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Chapter Seven:
The Perfect Revenge

With nothing left to do, Dr. Nefario was aimlessly wandering through his empty, almost eerie underground laboratory with a look of indifference, his gaze spinning around against the walls. He couldn't remember the last time it was this quiet in here. Since the minions had all left to search the city for the girls, he was the only one still down here.

To put it simply, he hated it.

He must admit, it was odd. The minions were loud, energetic, destructive creatures that caused trouble and damage wherever they went, and because of that, Nefario was constantly growing irritated by their presence. But, now that they had all left, he was already beginning to miss their company. That constant sound of laughing, running, and breaking was almost comforting compared to this silence.

It was likely, in some respects, that Gru and Lucy were feeling the same way right now…

Soon, the elderly doctor found himself in the stage room, where the platform carrying all of their stolen artifacts was still ascended. He traipsed his way up the steps and cast an examining glance across them all, inspecting each one with an expression far from pride. These successes had been severely soured with this month's bad news. It seemed their year wasn't as 'pretty good' as they first assumed.

Eventually, his gaze fell on the Totem of Promise. It was an odd artifact, to the say the least. An old Tahitian tribe had left an assortment of hieroglyphics across multiple temples and old buildings referring to this very small statue, labeling it as a cursed fortune that will, in time, leave you lost and hopeless from greed and unprecedented desire. Collectors had been searching for it for years, and it was the combined work of Dru and Vixon that eventually lead to its discovery.

Whatever those tribesmen had promised in the writings must've been bogus, since the group of them have had the totem in the lab for over six months, and this apparent unprecedented desire was nowhere to be found.

Along with it, they found another purple gem positioned right next to the Totem in the hidden underground temple, this one going entirely unmentioned in those prior hieroglyphics. Vixon was the one who took it after a small debate between the duo, claiming that he apparently admired the design and wanted it all for himself.

It was at that moment that Nefario's expression completely fell.


His promises of revenge rung around his head. He'd vowed to get back at Gru and Lucy in whatever way he could, and stealing their daughters was certainly the best place to start. If that was the case, and Vixon was the one behind this disappearance, then that could be severely detrimental, as that one put him one step closer to figuring out that Dru was Gru's brother.

Or, in other words, that would put him one step closer to unveiling the truth behind the statue backstabbing.

Taking a moment to glance away in thought, the scientist shook his head in dismissal and turned back around to slowly make his way out of the room, returning to the main lab. He was clearly overthinking things. That man was locked up in prison, there was no way he was managing an escape. He was still a young and inexperienced villain. As if a little pip-squeak like him would outsmart a group of prison guards.

Upon heading back to the main room inside the laboratory, Nefario was almost startled off of his feet when Gru and Lucy practically booted the elevator doors down. They erupted into the room and sprinted their way over to the doctor, who had to take a moment to adjust to the sudden newcomers.

"Trace dis call!" Gru yelled, virtually throwing his mobile phone onto the desk in front of the doctor. Nefario returned a puzzled expression.

"What's goi-"

"We don't have time to explain!" Lucy interrupted almost instantly, pointing down at the phone to direct all of the doctor's attention towards it. "Just trace the location of the last call this phone received!"

Without another word, Nefario grabbed the device and wandered over to the supercomputer, handing the two AVL agents short befuddled glances as he hooked it up. This sudden overly-commanding state was unexpected, to say the least. Once the phone was connected, he quickly jabbed at the buttons on his extensive keyboard, trying to open his series of programs as speedily as possible.

"Alright, what the bloody heck has happened?" He questioned as he typed.

"Vixon. He's escaped prison." Nefario's eyes rapidly bulged and he turned to his best friend in confusion, but right as he did so, Gru immediately pointed down at the keyboard, instructing him to return to tracing. The scientist did so without complaint. "Dru called to let us know. Apparently, he rang and invited him over or sometheeng and de gurls were dere and…he's een big trouble."

Nefario furrowed a brow as he continued stabbing the keyboard.

