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Chapter 1: Prologue

It all went so wrong. It went wrong the moment that the Uchiha brat had to get himself killed. That brat had to be too cocky at the wrong moment to charge head on at Kaguya. Naruto, the knuckle-head as always, tried to hold him back, but it was too late. A smirk on the Rabbit Goddess' lips was the only sign of the coming danger before a bone of ash pierced through his chest.

Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, the greatest of biju and the unofficial firstborn son of Hagoromo Otsutsutski knew it happened. His chakra was split between the bodies of Kaguya and Naruto, and he saw it from both perspectives. The Uchiha was by all rights dead, and with that victory over Kaguya diminished. Even so, Naruto did not stop hoping for the life of his friend and caught Sasuke in his arms.

It was that moment for the first time Kurama saw an Uchiha do some fucking good for once. In Sasuke's last breath, he gave his half of Hagoromo's chakra to him. Not only did the crescent moon mark appear on Naruto's left palm, the Rinne-Sharingan replaced his left eye. Determined to honor his friend's sacrifice, the battle began anew with the Rabbit Goddess.

The fight between the pair lasted days on end and through several dimensions Kaguya summoned them to. Kurama knew this was a losing battle of attrition, yet his host endured to win against Kaguya. It was taking a toll on his part and the biju with him to constantly sustain his power. Rasengans and Tailed Beast Bombs were thrown out like some bargain sale to dwindle down Kaguya. Earth-shattering punches to crumble mountains crashed down on the Rabbit Goddess to make her body crumble. Back and forth they went, but neither was ready yield. Their ideals, as hard it was to admit, were the same: the salvation of the world. Kaguya made that distinction clear when she spoke again at the Ashura incarnate.

"Can you not see it, Ashura!?" Kaguya shouted from the air, imposing as usual. "I alone know how to save the world!"

"And you think that taking away people's freedom is the answer!?" Argued Naruto. "That's the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard! There are other ways to going about saving the world!"

"It is the only way!" Kaguya persisted, multiple Truth Seeking Orbs appearing at her side. "When you humans were given chakra by my son, he hoped that it would bring 'peace'. Peace, that naive boy! Look at the 'peace' you've wrought upon yourselves betraying Hagoromo's ideals to use chakra for war. There was never so much bloodshed before you were given chakra, and that is why I must take it back!"

The orbs of dense chakra fired down upon Naruto. He became a golden flash weaving through the storm, knowing that just one of them can punch a hole through him. In return, Naruto manipulated his own orbs to fire back at Kaguya. Expectantly, she dodged out of the way, but they stopped behind her and reformed into sharp lances. Her Byakugan revealed to her of the orbs' approach and swerved out of the way.

One that passed her shoulder suddenly bursted into smoke, revealing it to be Naruto who had used a Transformation Jutsu. She could not stop the painful kick to her face. Now that might not have done much, but it did make Naruto feel real good punching the hag.

"People make mistakes!" Naruto exclaimed, bringing an orb to his hand to form a staff. "Sometimes, we just can't stop making them, but we always learn from them and better ourselves! That's just how we do!"

"And that is where you are wrong!" Kaguya roared, sending Naruto careening down with a wordless Shinrei Tensai. "Do you want to know what humanity is? It's a contradiction and at worst, a hypocrisy!"

More Truth Seeking Orbs fired down from the sky upon Naruto with greater volume than the last. She added a Shinrei Tensai in the mix to keep Naruto in the ground longer. When the orbs came down, they changed shape and instead clamped down on Naruto's limbs to pin him to the ground.

"That is why," Kaguya continued her heated rant, sending more orbs to trap Naruto down, "humans will never find peace. Their individual ideas will always clash with each other, always stuck in their own little worlds. The peace you and Hagoromo want is the salvation of all, but salvation and 'peace' are different things altogether. Your wish for salvation of the world will always lead to more and more killing because one's dream is another's nightmare. Chakra has only made it worse. Just look at the world as it is as a result from your blind arrogance. You shinobi who flaunt it for your villages - are no different than murderers! If that isn't hypocrisy, then what is!?

