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Kate was tasked by her father Winston to investigate the recent event that caused wolves to go missing. Hutch, her friend had said to her that a cabin in the woods in Western Pack territory might be the culprit. He also said that several park rangers have been living in the cabin for almost a week. The same time span when the wolves started to disappear. Kate reached the cabin after half an hour of running. She lowers her body close to the ground.

She could see three park rangers talking near their pickup truck. To her surprise, two familiar wolves are with them but showing no sign of fear. "Lyle? Link? What are you doing?" Kate muttered under her breath. Both of them look calm and relaxed. Their body language doesn't indicate that the humans which are standing a few feet beside them a threat.

Something suspicious is going on here. And Kate wants to know why.

"Well… we managed to capture 14 wolves as of now. All thanks to these good boys" A park ranger, a man, probably in his late 20s with a beard talked while petting Lyle. "Yeah they really helped a lot with the capturing process. Luring them out by using one of their own is very easy" Another park ranger, this time a woman that has a marvelous ginger hair talked and rub Link's chin. "Aren't you a good boy?".

"What the fuck? Are you really betraying the pack just to get the human's trust? Both of you are so dead when Tony finds out" Kate said. But still she must keep her voice low. She must know what's inside the cabin. Perhaps she could find some valuable informations in there.

Kate instinctively lay prone to the ground when the last park ranger turned his gaze to where she was watching. "Well I guess that's enough for today. Let's leave" He said. "Yup it's getting late by the way. Wouldn't want to miss out a good cup of hot coffee" The girl said. "I second that. Let's go!".

Kate hears the car being turned on and starts driving away. She still keeping her head low to the ground. Once the car's noise was no longer audible Kate slowly rises from the tall grass, eyes on the cabin. She moves slowly towards the cabin making sure she is not making any sound.

She arrives on the front porch. Looking from the window reveals that the cabin is dark on the inside. They must've switched off the light prior from their departure since no one's going to occupy it for a while.

"Hmm this window's locked. I must find another way in". She walks to the side and sees another window. She jumps to a stack of chopped woods underneath it to peer inside. Nothing. Good. Slowly, she opens the window with her paw. When it's wide open she jumped inside and goes into her battle stance in case of any danger.

After sensing nothing she lowers her posture and starts moving deeper around the cabin.


The window which she entered is slammed shut hard. The curtain, which wasn't drawn earlier, is drawn now. Clearly, someone, or something's inside with her. "Show yourself!" She said while growling to show that she is not messing around.

Suddenly she was being lifted off the ground and before she could speak her muzzle was clamped shut. She tries to struggle to no avail and could sense that she's being carried to a soft and cold surface.

The lights suddenly turned on. "LYLE! LINK!" She screamed. "Well well well, it looks like, the so called smartest alpha isn't a bright one don't you think Link?" Lyle snickered. "That nickname is just pure bullshit. Look how she fell easily to our trap". "If Winston and Tony find out about this, you both are a dead wolf!". Lyle rolls his eyes. "Come on, do you think we give a fuck about the pack?". "What are you doing collaborating with the humans?!" Kate asked still writhing trying to escape. But Lyle's grip is way too strong.

"They wanted us to lure out wolves to be relocated to other parks. And in return, they granted us anything that we want" He said. "And… to be fair, what we wanted is with us now. Laid up against the bed helpless" Link said licking his lips looking at Kate's body. "Y-YOU BASTARD! YOU FUCKING PERVERTED FUCK! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!".

"Scream all you want but no one's gonna hear you except us. Well Link, let's start turning this stuck up alpha bitch into our personal cum dump shall we?" Lyle said grinning evilly. Link says nothing but the matching grin he wears say it all.

"YOU FUCKING BASTA-GLUK!" Kate's screaming was stopped by a 10 inch cock being shoved down her throat. "Fucking hell her throat is so fucking tight!" Lyle moaned feeling her throat muscles contorting against his shaft. Kate's muffled scream makes it even better as her throat rumbling against his shaft, amplifying the feeling.

"You can start fucking her mouth brother, meanwhile, I am going to have a dessert. A REAL treat" Link said licking his lips as he gazes on her pussy. It's slowly starts to swell. "Well well well looks like she's starting to like this". He sniffs her pussy before giving it a quick swipe. Kate's entire body bucked up before being roughly pushed down by Lyle with a violent thrust of his cock down her throat. "Behave slut!" He barked slapping her cheek.

Kate starts to sob, unable to accept her current predicament. "Quit your crying you little bitch! Where's the tough, arrogant alpha now?!" Link growled. He shoves a digit into her wet pussy. "Fuck me aren't you a little horny bitch? Your pussy is sucking my paw in!" Link said. Kate tries to wiggle her body to escape but unfortunately, while she was wiggling it caused Lyle to shove his cock even deeper since her actions made his sensitive shaft colliding against the inside of her tight throat. The feeling was amazing.

