If you are reading this, then you will think this is a fanfiction for the supposed fake Harry Potter. After all magic does not exist, correct! I am technically twenty right now, but I have lived 89 years. I was a pretty honest, normal guy, who kept his word. When I was sixteen, I came down with type one diabetes. It ruined my life. Though in reality, I did, by not sitting down and thinking it through. I was the oldest of my generation, or the youngest of my mothers. My grandfather was the youngest of sixteen Italian children. Four never made it past five years old. Eight joined the 'Family' business and four moved west with their mother and her parents.

Two stayed in San Jose/Santa Clara and two moved north to Redding. They basically built and controlled Redding, not in a 'Family' way, but a business way. So Gramps had a child young, at seventeen. This was the start of the move as the mother was sixteen and her parents forbid her staying with him. He took his daughter and moved. Marrying another before his daughter was one. He had two more daughters. His oldest, my mother had me at eighteen while the other two were having kids after, she married, had two more boys, remarried twice more. So I grew up with the older mind set of Monogamy. But it was the sixties and seventies childhood. I played AD and D, helped create TMNT, though no credit, again my fault. Created a gaming system that would have taken on TSR, but again, did nothing with it. Had sections of my hand written and type rules disappear. Saw similar systems come out around Pathfinder. Missed the sale of rights for TSR. Again my fault.

My first wife cheated on me with her ex-boyfriend. We divorced, she married him. My second wife had been with her abusive boyfriend for eight years. We married and had a child. I was faithful. I found out after my mother, and grandparents were dead, inheritances passed out. That when she drank, she was a slut to anyone. I lost what I thought was a friend to finding them in bed. She promised she would not drink. I'm fairly sure, she had other affairs, but I stayed faithful, that was what my vows said. I died at 69 years of age of a heart attack, after finding her with one of my half brothers in bed.

I was in a swirling mix of different colored lights. Three voices seemed to be arguing. I had not been a saint, but I believe I was better than most people. I had screwed my life up in high school. I am or was, borderline genius. I was 158, my ASVABS were all in the 92+%, most 99%.

General Science - measures knowledge of life science, earth and space science, and physical science. 99%

Arithmetic Reasoning - measures ability to solve basic arithmetic word problems. 99%

Word Knowledge - measures ability to understand the meaning of words through synonyms. 99%

Paragraph Comprehension - measures ability to obtain information from written material. 99%

Mathematics Knowledge - measures knowledge of mathematical concepts and applications. 97%

Electronics Information - measures knowledge of electrical current, circuits, devices and electronic systems. 96%

Auto and Shop Information - measures knowledge of automotive maintenance and repair, and wood and metal shop practices. 92%

Mechanical Comprehension - measures knowledge of the principles of mechanical devices, structural support and properties of materials. 95%

Assembling Objects - measures ability with spatial relationships. 99%

This placed me as a shoo in for West Point, Annapolis, or USAFA. I was a 4.0 Letterman. A year latter, with no studying, I was a 3.0 with many girlfriends. Dancing, Chess Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Roller-skating, wide receiving Flag Football, Shirts/Skins Basketball center, and Track and Field: Long distance, Sprinting, and Triathlon. I was depressed. A type 1 diabetic, with no future plans. When going to the local community college, I picked my grade point back to 3.75 and started various business classes. I did this because I had two trophies from the state in Business Math and Law. Again though, I did not concentrate in any field, but again I did general.

So my medio core life continued. My mother always said, I would not have to worry about money. True I was never poor, but comfortable lower to upper middle class.

Well let's get it on. One voice sounded male, one female, and one that could have been either or. Finally the male voice said, overpowering his speech. Let us give him a choice of the four paths available.

A male about 6'6", 250 pounds of muscle was there. A female around 5'10" that every male dreams of, with strawberry-blonde hair, blue-green eyes and very, very curvy. The third figure was cloaked and hooded, but had the same female looking curves as the female redhead. "Well, do to some interference by the 'Devil' (he made quotation marks), we have three choices for you. To return to an Earth to help us, or pass on to your just deserts."

I did not think he was trying to say I would be punished, but it came across that way, so was not such a good job. The lovely girl just laughed and said: "I don't think he believes you Gabriel."

The man now named Gabriel frowned. "I'm Gaia. That's Parvati."

I looked around, "so the Christian Angel of Death, the Nature Goddess of Life, and the Hindu Goddess of Harmony."

The male just kept frowning. Gaia said, "very good, we have three choices for you. One is time travel to try to fix your past life and save others from what happened. For example the Twin Towers, the Challenger, the Covids, and Aids."

"The second is send you to one of two other earths to replace someone who died and took the third option. Which is to go on. Those worlds will, in all likelihood die, if we can't get you to replace one of them."

