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It doesn't look like there is going to be any school today for Sean, or the next day. It is a Saturday of course, and that usually means that Sean gets to do whatever for today and tomorrow, as long as he doesn't stay up too late.

I was in his room again, being that his parents and other siblings were downstairs doing what they are doing, I now had a true understanding of what Sean meant when it came to being quiet. Not a sound if I am going with Sean somewhere.

But where was Sean? He was outside, waiting for me to join with him. He was talking to me after breakfast that he was going to bring me with him to the shopping mall in his town. At first I thought that he was going to bring me to the harbour again to watch the sea and have ice cream again, but this is different.

It had been one, maybe two weeks since I had been to his school. In my memories of what I have gathered, I still remember meeting Sari and while I have not met face-to-face or seen his face yet, Rickson was there in the memory. As I only knew the voices of both Sean and Sari, I don't know what Rickson's voice sounds like.

Though my concern still comes to mind when it comes to Sean himself... those bullies at school... he didn't look okay. If I finally get the voice to speak to him, I hope I will be able to ask him why he is holding back these kinds of feelings from me? Are they of him being hurt? Of shame? Why would he feel that way?

[Play Kingdom Hearts 3 OST - San Fransokyo Field Theme]

I walk over to the open window of his room, heading to the same ladder of iron that was set at the back of his house. I climb down from them, joining up with Sean as he sat there on the grass, waiting for me. He got up onto his feet as I was climbing down, taking a few steps towards me once I was settled.

"There you are," Sean says to me with a welcome smile on his mouth. "Are you ready to go with me?"

My blue eyes look at his brown eyes, acknowledging his question and already giving the sign that I have given the answer to him which was a yes. Keeping that look on his face, he turns with me tagging alongside him as we leave by the side of his house and make our way down the sidewalk away from the house.

I don't have the hood on top of my head, like I haven't for the past few days, as I have already begun to feel a little more comfortable in this place, though I should still remain a bit cautious on who is mean or nice like those three boys who don't like him or my friend Sari. But why would they call me his girlfriend? Why would they say that?

He looks quite content by the look on his face as I walk beside him, he looks to be digging his right hand hand into the pocket of his jeans, taking out a card and offering it to me as he turns to look at me.

"You'll need this, Xion," He says to me as my left glove covered hand reaches and takes the card he has offered. "It's to help you get onto the local transit here. It's usually how I get to school or to the shopping mall faster without taking a long walk."

This card... it's for local transit?

As I place the card into the pocket of my coat, I continue to walk with Sean until we have made it to the end of the street, where to the right there was a spot different from the rest of the sidewalk. It seems to be a station of some sort with a bench where others were going to sit. My eyes study the environment around that particular area, taking in as much information as I could.

Is this where the local transit would be coming to and from? Are me and Sean going to wait until it arrives?

"Here's where we need to be," Sean says to me. "The bus from transit will come here like it does on its regular schedule. If you want, we can take a seat at the bench until it arrives."

I listen to every word he has said to me, taking a seat on the bench to the left side, facing the street where few to some cars drive past. He sits down on the right, next to me. I turn my head to glance at him for a moment, and then I look ahead again.

Following a few minutes of sitting there with Sean, I could see that bus transit pulling right to the stop. I could see Sean getting up off of the bench and heading to the stop where the bus was. He turns to look at me.

"Are you coming Xion?" He asked me.

I acknowledge him, getting up off of the bench and following behind him, getting out the card from my coat pocket. I watch as he takes out his transit card, and taps it onto the small circular machine which dinged when the card was placed onto it. So I just tap my card onto that and it'll register me as having checked into the transit system or something?

Following his actions, I tap the card to the machine which gives me the same 'ding' sound that it had gave to Sean. I place the card back into my coat pocket, following behind Sean until we have made it to a spot on the bus where there were empty seats. I allow myself to take a seat next to Sean again, just sitting there with him and waiting in that silence that both me and him were sharing together.

Outside the windows of the moving vehicle, my eyes look out towards the road where the vehicles that drive, ride on past ahead to get to wherever they needed to go. Part of me wonders if some of them are setting out to go to the shopping mall, the same place me and Sean are headed to. On a few turns the bus makes, the sun's rays do get in my eyes a bit. In the end though it isn't so bad where I am seated, even when watching others get on or off of the vehicle.