"Well, that clears that up." He replied sarcastically. "Just give me a minute, I'll have it tracked in a jiffy."

"Thank yoo..." Gru responded with a slight huff of relief, turning to his spouse, who was holding her head in her hands in deep concern. "Vixon must've escaped een de power outage last night." He shook his head, stress overlaying his face. "Bet Dru's regretteeng dat heist now…"

"How did this even happen?" She questioned, giving her husband a small look of bewilderment. "Vixon doesn't know where we live. How would he have kidnapped the girls?"

"Don't have a clue," He turned to watch the massive computer screen, which was currently in the process of scanning a multitude of very complicated looking variables in search of the phone call's location. "But I guess dat's what we're gonna find out."

After a short while, Nefario slammed a firm finger on the biggest button on his keyboard, producing a huge thumping sound.

"Alright!" He exclaimed, attracting the AVL agent's attention as he intently examined the series of numbers that flashed on-screen. Pressing another button, a large printer beside him on the desk whirred to life and unleashed a large A3 satellite image of the city, and the doctor grabbed a hold of it to mark the co-ordinate's location with a red marker. "Here's where the phone call came from. Right in the middle of this forest." He turned and handed the map to the agents, who snatched it at speed. "My guess, that's where Vixon's lair is."

Gru returned a prompt nod of appreciation. "Thank yoo, doctor." Without another word, both him and his spouse spun and sprinted out of the room, heading for the elevator doors. "Let's save our daughters!"

Within a few seconds, the AVL couple were ascending out of the lab and back into the house. Nefario watched closely as the elevator disappeared into the high ceiling, it's signature 'whizzing' sound fading along with it. After a moment, he turned his head and cast a look down the nearby hallway, his gaze caught by the stage's entrance door at the far end of it.

Frowning, he shook his head in sincere regret.

"We should never have worked with that madman."

Gru had his foot down so hard on the accelerator of his metal tank that it was a wonder how their insane speed hadn't led the couple into a dangerous crash. Lucy was beside him in the passenger seat of the odd vehicle, providing directions as hurriedly as possible with the assistance of Nefario's map.

They were currently racing their way down an abrasive dirt road in the middle of some dense unknown forest, so seemingly, it appeared they were on the right track. The two of them had been on this same small, dirtied road for around ten minutes now, and still, there was no sign of Vixon's lair. How big was this stupid woodland?

"Are yoo sure we're going de right way?" Gru questioned, momentarily glancing through the trees. It proved quite difficult in the blinding sea of the night's darkness.

"Must be. This is what Nefario put on the map." Gru caught a glimpse of her as Lucy spun the map around in her hands, deeply examining the satellite image with an exceedingly puzzled look on her face. It seemed she was having some trouble determining the route that had literally been written down for her.

"Yoo sure? 'Cause yoo're lookeeng a bit uncertain of dat." Her husband's almost insulting darkened tone of voice dragged a frown to Lucy's face, as she glared at him in indignation. "Eet ees not dat hard to read a freakeeng map, Lucy."

"Oh, well, apologies for not thinking straight while our daughters are in the hands of some crazed villain!"

"Dis ees not de furst time dis has happened." Unable to properly process his response for a moment, Lucy looked at him like he'd lost his mind. "Yoo know we gotta keep concentrated eef we wanna find dem."

"Not the first time, are…are you serious!?" She spat aggressively, shaking her head in irritation. "I don't care if the girls have been taken a million times, Gru, I'm never gonna be okay with some psychopath stealing them from our ho-"

"Dere eet ees!"

Gru couldn't help but interrupt when Vixon's dark and haunting looking mansion stood not too far further down the road, catching in his sight like a gleaming diamond in a sea of grey pebbles. He sped down the road and braked hazardously outside the creepy home, which oddly enough, considering the time, had no lights on inside.

