"That's not possible." Brooke backed away in horror from the man standing in front of her.

"I knew we'd see each other again, baby girl."

"That's not possible."

"My master was right about you little girl. I only wish I could see it myself.

"Go to Hell Ramirez."

Ramirez was about to respond when March walked down the hallway, "ahh my two favorite people. I heard you two know each other. I can't wait to hear your stories. But right now I have your party favor." March turned to Ramirez.

Brooke had actually been flattered to be invited to March's special Devil's Night party. She knew he invited dead serial killers but had never expected to see Richard Ramirez there. For one thing he wasn't technically dead. Unless something had changed he was being imprisoned by the ghosts at Camp Redwood. Now she felt something different. Something she hadn't felt since the first night she spent at Camp Redwood.

She felt fear.

Brooke fled back to the main lobby half expecting Ramirez and March to follow her. She needed to think. Did she even want to attend a party with that idiot Ramirez? And how did he even get here anyway?

"It's Devil's Night." Liz said simply. "The dead can leave their plane of existence for the night. Most don't know it. Some do. Some even leave here for the night. I know a man who got killed here that checks on his kids. Some reek havoc on the night. Mr. March throws a party"

"And invites serial killers?"

"Who else would he invite?"

Brooke headed back to her room but instead found The Countess and decided to ask her about her husband's yearly party. Brooke hadn't wanted to tell Liz about where Ramirez actually was and was even less sure if she should tell The Countess but without even saying anything Brooke realized the woman already knew.

"Stuck is stuck. The poor man can't leave whatever force is holding him except for Devil's night so James makes sure to procure him some toys to play with."

"Poor man" Brooke asked exasperated "He's a monster."

"So is James. So am I." The Countess paused, "From what I have been hearing you are becoming quite the vicious one yourself."

Brooke paused at that. Was it true? She hadn't really allowed herself to think about it. She had been living in the Cortez for months now. Nothing changing. Nothing growing but the darkness in her own heart. Brooke suddenly my felt stuck.

Stuck is Stuck.


"This isn't who you are. There is evil inside you, yes. It's in us all. Dormant and waiting. I learned that from my father. It grows like a cancer but only if you feed it what it wants."

Almost like a switch it was like a conscience to turned back on again. From off to on from I To O from No to Yes. It was like that little voice that she had been ignoring was screaming at her. The voice told her to do good things instead of bad to be a good person instead of a bad one it even sounded like Donna. A little voice in her head that had been silent for so long was now telling her to run to get out of the hotel. Why had a voice been silent for so long Brooke didn't know but it was loud banging in her ears and it was all she heard the dark little voice was gone maybe that's what Donna meant. The voice you fed was the voice you heard and right now the voice she was feeding was telling her to leave.

She thought maybe she could at least take Liz Taylor with her. They could run off. Find somewhere on the edge of the world to live. That had been the original plan with Donna. Go somewhere no one could ever find them. Maybe she could do that with Liz?

"What would I do outside the Cortez?"

"I don't know, live."

"I live here."

"This isn't living. You are as dead as everyone else." Brooke said after a second. "I can't stay here. I can't be who everyone wants me to be."

"Then you should go. And go now. Don't even get your stuff. Just walk right out the door. Don't look back."

Brooke closed her eyes for a second and tried not to cry. Liz was right. If she went back up to her room any number of things could stop her. She was no fool. She had been under the protection of James Patrick March because he wanted her to continue his greatest work of art. His greatest act of murder. If she outright refused and stayed in the hotel he wouldn't have any issue killing her or letting any number of monster kill her.

Brooke smiled at Liz and then quickly walked out the door. It was night time and the air was cool. Even cold. She didn't have a coat on but it didn't matter the cold felt good on her skin. The fresh air felt good on her skin.

"Happy New Year" Brooke felt herself get hugged from behind.

"Let the poor girl go Tony." Another man smiled at Brooke.

"New Year?" Brooke asked a little confused. Had time moved that quickly since Devil's night?

"Where have you been?" Brooke laughed it off but couldn't really come up with an answer but was happy when the man took pity on her. "It's a new decade baby. We are out of the 80s and into the 90s. 1990."

Brooke was stunned. 1990? Had she missed another year. So much time lost. In prison. On anger. In darkness. Donna has been right. Evil could only exist if you fed it. Brooke had been feeding her evil. Her darkness for far too long. But it was a new year. A new decade. It was time to feed something else.

Brooke smiled at the man and wished him a happy new year and headed on her way. It didn't matter where as long as it was away from the darkness and toward the light.