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Chapter 8: Cold War and Reunion

"Back here again."

These words were spoken from a tall man standing over six feet in height. The first notable detail of the man was the mane of spiky crimson hair cascading down to his shoulders and splaying around his face. Black scars reminiscent to whisker marks and slit red eyes gave him a feral addition to his handsome complexion of peach skin and fanged smile. A body of hardened muscle was hidden underneath a worn white tunic and black hakama pants with too many dirt stains. At his hip was a seemingly regular katanna with a coil-like grip. Propped on his shoulder was a sack containing the man's very few belongings.

"Eleven years from that hellhole in India, and I come to see this." The man mused with a click of his tongue.

His crimson eyes were overlooking the landscape of Kyoto, complete with its abundant wilderness and the city itself nestled in the distance. The sun had just risen from the morning, bathing the land in a golden hue. He didn't need to squint to see the massive palace lording over the city where he once called home for twelve years. On that line of thought, the man's vision was assailed by a fair face with golden eyes and bright golden hair.

"I'll see you soon, Yasaka." The man spoke softly, his feral look diminishing as a result. "You don't have to wait anymore, my little siblings. Your big brother Kurama is back in town."

Kurama gave a slight hop from his vantage point that was upon a hill and now landing upon the steep slope impossible for anyone normal to climb down. A confident smirk spread Kurama's lips as he planted his feet into the rough soil, but nothing could even leave a scratch on his skin thanks to his dense chakra. Over the decade, his enormous reserves and density have been refined to the point his chakra acted like a layer of armor beneath his skin. It would take a considerably powerful attack to leave a wound, and even then that was not factoring in his healing capabilities.

And yet his master of a god Asura always made these advantages mute through overwhelming power Kurama simply couldn't match. To this day, it still shocked him how an entity such as him existed in any world that outclassed even Kaguya and the Juubi back in the Elemental Nations. He lost count of the amount of times he was forced into a berserk state through the use of Asura's power that he called 'Mantra' just so Kurama was forced to conquer in his own wrath to use Senjutsu. Even when in that berserk state at its peak with the full might of his power that was the feared Kyuubi of the Elemental Nations to destroy entire countries, Asura was ever hardly fazed. It took five years of Kurama's training to conquer his dark side to access Senjutsu, and despite being combined with his full power he still got his ass handed to him. And to think they were even worse entities than Earth's strongest.

Speaking of Senjutsu, Kurama understood how the malice of the world's natural energy can be purified. Compared to the Elemental Nations, nature here was extremely violent. Eons of war and evil from humans such as deforestation have caused an imbalance in the world. No longer was the natural energy pure, now carrying a malice that made Kurama's tantrum in the Elemental Nations tame in comparison. If humanity persists in its negligence of nature in the coming centuries, then the whole of the Earth's lifeforce will be saturated with the world's rage, pain, and revenge.

Kurama found the small solution to this, if only as a practical one. The reincarnated bijuu would use his Senjutsu and draw in the dark energy in the world into his body. He would then act as a filter purifying the malice of the Earth and releasing the natural chakra back to the world. The result of the distributing natural energy had the effect of strengthening the life of the planet. Theoretically with enough users using the same method of Senjutsu, the purified chakra could revive thousands of acres of cut trees.

The kitsune smiled at the thought of using Senjutsu this way. Being trained in the art had garnered Kurama to show nature great respect. Perhaps he could create an order of Yokai who would solely use Senjutsu to purify the earth's malice and heal the world. He idly wondered if Hagoromo would be proud seeing him using this method to heal the planet. Just the thought of how humans have mistreated the planet gave life to him kindled the remaining malice he had for the very people that perverted his father's dream. However, he was not going to succumb to that mindset any longer. After all, Kurama made a promise to the only human he can ever call friend and he was not ever going to break it.

'If only you could see me now, kit.' Kurama thought with a smile as he jumped off at the foot of the steep hill.