The couple shared a very quick concerned look before jumping out of the vehicle and sprinting up to the front door. An eerie silence flooded the surrounding forest, as well as the interior behind the almost rotting entrance. The only sound catching in their ears was the faint chirps of some nearby crickets and the light waft of the trees swinging in the slow wind.

That was either a really good sign, or a really bad one…

Grasping the door handle, Gru slowly twisted the knob in his hand and gently pushed the door, which thankfully, opened up. Again, the fact that it was unlocked could be either good or bad, and the only way to conclude for definite was to start the search of the large, pitch-black home.

The two agents crept through the hallway carefully, keeping a keen eye out for booby traps or hidden weaponry, exactly like Dru did when he first entered the house. It was difficult to do so, however, with the lack of light inside the room making it a boundless sea of black.

"Deed yoo breeng de night vision goggles?" Gru questioned, his voice just above a feeble whisper.

"Sure did."

Lucy fished the aforementioned gadgets out of her pocket and threw one to her husband, who caught it with ease. Not wanting to waste precious searching time, he equipped the goggles and examined the room at speed, which fortunately, seemed like a standard old hallway.

Either way, the two of them could see coherently now, a trait they considered was probably quite useful when looking for your kidnapped family members.

They carried on through the short hall and traipsed their way into the living room, which they immediately scanned in the same fashion as the prior room. To their surprise, they came face-to-face with a massive mountain of children's toys, and after a very small moment of confusion, they realized why they were here.

"Oh my god…" Lucy muttered, spinning her gaze across all the different gifts that stood in massive towers around her. "Guess this explains who broke into the superstores."

Gru shook his head, entirely puzzled. "Yeah, but…why? Why go to all of dis effort just to rid de shops of toys?"

"Haven't got a clue," Lucy shrugged as she slowly made her way through the room, trying not to knock over the toys and start a chain of collapsing towers. With the number of dolls and different hard packaged gifts, it wouldn't be a surprise if these things could knock a person unconscious if they all fell at once. "But let's not wait to find out."

The two of them meandered very carefully forward through the living room, trying to work out a conceivable path that could be taken to avoid knocking the toys over. They crept past an especially expensive looking sofa and coffee table before making it to the back wall, which instantly caught Lucy's gaze.

Sat there beside a normal looking photo of a happy little family was a very shiny, oddly appealing purple gem. It shone so beautifully within her night vision goggles that she couldn't help but approach it, just to examine it more closely. After a few seconds of simply watching it with awe, her husband appeared from behind her, looking at the gem in a very similar way to herself.

"Dat ees a nice lookeeng jewel." He spoke as he glared at the wall adorning treasure. "Where'd ya theenk he got eet from?"

Lucy rolled her eyes a little. "My guess, probably stolen." She cast a small look back at all the toy towers, a frown forming on her face. "He does seem to be a fan of thieving things that don't belong to him."

"Dat's villains for you." Gru paused for a moment to cast one last look at the gem, before shaking his head slightly and turning away, in order to get back to their primary concern. Their daughters. "Come on, we best continue de search."


Lucy, like her husband, snatched another glance of the purple treasure before turning away and following Gru out of the room.

After appearing into another small hallway, one of which was a little larger than the last, they carried on forward and eventually entered what appeared to be a study. A mobile phone, presumably Vixon's, was sat on the counter, flopped over as if it had been slammed down in either anger or excitement. A large table stood at the far end of the room, one of which carried a photo-book that appeared in near-mint condition.

Gru crept over to the large book and picked it up in an inspective fashion, not wasting any time in opening it and flicking through the pages. Across them all were a vast series of pictures, starting with a little baby, and eventually progressing to a small family with a pre-teen child and two healthy, happy parents.

Suddenly, though, the pictures cut out…

At the end of the photo-book was a large number of empty pages. No images, no memories. Just nothing, as if that prior family suddenly stopped documenting their life in picture form…

Furrowing a brow, Gru shrugged and placed the book down, turning back to his spouse, who was currently in the process of fishing through some drawers in search of anything interesting. After a short while, where they concluded for definite that the girls were not here, they staggered back out into the hallway and perused the room with a befuddled look.