My eyes glance towards Sean, who too is looking outside of the windows of this vehicle. He blinks for a moment, revealing his eyes again as he opens them. He's sharing that same expression on his face when the both of us are quiet.

That sad expression... I wonder why he is looking that way? Was it the bullies? What is bothering him?

...I wish he could tell me...

The drive down to the shopping mall doesn't take too long, and by the time it looks to have come into view, the sad look on his face disappears and a smile appears on his mouth. He turns to look at me, the blank expression on my face still looking at him. It's almost like he's trying to hide his feelings.

It's okay to tell me Sean... even if I haven't found my voice yet, you can tell me how you feel...

[Play Final Fantasy X HD Remaster OST - Tidus' Theme Extended]

The bus comes to a complete stop at the station next to the building itself which I assume must be where Sean is planning to take me to for the day. I follow along as he gets up out of the seat, and walk behind him as we depart off from the transit.

I take a look at the building itself. It appears to be much larger than Sean's school, with many older and younger people coming in and out with items in bags. Sometimes, none at all. I'm surprisingly in awe about this, even if I cannot express it. I follow alongside Sean, moving towards those doors that slide open by themselves and watch as I step forward into the building with the doors opening for us and closing behind us.

The place looked really huge on the inside, with plenty of interiors where people went into with various products on display on the shelves in any of those stores left to right. On the occasion, there was those interiors with counters in which other people like Sean probably an age higher or the same age were gathered at in a line, waiting to get something which smells like food by the aroma that it produced. Sometimes it's not food at all, and that it is only a drink that they ordered.

Ahead of us is a larger wide area in which my eyes could look down below the many levels of this building, seeing tables down below the stairways, where others are seated, eating the food that they have with them that they must have bought from either those places me and Sean passed or judging by the aroma below, places that were the same down there but with many cuisines.

I can feel my left glove-covered hand being taken by Sean's right hand, as he gently holds it. I turn my head as I walk with him, looking down at his hand holding mine. Why is he holding my hand? Is it to keep me safe or close by so he doesn't lose me inside this place?

"I hope you don't mind that I would like to go and check out the video game store first, Xion. Maybe I'll show you one of them tonight." Sean says to me, turning his head to look at me with a smile present.

Even though he looks happy, I still feel that he seems a bit troubled and is trying to hide his sadness from me...

I glance at him, already knowing that my answer would be alright with him going to check it out. I would be interested in looking with him as I would normally hear that kind of music multiple nights before he went to bed and the sounds of the controller he held. I would peek out from the closet to seeing him playing those games as he would do that.

We walk to an escalator and I stand there next to him as the mechanical stairs moves us down to the middle floor. I watch as the level we previously were on gets higher above us, as we reach the bottom and move onto the beautiful tiled floor like the one above, giving space for the other customers to get off of the escalator and proceeding to the side where most of the store interiors were.

Just like above, it is rather busy with many customers heading to the left or to the right ahead which is where I am walking with Sean. We weren't swarmed by the many customers, but we weren't exactly accidentally bumping into them either. Many of these people other than Sean, I don't even recognize...

...The one leaning against the pillar supporting the upper level me and Sean came in from... I recognize him from Sean's school...

It is Rickson, just standing there, leaning against the pillar as if listening to his music. But I don't see any earphones in his ears. What is he doing here? Did he come to shop here, or is he just hanging around here and not doing anything?

As we moved closer in which we would pass him, my blue eyes looked at Rickson as he stood there with his head looking down at the ground he stood on. As I got closer in the direction I walked along with Sean, I could see his face start to become more visible as his head makes a bit of movement before his eyes looked up to make full contact with mine.

His eyes had a yellow color to them, not covered by his long black red-streaked hair this time. They look rather illuminating in a way that it looked almost very familiar by how they were...

It... it's like I've seen those eye colors before...

"Number fourteen..."

That voice... it didn't come from him, but it came directly to my head as I walked right past him. Not once did I see Rickson open his mouth to speak to me. I have no clue where that voice came from.

