It's been a few days since Lilith's death. They didn't mourn over the ones they have lost. Demons are not the grieving type. They were more eager to get back to work. Rowena set all the stations up and the demons returned to their posts and resumed their duties.

Zack got a promotion. He was officially King of the Crossroads. Although deals were banned Zack had another role. Rowena put him in charge of categorizing the souls. Some like Lee Webb deserved the VIP treatment. Zack was a very talkative person he certainly gets a lot of information from the souls when they are queuing in the never-ending line. Being a business man Rowena did allow him to make one deal.

"So let me quickly go through this again." Zack clears his throat. "Your wife cheated on you with this other guy, it led to a divorce and you suddenly decided to kill women who looked exactly like your ex. You killed four women and your ex was going to be the fifth to highlight that you and her were married for five years. Unfortunately the plan failed, you were caught, you refused to surrender and you were about to attack so the cops had no choice but to kill you." He raises his eyebrow. "Did I miss anything out?"

Sean Ward shakes his head.


Zack grins.

"Mr Ward, that's awesome. Your story was like something out of Criminal Minds. Your ex triggered you, that was the stress factor, the idea of killing five women including your ex to show your five years of marriage that's just...that's a classic. Mr Ward you are a serial killer."

"A serial killer?" Ward looked offended.

"I seen enough cop shows in my life to know when someone is a serial killer."

"I am not a serial killer." Ward growled. "I am not the one in the wrong. Christine is. She is the one who started all this. She should be down here not me!"

"You think you don't deserve Hell?" Zack frowns. "Mr Ward you have committed a serious sin. Murder. You murdered four innocent women."

"Christine committed adultery. She broke our vows. We swore on God we would be together until the end. She also lied." Ward looks at the line of souls. "Those girls, their blood is on her hands. She's responsible for their deaths not me. I'm the innocent one here. I DO NOT DESERVE TO BE HERE! I WANT TO GET OUT. NOW!"

The two demons who are guarding the door look in Ward's direction with narrowed eyes. Zack waves his hand and shakes his head. The demons nod and look away.

"Lower your voice Mr Ward." Zack warned. "We don't want to cause a scene."

"Fuck off you can't tell me what to do." Ward snapped.

"Look." Zack leans forward and whispers in the man's ear. "I can get you of this line."

"You can?"

"Yes. You can skip this. I can give you a pass."

"Be out for good?"

"Yes. I will do it on one condition you do not raise your voice, you do not cause disruption and you treat me and everyone else with respect. I can easily change my mind and leave you here by the look of your number you could be here for ten years. You won't admit it out loud but you need me. So..." He folds his arms. "What's it gotta be? Do we have a deal?"

Ward nods.

"Yes. Yes I'll do anything."

"A kiss to seal the deal."

"Mr Ketch said no kisses." A demon yells.

Zack rolls his eyes.

"Fine." He smiles and sticks out his hand. "Do we have a deal?"

Ward shakes the crossroad demon's hand.


"Excellent." Zack looks at his list. "ELIAS?"

Elias pushes himself of the wall and comes over.

"Yes sir?"

Zack had to hold in a chuckle when he saw the demon's disgusted expression. The demons really did not like Zack in charge.

"I have given Mr Ward a pass. I believe we have quite a few free spots in Section S. Let Jen know we have another one to add to the collection."

While Zack was the head crossroad demon the other crossroad demons were put in charge of each post. Rowena referred them as the department managers. Everyone agreed it would be a good idea because then some responsibilities would be taken of both Rowena and Ketch's shoulders. Rowena wouldn't admit it but the paperwork is boring. She would rather let the crossroad demons deal with it.

"Yes sir."

Elias goes towards the soul. Ward takes several steps back.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm doing my end of the deal." Zack answered with a 'isn't it obvious' expression.

"What's Section S?" Ward asks.

"It's where the serial killers go. The sections are in alphabetic order. Section R for rapists, Section T for thieves and Section S for serial killers."

