Despicable Me:
Missing At Christmas

It's the start of December, and this year, I just couldn't help myself. I HAD to do a Christmas story. Of course, there'll be plenty of fluff, because what would Christmas be without fluff. But, as well as that, I wanted to incorporate more of a Despicable Me kind of storyline in between things.

Or, in other words, there's a bad guy who wants to do bad stuff.

This story has been a long while in the making, so hopefully, you'll really enjoy it!

Chapter One:
A Pretty Great Year

As the twenty-one-year-old looked out over the sun-soaked city, Vixon smiled and cherished this resounding moment in his life. The warm July breeze lightly glided across his skin, and in that moment, he couldn't remember a time where he'd felt so proud and fulfilled. For soon, once his accomplice arrived with the escape helicopter, he will pull off the most dastardly villainous heist that he'd ever thought up.

The Statue of Light was regarded as one of the most elaborately designed structural landmarks in the US. Standing at around 300 feet tall, it was situated proudly in the middle of the city, watching out over the many surrounding buildings as if it were a concerned parent. As he stood inside the viewing platform at its peak, he had to admit, this statue truly was an impressive sight to behold.

Pity it was about to be blown up.

Vixon cackled to himself as he cradled the trigger in his grasp. Any minute now, the helicopter will arrive, and as he whisks away from the city in a bask of his own glory, he will press it and explode the stupid thing into the next universe.

He'd spent quite some time secretly planting a myriad of explosives inside of the statue's framework, and once the lot of them are simultaneously activated, nothing in its vicinity will survive. Considering how much he'd used, it was probably a little overkill, but regardless, it didn't hurt to make sure.

Well, the city would get hurt, but in fairness, that was the whole point.

Truly, he couldn't foresee how anything would go wrong. Everyone but his hired accomplice, who was also an up-and-coming villain making great strides in the evil-doer community, were none-the-wiser to this truly devious deed. Surely, this event will go down in history, to be revered amongst fellow villains as one of the best acts of tyranny ever perpetrated.

He still had some ways to go to out-do the moon heist, but this was a good starting point.

Or so he thought...

Unfortunately, at that moment, much to Vixon's cataclysmic surprise, the very man who conducted that same heist burst through the entrance and affixed the villain with a strong gaze. The bald AVL agent had his fists clenched tight as he watched him, and it didn't particularly take a genius to understand why he was here.

"Put de trigger down, Vixon!"

"Gru!" The brown-haired man simply stood slack-jawed for a moment, hoping sincerely that the person stood before him was some sort of hallucination. " did you know I was here!?"

"Let's just say, I had..." He put his head down for a short moment, allowing a gratified smirk to gradually crawl across his expression. "An anonymous tip-off."

Growling, Vixon had to suppress the urge to crush the trigger angrily in his grip. He'd spent so long planning out and conducting this heist, that he couldn't let this goody-two-shoes traitor of villainy waltz in and ruin it. Maybe, he considered, this was the opportunity to let his name go down in history...

As the man who killed Felonious Gru.

"Well...I guess you got me then, huh?" The villain mused, strolling forward with a venomous grin. "Now that you're here, it appears there's no way out."

"Yoo learn fast." Gru responded, slightly cocking his head as he took his own threatening step forward. "Now, dis ees your last chance. Put de trigger down, or I'll have eet removed by force."

"Ooo, real scary. You've been working on your threats since our last encounter." Vixon's evil smile continued to develop, as he lifted the trigger and traversed his finger closer in preparation. Gru's expression visibly dropped. "Pity you're still terrible at it."

"Yoo wouldn't dare."

"Oh, wouldn't I? I think you'd be quite surprised." The twenty-one-year-old jeered with a small laugh. "You see, without you, the AVL would be severely crippled. You've been their best agent recently, haven't you? For every single heist that's been planned this year, you've been there to stop most of them." His morbid grin continued to grow wider as he spoke in the most wicked tone he could produce. He was still young, so it wasn't entirely effective. "Truly, this would be the perfect revenge against your stupid little organization, especially after the trouble you've caused me!"

