! His eyes shot open with feelings of despair when her eyes closed and her hand was falling from his own cheek.

"No!" Roxas says with desperation in his voice, a bit of weakness shown in it as he grabbed and caught onto her hand which brought out more crystalline dust of her fading.

"Xion..." He calls out his friend's name with the empty hope of saving her. "Who else will I have ice cream with?"

It was too late for him though as the eyes of his friend Xion were closed for good, her final breath having been drawn, the icy crystals accelerating and covering her in a warm, yet gentle light in his own arms, fading away as elements of light in his hands that twinkle out like candlelight, looking upwards as they go free to the skies above.

He lowers his head again, a saddened expression on his face becoming present as he sees the only memory of what remains for Xion. A lone seashell that wasn't taken into the light. He places his right hand onto it, grasping onto the item.

Happy memories flowed throughout his mind of Xion herself and the times that he had been with her in their time with Organization XIII. The moment where she was able to summon her keyblade again, the times of sharing Sea Salt Ice Cream with her and his other friend Axel and going out on missions with her when assigned with her by Saïx.

"Xion..." Roxas says her name, tears running down his cheeks, now unable to hold back the tears over the loss of his own friend, yet to become forgotten by everyone else but him.

Rest not, young one... do not be afraid...

Though every memory you experienced is merged with the boy, you are not forgotten...

A wish has been made, by only a blank slate in your reborn mind, your body and soul along with it shall be reincarnated for that world...

A boy who cast his wish out of millions of other children in that far world... he needs a friend...