"I'm not a serial killer!"

"You are Mr Ward. Soon you will see that you do deserve Hell. We are good at breaking people." Zack smirked.

"I never agreed to this."

Elias grabs Ward by the arm. Ward swings his fist. Elias blocks it and kicks Ward in the stomach. Ward drops down to his knees. Ward falls on his back and Elias drags him down the hallway.

"WE HAD A DEAL!" Ward screamed.

"I know." Zack shouts back. "I did my part I got you out. I hope to see good behavior from you I will be checking." A woman stared with a wide eyed expression. Zack notices and asks. "You want out?"

"Umm no thank you."

Zack smiles.

"Good girl, you're not stupid like him."

He pats her on the shoulder and walks off.

He moves down the line and randomly selects his next target. He paused and puts on his most charming smile.

"Hi I'm Zack welcome to Hell. Before you ask no I'm not a tour guide Hell doesn't have a tour guide however I can give you a brief summary of Hell if you are interested. I..."

His voice trails off and his eyes widen. He then quickly places his hand on his ear.

"Mr Ketch, I found him. I found Cole Trenton."

Ketch pulls up outside the café. He gets of his motorbike and heads inside. His eyes scan the surroundings. He spots a blonde haired man sitting in the corner on his own. Ketch walks towards the table and clears his throat wanting to make his presence known. The man turns round. He quickly hides his shock and replaces it with a scowl.

"Mr Ketch."

"Caym." Ketch pulls out a chair and sits down. He looks at the untouched coffee and sandwich. "Not hungry."

Caym grimaced as he looks at the food.

"I still haven't adjusted to the idea."

"Because you won't accept it?" Caym pursed his lips and turns his head away. "You're lucky you know that right? You could have had worse. You were the mole you did betray us."

"I didn't..." He takes a deep breath and forces himself to calm down. "Torture would have no effect on me, having me locked in a cell would do nothing either. I been there and done all that. To be the best torturer you got to experience the pain and suffering. That's what I did. I went through all the sessions and not only did I learn from it I also made myself immune to it. With my skills and knowledge I worked my way up to the top. I was doing good until you came along. Hell has changed. Really changed. The previous rulers would have killed me for what I did. You know what I would choose death over this."

"It's not that bad."

"Not that bad." Caym grits his teeth. "Not that bad. I'm a fucking human now. I have to eat, drink, sleep, piss it's a constant cycle I can't get out off."

"Me and Rowena thought it would be a suitable punishment. Call it a taste of your own medicine. You did try to do this to me, you wanted to strip me from my power, make me weak. Well now you know how it feels. Don't say the pain didn't bother you. I was there when the ritual was performed. You were screaming like a four year old girl. It was quite amusing to watch actually."

" If you are only here to rub it in my face then I say this talk is over. "

Caym stands up and grabs his jacket from the chair. He puts it on and walks out of the café. He turns a corner and walks down the road. The former demon jumps when Ketch appears in front of him.

"Leave me alone." Caym growled.

"I'm not here to rub it in your face."

"Really? That's the impression I'm getting here. Demons looked up to me in Hell. I was the most respected and most loyal out of them all. I put my full effort into my work I took care of Hell after Sam Winchester's announcement without me Hell would have been a mess. Some demons feared me they knew damm well what I was capable of. I wasn't a demon to be messed with. Now..."

He paused as his mind goes back to the moment when he was let out of his cell after the ritual. All the demons were lined up on both sides. He remembered the comments, the laughter he remembered the humiliation he felt when he was forced to walk past every single one of his colleagues. He remembered her Majesty's blank expression when he bowed down to her. Rowena couldn't look him in the eye. She turned to one of the crossroad demon's and ordered them to take Caym to Earth where he would spend the rest of his miserable human life.