I decided to ask: "guilt trip much, what is different about the two earths. Also, if I only replace one, what about the other." A snort from the Angel and a quivering laugh from Parvati, followed by an, "I told you he would ask, he has read too much fanfiction. But yes a bit of a guilt trip. The next best only has a 51% chance of success unless you take one of the spots. Then his chance increases to 92%."

"You haven't answered about the two and what is my percentage chance of success for the two?"

They look at each other. "About 75% +/- 5% right this minute."

I look at them; "so are you giving me more training, powers, gifts, or any other advantage?"

"Yes. Depending on your choices, you should be at your ASVABS percentage 92-99%. We each will offer you some choices, depending on which you pick, the percentage will be higher in general. We cannot influence which you to pick. This is the way to get around the Anti-theses, known as the End of Days."

"So 90+% saving Billions versus redoing my life, being rich and possibly saving Millions. What is different between the two worlds or universes?"

Gaia replies for all three. "As you are a reader, one is Harry Potter, the other is Jon Snow. If you replace Harry, the muscle bound oaf will replace Jon. The different magics are in both, again you will be the chosen one."

"So how different to the Fandom Harry Potter?"

Gabriel answered this time. "The one where you are the Boy-Who-Lived the magic is close, 50% of the magic users need a wand to do any magic. 39% need them to do third level magic and higher. 10% need them to do fifth level magic and higher. 1% do not need them at all. Also the stronger your magic, the easier to cast spells. The size of their cores, strength of magic, and the other, interfaces between the three, determines the time they get tired from casting."

"It sounds more like a role play system."

"Yes it does."

Parvati then spoke. "The other is that Magic is life, or the force, or whatever you want to call it." I caught Gaia blushing. "Magic infuses everything. All living things have one to three powers of magic. 1): Is life, being able to propagate. 2): Is being 'Magical'; Dragons Griffins, Giants, and Trolls, etcetera. 3): Have intelligence enough to create other magic. That means use spells, create magical items or spells, and to be able to dream of a future past a year."

"OOOKKK," I drew out the word. I don't know how long I thought, but decided that getting bonus abilities was better than the other two. Yes I wanted to be wealthy, but saving Billions, instead of Millions, tripped my trigger. "I chose that one, where I'm Harry Potter."

They all smiled or smirked, which made me a bit uneasy.

"OK. First from me;" says Gabriel. "You get all of Toms memories, as your Mum's soul cleanness the bit of Toms. So she loses about one half her soul. But that half goes into the Afterlife with James. The other half, plus Toms tiny bit, goes into you as a shield. It should take you a while to delete the horrific parts and study the spells and abilities."

Gaia speaks next. "You will have one of three things in many choices. But let Pervati tell you hers next, as it may make your decision on my part easier."

Parvati is the Goddess of Power, Energy, Devotion, Marriage, Motherhood, Children, Fertility, Love, and Harmony, as well as consort to Death and Destruction. She mentions that she will be giving him two things from her pantheon, where Gabriel gave just knowledge, needed to be worked out. She chose him to be happy, so his choices: "More power; Complete Love and or Devotion; or virility and potency, which causes any female you do this with have a child. You can just have sex, but you will not be able to have a child for a year."

Gaia says here are my offers, of the seven, you chose three. Of the three, you choose one type. First; at the point of change we can shift Harry Potters with no problem. So what we have are Tropes. 1)Senile Albus, Human Albus, Drugged Albus, or (default) Evil Albus.

2)Potters are an Ancient and Noble House because, Gryffindor was folded into Potter, so no new votes. Gryffindor was folded into, but keeps votes. All Houses are not folded into, the goblins can tell if there is an heir out there.

3)Goblins are honorable, think humans are scum, just waiting to revolt. Think most humans are scum, only Gryffindor, Emry, or Lefay are honorable families. They are out to cheat the humans and want control, but not cheat nonhuman. They are gold sucking, but honorable.

4)One wife period. One wife, one line contract (consort)(Susan last of patriarch line, so needs husband to take name or due to contract that her kids are only Bones), one concubine. Last of line up to three wives, concubines, and consorts. One wife, any number of consorts (due to Betrothal or end of line contracts) and concubines. Harems and Covens are OK. And last, not legal, but acceptable.

5)Contract slavery works, why no wizarding culture or law at school (see Albus above). Betrothal contracts still used in pure blood culture and legal, even if hundreds of years old. Blood contracts must be voluntary. Last is they don't have to be voluntary.

6)Love (and imperius) potions change a persons personality. They are reversible with or without problems. Polyjuice potions work for humans only, without side effects. They work on any humanoid, without side effects. Both work with side effects if not human or humanoid.

And 7)Animagus has three ways to do it. To be a magical animal, needs a whole soul and major power. 1) Potion to see what are, then transformation to work, takes up to three years. 2) American Indian system up to three types. 3)Natural animagi (wish) one type which depends on personality. 4) A ritual to become one.

I was shocked as that was a hell of a lot more than three choices. Each group had choices. Parvati laughed, "you can see why I said my offer changes things on her offer."