He took a slow, leisure walk admiring the forest of Kyoto's outskirts. As he did so, Kurama stretched out his senses to feel if any of his siblings were here. Within the city in some isolated parts the crimson kitsune could only make out one chakra signature from the rest that rivaled his own, and it felt like rough sand upon his acute senses. That automatically told Kurama that was Shukaku, but left Son Goku and Matatabi out of the country.

Their absence was logical due to their individual station. Son Goku was reborn as a monkey Yokai, the same as the famed Sun Wukong, and they made their home in the mountains of Asia. Matatabi as the nekoshou heiress had her familial home situated within the Underworld where the Yokai clan lived, but she would come to the real world to enact her duties as the Shinigami's priestess. Kurama felt internally saddened he would get to see two of his remaining siblings, but he could not blame them for living their own lives.

'On the other hand, I can give them quite the surprise.' Kurama thought with a wide grin.

Eventually coming to the outskirts of the city of Kyoto, Kurama immediately noticed something awry. Normally, he would have met with a group of Tengu guards or at least have eyes watching him from the roofs. Instead he got none of that, and the only stares he received were the curious glances from the humans and disguised Yokai walking in the streets in their everyday business. Kurama hummed in thought as he pulled on the sack that carried his possessions.

"Something's not right." Kurama muttered. "I have heard relations with the Underworld and Grigori were worsening, but what could have happened to have most of the guards abandon Kyoto like this?"

"Because I don't trust the utter scum of the Underworld."

Any other time, Kurama would have jumped into a fight-and-destroy-fuck-all response from the surprise of someone getting passed his acute senses. Training with Asura however had allowed the kitsune to attune his senses to that the energy of the divine.

It was why he calmly turned around to look down at the beautiful face of Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess and his guardian for what he knew as his childhood. As a goddess she hadn't aged a day, but her extravagant radiance as a goddess was toned down to not alert the nearby humans. Even so, Kurama caught a glance of Yokai looking at Amaterasu with reverence while the normal humans were kept ignorant.

"Hello, Lady Amaterasu." Kurama greeted.

"None of that, Kurama-kun. Let me get a good look at you." Amaterasu almost cooed with a smile, reaching up to caress his cheeks like a mother would. "My, my. You've grown so much. You're taller than myself."

Kurama's right eye twitched. "Can we not do this now? It's not like I am a child anymore."

"You will always my child to me." Amaterasu proclaimed, taking back her hands and held them within the sleeves of her black kimono. "Still have that bite to you. I am surprised Asura-kun couldn't beat that out of you."

'You have no idea how much he succeeded with everything else?' Kurama thought, holding in a squirm at the memory of his many humiliating and one-sided defeats at the Hindu god of justice.

"Well then, why don't you walk with me to the palace?" Amaterasu offered, walking down the street.

Kurama soon followed the chief Shinto goddess by her right side, his full height towering a head over her. Together, they walked like everyone else did and hardly were the human ever aware of a goddess and the many Yokai around them. That is the power of the constant Yojutsu that covered the city to hide its Yokai residences from the main populace.

"Amaterasu, just what is going on?" Kurama asked, zero humor in his voice. "Where are the guardians of the city? I haven't even sensed any one of them to keep on eye on me."

Amaterasu sighed. "The Yokai guardians and militia are out patrolling our lands to prevent any devil touching upon our soul. Just a year ago, one of the demon pillars tried to take the nekoshou clan by force, both its land and its people. Despite my very public ban of devil coming into Shinto territory, they still thought themselves higher than my law to come and claim my children like property-"

"Amaterasu, calm down." Kurama exclaimed, laying a hand to soothe Amaterasu with purified Senjutsu. "You are going to cause an unnecessary scene."

Amaterasu blinked, realizing she her emotions had made her divine power slip out of control. The air in the street was superheated to scorching temperatures, causing heat waves to be obvious around them. Earth scorched black and even slightly melted at her feet. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Amaterasu reigned in her control of her domain and the area turned mostly back to normal. She glanced to Kurama with a thankful nod.

"Sorry, Kurama-kun." Amaterasu apologized. "To have you of all people to calm me down, I must really be losing it. It's just, these years have made me absolutely sickened with devils, especially the Noble Houses. They claim to be friends, and yet they strive to enslave my children with that dreaded Evil Piece system."