"Rowena always thought highly of you." Ketch says. "She always praised you. You were one of her best workers. The punishment Rowena gave you it wasn't so much because of what I went through I...I don't think she wanted to you to die. She did tell you to go before she killed Lilith right? She could have killed you as well. To Rowena you won't the mole you won't the bad guy she knew you had a problem with me she sensed there was tension between you and me and when you...confessed your true feelings to her that helped her put the final pieces together. You were in love her but I was in the way you knew no one in Hell would kill me so you did the next best thing which was to go to Lilith. That plan eventually backfired on you. As I just stated Rowena didn't want you to die and she knew torture would have no effect on you so that's why she decided exile."

"Why make me human?" Ketch saw genuine emotion in the former demon's eyes. Caym shakes his head and gestures to himself. "Why not just kick me out and leave it at that. Why strip my dignity? My purpose? I am Caym! Second in Command of Hell. Why couldn't she let me leave as a demon."

"Then she would be seen as too soft." Ketch replied. "She had to be stern. She had to take something from you."

"My status was taken from me. Wasn't that enough?"

"No...Caym this could be a blessing in disguise."


"There is no way you are going to return to your demon life. Rowena made sure of that. You should see this as opportunity to start fresh, embrace the human life."

"Embrace it?" He said with disgust.

"Move on, do something good with your life. Lucca said he believes in second chances."

"Where can I start?" Caym laughed. "For starters I have no job, Kyle's boss decided to sack him soon I will lose money and the flat I am going to end up on the streets sleeping rough." He again laughs. "This is just shows how much I have lost. I'm fucked truly fucked."

Ketch didn't take much notice of Caym's sudden show of emotions. It is one of the side effects a newly turned human goes through. The Knight of Hell's eyes widen when he hears Zack's voice in his head. Ketch looks at Caym's raised brow.

"I have to go." Caym scoffs and a flash of jealously goes through his eyes. Ketch tilts his head and studies the former demon. "Everyone says you are the smartest demon."

"You bring this up because?"

"None of this should be a problem to you. You should be able to get yourself out of this situation easily. We took away your demonic powers not your intelligence. Use that head of yours and think on what to do next."

"You know what I want to do next? I want to kill you but..." Caym sighs. "It will break her heart. I realize now your death wouldn't change anything. Rowena does not feel the same way I feel about her." The former demon folds his arms. "You better watch yourself out there don't be reckless Rowena needs you alive. I want her to be happy. You make her happy. I mean it Mr Ketch be careful."

Ketch blinks with surprise. He wasn't expecting that.

"This doesn't mean we're friends." Caym added.

"Not a big loss." Ketch smirked.

Caym grins.

"I will not miss you."

Zack's voice booms in Ketch's head. Ketch sighs he needed to go otherwise the crossroad demon is going to drive him crazy. When Ketch looks up he sees Caym getting into a taxi. Caym shuts the door and gives Ketch one last look through the window before going down the road.

Ketch smiles.

"Goodbye Caym."

Rowena had her spell book open and her glass of scotch on the side. She trails her fingers along the spell. The witch is excited to try out her new resurrection spell. Cole and Mick are going to be her perfect subjects. She couldn't wait to see their reactions after they are both brought back from the dead.

"Hello Rowena."

Rowena spins round and faces the new arrival.


Billie smiles.

"We meet again." She looks round the room. "You died with a purpose. I must say I am impressed. Hell has been restored to its natural order. It needed to be under control."

Rowena smiles nervously.

"It was nothing really."

Billie's eyes snap towards her. The smile remained on her face. Rowena is certain Death wouldn't just pop in for a chat. No. Death wanted something.

"What do you want?" Rowena asks.

"I know about your spell." Billie answered. "The loop you discovered."

Rowena swallows.


"It worked. Sam used it to bring someone back."

Rowena smiles.

That's my boy.

"You surprised me Rowena. You really must be something to be able to mess with Death and bring people back from the dead. I'm afraid I cannot allow this to go any further. I am going to close the loop-hole."

"What?" Rowena shakes her head. "But I promised two young lads that I would..."