"Dis ees suicide!"

Vixon gave a nonchalant shrug.

"I am but a worthy sacrifice." The villain gradually moved his finger even closer to the button, putting Gru more and more on edge. "If killing the two of us is how my name will be remembered, then so be it."

However, to Vixon's minor surprise, instead of frightening Gru further with this revelation, the former villain simply grinned, as if he was overcome with a sudden wave of confidence.

"Dere ees a fault een your logic."

At that moment, before Vixon could form a question to his response, an unknown redhead agent dressed in a long blue coat leaped from his right to tackle the young villain to the floor, sending the trigger flying out of his grasp in the process.

"There's three of us!" Lucy exclaimed, harshly pinning the man to the ground.

Watching the trigger as it flew hazardously through the air, Gru dashed forward and leaped to catch the device before it landed face-down on the hard floor, something they were very lucky to avoid at El Macho's mansion.

At least this time, no villainous chickens will come to cancel out that luck...

Once it was held safely in his grasp, Gru rose to his feet, dusted himself down, and smirked at the apprehended villain, as he gave the AVL agent an impressively brutal glare. He was uttering a dictionary of explicit curse words, and it was very clear that he never could've predicted how easy it was for them to take him down.

"Maybe I was wrong about yoo, Vixon. Maybe yoo aren't such a fast learner." The AVL agent couldn't help but grin victoriously as he watched the man's enraged frown. "I was not jokeeng about de forceful removal."

"You...piece of...I can't believe you!" Vixon didn't know what kind of insult he wanted to throw out first. He did have a whole collection of them at this point. "You AVL agents find a way to ruin everything, don't you!?"

"Well, we ain't here to make friends." Lucy berated, as she secured the man's wrists inside of the designated AVL handcuffs. "I'm sure you can make plenty of them in prison."

Aggressively lifting him onto his feet, the female agent roughly lead the man towards the exit door, as her husband followed beside her with a finger on his Bluetooth communication device.

"Alpha Team, Vixon has been dealt weeth. Yoo're clear to dispose of de explosives."

"Copy that." The Alpha Team commander replied, the sounds of the helicopter blades accompanying him across the speaker. "Alpha Team are in approach. ETA of three minutes."

With that response, Gru smiled and gave his partner and spouse a nod of approval, to which she returned her own affectionate grin. Unfortunately, the voice of an overly-ambitious devious idiot interrupted their moment of victory.

"I swear, you will not get away with this. Vixon is not a man of failure."

"I am severely doubteeng dat." Gru responded, shaking his head in exasperation.

"Being thrown in jail seems like a pretty big failure in my book." Lucy added. Vixon let out another threatening growl.

"I don't care how long I have to wait. Trust me...

"I will have my revenge."

150 Days Later

As they listened to the sound of the howling winter wind outside their bedroom window, Margo, Edith, and Agnes were filled to the brim with that brilliant Christmas feeling. Subconsciously, the eldest sister couldn't deter a light smile as she gently ran the brush through her youngest sibling's hair.

In a similar vein, Agnes was also smiling, but hers was a much wider, toothier variant.

"I'm SO excited for Christmas!"

"Me too!" Margo replied with a giggle, trying to steady the bubbly little girl as she sat on the edge of her bomb bed. "Just another three days to go."

"What do you think Santa's gonna bring us?" Edith asked while hanging dangerously from one of the higher bookshelves. She'd been frantically jumping around the room in that fashion for a good hour, and to give the middle-child credit, she looked far from fatigued. Maybe her Christmas excitement was somehow being converted into energy.

"The new fairy unicorn princess doll!" Agnes exclaimed, fidgeting with glee as she thought about her favored gift. She'd wanted it ever since she spied the advertisement while watching cartoons. It came with a set of fairy wings attached to its back, and apparently, it could move its limbs and talk about princess stuff.

