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After my nap, I weighed my choices, and the winner resulted in following Sasuke's plan, only about creating his little group, and retrieved Suigetsu from the laboratory tube, which wasn't that far from my room. He showed little surprise when I freed him and was relatively quick about leaving the damp and dark place, but not without the corpses of Orochimaru and Kabuto. When I showed him the sight, he remained unfazed and told him to store them in a scroll as a favor since I freed him from his glass prison. Suigetsu chuckled and patted me on the shoulder before using the scroll that was conveniently inside the room.

Their corpses were an absolute necessity to return to Konoha unscathed or any other village. If the first failed to accept me, they were going to become my bargain chip, and if he were despised and valuable as I remembered, then there wouldn't be much problem.

Either way, those problems were secondary at the moment, and I was trying to relax as I walked through the road. The forest was peaceful, to say the least, and the wind breezes were refreshing, even more so with my choice of attire, which had a rather exposed chest.

"Why are we walking again? We can easily arrive at the tiny port town if we jump across the trees or even run." Suigetsu had to be the one who interrupted my small moment of peace with his words of complaint.

I closed my eyes.

"I need some peace of mind." That was my best excuse; having a headache along with my somewhat disorganized chakra theories, conflicting with my reasoning, helped little.

"You are just lazy." He frowned.

I sighed; I couldn't understand Sasuke's calm attitude despite being a very emotional little twat at the same time. There was constant infighting between screaming and talking, and it was harder to keep it in check without counting the headache that didn't seem to lessen as time passed, increasing my frustration.

I stopped walking and turned to look him straight in the eye.

"Why did I think that bringing you was a good idea?"

Suigetsu's gaze didn't falter and revealed all of his sharp teeth with a wide grin, "Heh, that's where you are wrong, Uchiha."

He didn't move, but I knew what was happening.

"..." I didn't need to turn my head to see that Suigetsu positioned himself right behind me with a finger pointing at my head while his other hand grabbed my left shoulder, keeping me in place, not like I was planning on moving any time soon.

"You are no boss of mine; I just tagged along, nothing more, nothing less." His carefree tone was gone; his voice was of a man who wouldn't hesitate to kill.

"Are you done?" But I wasn't affected; I remained calm despite perfectly knowing that wouldn't be my natural reaction, which was odd.

"Just kidding!" He quickly released me and retook the lead while his water clone immediately dispersed, leaving a puddle at my feet.

But it got me out of that situation, so I wasn't going too much thought into it for a while; besides, my head suddenly decided to become a boxing target. It hurt a lot and barely allowed me to concentrate.

I rubbed my temples.

"Keep walking; we are still far away from the port town."

"At this pace, it will take days!" He threw his hand upward in exasperation.

"So?" I didn't turn and kept the pace.

"I demand compensation after this!" He yelled.

"So annoying." I only kept walking forward.

Suigetsu was just exaggerating; it only took us a day at most.

But I had to admit that sleeping on the ground and using the rough exterior of a tree as a pillow was one of the most uncomfortable nights of sleep ever, without considering that I had nothing to cover myself. Still, my clothes and Sasuke's choice of attire weren't precisely suitable to keep me warm.

I could only bitterly smile with regret for not taking with me the pillow and blanket from Orochimaru's bed.

I still couldn't believe that he suggested that I use his and Kabuto's corpses as a bed and a pillow. The disgust that I felt didn't hold a candle to the disgust that I felt when he even showed me how to do it.

Even if he was, theoretically speaking, made of water, I dragged him to the nearest pond I could find and threw him into it to have him purify his body of any trace of that filth. All the while he laughed.

With his stupidity over and with the start of a new day, we resumed our walk towards Wave, and thankfully it only took us a couple of hours with the sun still up in the sky. Well, at least to the bridge that connects the island to the mainland. People were going in and out from the bridge, merchants with their carriage, mere travelers carrying backpacks, peddlers offering products and food to everyone passing through. Much to my surprise, there were a couple of hand-pulled rickshaws.

Quite a busy place.

"OI Sasuke, come to take a look!" I heard his voice loud enough to distinguish itself from the crowd chattering.

When I arrived, I saw him waving his hand, looking excited, like a kid who had just found a candy store.

As far as I could understand his character, his excitement didn't mean good news.

"What mess did you cause now?" I sighed, mentally preparing myself for another headache.

He pointed at a board with giant letters written on it. "Heh, The Great Naruto Bridge." Suigetsu was snickering while I only frowned.

"Hnn" The name made my head hurt a bit as images of memories passed through my eyes, remembering all those moments, especially how I, Sasuke, activated the Sharingan.

"It seems that blonde friend has been quite busy lately." Suigetsu, on the other hand, only wanted to mess with me, judging by his complex cheery expression.

I pushed him aside and left the board behind.