"Michael Davies and Cole Trenton." Billie nodded. "I'm aware. Rowena you must understand what's dead stays dead. Your son." Rowena flinched at the mention of her son. "I made it clear he can't come back. Right now I am making it clear to you that these two men cannot come back either."

"I promised them."

"A promise means nothing to me."

"You don't understand. These men they helped me in the War. Lilith..."

"I heard. Congratulations on your win. You see there is a problem the Winchesters failed to trap God now I have to make sure God doesn't bring someone else back. God brought Lilith back. Who could He bring back next? Lucifer? The other world Michael? It could be someone more powerful than Lilith. We can't afford another War. From this point and onwards resurrection is officially off the table."

"You say that yet how many times have the Winchesters come back? No matter what you do someone is always going to come back."

"Things are going to change now. I hope I do not have to come back here. I don't like it when I have to repeat myself."

"Can we make a deal?" Billie raises her eyebrow. Rowena took they as a sign to continue. "If you bring those boys back I promise I will never create anymore resurrection spells I will not try to bring anyone back. I will respect your rules."

Billie considered it. She then nods.

"One. I will allow one to come back."

"Then the deal is off."

Billie takes several steps forward and leans over the witch.

"One or they both can stay dead."

"I will try to bring them back myself."

"You won't be able to." Billie smirked. "If you did I can easily reverse the process. Would you like it if I sent their souls to the Empty?" Rowena stared with shock. Billie shakes her head. "Didn't think so." She leans back and looks at her Scythe. She twirls it in her hand. "This will be a one time deal you either take it or leave it. You should be grateful I am offering you this I could have said no. This is you could say a reward you did manage to kill Lilith and save Hell. At least I do not have to worry about the souls down here. Thank you for that." She then sighs. "So have you made your decision?"

Rowena bit her lip.

"I wanted to bring them both back."

"I know that's not how it works. Everyone dies, people are dying right now as we speak. Not everyone has been given the opportunity to come back. As Death I am trying to make the rules fair for everyone. These tricks, spells, deals it needs to stop. Yes there are people out there who deserve another shot of life and I could give it to them but sadly many abuse it and bring back those who cause havoc and chaos to the world. That's why I believe what's dead should stay dead. For your case I am making an exception I am only going to bring one back after that I am closing it all down for good. Now I really need an answer."

"Alright." Rowena sighs. "Its a yes."

"Okay? Who do you choose? Michael or Cole?"

"Can I discuss it with them first? I don't want to make this decision behind their backs."

"Very well. Do not take too long. Call me when you have made a decision."

"Call you? You ignored me the last time I called you."

"I will be listening." Billie smirked. "I know who I would choose."

Before Rowena could ask Billie vanishes leaving the witch alone in the room.

"You made a deal with Death!"

"I had no choice Arthur."

Ketch and Rowena stood in the corner arguing with each other while the others remained silent. Lucca stayed he didn't want to leave until Cole was found. Also the Priest had unfinished business here that he wanted to sort out soon. Cole stared at the ground. The soldier hasn't said much since Zack found him Lucca said it is likely Cole is in shock. His death was so quick and so abrupt Cole didn't have time to process it. He wasn't ready to die. They all decided to keep Cole's body in the other room if Cole saw his body he could freak out. Mick stood with the soldier and ensured him he wasn't the only one like this and soon Rowena will bring them both back.

"We have to tell them." Rowena turns away from the Englishman. Mick saw the devastation on her face. He knew whatever she is about to say it is not going to be good news. "Everyone I have some news. It's about the resurrection." The witch sighs. "Death discovered the loop-hole and closed it. This means my spell will not work."

"We can't come back?" Mick says.

"We made a deal." Rowena continued. "Death has agreed to allow one of you to come back."

"One of us so that means..."

"You or Cole." Rowena lowers her eyes. Her face is apologetic. "I am sorry. I did fight for you both but Death made it clear resurrection is banned. She is allowing one to come back as a way to say thank you for getting rid of Lilith." She looks at both men. "If I don't make a choice then you will both stay dead."

