Chapter 1

Washington D.c.

July 4th, 14:05 EDT

"I still can't believe you said all that to batman's face" Wally laughed as Spe- Red Arrow Hacked.

"Yeah, well it's true, They're treating us like side-kicks." Red Arrow growls out. "Not trained, Since when?!" And then he gets into the computer "Got it!" he yells and both Kaldur and Wally start to look over his shoulder.

"Project Cadmus, Genetics lab, Here in Dc. that's all there is…" Roy says "But is batman's suspicious… maybe we should investigate?" Roy suggests

"Solve their case before they do, It would be quite a justice, " Kaldur says smirk on his face

"Hey, they're all about justice" Wally laughs

"But they said stay put." Kaldur says

"For the sun mission, not this." Roy says

"Wait, are you going to Cadmus?" wally asks "Cause if you're going, I'm going!"

And with that, they both turn to Kaldur and he sighs

"We didn't come for a play date, Kaldur." Roy says

Time skip #1 brought to you by the fact that i'm Sorry for plot reasons clark will be like he is in the actual series

"Uh dude, The exit is up." Wally points out as he sees the glowing L52 button

"Dude, Project Kr is on sub-level 52."

Kaldur sighs "this has gone too far, Perhaps we should contact the league"

"Not yet," Roy says

they exit the elevator once it opens and get to two hallways

"Which way?" Kaldur asks

"Yeah, Bizarre hallway number one or two?" Wally jokes but then cans fly at them making them flee into a hallway.

They make it into the room but see a boy in an all-white suit, with a superman symbol on it, in a pod.

"Oh! Project Kr, big K little r, It's the atomic symbol for Krypton!" Wally exclaims

"Roy, Hack." Kaldur says and Roy starts hacking

"Weapon designation; Superboy" Roy starts "A clone, Force grown in... SIXTEEN WEEKS?! the dna was aquired from superman"

"stolen from superman" Kaldur says

"There's no way the big guy knows about this." Wally interrupts

"Solar suit allows him to absorb yellow sun energy 24/7" Roy finishes as Kaldur points to the creatures in the pod

"Them" Kaldur

"Genomorphs, Telepathic. Force feeding him an education" Roy Explains

"We can guess what else." Wally starts "Their making a slave out of superman's son"

"Now we contact the leauge" Kaldur says and tries

"No signal..." Roy states

"We're in too deep... Literally" wally says

"Roy, Set him free" Kaldur demands

The pod opens but guess whay Supey boio is mad-o

*Insert fight scene here*