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While the portals were going in that 10 Nanoseconds; the Magic made Honor & Lilly blood sisters; so five generations from Harry, but also both have Honor's changed DNA. They became twice as strong, mentally twice as powerful, physically able to take as much as an adult. Though they needed to eat 25% more. The others had the same thing, but just between them. Their powers were strengthened by 50%, they were at least 25% smarter, healthier, faster, & prettier too, needing to eat 10% more.

Age 2

Petunia was very happy to have a girl, but not so happy to have two girls & Harry, besides her precious son. Why didn't that mean old fool put some of them with his Godfather & his family. If it was not for the two thousand pounds a month put into her account for the upkeep; she would not have the money to cloth the girls, let alone feed everyone.

She could not understand why Vernon was beating Harry, so much or slapping the girls. It was almost like they were cursed. Herself & her family, She felt closer to Lilly, but also disliked her. She seemed to much like her sister. Honor on the other hand, was quiet, smart, obedient; just a treasure.

Age 3

All 3 of Dumbledore magic machines on Harry, showed him to be close to perfectly healthy, sane, & magic held in check. So for the first 2 years he had no qualms of needing him watched. The advent of his 3rd Birthday, Lucius Malfoy became a board director. So, he decided to get the widow Mrs. Amie Figg to watch over Harry & the two girls. Even though she was now a Squib, she was trustworthy & would protect Harry with her life, if necessary. Her cats would be able to keep an eye on things. She had vowed to help Harry in any way to destroy Riddle. Her vow rang with the magic, she could no longer access. Minerva could go every once in a while & talk to her. All would be well. Like most, if a bunch of unmated beings are together long enough; they all started to have the same monthly problem, at the same time.

Petunia was getting a bit depressed; her, the girls, & the boys spent a good couple of hours a weekday there with Mrs. Figg, having tea. The boys were both growing so fast. It would never do to tell Vernon. But she missed breastfeeding. So she was going to leave the kids with the nice cat crazy Mrs. Figg. She wasn't your typical, old cat lady. Petunia was sure she was as young as herself around 24-29 at the oldest. She'd ask her if she wanted anything from the book store. She needed a new book. She would leave last month's romance novel, for her to read. She never bought romance novels, she bought books. She had made her bed; she would live with it. She of course did not regret it; it was not acting out against her parents; of course not; He was the head of the house, king in his castle; so why did she dream of being Lily with her James?

Mrs. Figg was a member of the Order of the Phoenix. She lost her magic & her husband to Voldemort during the first war, when they were visiting the Longbottoms. The main reason all of them did not die. Her & revenge were all that kept her going. She was & was not a Squib; Dumbledore did not understand. She was a Magus-Mistress of creatures, she was bonded with her magical creatures. She still had power, just could not reach it. She made a second vow to Harry, Lilly, & Honor; that first time she was alone with them; well her & her bonded Kneazles. They would never tell anyone outside the bond; what happened with the vow.

She was there on Dumbledore's orders with explicit instructions to watch over Harry. That being the case, in order to do her job, she went out of her way to meet the Dursleys & to make sure that they liked her. She hated Vernon, just something about him, bothered her. Which is why she put extra effort in befriending Petunia. She admitted to giving Harry & the girls a hard time when Vernon was around. To make sure that he would send them to visit, & with the almost love she had for poor Squib, Petunia. She showed that she was going out of the way to make sure that she'd be part of Harry's life. She loved both girls also. It was strange how Lilly seemed so smart, while Honor so strong. Really they were all smart & strong. Always hungry, always playing with her girls. It was their third B-day, well a week after, really. She made her third vow to them, on accident. She said she loved them. Then said to each one, that she loved them. Then hugged all three & whispered; "I love you, I wish I could do everything to help you." Intent in magic is a big thing. Power, intent, & experience (casting, etc) are the three most important things to Magic! She saw the gold light that surrounded her, her girls, & the three children. She thought to herself;'The Goddess understands me.

Age 4 almost 5

Professor Snape came in, closing the door, with his cape & robes billowing behind, him like a Vampire Bat. He hated teaching young gits; he was a researcher, & enjoyed women, not young girls. The potion brewing behind his desk in the corner, was going to be his masterpiece & save Lily. Four years in the making & 6 months to go. The potion brewing today, can become dangerous if done wrong. Or be a sickening mess.

Dora was unhappy. The prefect of Hufflepuff; Bill Weasley's friend; had told her, that she should have been a Gryffindor. That is to say, not Hufflepuff. She was too brave, & no one could Love her as she just kept changing her hair, as it scared them. They may shag her in a few years when she is 13, the age of consent; Hogwarts wards prevent pregnancies; but not Love her. She had tears in her eyes, but was doing her work, like any other Hufflepuff would. All of a sudden, an illusion of a snake, coming out of her cauldron; at her, causes her to stumble back into the next table.