"Let's go and don't waste my time with such trivial things." Honestly speaking, that was possibly the worst name for a bridge; that old man could have thought something better. Maybe even the snotty brat could have come up with a better name.

"Yeah yeah, I want to eat something over there."

We didn't need to walk all across the bridge because a merchant gave us a ride thanks to his daughter's insistence to help us, mainly me. As expected, she immediately sat next to me through the duration of the ride, asking me so many questions that I ignored or replied with the emo signature response, 'Hnn.'

Suigetsu, on the other hand, took a nap through the duration of the ride, leaving me all alone with the merchant's daughter.

I had to admit one thing, trying to remain stoic was difficult, even more, when she offered so many drinks and food, which smelled delicious and got relatively close.

The moment we crossed the bridge, I didn't wait for the carriage to stop and kicked Suigetsu to wake him up before jumping off and landing perfectly on my feet while he fell face flat before turning into a puddle of water.

The daughter only squealed in delight as she waved her hand, saying her goodbyes.

I sighed and walked to the puddle of water, but before I could lean closer, Suigetsu's body reformed and stood right in front of me with his cocky smile and walked past me.

I turned to see where he was going and saw a board with frozen yogurt as a logo.

That merchant girl did entice my appetite, so I didn't complain and followed him to the shop.

And the moment I passed through the door, unintentionally, I caused a commotion inside.

Every single girl turned to see me, and I could swear I saw their eyes turn into heart shapes. Suigetsu patted my back and led me to an empty table. Not even a second, and many waitresses were already with us, with menus at hand.

I wasn't given a chance to read the menu before my annoying companion decided for me without my consent what I would order. Frozen yogurt, only because he saw a waitress serving one to another table.

They did not give the poor guy a chance to eat before the waitress snatched the cup from his hand and gave it to me, and seconds later, she gave another cup to him.

I closed my eyes, and I ate from my cup.

And all the girls who had their attention on me sighed in delight.


And when I opened my eyes, Suigetsu had already finished with his cup and was calling for seconds, and the moment he received the second, he asked for another.

"Man, this yogurt is the best! It's been a while since I had one!" Suigetsu exclaimed as he took another spoonful of yogurt, his side of the table filled with empty cups while I only had ONE half empty between my hands.

It tasted great, and it helped me deal with the headache; a frozen brain would be better, honestly speaking.

He didn't look like a Mist shinobi who were supposed to be ruthless killers, just a teenager having fun.

"You're okay with goofing off here? I asked.

"It's not like we are in a hurry." He shrugged as he finished another cup and proceeded with the next one.

"At least until I recover my full strength." I finished my yogurt.

"Maybe, until then….HEY, BRING US ANOTHER ONE!" Suigetsu screamed at the top of his lungs.

Not even a minute and a waitress already had our yogurts served and delivered to us. What a supreme service worthy of a tip, but I was perfectly aware of why we received such service.

It was impossible not to notice the small crowd of girls fawning over me near the table, and I couldn't turn to see to satisfy my curiosity because it would only have agitated them even more.

At least I was glad that it stayed platonic and didn't dare to go physical and relatively respected my personal space, or we might have had a problem.

"So, what's the plan once we set our little adventure group." He pointed his spoon at me with a knowing smile.

"I'll let you know when all three of you are together." His words felt familiar, just like my reply, but I wasn't going to overthink it.

"Aww, you are no fun." He proceeded to gulp the yogurt in one shot and slammed the cup on the table, and grabbed another.

"What I'm planning to do is something great and will last through generations; it's not for fun." I took a bite from it with delicacy, unlike him.

"Hmmm, as long as I can get the legendary swords of the hidden mist, I don't care about what you will do or the legacy and all that crap." His comment gained my interest; obtaining all of the legendary swords would develop an exciting future.

"All of them?" I inquired further.

"Exactly! I must build from scratch the seven swordsmen of the hidden mist. All of them lost their purpose and reason for existence. I will raise the new generation, and I guarantee you that it will be the best that has ever existed." He had an aura of arrogance and confidence around him; for a moment, I believed his words if it wasn't for his eccentric personality.

"If I get you one of those words, will you become less annoying?" I asked him directly.

"Heh, perhaps." He gave me a knowing smile as he took another bite from his yogurt.

I let out an exasperated sigh and raised my hand, calling for one of the many waitresses that were hungrily gazing at me for a while.

All of them started to discuss between themselves, and for one moment, I believed that they were going to start a fight until the brunette girl came to my table; it was pathetic how flushed and embarrassed she looked.

"Hey, I'm looking for a big sword that used to be near the Great Naruto Bridge. Do you know something about it?" I asked.

She beamed with a shiny smile as her face turned red; she tried to use her notepad to cover her embarrassment, but I felt like I should be the one hiding because I caught so much secondhand embarrassment; it was cringe.