"Do the four Satans want to cause a calamity?" Kurama wondered outloud.

It wasn't just training with Asura that he had done. Once in a while, he would be educated more broadly about the Moonlit world. He mostly focused on the superpowers of the world, such as the Greek gods, the Norse, and of course the fractured Biblical pantheon. Separated into three factions known as Heaven with the holy church, the Grigori of fallen angels, and the Underworld of devils. The devils government worked much like that of the Hidden Villages only with four of the Underworld's most powerful granted supreme rule known as the Satan. They went by the titles of Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Leviathan, and Lucifer who held the most power.

"No." Amaterasu answered, surprising Kurama. "In truth, I do not blame the Satans for this. I know them well enough to tell that they only mean the best for peace. They truly are good people. Unfortunately, their definition of 'peace' is entirely different to what their nobles want, who are the real problem in this mess."

So there was divide of interests between the main leaders and the many clans that make up bulk of the government. That was... deeply concerning. He did not know much about the four Satan beyond the bare minimum, but if what Amaterasu said was true this was much worse than a some political scandal. It would have been easier if the Satans had the same agenda, but now it was more of a chaotic mess.

"This could start a war." Kurama stated, already seeing parallels with what he had seen in the Elemental Nations.

"Precisely." Amaterasu confirmed. "The Underworld is splintered more than the devils will admit, especially with the war hawks that have lived since the Great War. With the introduction of the Evil Piece system one thousand years ago, it has only fueled their ambitions. And that is not counting the 'Old' Satan Faction."

Kurama did not say anything, but his lips turned down into a frown where behind him the kitsune growled menacingly. A dangerous look appeared in his crimson eyes shifting into his own EMS state. If Amaterasu were to look into Kurama's eyes she would have been stumped by the raw power shown within them.

This state of aggression was born out of the danger the fractured Underworld was posing for the Shinto pantheon. The same faction that housed him, fed him, and practically raised him for what he can call the closest to a childhood. It was here that Kurama made amends to his siblings. More importantly, it was the home to Yasaka, the first person to offered to be his friend and stayed by his side even after showing his more darker side. To think of devils trying to endanger her and all that she cherished... it was only the harsh discipline by the world's strongest god that he kept a lid on the rumbling wrath threatening to explode.

"Take this from me." Kurama said. "If the worse comes, no that you can count on me to help you out. I'll show the devils no mercy."

Amaterasu smiled. "I see. You truly have grown powerful. Makes you wonder just how much."

"Well, I still haven't been able to get a win on Asura." Kurama growled. "He always beats me to the curb."

Even when he applied the maximum defenses Kurama had available to him, Asura's punches still managed to break through and land with devastating results. He could still feel the phantom sores.

"Ah, we're here." Amaterasu announced.

Kurama came back to his full senses and was slightly surprised that in there talk they had made up the flight of stairs and were now standing before the gates into the royal palace. Two Tengu guards dressed in samurai-like armor stood firm at either side of the red wooden gate. In one hand they held a naginate infused with chakra as Kurama sensed from and one their back was some... sort of stick with a metal pipe? Unknown to Kurama, this was the latest in human technological warfare known as a firearm that fired a ball lead faster and more devastating than any arrow.

"Lady Amaterasu." Bowed the Tengu. "And who would this be?"

"A very dear son finally returning home." Amaterasu said, and without a word the Tengu opened the gates and the goddess escorted Kurama in. "Yasaka will be so happy to see you."

Kurama felt his chest lurch and his breath hitch in his throat. The thought of Yasaka waiting for him always caused a reaction like that. His mind brought out numerous scenarios. Would she truly be joyful to see him? Has his absence caused her to loathe him? Would she cry and curse his name for being gone for so long, despite making a promise?

The kitsune shook his head before it went to darker thoughts. No, he refused to think like that. Yasaka is a much better person than that. Snapped out of that depressing musing, he had realized his body moved automatically beside Amaterasu and was walking through the familiar halls of the palace. Kurama's ears twitched and perked up from the shaggy mane of his crimson-orange hair and he allowed his nine tails to reveal themselves.