So the domino effect goes off. The resulting explosions, set off the protections in the room. So Tonks was thrown forward towards Snape. Instead of splatting all over the wall, as Snape could not get his wand out fast enough. Dora knocks him sideways, causing her to go the other way. This leads to Dora hitting Snape's cauldron & setting off the potions spell, too early. After all the smoke clears out. Snape tells a Hufflepuff to go get Professor Minerva & another to get Professor Flitwick, while he sends his doe to Albus. Everyone is staring at the Frozen Tonks in mid air, with her hand & wand in Snape's Cauldron.

All three professors arrive. They send everyone out & cancel classes for the rest of the day. They then try numerous spells to release Nymphadora (Dora) Tonks from her stasis spell. They spend hours, then send for a high Priestess of the Goddess. She comes & spends five minutes, then glares at Snape. "How dare you try to disrupt a plan of the Goddess. He needed to have the abuse he has had, to show him the evil, he could become. She is now bound to him. He will be the only one that can free her in time." "My Lady, who are you talking about." Asks Dumbledore, hoping his plan for Harry would not be demolished.

As the other three have still, not shut their mouths. She just glares at him, then her eyes roll up & turn black with stars shining out. "The prophecy is not finished. She shall give the rest at midnight, in six years time at All Hallows Eve!" The Priestess said in an echoing voice. She returns to normal. "Go see her child's past the week before his seventh Birthday. That night the house will be empty. The spell on you will become broken. I must go now." She turns; ignoring Albus trying to ask her more questions & hopefully derail whatever is coming, & leaves. "What were you brewing Snape," says Filius. "A possible time turner spell." "Oh, Severus!"

"It seems you have been warned; go check on him in two years as the priestess, suggests." "I will come, also Severus." "I don't need help, Minerva." "Well, yes, but I warned Dumbledore about leaving them there." "I'm sure everything is fine there, you don't need to check on them; Amie would say something, if there was a problem. "All right, we will wait the two years." The High Priestess came out of the wards & started to cast, when five Death Eaters ported in. They had prepped their spells, activated their keys, launched the killing curses & disintegrate spells. She died, not knowing the janitor; was paid by death & disintegration, just like her. The disintegrates getting rid of the bodies; the killing curse hitting their souls, which causes them to not go on, for 50 years, because their body was dying as they were hit.

But by doing this, they did not know what happened. Tonks, never-to-be-named-Nymphadora; thought she was dead. She was in a star filled room, or in outer space as stars were all around her. "Well child, do you know why you are here" The absolutely gorgeous woman, talking to her asked. "Yes Goddess, I messed up again, tripping & ruining the potions in the lab & I hit the wall, dying!" "No child you are not dead. You are suspended in time, I am here to give you one of three choices." "I'm not dead, but why & what are the three choices?" "I'm sorry child, but two of the choices will not lead; to you being granted your greatest wish of being an Auror; though you could do much greater good. The third choice is you continue into the wall & when you are reborn, you will be the great Auror you wish to be." "So I die in that choice. What are the other two."

"When I created everything, I gave free will to all beings I did not realise that some would betray me & try to replace me. So I set my plan up to make Merlin's & Morgana's descendant, powerful enough to defeat them. Of course no plan is perfect, with free will. Harry Potter is the man that can fix everything. But he needs his 7 times 7 wives of the Coven; & his other part. He plus the 50 will be able to do all that is necessary." "WOW, that's incredible!" "Now child; your other two options are wife or best friend for life." "You do realise I am 11, right? You want me to decide my life right now!" "No, you will be as a ghost here till you decide, or Harry touches you. So sometime in the next 7 years!" "OK I will think about it. How do I tell you my answer?" "You just must say; 'Goddess my answer is…' "


The Goddesses Avatar, found the two Female werewolves that were being chased by Fenrir GreyBack & his 5 pack mates, one of which was female & coerced into being pack. They were dodging trees, heading for the river. Neither too strained, but knowing they would not succeed. When a brilliant gold light appeared around them. They saw the light, smelled all things reminding them of safety & Love. Could taste sweet animal blood, feel the cool touch of a caress. They were floating in mid-air, by a campfire, with a Catman, though they sniffed; just past being a boy.

"Hello Karen, hello betrayer, of the saviour, of the universe." Karen howls at the Catman, "Remy would not betray anyone." She seemed ready to attack. The Catman looked at her; she could feel her mind being shifted through. A voice in her head, sounding as old as the universe; says in her mind. 'Child, you maybe right, but you are also wrong.' "What say you Remy, the Marauder, Lupin? Sister to Lily, James, Serius, & Pettigrew. Second Godmother to Harry?" "I did not betray them. I am helping Dumbledore, protect Harry! Serius is the one, who betrayed the others."

