Hey so Rowena and Ketch's death pissed me off. So I wrote a little story set after Rowena sacrificed herself. This story will contain spoilers from episode 5 and 6 and it is a Ketch\Rowena story.

So here it is.

Enjoy. :)

"Your majesty."

Rowena's eyes open. She is a faced with a hand. She looks up and meets two black eyes. The witch backs away in shock. The demon didn't appear to be a threat. He smiled at her. It didn't look evil or forced. It looked like a genuine smile.

Rowena stands up and brushes her dress down. Her hand paused in the area where Sam stabbed her. She held her breath as the last moments of her life crossed in her mind.


It dawned on her she is in Hell.

With demons.


The demon with the smile walks towards her. Rowena walks back and presses against the wall. Fear showed on her face.

The fear turns in confusion when the demon bows. The others copied. They all bowed down and looked at the witch with awe.

What the Hell is going on? Rowena thought.

Hell is the literal word here.

"Thank you." The demon smiled "For restoring Hell and bringing the souls back right where they belong."

"Umm." Rowena laughed nervously. "I was just doing what was right."

"You made Hell great again. For that we would love you to be our Queen."

"Queen!" Rowena gasped.

"You were the mother of Crowley followers of Crowley will follow you."

"Fergus." Rowena spoke with sadness in her voice.

"He was a good King. We are certain you would be a good Queen." The demon nodded. His lips form into a smirk. "Queen Rowena. It certainly has a ring to it."

Rowena grins.

"It does um..."

"Caym." He again bows. "You will learn everyone's name in no time. I will assure you." He winks at her. Rowena blushes. Caym takes her hand. "Let me show you your throne my lady."

Rowena had to giggle as Caym and the other demons led her down the hallway.

Two demons open the big doors that led to the throne room. In the middle of the room sat the magnificent throne. Rowena runs her fingers along the seat. All she could think about is her son. He sat on this very throne and ruled Hell.

It made her feel proud.

"Sit your majesty." Caym says.

Rowena sits down.

Queen Rowena of Hell. Continuing what her son left off.

Rowena straightened up.

She will do this in honor of her son. She will make Hell great for him.

Her eyes glow purple with a hint black.

"I accept. I will be your Queen." Cheers broke out. Rowena smiles. The idea of being Queen warmed up to her. "Do I get a crown?" She teased.

"We can get one just for you your majesty." Caym says.

The witch shakes her head.

"Do you know what I really want?" She looks down. "A new dress."

Caym smiles.

"That can be arranged. I do know a few fashion experts."

Rowena grins.

"I look forward to it."

Time flew in Hell. To earth Rowena has been Queen for a few weeks but to Hell it's nearly been ten years.

The Queen of Hell walks in with her head held high. Her long, dark red gown flowed and her high heels clicked together. The demons bow down as she walked past them.

Caym stood next to the throne with a list in his hand. The list is so long it reached his feet.

Rowena had to bite back a groan. Every day she is given a list. It is a list of names of all the souls in Hell. The list went in alphabetical order. Rowena is sure they are on K now. Caym gives her the list and yes she is right she is on the Ks.

"Lets see."

She sits on the throne and looks at the list. One name caught her eye.


She brings it closer to her face. On the list written in black ink said.

Arthur Ketch

"Arthur Ketch." Rowena lowers her list. "He's dead."

"Killed." Caym says.

"Who killed him?"


Rowena remembered an Ardat being mentioned Ardat sent Ketch to kill that demon that possessed Jack.

"Ardat is also dead." Caym adds. "She too was killed."

"By Ketch?" Caym shakes his head. Rowena again looks at the list. "Why is he in Hell?"

"He was a bad man. He killed innocent lives. He left people to die. Arthur Ketch was a ruthless, cold killing psychopath that deserves to suffer."

"I want to see him."

Caym is taken back by surprise.

"We can't do that your majesty."

"Can't or won't." Rowena glared.

"He is on the rack. We can't just remove souls from the rack. Dean Winchester was an exception because we needed him for the first Seal but no we won't remove souls from the rack. They stay on the rack and we punish them until they break."

Rowena leans forward. Her eyes flash purple.

"Bring me Arthur Ketch."

"Your majesty I just said..."


Caym's face twitched. His face then smooths out and he bows.

"Yes your majesty."

So Rowena waited for her followers to come back with the Englishman. Rowena knew Ketch has done things that could be seen as unforgivable. She witnessed it when he and the British Men of Letters took her. Those people were worse than monsters.

Ketch was not born evil. He was raised to act like them, think like them. He was brainwashed. When the British Men of Letters fell and Ketch came back to life he snapped out of their influence and started making his own choices. He started using his moral compass. The man wanted redemption. He went on that path when he rescued the Archangel Gabriel. After that he became an ally. He even came and helped the Winchesters, Castiel and Rowena to fight the souls from Hell.