Only one image had flashed before my eyes of someone else when I look directly at those mysterious eyes of yellow he had. It was another person with yellow eyes, that I swear I had seen before but have no idea where. This person from that glimpse, he had the same black coat that I had, with different hair colored in silver, it's appearance appearing close to the back of the coat he wore, part of it dangling in front of him.

When it had come back to Rickson's appearance, I almost felt like I was expressing an emotion. An emotion of complete shock, as if I knew he looked like someone that I did know, but couldn't figure out who it was. The deep voice... very familiar, but the name... I don't know.


The voice of Sean brought me right back to my senses as I turn my head to look at him. He has this look on his face, that he is wondering what exactly I am thinking. Even though I only made the expression of shock when I had passed Rickson, I couldn't exactly make any other expressions.

Somehow I was slowly starting to gain the usage of what emotions truely are...

"We're here at the store I was talking about," He says to me, putting a warm and gentle smile on his face. "It's up to you if you would like to go in with me. If you don't want to go in, you can wait outside. Just don't go off too far, of course."

I just look at him, tightening a bit of strength onto my hand which Sean was holding. I wanted to go inside with him, and he knew that from the actions I have made.

He chuckles for a moment, responding to me. "Alright, you can come with me." He continues to hold my hand as we both go into the video game store.

Inside of the video game store, my eyes perked open, taking a look at all of the merchandise and boxes similar to the ones Sean has at home. Other than the video games, there were a variety of plushies, game consoles, board games, action figures, etc. There was just so many here...

I felt my left hand being let go for that moment as Sean looks at me. "I'm going to look for the game that I need to get," He says to me. "I'm here if you need me."

I understood, watching as he goes over to the section of video games to look for the product... or game that he is looking to get.

As I stood there, I took in everything that was going on around me with the teenagers coming in to buy the latest release of whatever game had just come out. There was the occasional younger kids that would come in to either buy or just browse around. Almost none of them had even noticed I was there except for a few, but it was nothing more than strange looks, as if I was there or stood out among them.


[Play Final Fantasy VIII - Roses and Wine]

I could hear someone talking to me, as in trying to get my attention. I don't turn my head to look at first. I thought it was just part of my imagination as my blue eyes continued to watch the teenagers and kids exploring around the store, as well as Sean getting the copy of the video game that he wanted to get.

"...That boy Sean... he said your name. It's... Xion, right?"

I slowly turn my head around to my left, looking to see that it is Rickson who I had just past. My eyes stare at his yellow eyes, not taking in the slightest to look away, but am willing to listen.

Even as I had turned my head, I could notice a few of the looks he was getting from a few of the teenagers that recognized him. Those faces the others gave to him... it's as if he did something bad, and that they were trying their best to not drag themselves into the conversation that I was getting into with Rickson.

"I hope I'm not bothering you too much." Rickson added, his voice sounding calm and quiet, but audible enough for me to hear what he was saying.

Rickson... if I could speak to you, I could tell you that you aren't bothering me at all.

"I saw all of that stuff that was going on with you, Sari and Sean," He admits to me. "I'm not really that talkative when others go to talk to me, but if you and them are ever in trouble... you can come and talk to me..."

My eyes directed themselves towards one of the visible items hanging out from his left sided pocket of his jeans. Those things he wore in his ears... what were they?

"What is it?" He asked me, tracing what I was directly staring at. He looks at the accessories he wore whenever I usually saw him, knowing what I was staring at. "You were looking at these, weren't you?"

I watch as his left hand goes into his pocket, taking out those things, along with some sort of device that they are connected to. He moves his hand with them forward towards me, as in offering to hand them to me to look at them.

"It's earphones. When you want to listen to music, you put them in your ears and listen to the beats, rhythm and soul of the music," He continues, explaining a little more into detail on what they are. "If you want, I could play some music for you from my phone, which is where I store my music."

I move my right hand forward, taking the earphones and move them to my ears, placing them in position. My ears listen in, even though it is silent at first while Rickson is scrolling through the device he has, which I am certain is where the music is going to come from.

After having watched him scrolling through the device he has in his hand, he taps onto the music of his choice and I close my eyes to take in everything that he is playing to me through the earbuds as the sound of it fills into my ears.