"If you can't accept that, then die." Kaguya spat, sending a rod to impale Naruto's side. "Be crushed in Hagoromo's ideals. Burnt out knowing there was never any hope to achieve them. If you die, my son's mistake will turn to dust and I will lead the world to the true salvation it needs. This I swear!"

While Naruto stubbornly ignored every word Kaguya said, Kurama was a different story. Her words on the misuse of chakra hit pretty close to home. His eyes flashed back to memories, watching as his father's ideas for chakra were twisted into detergents of war. On some level, Kaguya was right. In the end, humans used chakra for their own selfishness instead of the greater good Hagoromo wanted them to.

But... Naruto was different. Different from the rest of them. Kurama knew ever since being sealed in the child that he was nothing like the trash that flaunted the Sage's gift. It was just unfortunate that were too few humans like the kit.

The biju's thoughts were interrupted by a dry chuckle from Naruto. His hand broke free of his restraints and pulled out the rod that impaled him. The golden chakra instantly healed the wound, but he was going to run on fumes soon.

"You're not wrong, but you're not right either." Naruto said softly, but Kaguya could hear the Ashura incarnate clearly. "Don't you think it's a beautiful thing? Everyone understanding each other and to work for everyone's happiness. I know it is, dattebayo. Sure the world is full selfish assholes, but when are we not selfish? That's being human right there, dattebayo, but you would be surprised how good it can be. That's why I am not giving up on it!"

Surprising both Kurama and Kaguya, Naruto pushed his chakra to the limit to make a beeline for the Rabbit Goddess. He managed to make it right in front of her face before she made a reaction. He should've dodged it perfectly, but against all logic he simply stayed his direction and let himself get impaled by an ash bone. As the body of Naruto Uzumaki slowly turned to ash, his smile only widened.

"I'm not giving up, even if it costs me my life." Naruto proclaimed, his hand suddenly punching a hole into Kaguya's chest to her shock. "And if I'm going down, I'm taking you with me. Wonder what will happen if we both die? Will the chakra in the Nations dispel? I can live with that actually. As long as the people trapped in that freaky genjutsu are free, I don't care.

'Kit, what the fuck are you doing!?' Kurama shouted sensing that Naruto was sending dangerous amounts of chakra through his system to the point of exploding.

"And more thing." Naruto added as the golden chakra around him intensified to the point that part of his body were disintegrating. "Ever heard of the Exploding Clone? I always wondered what would happen if a real person made themselves explode? Let's find out."

Kaguya's eyes widened in shock. "You fucki-"

That was all that Kaguya was able to led out before Naruto literally exploded. Golden chakra of such immeasurable amounts were unleashed throughout the summoned pocket dimension. So much so that the world was actually destroyed in the ensuing explosion, leaving nothing in its trace.


"What the - Where am I?" Kurama muttered as he blinked to consciousness.

In all honesty, Kurama fully expected to be dead by all rights in Naruto's suicide attempt on the Rabbit Goddess. Yet, here he awoke the very next moment in what can only be described as an eternal white expanse. The very same dimension the biju used to communicate to Naruto. So it was not much of a surprise to find some of his own siblings here.

Matatabi was the most notable to Kurama with a body of blue flames and hetochromatic eyes and twin tails swishing behind her. Far off was the youngest sibling, Shukaku the One-Tailed Tanuki, and the sibling that Kurama had the most tension with. Then there was the Four-Tailed monkey, Son Goku.

The odd thing however was it was the four of them. None of their other brothers or sisters were here with them, and when they tried reaching out their conscious to contact them they felt nothing. As though their siblings' very existence was gone.

"What is going on here!?" Screamed Shukaku. "Where that Naruto boy at?! And the bitch Kaguya!? And why am I here with you, Kurama-teme!?"

Kurama growled. "Look, I don't like this either, but this is a much bigger problem. Something has gone wrong, and there has to be a reason why only us four are only here."

"This is indeed troubling, my brothers." Matatabi added. "This is not right. Did - Did we lose?"