He turned good. It seemed it wasn't enough to get into Heaven.

Rowena leans back and pictures his face. Oh Rowena can still imagine his face. He was so handsome.

The witch thought Ketch was handsome the first time she saw him but she only cared about getting out of the British Men of Letters custody. The deal she made with Ketch was her ticket to getting out.

However when she saw him again, her heart started beating loudly against her chest. He's presence made her legs go jelly and when he showed off his knowledge the way he held the wires gosh Rowena was surprised she didn't melt down to a puddle.

She remembered how angry she was when Francis possessed Ketch. She wanted to save Ketch. She cared about him. Its been so long since she truly cared about someone. She used to see love as a weakness but now she embraced it.

She planned on visiting the hospital after the souls were taken care off.

Well that never happened.

Rowena wondered how the Winchesters took the news. They were not close with Ketch but still it must have hurt. That's another life they lost within a short space of time.

She can still see Sam's pained expression when he was forced to kill her. The witch is sure the guilt is eating the younger hunter up. She can only hope Samuel will move on like they always do and keep fighting no matter what.

The doors open and the demons walk in. Rowena stood up when she saw Arthur Ketch wrapped in chains. His hospital gown torn and ripped. On his chest is a black, hollow hole where his heart used to be. His face is white and his eyes are sunk in. The Englishman looked awful.

"Bow down to the Queen." The demon ordered.

Ketch refused to look at the ruler of Hell. He remained looking down.

"No." He spoke his voice rasp.

"Mr Ketch."

The Englishman tensed. He slowly looks up. His eyes bug out when he sees who is the Queen.


Rowena walks down the steps. Her hand lands on his cheek. She gasps when her hand goes through his skin. His form flickered.

"I wish to speak to him alone." She says.

"Your majesty I don't think that is wise." Rowena gives Caym a look. The 'do not argue with me look'. Caym sighs but nods. "Yes your majesty. We will be outside."

Caym waves his hand and orders the demons to follow him. Once the demons are out of the room. Rowena drops down to her knees so she is eye level with the Englishman.


Ketch eyes her up and down.

"How are you here?" He asks.

"Long story." Rowena answers. Ketch furrows his eyebrows. Rowena sighs. "Belphegor wanted the throne for himself. He betrayed us. It left me with no choice but to do a spell that will take all the souls back to Hell."


"But it required a sacrifice."

"What did you do?"

"I met my fate Samuel stabbed me." His face becomes horrified. "I told him to." Rowena quickly added. "and I took all the souls to Hell.

"You sacrificed yourself." Ketch raises his eyebrow. "You Rowena Macleod sacrificed yourself?"

"Who would have thought." She huffed a laugh. "Yet it felt good. I don't regret any of it."

"You are trapped here."

"As Queen." She smiled. "The demons have their jobs back thanks to me." Then her face darkens. "Why are you here?"

"I think you know the answer to that question." Ketch huffed a laugh. He looks around. "I'm not surprised I ended up down here. I have done things that are unforgivable. I guess that's why I wanted you to do that spell on me. I knew so well when I die I would come straight down here." He sighs "I couldn't avoid Hell forever one of these days my death was going to be permanent and well here I am."

"Ardat killed you."

"She did."

"Didn't you fight."

"Of course I fought. I was shot remember so I wasn't exactly up to full strength. She overpowered me."

"The she killed you?"

He shakes his head.

"She was angry because I didn't kill Belphegor. She wanted to know where he is. I made out I had no clue but she saw through my lies. She knew I was protecting you guys. She tried to get me to open up but I refused so she killed me." He looks at his hollow chest. "Ripped my heart out."

"You died because you wouldn't reveal our location."

Ketch nods. Rowena is shocked.

"If I revealed where Belphegor was I would have put the Winchesters and the angel in danger. Most of all you would have been in danger. If Ardat hurt you that would have been on me. I didn't want you hurt Rowena. I did not want more blood on my hands. I..." Ketch closes his mouth. His face screws up. "I...I...c...care about you."

Rowena's face softens.

"This is coming from a man who used to only think for himself."

"It seems we both changed." He smiled.

"Now you are suffering because of it."

"Like I said one of these days I was going to go to Hell. I redeemed myself when it was too late. I done more bad than good. I deserve it."

"You don't"

She cursed when her hand goes through his. He looks at her sadly. He wanted to reach out and touch every part of her. When he was alive he wanted to have sex with her. She wanted it as well. They nearly did have a moment but they got interrupted.

The Winchesters did have bad timing when it came to Rowena making love.

Just like the time when the Winchesters walked in on Rowena and Gabriel having sex.

That was definitely awkward.

The doors open and Caym walks back in.

"I am not finished." Rowena frowned.

Caym looks at the Englishman. He looked jealous.

"Sorry your majesty but we must put him back where he belongs."