[Play Evanescence - Missing]

The sound of sweet vocals filled my ears along with the saddened sounds of strings filling in the back behind that voice I was listening. In my vision as I listened to the music, I was looking at Rickson who is shared in the same gaze with me. That color of his eyes, that yellow... I still am reminded of someone I remember...

In the gaze that I shared with him, the environment around me begins to swirl and change, with everything beginning to change around me to somewhere that I don't remember...

The walls around us begins to turn into a gray future-like setting, setting itself like a past memory that I used to remember. Rickson doesn't budge or even take the gaze off of his eyes when the environment changed around us. He just stood there, not taking those yellow eyes off of me.

I broke from my gaze with him, taking a look around the tall room of silver-like gray, with such an open window to take a look on the outside. It's almost black out there, but there is a source of singular light that I could see, almost like the moon on this world... it's a heart in the sky.

"Number fourteen... number fourteen..."

The recognizable voice I didn't know... it begins to echo and repeat a bit in my head. I turn back to look at Rickson to see that it is a different figure standing there, someone a little taller, with the silver hair I recalled from the flash upon first taking a glimpse at Rickson's face past his hair.

His eyes are closed, but they slowly open to reveal those same yellow eyes that my new friend had. That black coat and gloves he wore... I was frozen and I couldn't move at all as I could only watch in a bit of that emotionless shock. I could see him slowly walking towards me, only stopping in front of me.

From behind him, I could see two other figures standing there in accompanied matters upon the moment I was experiencing, wearing the same coats. The one on his left has blue hair, and has a scar on his face that resembles that of an "X" itself. The other on the silver haired man's right, is that of someone with black hair featuring graying streaks on them all styled in a ponytail and an eyepatch on his right eye, featuring only his left eye with the same yellow color, just like the silver haired man and the blue haired man.

They... they are staring at me...

I can feel a pulse going on in my head, with the temperature beginning to gradually and quickly begin to heat up. I was still stuck in the same standing position from the moment I looked back.

None of them were even saying a word to me, but the ongoing pulse in my head and the repeating words that sounded throughout my head, it's making my head hurt... wh...what... what is happening...?

Why do I feel this warm...? My head... it feels really light...

"...a mistake..."

It was a different voice that was joining in with the other voice, along with another set of voices... only one of them I seem to remember...


"...I'll always be there to bring you back!"

That voice... it sounds familiar as well...

"...Please don't hold back..."

My voice... I can hear myself speaking in the various voices that echo in my head. I can feel myself getting released from being frozen in position, falling straight onto my knees. My hands, they place themselves on the sides of my head, and I am trying my best to struggle and get through this struggle of light-headedness.

A noise... it grows louder, shaking my head...

It's... it's all too much for me... I... I don't know if... if I... I...

I can feel myself sliding down onto the floor in front of the three figures... and then everything immediately in my vision had turned to black, as the final images of everyone I know come up into my head.




That boy with golden blonde hair appears before I have gone to complete black again, I can hear my voice again, but I now truely remember his name... The boy I had sea salt ice cream with in that memory...



The World That Never Was

I was in a memory, but it isn't my own...

I stood there in the middle of that almost empty street, hearing the empty hollow sound of what almost sounds like wind. The heart in the sky was still there from when I was locked eye-to-eye with Rickson, but the environment... a lot more different than the world I was on.

Footsteps... I can hear them moving down the street as I turn to look behind me, to the sound that the footsteps were coming from. It's another one like me with the black coat, but with the hood up which hid its face. There is another one as well, the face hidden within the hood over the head, leaning against the building to the left from where I am standing.

The moment felt very quiet, aside from the hollow wind in the distance and the footsteps the coated boy took without not even a notice to me. Who were they?

As the boy walked past the taller one, I can hear a voice from the boy's left. "Your mind's made up?" The figure asked, with the sound of that voice sounding rather familiar to me, I just can't quite put my finger on it.

The boy stopped in front of me, turning his hooded head to look at the taller one. "Why did the Keyblade choose me?" He questioned to him, as if he knew who it was. "I have to know..."