"-Kurama-kun, are you listening?" Amaterasu asked after going on a monolog.

Kurama offered a nervous smile. "Sorry. I tend to get lost in my own thoughts these days. Spending time with just Asura and a few servants in a humongous palace will do that. I usually reori- oof!"


Unfortunately for Kurama, he would not be able to finish his words when something, or rather someone, bumped at his neck. It was far from being enough to make Kurama lose his balance but he did stumble half a step back. The person unlucky to bump into him wasn't so fortunate as she dropped to the floor.

"I'm so sorry!" Squeaked the feminine voice. "I didn't see where I was going."

"No, it was my fault." Kurama apologized, blinking his eyes from the daze. "I was just paying attenti-"

His words caught in his throat when his crimson eyes finally landed on the personification of voluptuous beauty he bumped into and standing up just a head shorter than him. If he thought Amaterasu was beautiful, then this woman blew the goddess out of the park by a single glance. Light peach skin was perfect to the eyes and golden hair held into a bun by amber pins. She wore a golden yukata with a yellow obi tied hugging the curves of a perfect, very proportioned hourglass figure. It made Kurama widen his eyes at the exposed 'flesh pillows' for breasts where the yukata parted at the shoulders, measuring well over H-cup.

'Whatinthefuck!?' Kurama screamed mentally, his brain in a rush to keep control of his body's hormones. 'Good grief, they make that Senju hag's look like bug bites!'

It was then he finally met the woman's eyes, and they were also staring with the same intensity. His heart jumped in shock, for how could he forget those same golden-amber orbs?

'Yasaka?' Kurama thought in a shocked daze.

For the golden kitsune, she was at a loss of words at the figure she bumped into. She had already apologized for bumping into him, but could not get her eyes off of him. The man was the epitome of a handsome rogue combined with rugged features from the mane of long crimson hair, feral whisker marks, and sharp teeth.

Struggling to look down, Yasaka blushed a bit clearly noticing how his shirt strained at the compact muscle underneath, and the neckline gave her a peek at the scultped pectorals. It left no wonder to why the man she walked into felt like an iron wall. He was built like one and his greater height made him evermore imposing upon the beautiful kitsune. She felt Kurama's stare on her form and chose to meet his gaze. But when her golden eyes met his intense crimson orbs, Yasaka felt as if the whole world went still and it did not help her heart beating in hope when she saw the nine tails and fox ears that revealed him as a fellow kitsune Yokai.

There was only one kitsune Yokai to match her in the number of tails. Only one person in the entire world to possess that unique feral complexion and orange-crimson hair. One person in the entire world she held closest to her heart and to wait for his return when they separated as children, even if it would take the ends of the world.

"Ku-kun." Gasped Yasaka.

That nickname spoken in such a familiar and longing manner was like honey to Kurama's ears. Never would he imagine feeling such joy from being called a name from childhood. It was the fact it was said at all without contempt made his lips stretch into a wide, warm grin.

"Hey, Yasaka." Kurama said. "I'm back."

Years of training to the limit in life-threatening scenarios did not prepare him for the speed Yasaka possessed lunging forward. He was tempted to bring out his Sharingan instinctively before lithe arms wrapped around his chest. Yasaka laid her head at the crook of his neck, her golden hair tickling the male kitsune's chin. It was a tight embrace, and Kurama was devoting half of his bodily functions to not look down where Yasaka's massive breasts squished like dough against his body.

"You're really back, Ku-kun!" Sniffed Yasaka, a happy smile on her face. "Yokatta."

"Glad to be back." Kurama replied, returning the hug.

In the meantime of their embrace, Yasaka's hands were clutching around his body. The blush on her cheeks returned with tenfold force at the literal iron feel of dense muscle straining against the white tunic. From her youth watching Kurama train in his own katas, Yasaka knew that his body would grow above average in the populous. She had no idea her best friend's body would become quite the adonis build.