She didn't know how a toy had the ability to talk and move, but if it was true, then she really didn't care.

"I don't even know what I want." Edith spoke, absentmindedly removing a hand from the shelf to hang further over the edge. "Maybe some ninja stars. Or a ninja mask." Her eyes widening, she gasped excitedly and started jumping up and down on the spot, making the shelf shake slightly. "Or maybe the new Ultra Soaker 5000! It's like the coolest water gun ever!"

As the tomboy continued to gush with excitement, Margo glanced upwards and rolled her eyes with slight exasperation. Gently pushing past Agnes to get to her feet, she snatched the pillow from her bed and laid it down in the middle of the room, inviting an intrigued look from the six-year-old.

"Why are you putting a pillow on the floor, Margo?"

"Just wait."

At that moment, with near-perfect timing, Edith lost her grip on the shelf and yelled as she descended at a dangerous speed. Thankfully, the recently placed pillow gracing the hardwood floor entirely softened the fall, saving her from a pretty painful injury.

Quite clearly a little freaked out, the nine-year-old transferred her gaze between both sisters, one who looked relieved and the other who looked frustrated.

"Woah..." She marveled, her look of shock slowly transforming into a grin. "Cool."

"If you don't wanna spend Christmas Day in the hospital..." Margo began sternly, as her younger sibling looked up and offered an owlish glare. "Then you might wanna stop leaping around the room like an insane person."

Frowning, Edith stuck out her tongue at the bespectacled girl, but before she could rise to her feet and purposely defy Margo's instructions, the sound of the front door opening and closing totally snatched her attention.

"They're home!" Agnes yelled, not wasting a second in leaping to her feet and propelling for the downstairs hallway, her sisters following shortly after.

Sure enough, the two AVL agents had just entered the mansion, the interior of which felt like a sauna compared to the polar outside conditions. Fortunately for them, maybe unfortunately in the girls' case, it hadn't snowed yet, but judging on that sharp ice-cold feeling in the air, it surely wouldn't be very long until it did.

A white Christmas this year, perhaps? It was a while since they'd had one of those.

"Mom! Dad!" The youngest screeched, running down the stairs and trapping the two fatigued adults in a loving cuddle. Shortly after, the other two would bound down and do the exact same, filling the room with an array of giggles in the process.

"Hello, gurls." Gru replied, his voice drowned in the need for sleep. He wished he could present the same cheer and vigor that his daughters always seemed to possess, but considering that he certainly wasn't a young man anymore, it was a difficult task when the energy to create it just didn't exist.

"How was work?" Margo questioned, looking up at the married couple with a bright smile. Lucy shrugged before answering.

"Another day, another crazy person trying to take over the world." She replied, spinning her gaze across the numerous colorful lights hanging from the ceiling and walls. Though her head was stinging and her body was lacking energy, she had to admit, it was impossible not to smile with satisfaction. "Pretty much the same thing as always."

A short period of silence fell between the family, as the two adults looked down at the three young girls with half-open eyes, the likes of which were graced by purple bags. The children took a moment to investigate their parents and their defeated forms, and it was Edith who eventually commented on it.

"You guys look like crud."

Gru rolled his eyes and shared a momentary glance with his wife, who smirked a little humorously.

"Yes, well, kickeeng butts all day really takes eet out of yoo." He responded, rustling the little girl's beanie, who pulled away from him with a playful giggle. Moving over to the nearest coat rack, the two removed their hats and scarfs at a slow pace, all while their daughters watched with an unexpected amount of interest. "Now, where ees Uncle Dru?"

"Down in the lab, I think." Margo answered, receiving a slightly shocked look from her father.

"Een de lab? How long has he been down dere?"

"All day."

Gru huffed and held the bridge of his nose, an annoyed frown adorning his expression. "Ugh, dat idiot, he was supposed to be babysitteeng." He cast a frustrated look at the ground, as if he was trying to send his brother the harsh expression through the floorboards. "What eef sometheeng had happened to one of yoo?"