The taller one takes off his hood, revealing red spike-like hair with green eyes and scars underneath the both of his eyes as turns towards the boy. He... he looks really familiar now...

"You can't turn on the Organization!"

The Organization... there's the mention of them again... but the boy, his voice... is that you Roxas? I try to look through that hood covering, but I cannot see a single face within it. Almost like this was just a hollow memory of someone else that I was experiencing.

But the mention of the Keyblade... what is the Keyblade?

The memory fades to a stop, like this was only temporary, but I am very uncertain what had happened to make the situation like this.


I hear a voice calling out to me. It's not Roxas or the red haired figure... it's the voice calling for me.




[Play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix OST - Treasured Memories]

My eyes slowly begin to open up, as my vision looks a little bit blurry. From that look, I was able to capture a glimpse of a figure in front of me before it had cleared up, revealing that it is my friend Sean is looking at me.

I felt like I was lying down on the floor, but with realization, I figured that we weren't back in the video game store that me and him were previously in. Another figure comes into view... Rickson. He too, like Sean, looks very worried about me. I slowly open up my eyes completely, starting to move upward from where I was positioned.

"Xion!" Sean sounded really surprised when he spoke out my name. "Are you alright?"

Sean... I'm alright... I don't know how I got outside here with you and Rickson...

Rickson took a look at me with his yellow eyes. "You really startled both me and Sean. While you were listening to my music, you just all of a sudden, fainted on us," He explains to me. "You're looking a little bit pale..."

I turn my head a bit to see what I was lying down on, seeing that it wasn't even the floor itself, but I seem to be held onto by Rickson himself. Maybe he caught my fall when I had fainted like he and Sean were telling me?

"Want me to go get her something to drink? Maybe it'll get her to stand." Sean asked Rickson.

I watch as Rickson digs into what I assume is his pocket, taking a few dollars to giving it to Sean. "That should be enough to get her water."

Sean moves out of the picture to go and get me that drink while Rickson just let me lie there, gently pulling me upward to see if I could maintain myself. My eyes could pick up on all of the looks from some passerbys who were wondering if I was okay. I feel fine... though a bit lightheaded from passing out as my two friends suggested had happened.

"Are you okay?"

The voice of Rickson had me turning to look at him. He still holds a worried look on his face, even when I still felt a bit lightheaded. Even from the glimpse of him alone reminding me of someone I know, but not by his name... I don't feel afraid of him, even with his own mysterious presence that he seems to have with everyone that steers away from him.

I wonder why he sits alone... as if not wanting to talk to anyone else but me and Sean...

With my blue eyes looking at his, I was signalling to him with the blinking of my eyes that I was okay. I'm not too sure if he read that, because I can't give him a form of a worded answer nor an emotion to let him know.

His earphones, they are not on my ears, but they are back in his pocket. He must have put them away...

The sound of footsteps are heard rushing towards us again, and I could see that it was my friend Sean coming back to us, with a water bottle in his hand... probably to give to me.

"Here, Xion," He says to me, opening up the bottle and allowing me to take the plastic bottle filled with the pure liquid in my right hand. "You might want to drink up, it'll give you a bit of strength and cool you down."

I place the tip of the bottle to my lips, letting the water slide into my mouth, with me swallowing it down with each sip that I take. It does feel refreshing... and it gives me energy to cool down the lightheadedness that I did feel when I had returned to consciousness.

At least I wasn't floating in darkness in my sleep anymore...

"Is that better, Xion?" Sean asked me, taking my left hand with the both of his hands and holding it.

I don't feel as dizzy as before... I should probably be fine in standing up on my own.

"There we go," Sean says to me, pulling me up gently onto my feet. "The next time we go do something, we'll make sure we're prepared with water just in case it gets that bad again. Is that alright, Xion?"

I look at him in understanding, my eyes just staring at his. Even so, he knows that I am listening to every word that I say, with relief being expressed on his face. I can hear footsteps, I turn to see Rickson joining us.

"What will you two do now?" He asked us, not looking intimidating at all towards Sean who looks quite calm.

"I'm not sure... Xion fainting was something that hasn't happened, even at such a place this big," Sean responds to him, before turning back to me. "Xion, would you like to head back, or do you want to stay here a little more longer? I don't want anything bad to happen again like today..."