The room went silent as everyone processed the information. Then Mick looks over at the soldier.

"Pick Cole. He deserves it."

"What?" Ketch shakes his head. "Mick?"

"He has a wife and a child. He has a family who need him. Who do I have? No one."

"That's not true. Mick I promised I would bring you back. This is your chance to have the life you deserve."

"I know. I wanted it to." Mick sighed. "I already took so much from Cole. I took him away from his family, I possessed him without his consent, I brought him into this War."

"I chose to be in this War." Cole says.

"I should have left you alone." Mick says. "I understand you can't forgive me I can't take back what I did but the least I can do is give you a second chance of life."

"What about you?" Cole asked with concern. "Where will you go?"

"I can't go to Heaven. I am not going back on the rack. I guess I'll go exploring on the Earth."

"You will go crazy." Ketch says.

Mick smiles sadly.

"I better enjoy the time I have left."

"I..." Cole shakes his head. "I can't do it. I can't do this. I can't take your place."

"You can." Mick nods to him. "It's not your time yet. You spent most of your life chasing Dean Winchester now with this second chance you can start fresh be the perfect Father and Husband."

Ketch wanted to argue but he knew deep down it would be pointless. Mick can be a stubborn asshole. Once he makes a decision he will stick with it. Part of Ketch had to agree with the other Brit. It showed how much both men have changed. In the British Men of Letters they put themselves first and left their injured comrades behind. Missions were above the civilians. If people had to die in order for the mission succeed the Brits would do it without hesitation. Now Cole Trenton is the top priority. Mick put the soldier's life before his. If Ketch was in Mick's situation he probably would have made the same choice.

Lucca watched the scene with a smile on his face. He then steps in and makes his presence known.

""If I can bring you both back I would. I'm afraid I don't have the power to do that." The Priest looks at both men. "I do agree that it's not your time Cole. Then Mick it wasn't your time either your life was taken from you." Lucca looks at Ketch as he said it. "I can see why this would be a difficult decision. Mick I must say I am proud of you."

"Proud of me?"

"Si." Lucca nods. "I know how eager you were to be alive again the opportunity is here you can take it but instead you gave it to Cole."

"It is the right thing to do."

"It is the right thing to do." Lucca repeated with a smile. "I am glad you are following your moral compass not the British Men of Letters. It's nice to see you making your own decisions for once."

"Father." Cole says. "I can't live without knowing Mick is gonna go crazy."

"Do you think I would allow that?" Lucca raises his eyebrow. Cole swallows. He kept forgetting he was talking to the Big Guy. Lucca sensed the soldier's embarrassment and laughs. "It's okay there is no need to be embarrassed I understand your concern. I do have a way to ensure both of you are happy."

"How are you planning on doing that?" Ketch asks.

"My job as a Priest is to help spirits move on into the afterlife."

"Father we have been through this. Souls from Hell can't go to Heaven." Mick says.

"Unless if the soul is taken to Heaven."

"Taken to Heaven?"

Lucca's eyes shift on to the Knight of Hell.

"You mind giving us a lift? There is someone I been meaning to see." Ketch narrows his eyes. "Don't worry. I promise Mick will be safe." Lucca assured them. "You can trust me I'm not Chuck remember."

Mick nods at his former colleague. Ketch glances at his Queen. She nods and gives him permission to leave. Ketch steps forward and places his hands on Lucca and Mick.

"Where do you want to go?"

Lucca leans forward and whispers the location in Ketch's ear. Ketch's face screws up with confusion. He is about to ask but Lucca raises his finger.

"Trust me."

Ketch closes his mouth and looks straight ahead.

The three of them appear in front of a tall building. Mick looks up and frowns.

"A Church?"

"Don't ask." Ketch sighed.

"Wait here." Lucca ordered. "I need to go alone I will let you know when it's okay to join."


