Yeahhhhh I became addicted to the fandom that is Miraculous! Here's the plot!

Ladybug and Cat Noir have been stopping Hawkmoth's plans for months now, but what happens when someone new enters the war between good and evil!? And whose the new kid in class? And why does he already know everyone's names?!

This is based right after The Collector, I don't own Miraculous, only my OC!


Pounding fists together as The Collector reverts to Gabriel Agreste, Ladybug and Cat Noir smiles and jump away, unknowing of watching eyes from nearby.

"Of fucking course... misusing my role as the God of Anime and I get banished into this world..."

"But master!" A similar voice rang out in Canadian or Swedish accent, "think of all the good you can do for this world, Yeah?"

The first voice growls, "I do need to return my realm and continue being the real God of Anime... so Otak, what's our powers again...?"


Marinette ran into her class late, again but noticed something was different. Tho it wasn't something only she noticed, everyone noticed it!

In the front of the class, Lila Rossi, who everyone thought was perfect but Marinette saw past her lies, was tied up with a note taped to her chest, duck tape keeping her quiet.

Do not believe her lies! -Goa, the Miraculous God

PS: if you believe her lies, I won't protect you from Hawkmoth

Of course, Marinette knew to be weary, but she couldn't help but watch as her classmates disregard the note to untie the liar.


Ladybug knew that note was some sort of warning, from who or what, she didn't know, but she knew she had to patrol to hunt down the culprit.

"Well well... Ladybug I assume?"

The lady in question looked over to see a young man, maybe her age or older, standing on the roof next to her.

The man was dressed all in black, the only color coming from his eyes, one being colored blue, and the other being of the same color as Cat Noir's eye.

"I should introduce myself," the man bowed, "I'm Goa, I'm sure you heard of my acts already? That liar certainly got them all wrapped around all their fingers don't they?"

Ladybug found she couldn't move or speak, it was like she was trapped in a spell.

"All but you that is, Marinette..."

At the sound of her name, she widen her eyes in fear.

Smirking, Goa turned his back on the ladybug themed heroine and starts walking off, waving as he walked, "don't worry, I'm not anyone you should fear, I'm just a guy trying to find his way home, after all, being a god is better than being a mortal."

Goa then jumps up and his suit changes into the Horse miraculous's suit, opening a wormhole and vanishing.


Master Fu felt the fallen Deity appear behind him, "it was foolish of you, Kato-sama, to expose yourself... it was bad enough you kidnapped everyone of Cat Noir and Ladybug's classmates from another timeline to show them our world."

Kato scoffs before sitting down, his kwami, Otak, laying down on his shoulder, "I deem what I did nesasary in order to fix my powers, the more I can change, the more my control of my hero form grows... I have been split into two and I'm only whole when I merge with Otak! I have to do whatever is needed to return me to my realm, whatever the cost, other than of course Marinette and Adrien's miraculous of course."


Yeah this is more like a crack fic, so enjoyed it?

Also if it isn't hinted enough, it hints to another series of mine!

Also Goa is an acronym! God of anime! I found using that would be fun!

also how'd you like the idea of me being split into two, a human and a Kwami?

Ja Ne