"Oh yeah keep wiggling you bitch! You are going to make this more enjoyable for both of us!" Lyle replied tongue hanging out of his mouth. Meanwhile Link has had enough by fingering her now quivering hot pussy. He wants to taste her. Taking out his drenched with her juice paws he quickly replace it with his mouth and tongue.

He starts slowly by licking her labia. His coarse tongue tracing her outer lips drinking all the juices he could find. He savors the sweet taste and it increases his lust for her by tenfold. Kate tries to kick him away but ended up getting both of her legs grabbed by him to make her stop moving around so much. "Stop resisting you golden bitch! You are nothing but a cock slut now!" Lyle growled choking her with his cock face fucking her. Kate gurgled a response but it falls on deaf ears.

"Oh I am sorry what was that? I can't hear you over the sound of you choking on my dick!" Lyle laughed followed by Link's. Kate lets out a muffled scream but gets slapped by Lyle. "Shut it and keep deepthroating me bitch!". Link continues to eat Kate hungrily. Her taste is simply too good and addicting. Lapping her clit with his long tongue, twisting it expertly with his slimy appendage. Bless Mother Nature for giving the wolves a long, big, and strong tongue.

Kate tried her best to not slowly falling to the lust but something deep inside her has been slowly but steadily awakening. Something older, more primal. Both twins noticed that her struggle has decreased slightly. They waste no time but to sneer at her. "Finally starts enjoying our rough treatment Kate? Good now it would be much easier for both of us!" "That's it Kate. Stop resisting and soon you'll be more than glad to be force fed with our cock and cum!".

Lyle and Link continue to give her more sexual administrations. Lyle knows he's close and so does Link. Her labored breath, her occasional leg spasming. All the obvious signs of her being close. "Ahh fuck Kate I am close… your mouth and throat are doing wonders to my cock! You really are a trained cocksucker" Lyle moaned.

Link vigorously starts sucking on her pussy and clitoris. Her legs start to spasming erratically again followed by muffled screams of pleasure. "That's it Kate! Keep those beautiful noises coming! I know you want this!". Lyle couldn't hold himself much longer. He thrusts one last time as deep as he can down to Kate's hot tight throat. Sheathing himself inside her as his knot rests against her muzzle. Kate's eyes bulged when she felt his cock increased in size significantly while he is pumping load after load of hot sticky cum down to her stomach.

At the same time, Link bit on her clit while sucking on her pussy as hard as he could. The result? A tsunami of orgasmic juice flowing out of her pussy uncontrollably. Her legs spasm around wildly. Even he was struggling to keep her pinned down as her entire body writhing in pure ecstasy.

Kate starts to feel blacking out due to lack of oxygen since Lyle hasn't remove his cock from her throat yet. She tries to tap his legs but to no avail. He is too drunk in pleasure while continues to force feed Kate with his cum. Just as she was about to pass out he roughly jerked his pelvis away from her, which also removing his cock from her throat. Kate immediately gasping for air but Lyle isn't finished yet. He is still cumming and now splashing Kate's body with his hot sticky white cum.

Even Kate is amazed at how much he could ejaculate at a time. Kate coughs when a shot landed perfectly in her mouth. By the time he was finished, her golden fur is almost nowhere to be found. "Fuck… you are fucking amazing" Lyle breathed. Kate feels dirty. She was used as a cum dump by Lyle and was also sexually assaulted by Link. She feels like a whore. But even before she could think more, she finds herself being flipped onto her back.

"Do you think we would be satisfied just by a simple foreplay? Oh you are greatly mistaken" Link and Lyle said at the same time. Kate whimpers in fear. "I want to feel her mouth Lyle. You can take her pussy. I am sure you are dying to feel that tight pussy" Link said grinning evilly. Kate tries to escape but Lyle is quicker.

He pulls her on top of her while wrapping his foreleg on her throat, choking her slightly. "Come on Kate why would you run away? We know you like this!" Lyle said laughing at her. Tears welling on Kate eyes. She could feel his excitement near her throbbing pussy. He lewdly starts grinding his shaft against her lips. Both of them shivered. Furs standing rigidly as a response to the stimulation.

"I know you want this. All you need is to enjoy" Lyle. Kate lets out several suppressed whimper through her clenched teeth. "Don't make this harder than it needs to Kate. Don't deny your own desires" Lyle said. His paw finds her muzzle as he tries to pry open her mouth with his paw digits.