Margo momentarily glanced at Edith, who was playing with the straps of her hat contentedly, before shrugging. " would've been fine. I was here."

"Hmph, well...yes," Gru spoke, giving his eldest daughter an exasperated look. "But dat ees de whole point. He should've been here."

Frowning, Margo crossed her arms and glanced at Edith again, thinking back to her escapade on the bedroom shelves a minute ago. It appeared that saving her from a pretty horrible injury wasn't enough to grant any trust around here...

"Now, then..." Lucy began, pausing to hang up her blue coat. "Me and your father are gonna start on dinner, so why don't you three go and-"


The mother of three didn't have the chance to finish her sentence before Agnes exclaimed her bubbly announcement, one of which almost frightened the daylights out of her. Judging on how much the tiny human was fiercely vibrating with joy, it was clear that she'd been holding that in for a small while.

Recovering from his own bout of slight shock, Gru glanced at his spouse for a moment, unsure of how to respond at first. "Uh...y-yes, Agnes...not too long to go now."

"I've been a really really good girl, right!?" She was continuing to jump up and down in front of them, her smile as bright as the most blinding bulb. Lucy couldn't suppress another small grin. She couldn't deny, out of all the different things she'd done in her life, motherhood had been the absolute best by a country mile.

"Of course, sweetie." She replied, giggling a little as she leaned down to her level. Agnes's eyes only seemed to grow wider with that clarification.

"So, Santa's gonna bring me the unicorn doll, right!?"

At this point, contrary to how it was prior to that exclamation, Lucy's whole face slightly dropped. She quickly cast a fearful look at her husband, who could only reciprocate the same expression.

"Um, never know." She said, looking off to the side in rapid thought. "As you said, you've been super super good, so...I don't see a reason why not."

When Lucy spied the six-year-old's super elated look, she didn't particularly know how to feel. Given that Agnes always sets her little heart on anything she really wants, such as a doll or a magical forest-dwelling unicorn, if she wasn't to receive this favored toy in three days, then it was sure to upset her substantially.

Obviously, without the need for explanations, Gru and Lucy wanted to avoid that at all costs...

"Now, as Lucy was sayeeng..." Gru jumped in, trying to change the subject before Agnes could raise her hopes any higher. "We're gonna get started on deener, so go upstairs and wash up."

The three ebullient girls nodded in unison and charged off for the upstairs bathroom, chattering to themselves eagerly about an assortment of Christmassy topics. On any other day, the married couple would've loved to see their daughters gush with pure joy over a day that they could all spend together as a family...

But that just wasn't the case right now.

Huffing in unison, Gru and Lucy carried on through the hallway and entered the kitchen, silence plaguing the two throughout the very short journey. With the combination of both fatigue and fear in their heads, that silence was very much expected.

"What are we gonna do, Gru?" Lucy finally muttered, holding her head in her hands as she slumped into the booth table. Gru handed her a concerned look as he strolled over to the stove. "We've looked absolutely everywhere! Online, in shops, in freaking market stalls. That toy is completely sold out and we've only got two more days left to find it."

Gru couldn't respond without giving a quick huff under his breath.

"Dis ees a nightmare." He replied, snatching a saucepan from the cupboard and slamming it shut roughly. "Plus, we gotta get gifts for de other two, as well. And Dru!" He took a moment to stare at the bottom of the kitchen utensil angrily, as if it was the cause of all their problems. "God knows what we're gonna get heem. Dat guy ees de fussiest adult I've ever met."

"Stupid AVL. Out of all the times for us to have ten missions in two weeks, why did it have to be in December?" Lucy stated irately, balling her fists a little. Throughout her career, she'd never wished to be employed in a different job, purely since she loved the AVL more than any other possible occupation.

But right now, that company was being a real pain in the butt.