'Oh my.' Yasaka thought, snuggling deeper into Kurama's lovely embrace within his arms. 'There's so much muscle. I want to wrapped in them forever.'

"You've, uhm," Kurama said, slightly pulling back from the embrace to give Yasaka another appraising view, "grown a lot. Wonderfully even."

'Specifically in one area.' Kurama thought idly, then made a mental note to punch himself in the face.

"So have you." Yasaka replied in kind, her eyes studying his form.

'Very much so~.' One conniving voice in Yasaka's head purred at the sight of Kurama's very muscled body.

No words were said between them, becoming more awkward as it went on. The pair were simply at a loss of words from the shock of seeing each other grown up into what they were now. Where Yasaka looked like divine beauty outclassing even famed goddesses, Kurama looked like a man fresh from the wilds with a feral handsomeness. Amaterasu had been standing in the background, almost as if spying from behind the corner at the end of the hall. The goddess could literally feel the awkward tension, making the Shinto sun goddess cringe.

'Do something you two!' Amaterasu screamed in her head, forcing herself from not interfering in this precious moment.

Some luck befell to disappear the awkward silence when a loud growl echoed throughout the hall. A very deep growl of a stomach strong enough to be felt shaking the air. Yasaka blinked in confusion, and her eyes automatically tracked to the source trailing down Kurama's body to his abdomen. The reincarnated bijuu sported a bashful expression, further showcased as Kurama scratched the left side of his cheek.

"Excuse me." Apologized Kurama, embarrassed. "I was in such a rush I sort of skipped breakfast on the way."

Yasaka giggled. "Silly, Ku-kun, skipping a meal. You know what, what don't you let you make something just for you."

"I would love to." Kurama replied. "Been too long since I tasted your cooking."

Kurama could not help but smile down at his fellow kitsune and the first friend he has made in this world. It was an amazing feeling to him how they had reunited hardly a minute and they were talking as if they had done so since yesterday. When he smiled at Yasaka, she returned her own making her face more beautiful. Yet seeing that smile, Kurama could not help that something was wrong with it. Like it wasn't the same that he remembered from his childhood before he left. With his sharp instinct and his natural empath sensitivity Kurama knew Yasaka felt unexplicable joy with him returned to her (as well as some sort of underlying emotion he couldn't tell), but underneath it all was a deeply rooted sorrow.

'What or who has made you sad!?' Thought Kurama in bewilderment while also feeling the sudden urge to go destroy the cause.

The reincarnated bijuu quickly swapped the thoughts away. Kurama assumed all these thoughts and assumptions were due to his own tense nerves. During the trip back to Kyoto while avoiding any unwanted attention from other factions, Kurama was truly excited to be back with Yasaka. It was in this place he can truly say was his home.

Meanwhile, Amaterasu was having a cheering fit in celebration. 'Yes, yes, yes! It's happening. It needs to happen.'

For that Amaterasu knew, Kurama was Yasaka's greatest hope to not only be happy, but also free.

(Palace Kitchen)

With a deep sigh, Kurama sank into one down and sat on a loving cushion in one of the many dining rooms surrounding one of the palace's kitchen. Usually they were operated by the servants of Yokai, but he learned long ago Yasaka was more hands on in chores. One could describe the golden kitsune as a natural housewife. He set down the traveling sack he had on the floor beside him and rested his arms on the table. Next, Kurama dislodged Muramasa, sheath and buckle included, and let the demonic blade settle on his lap.

Nostalgia filled Kurama as he breathed the homely air of the Kyoto palace. Nature had its own allure to Kurama as he discovered traveling across Asia, but being in the place he grew up had its own quality to it. His eyes trailed to his sack on the floor. One of his tails moved to the string and loosened the bond to give Kurama a peek at the contents within.

It was any sort of knick-knack or some arbitrary thing that Kurama picked up on the road. Most were gifts from locals involved in the supernatural he decided to help out, such as Stray Devils from the Biblical factions, Oni, or Hindu demons. The past him from the Elemental Nation would have definitely left humans to their ill fate, but abandoning people in need would ruin the memory of his best friend, Naruto. On the thought of the Oni, Kurama shivered a little remembering how they oddly looked an Otsutsuki on some sort of drug addiction.

