Ya, I know this is probably one of your guys' least favorite things to see on a story. All I can say is that for what it's worth I'm sorry. I don't think I'm gonna be able to get into the Bleach fandom for a long time. Overall this story for me was just experimenting with my writing and having fun.

I didn't really have an end goal in mind story-wise or even for the first arc. I just sat down, wrote, and saw what happened. To my surprise, a fairly large amount of people followed this story (for my amounts of follows anyway). All in all, I had a lot of fun with this story but it's being canceled.

With Bleach as a whole does not really interesting me that much anymore, I just don't feel like I can continue on with this and keep up good quality. I'm going to lay out what I did have planned in my notes for all those who care.

Overall it this is just going to be a bunch of plot points and notes I had written down so if you don't wanna read that skip to the BOLD stuff. A lot of it is just phrases that gave an overall idea of my writing process in this that I had in another doc/written down on paper. I had a semblence of a plot line for it but there were a lot of big holes...


Shinen: Aldwin's Zanpaktou which was going to be the reincarnated soul of Darth Nihilous.

-Force Lightening...possibility but less used

-Telekinesis could be taught later one of Aldwin's greatest weaknesses ability-wise overall he'd learn it by would be pretty bad with it

-Force Drain would be the most used ability by Aldwin given to him by his Zanpaktou he'd do the best with this

-Overall the sword would turn into a scimitar when released which would have a plasma edge when spirit energy was focused on it.

-Inner world is a Sith academy on the Sith Homeworld.

-Each dilapidated tomb represented something Aldwin locked away with his emotions

-Lord of anger...? fits backstory push it slowly until SS arc

-double jump through the use of air walking ability but Aldwin cannot use the full version

-7th form Juyo for heavy attacks while 4th form Ataru for maneuverability/defense switch frequently to keep combat more appealing

Aldwin Roc Shan: MC whose father was part of the Shan clan/house of the Soul society (SS) and fled to Earth after their clan was felled by the Jedi clan hundreds of years ago. Current time has Palpatine in central trying to slowly puppet it and Aizen and he are aware of each other. Overall this leads to conflict that eventually draws the MC after he gets kidnapped and forced into Soi fon's squad.

Possible romance there as well might push it if it develops naturally.

-hates his mother as she caused his father to leave after cheating on him when his father was looking for his grandfather's "artifacts" Instead of asking about it she thought he was cheating as he was being secretive so she did the same. Leads to conflict and a reference to prequels with I HATE YOU reminiscent of Ani.

-Shinen is his Zanpaktou

Flaws: Anger issues, hides most of his emotions behind a mask to everyone, Horrible relationship with his mother, and worries greatly about his father but is slightly resentful of him

History of the Soul Society: mainly doing this as the Jedi and Sith showed up after a schism back before Yamamoto conquered most of the SS. They each made their own respective ancient empires with the Sith taking over the warring clans with Vitiate when he dies it goes back to normal with Yamamoto conquering and machine Seireitei. A section of each survived and became noble clans before ultimately destroying each other with very few of each left alive.

That's essential as it builds mystery around their origin feed like breadcrumbs. Also set up republic through Jaques Lebel and give the reader's a bit of context.

-earleist empires

-rebel sith

-Korrigan a barbarians paradise until Vitiate conquers making Sith Empire

-Valkorian takes over later

-Order is established

-republic finds out


-eventual Yamamoto conquering

Now I'm going to move onto the notes I had for the next chapter that would have come out If I continued this.

-Palpatine meeting just leaving squad building? Possible collusion with Aizen but Aldwin doesn't know. Shinen warns about them in future

-Come across Renji eventually and have him mention intruders

-Scene w/Aldwin messing with the kido binding him and allude to the first little intro chapters and how he's going to be thrown into the maggots nest

-Withdraw from spirit energy reference force addiction and how he feels like he needs it. Possible humorous mention of Spongebob meme

-Shinen not being there and Aldwin being legitimately scared for the first time making him seem weak to build tension

-scene where he gets to visit Rukia after sparring with Soi Fon and he gets his ass kicked w/hand to hand

-Yachiru "AlAl" scene

-Notice something is 'off' about her

-Meet Kenny...that be a fun one

-they get called away to push the scene forward more

-mention central 46 going to call him to court in a few days

-how boring it is to be confined as he is still stuck on squad 2 grounds

-scene w/renji talking to rukia expressing regret setting up possible redemption

-trying to eat away at the kido chains in desperation due to withdraw it works to an extent

-stalks a guard as he NEEDS spirit energy to get it, kills his first human in rage

-breaks part of the bonds

-hear more about invaders cause of talkative guards under lieutenant fatass

-abrasive scene with him setting him up as a villain to aldwin

-central 46 scene w/aldwin getting pulled in with Rukia both get convicted where aldwin gets sentenced to five years in the maggot's nest due to resisting and attacking both the head captain and byakuya

-intro maggots nest and have leu. Fatass be more antagonistic end the chapter w/aldwin killing another guard and someone hearing it.

-possible correlation of Sith drawing him to do evil and making the reader think about what I mean for someone to take a life...or is that too angsty?


Alright everybody that's everything I have written down that was really pertinent for how I wanted this story to go. The only other stuff I have is the cutout parts that I didn't post (a few scenes that just didn't fit) and notes from earlier chapters. Like I said there was no main stuff happening that was different and Bleach as a whole just doesn't interest me that much anymore.

If any of you want to take a crack at this little plot bunny turned just under 50K word story go ahead. Send me a link to it when you've started it and I'll go read it. If you guys like my writing and like the Percy Jackson series or stuff from the Elder Scrolls feel free to check out my other story A Different Kind of God. I'm currently writing on that with updates coming out pretty fast so check it out If you want. I've already got that story planned out for where I want the first three arcs to end and it's at 9 chapters and counting at the moment.

Other than that once again I'm sorry for how this has to end, but I'm just not up to writing this anymore.