"Couldn't even give us a pay rise for eet either." Gru angrily mentioned, wiping the inside of the saucepan with a tea-towel. "All dat work and absolutely notheeng to show for eet. We'll be lucky eef we can even afford to buy de gifts."

"God, it''s just not fair! Assigning us to every mission for the past few weeks! How could we possibly find the time to buy gifts when Valerie gets in the way of everything?"

"Well...we just gotta hope dat today was de last one..." Gru mused, tending to the boiling pot gracing the hob. "Otherwise, de gurls will be getteeng notheeng for Christmas."

Lucy cringed.

"Oh goddd, we just...we can't let this happen, Gru." She put her head in her hands, shaking it in complete dejection. Simply imagining the devasted looks on the girls' faces when they see a giftless Christmas tree was enough to upset her dearly. "This is the first Christmas we're gonna have together since we got married. A good mom would never let their daughters go without presents on a day that special. I bet...I bet they're gonna hate me!"

Lifting his head, Gru quickly shifted his attention away from making dinner, to be focused on an exclamation that took absolute priority.

"Come on, Lucy, don't be silly. De gurls love yoo way more dan some stupeed gifts." He soothed, moving from behind the counter to sit beside his wife at the table and hold her hand comfortingly. She looked up at him with a hopeless look, dismay filling her head to the brim. "Look, we've still got a leetle while. Even eef we can't get Agnes de doll, we can at least get her...sometheeng. Dat's more dan she would've ever got at dat orphanage."

Even with her husband's assured tone of voice, Lucy still seemed upset with the idea of giving Agnes a present that wasn't the unicorn doll she was sincerely hoping for. She had a hard time convincing herself that the child would react any better with a different gift rather than nothing.

Sighing, she leaned her head against Gru's shoulder and closed her eyes, as her husband put his arm around her side and simply held her soothingly.

"Do not worry, Lucy. We can do dis." He spoke, looking up at the ceiling as he spoke.

"I have a feeleeng dat we're gonna have a great Christmas."

Three years ago, when December rolled around, the minions would wait eagerly for that final speech that their master Gru would give on the stage, overviewing the heists that they'd perpetrated and congratulating them all individually for their efforts. He'd then start detailing some evil plans for the new year and set them certain tasks to complete over Christmas.

Well, since meeting him, it appeared Dru was stepping in for his brother quite well.

The army of yellow creatures were cheering relentlessly as the blonde villain triumphantly strolled down the walkway, a smile exploding from his giddy face. He shot some of them winks and gave a few a high-five, but in pure excitement for his very first Christmas speech, he found himself unable to control his growing pace.

Within a minute, he was standing center-stage, looking out over every minion in the lab, plus Dr. Nefario. He paused for a few seconds to simply admire the cheers, as if he was some sort of beloved celebrity, before clapping his hand commandingly. Within a fraction of a second, the whole room fell silent.

"Now, I do not theenk I need to explain why I called yoo all here today." The minions rapidly nodded in unison, an immense air of anticipation surrounding the vicinity. "I know yoo guys probably missed de Christmas speech last year, after my brother went all soft and joined de AVL..."

The minions all nodded again, however this time, with a slightly more solemn tinge in the air.

"But theengs are not so different around here anymore. Gru may have kicked de bucket on villainy, but we certainly have not, am I right!?"

The minions all jumped up with an affirming cheer, weapons and tools and...random pieces of fruit being abashedly thrown in the air. Grinning, Dru turned to his right and picked up a small remote from a nearby table, before pressing it and electing a large platform to rise from a hatch in the floor behind him.

An assortment of different items stood valiantly inside glass cases, lights beaming down on whatever it contained. Silence refilled the room as they elevated onto the stage, the attention of every minion being instantly focused on them. Once the platform came to a halt, the bubbly blonde villain dashed over to the far left item with excitement, throwing his hands in front of it as if he were a presenter advertising a new on-sale product.