"Mr Ketch, please I need this."

Ketch again sighs.


Lucca gives him a grateful smile before going up the steps into the Church. He steps into the room and looks round. His eyes fall on the young man who is sat at the front. Lucca almost choked up at the sight of eldest son. The Archangel Michael mighty warrior of Heaven has changed so much it broke Lucca's heart. Michael's slumped shoulders and crumbled expression it showed all the signs that the Archangel has given up.

The Cage has broken his spirit. Lucca thought. The guilt threatens to swallow him whole.

Michael seemed to sense Lucca's presence because he turns round. The Archangel then stands up and puts on a strained smile.


Lucca knew Michael wasn't addressing him personally he was addressing his title. The Priest decided to play along until he felt the time is right to deliver the news. Lucca joins his son and sits down on the bench.

"It's beautiful isn't it." Lucca says.

Michael looks up at the stained glass windows and nods.


"It amazes me how mankind can create something so beautiful yet at the same time they destroy it. War, climate change, deforestation if people keep it up bad things will happen. Natural disasters, disease, death. There will be no world left."

"There is nothing we can do about that."

"You believe that?"

"Yes I do."

"Why do you think that?"

Michael looks away and sighs.

"There is no point."

"So you are one of those people." Lucca tilts his head. "You lack faith. Why?"

The Archangel looked conflicted. Lucca stared at him.

Come on Michael you can never keep secrets from me.

"You are a Priest, you devoted your life to God. You would do anything for Him, you would follow the Bible and perform all the tasks because you believe it's important to do the right thing."

"Of course."

"Have you ever thought you might be wasting your time?"

Lucca's lips press into a thin line. He didn't like where this conversation is going.

"Why do you think it is a waste of time?"

" You do all this for Him. You pray to Him every day. " He gestures to his surroundings. "You get nothing in return."

"You don't do things and expect to get something in return. It doesn't work like that."

"Do you even think He cares?" Michael said his voice cold.

"I think He does." Michael snorted at that. Lucca picked his next choice of words carefully he didn't want to risk setting the Archangel of. "Did something happen, an event in your life where you needed God? You prayed and prayed and you felt you were ignored?"

Michael became tense. He grips his jeans and his eyes looked haunted. Lucca knew about the Cage but he wanted to hear it from his son. Lucca wanted to know how his son felt during the most traumatic moment of his life he wanted to know how much Chuck has damaged him.

"I don't want to talk about it." Michael grits his teeth. Michael wasn't talking to him his attention is elsewhere. The Archangel then laughs. "You can't make me talk about my feelings." He narrows his eyes like he is listening to something. He then sighs and his shoulders slump in defeat. "Fine."

He turns back to the Priest. He suddenly looked uncomfortable. Lucca smiles reassuringly at him.

"Take your time."

Michael picks up a copy of the Bible that they keep on the benches. He trails his fingers along the cover and looks up at the picture of himself slaying the Devil. Lucca had to hide a wince when he saw the painting. Before Lucca would have admired that painting but now with his memories back Lucca hated it.

"I was a good son." Michael says. "I did everything for my Father, I followed every order, I was loyal to Him. My brother turned on us and it caused our family to fall apart. Father left because of my brother's actions. For Father to return I had to do what needed to be done. I had to...get rid of my brother for good. The plan went sideways, me and my brother got trapped in could say it was like Hell and we were stuck there for years. One day my brother got out but I was still stuck in the Cage. Father knew where I was He could have saved me I thought because I failed my mission I failed Him He didn't want to save me. I thought the Cage was my punishment so I stopped praying I stopped calling out to Him. My prison was destroyed recently, I got out. I found out that Father didn't save me because... it wasn't to do with punishing me it was because He didn't need me anymore. I had no part in His story." Michael bit his lip and pain showed in his eyes. "All these years I thought He cared about me, I thought He loved me. Turns out my life has been nothing but a lie. Now...I don't know what to do. I have nowhere to go I don't have a purpose anymore I'm...I'm lost."