His right hand reached down and plucked out what he was told was a toy, but its general purpose was lost to Kurama. It was made of polished wood and sticks holding several bases together. Kurama was given this by a child from a village after revitalizing their crops with his Senjutsu, effectively using a meager version of the Wood Release. He kept it as a way to honor the child's thanks, remembering the beaming smile the kid gave.

He put it back and fished out another item. This was a lustrous item of a sapphire and ruby a quarter the size of his palm, each encased in obsidian stone. Kurama acquired this saving the son of a noble from a devil that thought to use the kid as a bargaining chip upon the family. The devil would have succeeded if it weren't for this timely arrival, and he was given these earrings as a reward. According to the noble, they were the very earring owned by the swordsmith couple Mo Ye and Gan Jiang, famed in their tale of the creation of Kanshou and Bakuya. Again, Kurama held onto them as a way to accept their thanks.

His hands left the sack alone and trailed down the Muramasa blade held within its ebony sheath. Asura did not let Kurama sloth in his sword training as well as his Senjutsu trials, especially since he was the chosen of Muramasa. Mastering the demonic blade was more than difficult. The demonic blade was unlike anything Kurama had ever witnessed, both here and his previous life in the Elemental Nations. It wasn't just powerful; it had a devastating effect at the conceptual level, a feat beyond the likes of chakra or traditional magic can accomplish. What made the blade so dangerous in his hands was its representation of the man who created this weapon and his ideals: to cut the laws of the world itself.

'And now I have that power.' Kurama mused in his head.

"I'm here~." Yasaka sang, entering the dining room.

Kurama's ears twitched at Yasaka's heavenly voice. His eyes snapped immediately to the kitsune, her golden tails trailed out in their full display behind her like rays of sunshine. Held in both of her hands under her massive bust was a tray carrying two bowls each with a plate of onigiri wrapped in seaweed. From the steam wafting through the room, Kurama could pick up the scent of shrimp and eel coming from her own broth.

Yasaka took a seat on the other side of the table facing her Ku-kun. She set down the tray, revealing the contents in the bowl to Kurama to be udon noodle soup, accompanied with cuts of fish cake, dried shrimp toppings, sesame seeds, and green onion. Noticing the fish cake, Kurama snickered having a faint memory when Kushina chose the name for Naruto while still pregnant when eating ramen. The despair Naruto would have felt actually being named after a ramen topping would have been hilarious.

Kurama grabbed the provided chopsticks and clicked them in a practiced manner. He almost went into digging into the delicacy until he noticed Yasaka's expectant gaze. The orange-crimson kitsune blinked in embarrassment that he almost pulled a Naruto, and not the good kind. Yasaka smiled at Kurama's remembered etiquette as they both clasped their hands together.


With the traditional prayer done, Kurama wasted no time to pick out the udon noodles stuffed into the bowl and began slurping it up into his maw. His taste buds danced from the heaven brought by Yasaka's cooking. The years have certainly not diminished her skills and had in fact grown to a greater degree. A pleased moan left Kurama's lips, muffled by his stuffed mouth. Still loud enough for Yasaka to hear, giggling behind her hand.

"You like it, don't you?" Yasaka said.

Kurama chuckled after swallowing a mouthful of the broth. "Be it a decade or a century, your cooking will always be the best to me."

Yasaka blushed crimson red from Kurama's compliment and it did not help her heart from the naturally gorgeous smile he directed towards her. The golden kitsune decided to focus her attention on the meal she prepared lest her heart start popping out of her chest. There was some silence between the two as they ate Yasaka's home cooking, with the occasional giggle from the golden kitsune watching Kurama go in bliss from her cooking. It filled her with pride knowing her Ku-kun enjoyed what she made specifically for him. It was after three minutes of this silence becoming horrendous did Yasaka strike up a conversation.