"Should we search upstairs?" Lucy asked.

Gru nodded.

"Good idea, but…where ees de staircase?" He turned to his wife with an entirely lost expression, obviously a bit puzzled with where to go and how to get there.

"Wasn't it back through the living room?" Lucy returned the exact same look, as she too was having some trouble deducing her location.

"Theenk so. Where ees de liveeng room again?"

"I think it's down here." Lucy traipsed carefully through the hallway, casting inspective glances at all the nearby doors. Eventually, still a bit confused, she grabbed the handle of the nearest one and pushed it open, where she was met by a downward set of stairs. "Are we…are we already upstairs?"

"I…I don't know," Gru replied, shaking his head as if to instruct it to operate. After a moment, he lightly huffed and began the descent down the steps, carefully scrutinizing every nook and cranny of his enclosed surroundings. "But I guess dere ees only one way to find out."

The two carefully traipsed down and emerged into a large but fairly empty room, clearly some form of basement. There were no windows, no doors, no carpet lining the ground. Just a single drawer and a cell with four human figures wallowing inside of it.


"Girls!?" Lucy exclaimed aloud, stepping forward, a large bolt of hope striking through her.

"Lucy!?" Four voices, all in differing pitches, exclaimed back.

Feeling the exact same sudden spark of optimism, Gru turned his head to the right at almost lightning speed and slammed his palm on the nearby light switch, granting them a much clearer view of the interior. Sure enough, their daughters, plus Dru, were sat against the wall of a small, barred cell, looking back at Gru and Lucy with bulging, hopeful eyes.

Instantly, the parents threw off their goggles, sending them crashing against a wall.

"Girllllssss!?" They boomed in unison, throwing themselves forward to get as physically close to them as possible through the interfering cell bars. The four of them did the same, but while they were stuck inside that confined little hellhole, there was no way they were sharing a relief hug just yet.

"Thank god!" Lucy glanced up at the heavens for a moment, as if to deliver her gratitude to whatever higher being reunited them.

"What happened!? How have you all ended up here!?" Gru questioned, sharing his deep eye-contact with every imprisoned family member.

"Well, de gurls got lost, but…" Dru turned to offer the three girls an interrogating look, who all returned much brighter expressions, now that their mom and dad were in the room. "Dey won't tell me how eet happened."

Immediately, Margo turned her head away in a guilt-ridden fashion, as everyone's eyes quickly landed on her inquisitively. She shuffled her feet awkwardly for a moment, prolonging the inevitable confession. Sadly, she raised her head again and shared saddened looks with her siblings, as if to question them on what to do.

Edith and Agnes glared back at her expectantly, and after a few seconds of the three giving each other slightly confused looks, the two younger girls nodded and offered minor smiles of encouragement. Margo, along with a slight sigh, returned it and spun to face her parents.

"It was my fault." She confessed, unable to hold eye-contact for long before the shame forced her to glare at the floor. "I made us go to the park cuz you guys didn't trust me and…and I wanted to prove that I can look after my sisters and…then we ended up getting lost and…well, I couldn't find the way home."

Not expecting the slight level of both anger and shame in Margo's voice, Gru and Lucy raised a brow, but before they could produce a response, Dru cut in to carry on the series of events. "Den Vixon rang me and told me to come here for some…plan or sometheeng. When I got here, de gurls were een de keetchen. Dat's when I rang yoo and…den he figured everytheeng out."

The AVL agents shared a short glance. "Where is Vixon now?"

"Riiiighhhtt here…"

Shocked and startled, Gru and Lucy jumped and turned around, where they watched as the aforementioned villain descended down the basement stairs, giving the occupants of the underground room a mocking, evil smile.