He knows the truth. Lucca thought with horror.

Feeling the need to comfort his son Lucca reaches out and places his hand on the Archangel's arm.

"He does care about you." Lucca smiled. "He loves you very much."

Michael pulls away and shakes his head.

"You don't even know Him."

"Oh believe me I do." Michael narrows his eyes with suspicion. Lucca holds out his hand. "Michael I want you to look. Look into my mind and soul. You will find out the truth."


"That God does love you."

"What is this?"

"I know you are the Archangel Michael."

Michael stands up and goes into a defensive stance.

"Who are you?" He asks.

Lucca calmly stands up and holds out his hand again.

"It is better if I showed you."

"You expect me to trust you? This could be a trap."

"It's not." The Priest assured him. "There is no need for that." The blue fades from Michael's eyes as soon as Lucca said that. "I don't want to fight. I only want you to look."

"Why? What is it you want to show me?"

"Its complicated that's why its better if I showed you. Look at me Michael. You do that and all your questions will be answered."

Michael hesitated at first but when he glimpses into the Priest's soul it reminded him of something. The feeling is so strong it made Michael feel like he is in Heaven again. Adam encouraged him to check it out which caused the Archangel to roll his eyes that kid is too curious for his own good.

"How bad can it be?" Adam said with a mental shrug. "Can't be worse than the Cage."

Okay his vessel had a good point but Michael still felt uneasy. Part of him is curious but the another part of him is scared on what he will find out. Lucca's kind, warm eyes calmed the Archangel down. Michael steps forward and holds the Priest's hand. His eyes glow as he goes into the human's mind. Suddenly a load of images flash across Michael's eyes. Centuries worth of memories flood the Archangel's mind from the time of the split to Lucca fulfilling the prophecy and wiping the demons out of Hell.

Michael gasps and let's go. He looks at the Priest with wide eyes.

"Michael are you okay?"

Michael blinks several times. His lips parted in shock.


Lucca beams at him.


Michael shakes his head.

"How? How are you here yet He..."

Michael goes quiet. He knew the answer. He saw it in Lucca's head he saw the split he saw the Holy Trinity. God lost a part of himself after the split. His spirit, his soul fell to Earth and he was reborn as a human. It was like when Anna removed her grace and fell to Earth. She was reborn as a human. Thinking back it made so much sense to the Archangel. God didn't show any love, He rarely paid any attention to His children He was more interested in His work. The reason that is because God didn't know how to love them, His emotions were stripped from Him. All He knew was power. He used that power to create a story. A story that hurt so many lives including His own family. Even Amara was a pawn to His game.

The man standing in front of Michael is the soul of God. This is his true Father. The feelings Lucca showed towards him is real. None of this is Chuck's twisted story this is all real. Michael froze when Lucca wraps his arms around him.

"I'm so sorry." Lucca rubs small circles on his son's back. "If I had my memories sooner I would have saved you. I would have done anything to get you of that Cage. I understand if you can't forgive me."

"It's not your fault." Michael replied. "I am glad to see my Father. My real Father." Michael's eyes widen when a thought occurs to him. "Oh no."

"Something wrong?"

"I told them. The Winchesters. I gave them the spell on how to lock Chuck away. If they succeed what will happen to you."

"They didn't lock Him away. They have failed. Chuck got away."

Fear shows on Michael's face.

"They have failed!" Michael clenched his fists. "He is going to know I gave them the spell. He is going to come after me." He swallows. "He is going to kill me."

"He is not going to kill you. Not on my watch."

"You are only human unless...We need to get your powers back."

"I don't want my powers back."

Michael frowns.


Lucca shakes his head.

"I don't want them back. I like it here on Earth. I like my job. I have met some of the most wonderful people. I would have never connected with them if I was up in Heaven sure I would watch over them but it's not the same. I don't think I can go back to being the Ruler of the universe it's not who I am anymore."