"And I second with Shukaku on one front." Son Goku said, banging his knuckles on the ground creating a ripple through the white expanse. "Where is that Naruto of yours, Kurama? Last I remember before going into the Geto statue, he made a promise to free us. But your here and he's not, so where is he?"

"I..." Kurama tried to answer, but whatever words he needed to say refused to leave his throat.

The giant fox's crimson eyes lost their projected malice in them when he recalled the last moments of Naruto Uzumaki. Why? Why did have to come to that? That idiotic, brave kit in the end decided to make himself explode with chakra and taking Kaguya with him.

That there was the problem of it all. All of the world's chakra came from her, but unlike Hagoromo sealing away the goddess Naruto killed her. The most definite possibly of the death of Kaguya is the Elemental Nations losing their chakra, thereby removing the Infinite Tsukuyomi but leaving the people powerless. The biju themselves should have diminished as they were beings made of chakra, yet their consciousnesses were here instead in their shared mindscape.

"Like hell I am going back on my promise, dattebayo!"

The biju's eyes snapped towards the center where they found the very human on their minds. Naruto Uzumaki stood in the center of all them, unfazed by the imposing biju that surrounded him. His golden chakra cloak was gone to reveal his usual orange and black jacket. However, Naruto's body was surrounded in an ethereal glow and he looked to be fading away at the moment.

Floating beside Naruto in seiza was Kurama's father, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths and progenitor of the way of ninshu. Wrinkles littered a tired face of chalky pale skin, yet the cheeks did not sag down. Spiky white hair grew down the length of his neck tied in a tail. Hagoromo wore his signature white cloak with the wrists and neckline decorated in nine tomoes. His eyes showed the Rinnegan in all of its power with a gaze that spoke of a man of wisdom far beyond any mortal.

"Naruto, what's going on?" Son Goku spoke. "Did we win?"

Naruto smiled solemnly. "Yeah, we did, but not the way we wanted."

"Kaguya is dead." Hagoromo revealed. "And with her death, chakra cannot exist in the Elemental Nations."

"But if chakra can no longer exist, that means that we should be gone?" Matatabi said.

"Not quite." Hagoromo clarified. "At the last moment, Naruto and I pulled your being to be here in this mindscape so we may talk here to say some last words."

"Last words?" Shukaku said in worry. "Old man, don't tell me we're not gonna see ya again. I mean, we just got back together."

As to confirm Shukaku's fears, Hagoromo's skin began to crack like dry earth and was beginning to chip off starting with his cheek and shoulders. Kurama felt his heartstrings being pulled harshly seeing the phenomenon before his eyes. The first time Hagoromo died, it was more that his spirit could not exist in the mortal realm. His spirit was everywhere watching everything in the lands of the Elemental Countries. This time, Kurama could sense Hagoromo's very soul and presence slipping away. A true death had come for the old man, and the only one who he looked up to as a father.

Kurama's eyes snapped to Naruto, and any rage that he held in immense proportions was drowned out in depression. The very same was happening to Naruto as his very being was slowly chipping away. This human that had the guts to defy everything in his path, to push through all obstacles with sheer willpower, and a fire of spirit that managed to get to him. The only human Kurama considered too late to be a true friend was dying right before his eyes, yet he still had a smile plastered on his face.

"You didn't." Kurama muttered.

"We have decided to take your place instead." Hagoromo announced.

"No, you can't be serious!" Cried Son Goku, smashing down his fists.

"Father, there has to be another way." Matatabi protested.

"No!" Hagoromo bellowed, his Rinnegan eyes sternly glancing at the gathered Biju. "Kurama, Matatabi, Son Goku, and Shukaku. My dear children. You have already suffered enough pain in these long eons on this land. I did not wish that kind of life for any of you. I have failed you as a father once, but I will not do so again!"

"D-Dad..." Whimpered Shukaku, openly crying as tears traveled down his sand body.

"Kit," Kurama said, eyeing the blonde, "are you seriously doing this? After all we've been through?"