"Long time, no see, Gru's." He came to a stop at the final step, his grin continuing to evolve threateningly. "Last time I saw you, I didn't realize your little family was so…not little. If your pathetic daughters hadn't got lost, I guess I never would've found out." Pausing to cackle a little, he reached into his pockets and unleashed a set of prison cell keys, which he hung mockingly in front of the agents. "Looking for these?"

Gru and Lucy frowned hazardously and watched the young man with pure rage. As they did so, the wind outside audibly picked up, a sound of which seemed to oddly please the villain.

"This truly is the perfect revenge."

"Let dem out of de cell…" Gru threatened, his voice exceedingly low and dark, as if it was coming from hell itself. "Or I swear, dis will not be pretty."

Vixon chuckled a little, glancing away to the side for a moment.

"Still suck at threats, I see..." Slowly, he returned the threatening expression to his face, as he stepped forward towards the agents with his fists clenched. "How about you let your fists do the talking?"

Gru growled.

"Dat can be arranged."

The two AVL agents stormed forward towards the villain, who grinned a little as he swiftly dodged Lucy's thundering punch. As Vixon swayed off to the side, Gru lunged to grab the man in a headlock, but with almost impressive agility, the young man wrangled past him and punched the AVL agent harshly in the back, making him topple over to the hardened concrete floor.

However, while Vixon was throwing the attack, Lucy stormed up to his right and kicked him in the stomach, stunning him for a moment. He stepped backwards in pain and didn't have time to react before the redhead slammed his head with a stabbing right-hook, that sent him toppling against the wall.

Trying to land the punch that would surely knock Vixon unconscious, Lucy threw herself forward one more time as the villain seemed a bit dazed, but couldn't make contact as he suddenly leaped away to his right, somehow regaining his mental functionality at an unexpected speed. Unfortunately, what her fist did make contact with was the hardened wall, which sent a sharp shooting pain right up her wrist.

Hissing in agony, the female agent grabbed a hold of her hand and stepped back, and as the pain continued to distract her, Vixon took his chance and thundered forward to punch her in the gut. However, now back on his feet, Gru leaped from seemingly nowhere and tackled him to the floor before he could, where he proceeded to throw a rapid series of punches at his head.

A few managed to land, but right around the sixth punch, he missed by a tiny amount and inadvertently gave Vixon the chance to retaliate, which the villain took without arguing. He pushed the agent off with sudden strength and kicked him fiercely in his sensitive area, which was painful enough to topple Gru to the floor.

Now free, Vixon jumped up onto his feet and scampered his way back up the staircase, as Gru and Lucy took a few seconds to readjust themselves and soothe any lingering pains. As they did so, Margo ran up to the bars and called out to her parents, Dru right beside her protectively, just in case Vixon returned.

"Mom! Dad! Are you okay!?"

Grinning, the agents glanced at each other and gave their eldest daughter a firm nod.

"We're fine." Lucy stated.

"We'll be back een a moment to let yoo out." Gru added, as they turned and sprinted in pursuit of the young villain. "Dat punk ees goeeng to suffer."

They dashed their way up the basement steps, their fists clenched in preparation to continue the fight. They didn't know where that idiot was running off to or what he was planning to do, but right now, his thought processes were the least of their concerns. Rather, punching him right into oblivion seemed a lot more desirable.

Continuing the pace, Gru and Lucy practically kicked the hallway door down and raced their way into the room, but with the house's darkened state blocking their vision, Vixon sneakily leaped from the right and charged into Lucy, sending her crashing into some nearby furniture.

She hit the floor with a huge thump, and right as she was about to dust herself down and quickly get back onto her feet, the set of drawers and the wall adorning portrait that she crashed into toppled over and slammed into her head, pushing her right back onto the floor.

She remained completely inanimate after that…

Letting out a very low, rough growl, Gru clenched his fists tightly, to the point where his knuckles bordered a shade of white.

"Yoo're gonna regret dat."

Vixon chuckled. "That's cute, Gru. Protecting your wife." He cocked his head to the side, but in the darkness, his evil tendencies weren't as effective. "I'll have to get 'Loving Husband' written on your tombstone."