"Oh really, great werewolf. You are helping protect Harry? Let me show you both, the way. Images appeared above the fire. Scrolling in time from Karen & Lily, at Lily's bridal shower. Going thru the Wedding of James & Lily. Showing the attack on Karen, before she could go. Showing Remy leaving the reception, looking for her. Finding her, turned. Their thoughts of ever having a family, destroyed; as when female weres change, they kill their babies.

Flowing into the year, where Remy, became withdrawn, from the Marauders, trying to help Karen. Lily, being the only one to know. Watching Harry growing in her stomach. Hearing James, Serius, & Pettigrew talking about a spy in the order. James & Lily swearing to not tell anyone without Dumbledore's permission, about the prophecy. Why the Potters & Longbottoms go into hiding. "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... & the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have more powers, that the Dark Lord knows not... & either must die at the hand of the other for neither can flourish while the other survives... the one with the power to defeat the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..."

Both the werewolves hear the scuffle in the background, recognising Severus's voice & Aber Dumbledore's. But both also hear the parts, that others don't. "approaches, betrayed thrice by those who should not. Dies, at the last gasp of sunlight. Survives, while the two wraiths of the Goddess's children remain. Dies, his destiny to save the universe in doubt, without his family & friends." "Do you see, Dogmother to Harry?, continue to watch, you both." They watch Sirius convince James to make Peter the secret keeper, as all would expect Sirius to be it.

They do not see that night, except Sirius putting Harry & his sisters into the bassinet, handing it to Hagrid, mumbling about stopping the Rat, before flying off on his broom. Yelling to Hagrid too keep his Bike for Harry. Hagrid telling them Sirius was a rat. Dumbledore saying that Sirius was their secret Keeper, so betrayed James & Lily. They see Minerva arguing with Dumbledore about leaving Harry & his sisters with the Dursleys. They see Dumbledore losing his Temper & confounding Minerva into agreeing. Leaving a spelled note on the bassinet carrying Harry & his sisters. Left in the cold. Lily's charms & Runes activated once they both left. What happened next throwing both Karen & Remy for a loop.

Harry, my only child, if you are hearing this, James & I are dead or incompatited. The magic of your ring, will not let you come to permanent harm. You will be healed, my Love. At least Sirius or Remy will be able to watch you & help you grow up. James has been working on the Ring, I will not say too much, as it is to protect you. I just wish, he would tell me what the three of them were enchanting into the Ring. He has had me add all my & the coven's magic into the Ring eleven times.

They then watched Petunia take in the babies, watched her take out Lilly, Honor, & put Harry under the stairs in the cupboard. Watched the beatings, watched Harry Heal, watched Petunia seeming to brainwash Honor to Love Dudley, her son. Watched Vernon, make his pact to sacrifice Harry & Lilly to the wraiths of Death & Chaos. Watched as Harry has so much damage done, that when he is dropped off at Mrs. Figg's House, he is dying. "Do you see second Godmother; that you have betrayed him?"

Now there is a way for you to make up for your mistakes. "The girl is Lily, isn't she." "Very good Karen. The first wife of Harry is Lily Potter, but she is no longer Lily, but is now Lilly, twin to Honor." "What Lily would not agree to that." "Yes & no, she put her & the Coven's power into the Ring, of her own free will, but James did not tell her that she would wed Harry. He did not understand what he, Sal or Salzara, & Ric or Circi did. She is Harry's bonded Mate. She is the reason, he may succeed. You two are possibly another. If you agree to what the Goddess proposesses.

There is a permanent cure for Lycanthropy. It is the death of the wraith Chaos. There is also a way for Squibs to become full witches. For that to happen, you would both have to sacrifice your lives, doing everything to protect Harry, Lilly, & his other wives." They both frown. The Catman chuckles! "By opening several brothels of Squibs. Of course, each Full Moon, you would both ravage one of the girls, turning her. The Goddess will give you & all you turn, the power of intelligence to not be the beast. You will be Lycan, not werewolves. Harry will be able to impregnate all of you. He will learn the Magic needed, when he has all three of the Deathly Hollows. He will be able to spread the Goddesses seed to all, that were not finished, correctly!

When it is done, take their oaths & vows to never harm Harry or his wives. Also to aid Harry to help save all the squibs, so they can be witches also." "This sounds like years, you are talking about." "Yes it will be; Harry will have his Coven of 51. Many of the girls, you bring over, & you might or will be his. The Goddess has 23 planned out now. She still looks for the other 26. We know the last one.

I always can tell who liked me & could help me when I first touched them. It was strange though, that individually, a person would be nice; but when there was more than one; they would act differently. That was how Duddy & Auntie were. Nice together or separate, but with uncle Vernon there, it was like that Tele show called; Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde; they became Big Dudley & Aunt Petunia. The show did not frighten me, like it did Auntie & Duddy. I don't know why. Uncle always frightens & hurts me.

Ok, next chapter gives you a headache. For the Cat Boy is created here, but was there at the Rings re-making.