"Without even thinking on it." Naruto proudly proclaimed. "As long as you get to live happily, it's all worth it. You're my friend, and I'll do everything for my friends."

"You..." Kurama let out in a soft rumble, but he couldn't get the words out as sadness unending was taking its hold on him. 'You selfless idiot.'

"If you two are dying in our place, then where is everyone else?" Son Goku asked, perplexed at how the rest of their siblings weren't present.

"It was jointed decision on their part to give their lives as well for yours." Hagoromo said solemnly, his expression mirroring the toll of old age. "This is the result."

Hagoromo held out his left hand and immense amounts of chakra condensed into a head-sized orb. It was denser than even a Tailed Beast Bomb, yet unlike the pitch black darkness the orb of chakra was a beautiful blend of colors of the entire spectrum. The four biju eyed the orb warily because they recognized the chakra as the combination of their five other siblings.

"They sacrificed their consciousness and soul to bring their chakra together." Hagoromo explained as the orb in his palm split into four parts. "It is their last gift to you four who they have chosen to live instead of them."

The orb that was now split into four soared towards the biju, one for each, sinking through their chests. They each felt a wash of power as the shared portion of their siblings chakra was added to their own. For some, they felt their chakra reserves multiply from the amount, but the euphoria of added power did not quell the sadness at the loss of the siblings they took for granted. Kurama was especially silent, remembering the years shortly after Hagoromo's death he was particularly cold and violent towards the other biju. Now he was regretting ever doing such a thing. Perhaps he could've had them stay together and they could have protected each other from the humans that wanted to turn them into weapons. Then this whole farce would never have happened.

Kurama hated this. He hated this more than Madara and the greed of humanity. Behind all the bitterness built up from eons among the humans was a fear he hid ever since the death of his father from this world. Above all else, Kurama hated his precious people dying before him without him being able to stop it try as he might.

"... What is left for us, tou-san?" Son Goku said, the first to compose himself though his tone was hollow.

"More or less, we are tossing you guys across whole dimensions." Naruto explained simply. "You'll never have to see this place ever again. To be honest, Jiji and I have no idea where you guys will end up, much less what body you will be in, but it's your best chance at a life without people gunning after you."

"Are you serious?" Son Goku said incredulously. "This has a lot of risk to this, even to my standards."

"I will repeat what Naruto-san has said, this is your best chance I am giving to you." Hagoromo answered. "We can at least guarantee that all of you will be reincarnated in the same world, and that your chakra will always attract one another so you will never lose each other again."

Hagoromo paused and the biju looked at the pair below them in morbid horror as Naruto's and the Sage's deterioration accelerated. In a matter of seconds one of their arms was already chipped away into nothingness. Their remaining arms were currently disintegrating away as well as the lower half of their body.

"It would seem our time is up." Hagoromo said, Rinnegan eyes bearing regret towards the four biju. "My dear children. Forgive this old man for his foolishness. I never imagined any of you would go through such cruelty at their hands. So please hear these final words from me. Live free, prosperous, and most importantly happy."

His piece said, the rest of his body chipped away. All the four biju could do was watch with tears in their eyes as Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths, the Creator of the Way of Ninshu, and their father, truly die with a contented smile on his face. Matatabi, Son Goku, and Shukaku went into alarm as they felt their bodies being pulled back and suddenly vanish in a flash of white light.

Only Kurama and Naruto were left alone in the white expanse that was also chipping away like the latter. The giant, nine-tailed fox's lips were trying to snarl in outrage at his partner's blunder, but it formed to a quivering sad frown. His eyes once flashing red with untold rage were now dimmed with pitiful sorrow.

"Hey Kurama." Naruto called out. "Can you make me a promise?"

Kurama could only respond in a nod.

"Wherever you find yourself in," Naruto said, his blue eyes shimmering, "promise me you'll make some precious people for you to cherish and protect them with your life."

"I will." Kurama said.

"Till then." Naruto said, waving at the biju as only his neck was left. "See you in the next life."

"No!" Kurama shouted, digging his claws into the ground as he felt some odd force pulling him back and contorting his body. "Not yet! Th-There's still so much I have to make up for! Naruto! NARUTO!"