Gru bared his teeth, as if he'd just transformed into some predatory wild animal.

Using the very timid moonlight coming from the hallway window, he launched towards the villain with a swinging punch, but only just missed as Vixon managed an agile dodge. Sprinting off through the darkness, the young man made his way towards the living room at a rapid pace, his AVL foe staying right behind him.

But, to Gru's heightened surprise, Vixon very quickly spun around and came to a stop right beside the living room door, before striking the bald agent with a rough, exceedingly solid punch. Completely stunned, Gru flopped to his right and landed heavily on the living room floor, right beside one of the large piles of stolen toys.

If he'd landed only a millimeter closer, that mountain of gifts would've crushed him.

Trying to stand up in his dazed state, Gru groaned and shook his head a little as he sat up, all while ensuring to avoid toppling the toys over. But, right as he was about to jump onto his feet, the light in the room suddenly beamed to life and the tall, threatening figure of Vixon stood over him, one hand on the light switch, the other grasping a handgun…

Grinning, the villain lifted the weapon into the air and menacingly fingered the trigger, aiming it right at the bald man's head.

"What's the game plan now, Gru? Huh?" He was breathing heavily as he spoke, cocking his head to the side demonically. "Gonna get your stupid little sibling to tattle on me? Don't think that'll work this time."

Gru frowned, trying to look unfazed as the gun hung threatening in the air.

"Yoo're insane." He stated bluntly, rage lining his face as he looked down the barrel of the weapon. "Yoo seriously theenk yoo're gonna get away weeth killeeng me? De AVL will pummel yoo like some puny insect."

Vixon cackled manically. "Oh, Gru, I don't think that will be an issue. You see, the AVL won't be around once you're gone." Gru furrowed a brow questioningly. "You really think that stupid company's gonna survive without you? Once I've ruined Christmas and brought this city to its knees, the Anti-Villain League will be finished."

Gru growled aggressively, shaking his head in pure anger. "Why!? What ees even de point of dis!? What has de AVL ever done to yoo!?"

"Oh, what has the AVL ever done to me!?" Vixon stepped forward, his arm beginning to shake in total ire. "Nothing much! Just killed my parents, left me in some orphanage, and threw me in a god-damn prison for forty years! Yeah, me and that stupid organization are just peachy!"

"Yoo threw yourself een prison, Vixon! Yoo were de one who chose to put dose explosives een dat statue! Dat's got notheeng on us!" Gru frowned, holding his hands out in befuddlement. "And I had notheeng to do weeth yoo're parents' death! Why're yoo gunning for me so hard!?"

"Why am I gunning for you!? Oh, because you foiled my plan, because you interfere with everything, because you're the best agent in the AVL!" He steadied the weapon in his hand, bringing the evil grin back to his face in the process. "Plus, you AVL scum are all the same! I'd hate to see how many villain families you've needlessly torn apart!"

He placed a finger on the trigger, ready to push it and end this ordeal once and for all. It was finally time for his much-awaited revenge. His time to go down in history.

As the man who killed Felonious Gru…

"Now your little girls can get a taste of how that feels…"

Gru's expression completely fell. "Dis ees not goeeng to happen, Vixon!"

"How!? Who's gonna stop me!?" The villain yelled, his limbs continuing to shiver with rage. He looked like he was on the brink of absolute insanity, either from complete rage, or total excitement. Either way, whatever the case, Gru's heart was doing backflips. "There's only two of us left, Gru! It's all over!"

"There is a fault in your logic…"

Startled, Vixon didn't have the time to question the sudden voice from behind before Lucy charged forward and kicked the man further into the room, right towards the massive pile of toys. Within a moment, they all toppled and collapsed, crashing into his head with sheer pace and strength. The villain, entirely dazed, slumped and slammed his head against the burgundy premium coffee table, instantly knocking him unconscious…

Startled, Gru jumped up and leaped through the door as the toys collapsed, only just managing to escape the room and crash in a heap beside his spouse before he too was crushed. The two AVL agents turned and watched as the living room transformed into a sea of gifts, no signs of movement from a young, aspiring villain anywhere to be seen…

Leaning down, Lucy helped her husband back onto his feet, but as she did so, her gaze was locked firmly inside the toy-filled living room, directed towards the nowhere to be seen Vixon.