"YES! ….emmm….I'll go ask!" She left with a red face.

Moments later, she returned with a small note with an address written on it.

Once she handed me the paper, she ran away, covering her face that was red as a tomato, then the girls went into a fit of loud giggles.

"What a playboy, you almost make me jealous." He nudged my shoulder.

"Shut up, let's get your sword," I said.

"Lead the way." He snorted.

We went to pay at the counter, but rather than the man that used to be, there was a young girl with long black hair and blue eyes; she was younger than me. I could quickly tell by the size and how she was as red as a tomato, fidgeting with her fingers.

"Emmm, today we have a special discount so…" She said in a low voice.

"Oh, nice! I was worried there for a second." Suigetsu was already on the counter with my purse in hand, pulling out a couple of bills while flashing a sharp, toothy grin.

I grabbed his collar and pulled him away from the counter.

"Shut up, keep the change." I snatched my purse back, left the establishment without looking back.

"Kyaaaa!" The young girl covered her face, trying to muffle her voice.

And so did the rest.

It is just ridiculous that all the girls are that obsessed with me!

No wonder Sasuke didn't pay any attention to them!

I was rubbing my temples once again, trying to ease the tension that those girls caused, or at least that was in mind, until I felt a hand grab my shoulder, keeping me from moving forward. I turned to see the reason for stopping, but Suigetsu's face was severe.

But his silence only made my impatience grow.


"MY sword is right there." Suigetsu pointed to a bulking semi-nude bald man that stood out from all the crowd; those defined muscles and tattoos were, after all, very flashy to not notice right away.

Besides, Zabuza's sword was simply too large to hide.

"How convenient, just don't cause a commotion." It genuinely relieved me that we found it so fast without going to the address given on the paper; my memory could remember that we would have gone there to fight a bunch of thugs to recover the sword.

"I make no promises!"

Suigetsu calmly walked toward the man who didn't take notice of his presence until he was right next to him, yet before the bald man could turn to see who got close to him, Suigetsu already had his throat in his hand and lifted his entire body from the ground before sending him crashing down.

Everybody from our surroundings looked at the commotion and gathered around those two.

He did the exact opposite just to get at me.

For once, I could tell the reason why my head was throbbing. If he weren't made out of water, I would grab his throat and apply all of my strength until it snapped.

But I couldn't show my real emotions.

As much as I hated it, I had to endure until I could fully recover and adapt to Sasuke's body.

"Hmmm, it needs a bit of maintenance..." He casually said before looking at the man's unconscious form that he incapacitated, and I noticed the glint in his eyes.

Another rush of memories came crashing down on me; one bit of information was relevant to the situation. His fucking sword could repair itself with blood.

"Don't do it." I was quick to speak.

Suigetsu turned and gave me one of the fakest smiles I've ever seen. "Hey, I wasn't planning to do that."

I raised a questioning eyebrow.

He groaned. "Well, maybe not...alright, give me one moment."

I watched from my spot how Suigetsu pulled out a kunai and drew blood from the man's arm before spilling it on the sword. By that time, people were no longer curious and left the area. They were agitated but not in full panic mode, like they would have been if he mutilated the poor soul with Zabuza's sword.

"There we go, nice and sharp." Since he didn't have any kind of sheath for that sword, he simply placed it on his shoulder like those typical muscle-heads pretending to be cool.

But he wasn't a muscle-head, and his body frame didn't exactly fit for that sword. Logically speaking, Suigetsu would be physically incapable of even lifting that sword, but everything could be possible in the Naruto world where people could walk on water and breathe fire.

So I turned in the direction of the town's busy main road with a new destination in mind.

"Let's go for Karin." The perfect radar and compass were eagerly waiting for me to come; however, after the little experience with those waitresses back at the cafe, I couldn't help but feel nervous about Karin's obsession with me.

"Ugh, do we need her?"

In a way, I did consider the option to replace Karin with another who could do the same job but the only ones who could do her job, at least to an acceptable level; we're currently living at Konoha. Besides, she was far from the port town; walking wasn't an option anymore.

But she was worth all the extra work I would need to do.

"Do you know a better sensor?" I glared at him; it was going to be a rather long journey; in other words, it was for my best of interest that the whole thing was peaceful, and he wasn't nagging me every second of it

Suigetsu shrugged. "No?"

"Then. Shut. Up."

Suigetsu flinched the moment our eyes connected, much to my surprise, then he took the lead, leaving me slightly behind as we walked through the main road.

My confusion was cleared the moment I saw my reflection on his sword; even if it wasn't clear, a pair of red orbs were staring right back at me.

I blinked, and they were gone, replaced by my onyx eyes like usual.

I blinked again, but my eyes remained the same.

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