He succeeds in doing so and is now shoving two digits inside her mouth toying with her tongue. Kate's labored breaths turn both twins on even further. "That's the kind of stuff I want to hear: A bitch in heat" Link snickered. He lines up his cock above her open mouth. "Swallow. Don't resist" Link growled. Kate is doing the best she can to close her mouth despite the obvious two digits still resting inside.

"Lyle. Do it" Link said half annoyed. Lyle nods in response and slam into Kate's quivering depths in one swift motion. Kate's mouth involuntarily opened up as a reaction to the sudden intrusion to her most private area giving Link the time he needed to slam into Kate's throat sheathing himself completely.

Kate lets out a gurgled scream as Lyle starts fucking her in a slow tempo. "Link you won't believe how tight this bitch is down here! Her pussy walls are literally trying to suck me in deeper! Can you believe this is the same so called alpha who always can control herself in any situation?" Lyle said pumping his hot rod into her. "I beg to differ" He said while trying to stifle a moan due to the fact Kate's throat is even tighter than before somehow.

"Lyle why her throat is tighter than before? She wasn't this tight when she was deepthroating you right?" Link grunted. "Hah! Maybe it's because there is a big and thick dick currently reshaping her pussy right now! She wants to let her voice of pleasure to be known but currently blocked by your own dick!" Lyle joked earning a laugh from Link. Kate's muffled scream once more creating a vibration that feels like heaven sent for Link. He grabs both side of her face and starts ramming his cock deeper into her.

"Jeez Link let her breathe for a moment. She looks like about to pass out any moment" Lyle said seeing how limp she is now. "Alright but I can't wait to stick my dick deep into her throat again" Link grunted letting her to breathe for a moment. "How does it feels like hmm? Exciting? Feels great?" He mocked. "I… fucking… hate… both… of… you…" She gasped through each words. Lyle slaps her in response. "Silence bitch!".

"Very well then. Looks like we have to continue to… reeducate you to a more… favorable attitude" Link said before slamming back his cock into her throat. Lyle on the other hand, is using his free hand to massage her swollen and visible clitoris. "Fucking bitch! You know you love this don't you? Clit so puffed out as if you haven't been fucked for a decade!" Lyle yelled in her ears.

Kate silently cries. "Aww is the perfect alpha crying? Don't worry, I just happen to have the perfect cure for that!" Link sneered and plunge his cock as hard as he could into her throat and let it stays like that for several minutes. Lyle on the other hand started to fuck her in an increased speed. Kate didn't know whether to cry, breathe, or scream. All the emotions mixed together. She stopped crying and focused to stay awake by trying to breathe as hard as she could despite the cock lodged inside her throat.

After a few minutes, Link let go of the position, allowing Kate to take the much needed air. "Are you going to cry again little bitch? Do you want me to do it again?" Link asked evilly. She coughed for a few times before answering. "N…No…" Her answer sounded so weak. As if she has been defeated. "Good girl. Or should I say, good bitch" Link said slapping her cheek lightly. "Now, suck me- no. Deepthroat me like a good girl and i'll reward you nicely" Link said tapping his cock against her forehead.

Kate reluctantly obliges. "Come on, I won't bite" Link cooed softly. Kate slowly opens her mouth letting the hot red rod being engulfed once more by her hot tight mouth. "Ahhh fuck… I'll never get used to this" Link confessed letting his tongue lolling out to the side of his mouth as Kate steadily starts deepthroating him. "Finally you knocked some sense into her Link" Lyle said snickering a bit while currently fucking Kate at incredible speed. "It took time but we are slowly breaking her which is a good progress".

The two male wolves continue to degrade her even further. But with it, it also making the thing inside her more and more prominent with each deepthroat and with each slapping of a male sack onto her pussy. Her mind slowly starts to be corrupted by something that she had tried to suppress for so long ever since Alpha School.

"Fuck I am close again. She's just too good" Lyle grunted through his teeth. Kate's pussy is amazing. Her walls are begging him to go deeper, pulsating against the flesh of his cock, sucking it deeper into her hot tight depths. "Fuck… I am not going to last any longer!" Lyle moaned.

With a final thrust, and a pop of his knot which effectively locking him in place, he shoots load after load of virile seeds into her eager womb. Her pussy walls are convulsing, driving his orgasmic pleasure to new heights. Even with his knot locking him in place he is still trying to thrust even deeper. Kate's eyes rolled to the back of her head while still deepthroating Link as best as she could despite her current predicament.

"Fucking hell… it's fucking amazing… this bitch literally drained me within two orgasms" Lyle gasped for breath. He forcefully pulls out his knot from her swollen red pussy, earning a sharp gasp from Kate as the content of his orgasm slowly starts to flow on the bed below, staining the sheets.