"There's three of us!"

"Thank you so much for saving us!"

Agnes was tightly cuddling her mom and dad outside of the dark, horrible looking mansion, as they descended down the front steps. She'd latched onto them the moment they came to unlock the prison cell and, in usual Agnes fashion, was clearly having a bit of trouble with letting go. But, Gru and Lucy didn't mind. They were just happy all of them were alive, safe, and healthy.

"That's okay, kiddo." Lucy replied, chuckling as the family trudged over to their vehicular tank.

"Remember, we'll always be dere to save yoo. No matter what." Gru added, lightly rubbing the back of Agnes's head affectionately. Smiling, the six-year-old let go for a moment and beamed lovingly at her father, before snuggling right back into his chest.

As she traipsed on just behind, Margo watched the little girl do so with a small smile, and after a moment, turned to watch Edith in the same fashion. She was adorning her own, bright grin as she sat atop Dru's shoulders, obviously happy to be out of that awful prison cell.

She'd be feeling the exact same way now, if the guilt wasn't slightly overwriting her happiness…

"Right, girls…" Lucy spoke up, as her husband had to forcefully pry Agnes off of him to set her down inside the tank. "Uncle Dru's gonna drive you home. Me and your father are gonna have to stay here."

"You're not coming with?" Edith asked, watching them with an almost saddened expression as she and her sisters climbed up into the vehicle.

"We will be, but…" Gru paused to glance at his wife, who smiled and giggled a little. "We gotta take Vixon to the AVL first."

Though they were still a little befuddled, the three daughters smiled and waved at Gru and Lucy, as Dru shot the two of them an affirming wink and jumped into the driver's seat. After a moment, the tank was driving off down the dirt road, leaving the two AVL agents to watch it in front of the mansion's front steps with a smile. Once the vehicle disappeared, Lucy chuckled and turned to her spouse with a bright smile.

"Nice lie."

Gru chuckled along with her before responding. "Well, I wasn't totally wrong. We are gonna have to take Vixon eento de AVL before we get back."

"Yeah, true." Lucy laughed a little more as she glanced up at the night sky, the likes of which was still a little blurred with clouds. However, the wind had certainly died down, compared to the force it was blowing with during the mansion fight. "Dru had better remember to bring the tank back here. Otherwise, getting all those gifts home is gonna be kinda difficult."

Gru grinned at her for a moment before turning his head upwards to join his wife in watching the stars. Looking back, maybe Dru's little heist had done them a favor. If he hadn't turned off all the power and granted Vixon to escape prison, then that idiot would never have stolen all the gifts and given the AVL couple an almost endless supply of different toys to give the girls in two days' time.

Yes, the right thing to do was probably return all of the gifts to the superstore, but to be fair, they did require some form of recompense for finding them in the first place…

"Deedn't I tell yoo Lucy?" Gru began, as the couple shared a loving glare. "Dis Christmas ees gonna be great!"

"Ah, ah, stop it, Gru." The redhead jokingly berated, pointing a finger at him with a playful smile. "You know what happened the last time you said that."

Gru chuckled, giving a small shrug. "I've put my phone on silent."

"Oh, well, in that case…" Lucy smirked as she turned back towards the mansion door. "I guess it is gonna be a great Christmas."

Laughing, the two of them ascended the steps toward the mansion entrance, very excited to start the search through the toys for perfect gifts for their daughters. But, before they could make it to the door, a series of snowflakes fluttered down around them, catching their attention for a moment.

"A white Christmas this year?" Lucy proposed, turning to her husband. Gru grinned.

"Eet's been a while since we've had one of dose."

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