I look at him, turning my head to look around at the rest of the shopping mall. I turn back after a few moments to look at Sean with my answer. I wanted to stay longer, I had never seen such a place with so many shops on the inside. So many people, those with names that I do not know, I wanted to take in as much information on what life was for them here other than outside of Sean's house or here, just like his school.

Rickson's voice is heard behind me. "I think she would like to stay?" He ponders at me when I looked around.

"Alright Xion, we can stay a little longer," Sean says to me. "If you are starting to get lightheaded again, I'll hand you the bottle of water."

"I'll be... around." Rickson stated, looking like he was walking away. I turn my head to look at him as he departs away.

"Wait," Sean grabs his attention, calling out to him. Rickson stops, standing there and listening while Sean was talking to him. "You've helped out Xion. Why not stay with me and her for a bit?"

"...You want me to?" He asked.

"Sure!" Sean says to him. "You... just like me, look like you need someone to keep you company."

Rickson just stood there, pondering at the thought of hanging out with me and Sean. I couldn't see his expression, but I can tell that he is thinking about it. I watch as a few more moments passes before Rickson finally turns around to look at us. Maybe some encouragement from Sean might have helped him... just like with Sean, I want to know a little more about Rickson...

"Well, I guess it couldn't hurt..." Rickson says, nervously scratching the back of his head in an awkward, yet shy tone.

"I promise you, it won't be so bad." Sean says to him. I can feel his hand gently taking ahold of my right hand, holding onto it gently.

"...As long as Xion isn't going into a 'girl shopping spree mode' like every other girl at the school does, and brags about what they bought..." Rickson continued.

Girl shopping spree mode? What's that?

I can hear a bit of laughter coming from Sean himself. He seems a tad much happier than usual. As I walk alongside him with Rickson on my left, I turn my head to look at Sean, observing him as he looks ahead with a smile on his face.

Over the past couple of days, I noticed that the usual quiet him had changed a bit... he was now talking with others, and seeing that there was me, Sari and Rickson there. I felt like there was some sort of spark that has made a lot happier.

Was I that spark?

I feel some sort of positive emotion coming to me... and even though he didn't turn to see it, though brief as it was, I knew alone what I was expressing...

...A smile.

The Castle That Never Was

[Play Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix - Organization XIII]

Over the skies of the floating castle above the forgotten world that never came to be, floated the heart-shaped moon in the sky known as "Kingdom Hearts", a magical essence that contained the power of all hearts. The moon itself shone brightly as it grew with the amounts of hearts set free from Heartless themselves, to grant the power for those who wish to control all hearts.

The leader of the nobodies, that of Organization XIII, Xemnas himself stands at the top of the castle, observing the light of Kingdom Hearts shining down onto all of the world, still eager to complete the mission that he and all of the remaining organization wanted.

Xemnas was not thinking about Kingdom Hearts as of the moment. He was thinking of something... something else that had crossed his mind as of recently. He was starting to remember that there was another member in the Organization that he had not remembered, but was keeping that nobody in mind.

At first, when he had been receiving these visions, almost like memories were being crossed over between the shift of reality and that of what had happened in another present, it was like he was able to see who it was, but the look of what that Organization member looked like. He couldn't quite put his finger on it...

"That nobody..." His deep voice says, stuck in thought of seeing that girl in his remembering, just like how he remembered the other Organization member who had abandoned him and the other members, Roxas. That boy alone wielded the keyblade, and would need him in order to continue collecting more hearts for Kingdom Hearts, in order for his mission to be completed.

But the girl, he remembered that she was on missions with Roxas a lot. What was her name though? The name that Roxas and Axel would usually call her.

"...She looks rather familiar... have I seen her somewhere here with us before?"


Xemnas paid no attention to Saïx as he turned around, walking right past the Luna Diviner himself to leave, wanting to think some more. Even from behind, the leader of the nobodies could sense that blank emotion his most trusted member could always share with everyone.

...Who was that girl? Why did he feel he remembered her after such a time...?

...Is it fate that has brought back old memories that were forgotten... until now?

"...Number fourteen."

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