A/N: Uhh hello! My name's Soviet Wolf and i am new here! I am hoping i could contribute a lot to this fandom!. I am hooked to Alpha and Omega for a long time but only manage to discover this site and the fandom about a week ago. I have read a lot of A stories but one thing caught my interest. Lemon request stories.

I am intrigued by it and i wanted to challenge myself so here i am with my own lemon request story! . Here are the rules!:

1. Straight pairings only.

2. No limit on how many wolves you want. From what i've read the more the better and nastier ;).

3. You can also include the plot and situation.

I think that's pretty much of it. I hope i can do my best to satisfy any requests that given to me. Until then, see you next time! Dasvidaniya!.