The world of Kurama, Nine-tailed Fox and the greatest of the biju, went suddenly dark. His last memories were only seeing Naruto's body fading away, smiling all the way up to the end. For a split second, Kurama thought he saw a whole army of the many people Naruto bonded with saying their farewells.

(Outskirts of Kyoto; Four Years Later)

"Ken... why are you doing this?" Spoke the pained voice of a man lying on a floor holding his stomach that was bleeding a pool of red on the floor. "I knew you should never have gone with those devils."

The man was a handsome item at a height of 5'10". He was wearing a black yukata with blue jagged designs and a red obi. His skin was a healthy tan to be a few shades darker than usual white skin. His face was structured with a stout jaw, and his cheeks featured three whisker marks each. Most strangely on the 'man' were the red fox ears and four tails he had as traits of a kitsune.

His red eyes were hatefully glaring at the man at the door of his home. He was awfully tall at 6'4" with unnaturally dark skin, red eyes, pointed ears, and a sinister smile to reveal sharp fangs. In another life, the kitsune knew the man as a friend long ago and never did he have such a hideous look. This transformation was possible from demonic energy when the human was reincarnated as a devil into a peerage of a High-class devil.

The former human was only chosen because of his possession of the demonic blade, Muramasa. It was the final piece of war art forged by Muramasa himself famed for the demonic power of his swords. The one in Ken's hands was the ultimate among them as it was told that Muramasa gathered all of the blades he ever forged, tossed them into the fires to be melted down, and then having himself jump into the fires and the finishing touches went to his only apprentice. It was a mighty blade capable of rivaling famous holy swords.

The same blade that was being held at the neck of the kitsune's wife. A buxon woman of scarlet locks and hazel eyes with her own pair of fox ears and four swishing tails. Her form was bloodied from slashes made from Muramasa, and the male kitsune knew that she would die from the demonic energy poisoning her. Ken had come here after many years by betraying he and his fellow peerage masters killed their master for their own pleasure. The result of killing their King was quite gruesome on the devil's appearance, but it didn't seem Ken cared.

"Why?" Spoke Ken. "Well, at first it was to take back Sara here when you took her from me. I always wanted to ravage this body for myself, but now I think I can do better and just kill you."

Right before the kitsune's eyes, Muramasa slashed open Sara's throat. Her eyes dilated to an expression of horror staring back at her mate, who looked as though his whole world shattered. She mouthed her last words, and she was dropped dead to the floor.

"BASTARD!" Roared the male kitsune, but Ken had put a foot on his chest to pin him down.

"Pipe down." Ken spat, angling his blade down. "You'll spoil my fun."


The male kitsune's went cold when he heard the soft voice. He managed to strain his neck around to find a boy only four years of age. His child! The little kitsune was a mirror image of his father, but with a much more structured jawline hidden away by baby fat, deep crimson eyes with a black pupil, and fox ears and four tails that were crimson-orange color. Those same red eyes glistened with tears as he saw the scene before him with his mother murdered and his father soon to follow.

"A son?" Ken wondered.

"RUN!" The male kitsune.

That was his last word before the demonic blade sank into his skull. The child kitsune could only stare in morbid horror of his entire family killed right in front of him. His heart drummed in his ears, his head felt like it was going to split, and he began to hyperventilate. So many horrid emotions of sadness was too much trauma for the child. The mind completely destroyed itself, leaving only an empty shell as the persona that was the child ceased to be.

Only for a powerful incarnate to awaken. Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox and first son of Hagoromo, awoke into his new body, but to him the four years was an instant. His own trauma of watching Naruto die was still fresh to him, threatening to unleash in rage to sate the emptiness in his heart. His own sorrow mixed with the traumatic memories of the child that was supposedly his reincarnation caused a rather violent reaction.