"You saw what Chuck has done. You saw what He did to me we need to stop Him."

"He will be stopped. Not by us." His son looks at him with a puzzled expression. "The Holy Trinity has three parts." Lucca explained. "The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Chuck is the Father I am the Holy Spirit so that leaves us with the Son. Now the Son he can defeat Chuck and take His place as the rightful Ruler of the universe he will be the new Light to Amara's Darkness. He will be a perfect God."

"But Father, who is the Son?"

Lucca gave him a knowing smile.

"That I can't say you will know when the time comes. Michael I understand you are angry at Chuck but please do not go after Him. This is not your battle if you do He will kill you. You must promise me that you will not tell anyone about me not Amara not even the Winchesters this has to stay between us do you understand?"

"Not even Heaven?"

"No one. Promise me Michael you will keep this quiet."

Michael nods.

"I promise Father I will not tell anyone."

"I also need you to cloak yourself. Then He will not be able to find you. Don't answer any prayers and only fly if you need to. Do you understand?"

"I understand. Father, how long do I have to hide?"

"I don't know. Also after today we can't see each other again not while He is around."

"But...I just got you back. You're going away again."

"I would love to spend time with you. It pains me that I have to leave you. Michael I promise you we will be a family again. I will never abandon you do you hear me? Never." Lucca places his hand on Michael's shoulder. "I am proud of you son."

Those words hit Michael hard. This is the first time God has ever praised him. Warmth filled Michael's chest and happiness showed in his eyes.

"Michael I don't like giving you orders just remember I am doing this to keep you safe." Michael nods showing he understood. Lucca looks at the door. "There is one more thing I want you to do."

"What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to deliver a soul into Heaven. Can you do that for me?"

"Who is the soul?"

"Michael Davies. He's a good man. I want to help him move on. The only way to do that is to give him the peace he deserves. I need you to take him. Is that okay?"

"Father. I will do it."

Lucca nods.

"Good." He again looks at the door when he hears arguing coming from outside. He chuckles. "We better see them they are getting impatient."

Michael gestures to the door.

"After you Father."

Lucca again nods and smiles before going towards the door. Michael follows behind.

Michael felt a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He felt free he felt happy. For the first time in years.

Michael smiled.

Cole Trenton was brought back to life and reunited with his family.

Mick Davies went to Heaven where he finally found the peace he deserved.

Dr Hess spent the rest of her time in the darkest part of Hell. Eventually she did break and become a drooling mess.

Zack and the demons continued making Hell great.

Bela visited Earth and met the angel Anael. The two of them became good friends. They immediately bonded over their love for Dior and Chanel . When Anael is finished for the day the demon and the angel would have a girls day out at the shops.

Caym got a job in the supermarket and he is currently on his first date with a woman he met in the street.

Father Lucca returned to Malta and went back to work. The day when Chuck is defeated Lucca will be reunited with his family. He couldn't wait to see his son and his Sister again.

Michael went into hiding. Adam helped him settle into the human life. Although Michael missed his Father he was grateful to have a friend like Adam. Neither would admit it but they needed each other. They helped each other through the Cage and now they are going to support each other through the new world. Of course they had to check in to every diner they go past. Adam loves his food. Some things never change.

Ketch stayed by his Queen's side. He would never leave her. He loved her and she loved him. No one can break them up.

The couple walked side by side to the bedroom door. Rowena looks at partner. He gives a smirk which makes her grin. He scoops her up and she wraps her legs around his torso. He opens the door and walks inside with her in his arms. The door then closes behind them.

With a do not disturb sign hanging on the door handle.

The End

Yes I ended the chapter the same way as chapter one lol. It started with Ketch and Rowena it ends with Ketch and Rowena. So that is the end. Damm I can't believe how long this story is it was only meant to be five chapters. I kept getting so many ideas as the story went on lol. Again thank you to everyone who has followed and reviewed this story.

Take care and stay safe.

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