"I am saying no."

"That is not your decision to make." Caym snaps at her.

Rowena is taken back. Caym her most loyal demon has never spoke to her like that. Caym orders Ketch to follow. The demons go behind the Englishman to ensure he does not escape.

"Ketch." She yelled.

Ketch looks back at her. He smiles. He's accepted his fate. He was okay with it.

Caym orders him to move. Ketch obeys and leaves the room.

Rowena slumps back on her throne. The thought of Ketch being tortured made her feel sick.

Shortly after she got to work. She looked through the books. It amazed her that Hell had a library. She did find one thing that got her interest.

Twisting the human soul into a demon.

A Knight in Hell.

She closes the book. She could consider that an option. Then Ketch does not deserve to be in Hell. He is needed on earth. She remembered her Resurrection Spell she created. If she could do it for Ketch he will be alive.

The witch walks to the chambers. She cringed at the sound of screaming souls. She saw Ketch on the rack being slashed by the demon.

It was Caym.

Rowena wasn't sure why Caym is doing it. She sensed that the demon had an issue with the Englishman.


Caym stops and turns round.

"Your majesty." He automatically bows. "What brings you here?"

"I wish to speak to Arthur Ketch."

The demon narrowed his eyes.


"Aye now would be good."

Caym grips his razor. He didn't look happy.


He steps to the side. Rowena looks at him.

"I wish to speak to him alone."


His mouth twisted into something unrecognizable. He straightened up and leaves the room. Once he was gone Rowena looks and meets Ketch's eyes. Ketch smiled at her. A genuine smile. Rowena frowns. She can see the pain that was coming through the cracks of his well perfected mask.

"I am here to make you an offer."

Ketch sighs.


"Here me out." She leans forward. "I can bring you back."

"The Resurrection Seal? Bit late don't you think?"

"I have another spell. It is a Spirit Resurrection Spell. It brings you back to life. I don't need your body. It brings you back in the flesh."


"Aye. I made it myself. I never got the chance to test it out."

"So you want me as your guinea pig." He snorted.

"I want you out of here. So shall we get started."

Ketch looks down.



"No." He meets her gaze. "I can't go and leave you here."

"You can."

"I can't. I said I care about you. I want to be with you. I do not want to be on earth alone."

"You can move on and find another woman."

"None of them are like you. You intrigue me Rowena. You make feel something. Something I did not feel with Mary. You expect me to leave. I would like to explore those feelings. If I can't be with you alive then I would rather stay here and suffer."

He leans back like he is surrendering. He wanted to be punished.

"I do have another option." Rowena licks her lips. Her face is uncertain. "I am not sure if you will like it."

Ketch raises his eyebrow.

"I'm listening."

Later on Rowena cupped Ketch's soul in her hands. She looks at the book and examines it carefully. She did not want to mess this up. She has changed some parts of the spell. She did not want to wipe Ketch's humanity away. She didn't want to wipe away his feelings and emotions that he recently started to gain. She knew he did not want to become the man he once was before his first death.

"We retrieved his body for you."

The demon puts the body of Arthur Ketch down on the table.

"Thank you Amon." She nodded to the demon.

Caym stood at the back of the crowd. He would usually be the one at the front standing next to his Queen but this time he kept his distance. He can see his Queen had feelings for the Englishman and it angered him. He wanted her attention he has been a dedicated follower to her. How could she put her feelings into a soul who deserved decades worth of suffering.

His Queen is blinded by Ketch's charm and Caym wished she can see that. Rules are rules he had to obey no matter what. He had to respect what she is about to do.

Rowena puts the soul on top of the corpse. She takes a deep breath and suddenly plunges the soul into the body. The witch immediately started chanting. Her voice got louder and louder as the process went on. The lights flicker and fire bursts from the ground. The demons remained silent and watched their Queen.

Rowena's eyes glow purple and black and there is an explosion of red and black smoke that surrounds the body. The witch removes her hands from the body and slams them down on the table.

Then everything went quiet.

All eyes went on the corpse. One gasped when he saw a finger twitch. Rowena leans forward.

"Arthur." She spoke her voice quiet.

A few seconds later Ketch's eyes open. Rowena stumbled back when she faced the two big pools of black.

Ketch gasps and sits up. His black eyes scan the crowd. He meets Rowena's gaze. His eyes return to normal and a smile spreads across his face.

He raises his hand. Rowena does the same. They move closer and closer until the tips of their fingers touched. Ketch's smile widens and he looks at Rowena with pure joy. Their fingers intertwine and they held it tight not wanting to let go.

"Shall we..." He grins. "...go exploring."

Rowena lowers her gaze towards his body.


The next thing they did they both went into the bedroom and closed the doors behind them.

With a do not disturb sign hanging on the door handle.

So what do you think? I plan to post another chapter soon. I hope you guys liked it so far.