"So please tell me, Ku-kun, how is it out there?" Yasaka said. "Where did you go? What did you see?"

Kurama quirked his brow up in reminiscent, pausing in his eating. "Well..."

The reincarnated bijuu decided to leave out most of his time with Asura in India, only leaving in some bits when he went on assignments to test his skills. On the other hand, Kurama told in vivid detail of his 'exploits' across Asia when he quite literally walked back to Japan. Took a whole month to do so, and it was in that little adventure did Kurama realize he had Naruto's penchant for attracting problems. Yasaka was oddly enraptured about the world outside of Japan, indicated by her swishing tails, but it made Kurama wonder so if she can simply move from Kyoto for a little while.

When it came Yasaka's turn to share, it came to his shock that Yasaka literally could not leave Kyoto. As the lastest of the royal kitsune blessed by Amaterasu and born from Inari, she had sole control over Kyoto's ley lines. The entire land was depended on her presence in Kyoto, and if she were to leave for more than a week the whole land would collapse from the unstable buildup in chakra. A forlorn look settled on Yasaka's face as she explained herself and her new upcoming duties as the new leader of the Yokai. That was broken when she felt something tickle at her cheek, contorting her face into pleasurable giggles until she found out it was one of Kurama's tails.

Said kitsune was flashing Yasaka a grin. "C'mon, it can't be that bad. You've got me here, and I am not going anywhere."

'I'm good company, am I not?' Thought Kurama.

"Ku-kun..." Muttered Yasaka, her face practically steaming.

Kurama quirked a confused eyebrow. "What's with the red face?"

"N-N-Nothing." Yasaka panicked, abruptly going back to her udon and onigiri and devouring them at a rapid pace. "Let's just get back at eating our yummy food. Heh-heh-heh."

'Woman are... so strange.' Kurama thought with a sweatdrop, while also confused to the sudden whirl of emotions from Yasaka.

Kurama went back to his own meal, downing down the udon bowl instantly followed by onigiri. He learned during his adolescent years that his body required a greater calorie to keep with the production of chakra steady and himself healthy. It was more or less the same as Naruto's appetite, minus the ramen addiction. Thank the higher beings for that. However, he could not keep down the great belch from his gullet shaking the room and creating a fit of heavenly laughter from Yasaka.

'This right here.' Kurama thought, staring back at Yasaka. 'This is worth living for.'

There was a sudden knock on the door and Yasaka called them in the next second. The doors slid open to reveal one of the many servants of the palace already bowing before Yasaka.

"Lady Yasaka, there is a guest at the gate that has been insisting on seeing someone." The servant reported. "He kept on referring to Nii-teme."

Kurama sighed in exasperation. Of all the things, it would be Shukaku to get him away from this. Even so, he stood up from his seating position and put the empty dishes on the tray.

"Sorry, Yasaka-chan." Kurama apologized. "I have to go take care of this mess."

"No problem." Yasaka chirped. "And please come back soon."

"I will." Kurama promised, sliding the doors closed behind him.

As soon as Kurama left Yasaka to her lonesome, the kitsune's smiling countenance crumbled into a look of despair. With elbows perched on top of the table Yasaka buried her head into her hands. Light sobs escaped from her as the sign at the deep well of sadness in her heart. It all stemmed from the fact on the coronation of her becoming leader she was also going to be married.

It was an arranged marriage of course. A sort of scheme built up by the god of storms Susano who held heavy influence in Kyoto. In another time, Yasaka would have persevered as a part of her duty. But in this time she felt despair because she fell in love. If there was anyone in the world she would ever marry, it will always be Kurama.

It was why Yasaka couldn't bring herself to tell Kurama she was going to be married. She couldn't bear to utter the words themselves knowing the person of her heart was not to be. Yasaka felt trapped in a cold cage and knot muffling her cries of help. All she could do was cry.

'I want my, Ku-kun...'

Susano made Yasaka cry. Kurama doesn't like anyone making Yasaka cry. You can see where this is going. For now we will have to introduce a grown up Shukaku, Matatabi, and Son Goku and see how they have been in the world of DxD.

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