"De 'Pintura Realmente Genial' from de Spanish Art Museum! Stealeeng dis was a great start to April!" They all watched the painting inside the glass case with awe, as it gleamed like some form of jewel. "De credit goes to Mark and Anthony for dis one! Great work, yoo guys! Couldn't have done eet weethout yoo!"

Mark and Anthony beamed inside the crowd, as all the minions surrounding the two of them clapped in congratulations. As they did so, Dru bounded over to the next glass case, presenting in the exact same fashion as the last.

"Next was de 'Totem of Promise' from Tahiti! An even better end to de month! Phil and Stewart get de nod on dis one! Brilliant contribution!"

Another round of claps rose throughout the room for the two minions, who just like Mark and Anthony, grinned with pride. That same cycle would continue for every single stolen artifact on stage, what with Dru thanking the minions that helped, and those same minions standing there in a fantastic bask of their own glory.

Once Dru finished going over every single heist and giving congratulations, he returned to the center of the stage and carried on with his speech, this time concerning a slightly different topic.

"And dat ees not includeeng de heists we conducted weethout stealeeng sometheeng! Like when we hacked all de advertisement screens een New York and replaced dem weeth an alien invasion warneeng message! Everyone got so freaked out!"

The room filled itself with laughter, as they all recalled the moment that everyone in the street started running about in absolute terror and panic for the incoming alien invasion. Who knows how far it would've gotten if the AVL didn't hack it back from them and alert the citizens of what happened? Either way, it was a pretty funny moment, so they'll take that as a success.

If only what happened a few weeks later didn't ruin it...

Once the laughter began dying down, Dru gave a small sigh and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, his gaze directed off to the side in uncertainty. "Of course...den dere was what happened een July."

The room fell completely silent at that moment, with the stark reminder of their one and only true failure this year. What made that particular situation even worse was that they were pretty much forced into working against themselves. It was a villain's worst nightmare, to forcefully undo all of the work that they'd put in prior, and it was a part of the year that they sincerely wished never happened.

Especially considering the possible repercussions...

"Ak de la de bellow!" Jerry yelled, attracting the attention of the entire audience. "De ladda on de pudgee!"

"Look, my brother promised dat he wouldn't tell Vixon dat we were involved!" Dru yelled back, as the whole crowd exchanged slightly worried glances. "He wouldn't go back on sometheeng like dat, I know he wouldn't! As much as he hates villainy, he definitely wouldn't let dat guy hurt us!"

The doubtful looks on the minions' faces refused to subside, and in an effort to defend his final decision of betraying Vixon and informing his brother and sister-in-law of his plan, he frowned and continued ranting.

"Plus, Vixon went way, way too far weeth dat statue theeng. Eef we deedn't tell Gru and Lucy what was goeeng on, den dat explosion could've killed a tonne of innocent people, and we would've taken a part of de blame! Do yoo guys want dat to happen!? Huh!?"

The minions simultaneously sighed and shook their heads, that worry still slightly present in the air. However, the reasoning, they supposed, was entirely justified. As they've always said, even when Gru was their full-time villainy master, killing anyone in their heists was completely off the cards. Additionally, if that explosion had gone off and the girls happened to be nearby, then...

No. Dru was completely right. They made the correct decision.

"Okay, so, let's just...move on." Dru stated, calming his tone of voice down considerably. That ordeal was nearly five whole months ago, there was no need to get themselves worked up over it again. "Apart from dat little mishap, I'd say we've had a pretty great year, guys! Well done!"

With that exclamation, the minions quickly brightened up and got back to celebrating happily. Considering that Dru had only taken Gru's place as their villain master in March, they'd still had a number of more successful and fulfilling heists this year than every single year they had under Gru. Of course, that might be because Gru and Nefario had spent a lot of their time ironing out the details of the moon heist, but either way, it was a massive achievement in their books.

However, what they didn't know, was that the year wasn't quite over yet...

"But...seence theengs have gone so well..." Dru began, smirking as he cast a look across the army of now intrigued assistants. "How about we finish theengs off weeth one final heist? A heist dat weel make de others look pathetic?" All of the little creatures' eyes were now three times as wide. "De absolute textbook heist as a perfect end to de year?"