Kurama gave a mighty wail as a child, and tremendous amounts of energy came off him in floods of red. The whole house was obliterated in an instant, and miles upon miles of bamboo forest were corroding from the potent chakra of the biju made Yokai. Ken and his crew that were stationed outside found themselves pinned to the ground by a sudden pressure weighing the literal weight of mountains. It came as a shock to the Stray Devil that this energy was in fact chakra, but the likes he had never seen and with such intense malice.

His balance was almost compromised when Muramasa soared out his grip. He barely managed to look forward in shock to see the black hilt of yellow diamond decorations gripped in Kurama's right hand. They both made eye contact, and Ken felt inexplicable fear rush through him from those crimson eyes. He watched as the pupil and the sclera shifted to make the whole eye red featuring three rings with nine tomoe.

And that wasn't all when Ken watched something shift among the four crimson tails flailing above the boy. There was a further increase in chakra reaching low Ultimate-class as a four tails became five. Then five became six. Six became seven. Seven became eight. And finally, nine fully grown crimson-orange tails flailed wildly from the kitsune, yet his chakra kept on rising.

'This... This chakra!' Thought Ken in shock as he was starting to lose consciousness. 'This is far beyond than even a nine-tailed kitsune can have. C-Could this be Maou-class?!'

No, it went far beyond Maou-class. The chakra kept on growing more and more in amount as though a great flood had taken over the land. Clouds had gathered above from the sheer amount to become a flash hurricane. In the heavens of Japan, the Shinto Pantheon went deadly silent as they felt the incredible chakra that went beyond their own powers. From the depths of hell, the Crimson Lucifer suddenly paused in motion as he felt an incredible and destructive power wash over the world and felt his own power seem to thrum in excitement to face whatever it is.

At Kyoto, a blue-haired, hetochromatic nekoshou and a sand-haired tanuki glanced in the direction of the massive chakra. In mountains far in the mainland known as Asia, a red-haired youth opened his eyes from his meditation and cracked a wry smile. All three of these individuals had one common thought.

'Took you long enough, Kurama-nii-san.'

Back with Kurama, he no longer had any conscious thought only mindless rage that he needed to vent. The Rinne-Sharingan gifted to him from his late father glared upon the quivering Stray Devil.

"You... RAAAUGH!"

The last Ken saw was the kitsune child forming black orb from his mouth and everything went black. From afar, a miniature mushroom cloud split the sky. And in one part of Kyoto, in the grand palace, a certain blonde with golden eyes of four years old wearing a yellow yukata and having a pair of golden fox ears and nine tails peered to the distance. When she saw the cloud, the girl could feel the raw chakra that produced it. Mostly she felt scared, but a more primal side of the kitsune Yokai felt rather excited. The question was who could it be? The answer would literally change her life for the centuries to come.

Yep, this is happening. This is a Kurama-centric, featuring Matatabi, Shukaku, and Son Goku as they are my favorite biju and all of them are turned into their Yokai counterparts. They are significantly more powerful given that they were given a shared portion of chakra from the other biju. Kurama will still be the most powerful, but I think I can rank him around Sirzechs level because trust me that guy is OP as shit. They're meeting will be interesting and I plan to make the two rivals.

As for Kurama's powers, he will have Nations-style Senjutsu, Chakra Cloak, ninjutsu especially Rasengan and Rasenshuriken, kenjutsu, and for now can only use the powers of the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, and he will be using Muramasa as weapon. Son Goku will be a subspecies of monkey Yokai known as Saiyajin from Dragon Ball to make things a bit more interesting. All of the biju will have access to powers of the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and the possibly the Rinne-Sharingan as well because it is my way of putting them up there as Shin Yokai, the Shinto version of Super Devils. But there won't be moons popping up anyone's ass.

On a side note, I am deciding to have this story take place 100 years after the Devil Civil War. Mostly because I wasn't really sure when Yasaka was born. There will also be some minor crossover aspects such as blades as Zangetsu in that kind of stuff.

And most importantly, the pairing is of course Kurama X Yasaka.

Up next is Chapter 2 where Yasaka and Kurama first meet and the reincarnated biju is made a guest of sorts in the palace by Amaterasu and trained to be Yasaka's vigilant protector. I need a name for the chapter please.

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