Everyone immediately started cheering and shouting happily, for what must've been the fifth or sixth time throughout the whole speech. Dru nodded and smiled elatedly as he watched their overzealous reaction, the exhilaration transferring from them to him in bucket loads. Alike his brother in this moment, he lifted his arms in the air heroically, soaking up the atmosphere before him.

But, unfortunately, the ring of his cellphone quickly shifted his attention.

After fishing it out of his pocket, Dru offered his elderly scientist associate an odd look when he spied his caller ID on-screen, who simply returned a very deep glare. He watched him in befuddlement for a further few seconds before answering the call and lifting the device to his ear.

"Are you insane!?" The blonde winced and was quickly forced into pulling it away again. "Do you know how hard it is to avoid getting caught around Christmas!? There's people flipping everywhere!" Dru cast a concerned look at him from on stage, as the minions continued to celebrate ecstatically around him. "It can't be done! I'm not a miracle worker!"

"Hey, chillax," Dru responded, as if he'd literally transformed into an exact clone of his brother within a moment. "Dis heist ees not even dat difficult. Eet shouldn't take us too long to get eet done."

"Either way, you're taking a very stupid risk." The doctor was giving the excited man a harsh frown from within the crowd, using it to try and persuade him otherwise. "Not to mention that Gru will hit the ceiling if he has to go out and stop us this close to Christmas."

"Well, my brother knew what he was getteeng eento when he joined de stupeed AVL," He replied, rolling his eyes with a frown in the process. "So I'm sure dat he can deal weeth eet."

Hanging up, Dru brought the smile back to his face and authoritatively clapped his hands again, quickly returning the room to silence. He watched the minions for a small moment with a happy smile, before moving over to the table again and picking up another, slightly larger remote. Upon pressing it, the Jumbotron sprang to life, and an image of an odd-looking building surrounded by funnels and pipes appeared on-screen.

"Dis ees de city's power production plant." Dru announced, strolling around the stage as if he were a commanding officer in the army. "I want everyone to research on dis place and get me full blueprints of de interior's layout. As well as dat, I would like to know de location of every single CCTV camera and burglar alarm on-site. Yoo all have one hour to get dat completed. Not any later. Ees dat clear?"

"Uh...okay?" Nefario spoke from within the crowd, this time completely audible without the deafening cheers of the minions. "But why?"

"Well, dat's a good question, Nefario. Yoo see, tonight..." Taking a moment, he glanced down at the floor, pausing for effect.

"De city's gonna have to go weethout power."

A ray of natural light floated in through the bars, slightly brightening the very dim jail cell. Sat on the bed that was obscured by darkened shadows was a brown-haired man with a slightly built-up figure, an angered expression accompanying him. He looked deep in thought, and based on the look that was plastered to his face, those thoughts probably weren't very pleasant.

He did this a lot nowadays. In prison, the only thing he could really do in his free time was sit and just think about things, conducting ideas, plans, schemes...most of which revolved around revenge. In fairness, how could he help it when a picture of his parents was sat right there on the wall in front of him, the sun's light gracing it in a heavenly glow?

Balling his fists, a drawing he made of Gru, that was pinned up right beside his parents, caught in his gaze. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't suppress the instant explosion of anger from within. He'd drawn that little picture of him atop a battered-up tissue around a month ago, as a way of reminding himself of his new job in life.

To get rid of Gru. To cripple the AVL. To get revenge on society for what happened all those years ago.

Standing from the bed, he strolled over to the barred window built into the wall and caught a gaze of the outside world. The darkened sky was covered in clouds, the wind was racing against the trees, and the streets were void of human life. It was a horrible night.

A night that would've been perfect for his revenge...

"I swear, Gru. I swear on my parents grave..." He muttered under his breath, his entire body shaking with rage.

"You have not seen the last of Vixon."

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