"Good. Now it's my turn to cum. Get ready Kate" Link said increasing his pace of face fucking her. Kate could only lay in silence as his knot is slapping her chin repeatedly. The heavy, musky sack colliding with her chin filling her nose with his intoxicating scent. Paws on each side of her head to make her stay still while he continues to roughly fucking her mouth and throat.

"Here it comes! Swallow it all you slut!" Link roared and sheathed himself as deep as he can into her throat. Kate couldn't do anything but to swallow both her pride and his seed. An audible noise of glug glug could be heard in the bedroom as she drinks Link's cum. But he is still hasn't finished yet. Her cheeks puffed out like a balloon threatening to spill its content out. Only after small rivulets of cum leaking from her nose did Link let go of her as she coughed and sputtered to the bed sheet. Cum running down her chin to her chest and stomach. A good amount of it pooling beneath her and some seeped back into her pussy.

"Damn. You look like an actual cum dump now" Lyle commented to Kate who is still coughing up cum from her mouth. Link doesn't like that she is wasting potent seeds he gave to her. Walking to her he pushes her on her back and straddles her chest. "Drink. Not throw it up" Link growled. He raises a paw, glistening with cum. "Now. Suck". Kate does as she was told and starts sucking on his digits which are rich with cum. She also made sure there are no traces of cum left. "Good girl. Keep drinking them". He shoots his paw deep into her pussy earning a loud moan from Kate. He uses the opportunity to shove both paws into her mouth feeding her with an abundant amount of cum.

Kate is feeling dizzy but knew she needs to stay awake. "Good girl. Or should I say, good slut?" He said after Kate finished sucking his paws off. He kisses her cheek and cups her chin. "I am not done with you yet however" Link said.

Grabbing her by the scruff, he throws her against the round table near the bed. "Lyle you take a breather. I am going to examine her further" Link ordered. "Don't mind me. I am just going to enjoy to view from here" Lyle said while slowly pumping his cock back to live. Kate's upper body is laid down on the table. "Now be a good slut and take a good pounding from me" Link whispered on her ear. He grabs her slender waist and thrusts into her from behind earning a yelp of pain.

"Fuck! You weren't kidding when you said she was tight as hell Lyle!" Link grunted. Her pussy is unbelievably tight. It's like it wants his cock deeper into her womb. "To think that you kept this treasure hidden for so long is just a sin to us" Link said giving her ass a spank. Kate moaned in return.

"I am sorry? What was that?" Link asked. "P-Please… don't spank me…" Kate whimpered. "Wrong choice of words" Link said and he starts to spank Kate harder. The corruption of her mind has reached its full power and a final combination of a spank and a hard thrust into her pussy was all it takes to break her.

The inner personality of her. The real her. Who had been suppressed for so long, is finally freed. Kate's eyes flashed momentarily. Her facial expression, which was once a face full of pain and sadness, quickly replaced by something different. Something… better.

"Oh… Link" Kate purred sexily. Link knew what it means. He has successfully broken her. "What is it my lovely cum slut?" He asked. "S-Spank… me… HARDER!" She yelled the last part. "Beg me for it you golden slut!" He barked. "OH PLEASE SPANK ME! FUCK ME! USE MY PUSSY AS YOUR SEX TOY! IMPREGNATE ME WITH YOUR PUPPIES!" Kate screamed as she spanks her ass on her own.

"Damn man I didn't know you could break her that easy" Lyle commented from the bed while giving a thumbs up to his twin. "Now the real fun could begin" Link commented. He slams her against the wall on her back and resumes his brutal fucking. "Ah yes! Yes! Fuck me! Use me! Breed me like a whore!" Kate screamed. Her claws come out and start to claw the wall. "Yes you bitch! Moan my name! Show me how much you love this!" Link said. "Fuck Link! Your cock is so good on my little tight slutty pussy!" Kate moaned. Link grins and begins to fuck her faster than before.

"Ahh! I am cumming!" Kate screamed. She floods the carpet and his sheath with her orgasmic juices, unable to hold back much longer. And it also acts as the catalyst for the male wolf. "Fuck you are so tight! I am cumming!". He pumps more virile seed into her womb, mixing with Lyle's which has been inside earlier. So much that it creates a small bump on her stomach.

Link finishes cumming and throws her to the floor. Kate moans at the sensation of the mini bump on her stomach recedes and uses the opportunity to eat the cum spewing out from her pussy. "Aren't you a cum loving bitch?" Link asked the purring whore on the wet carpet.

"I am a cum loving bitch. Your cum dump. Your personal sex toy" Kate purred winking at him. Link growls and is about to give her the third fuck of the night but Lyle steps in. "You take a break. I'll go with her". He grabs her tail and drags her out of the room, earning him a squeal in mixture of pain and pleasure. "The couch is vacant for now. But we'll make it occupied for the both of us" Lyle said smirking at her.

He throws her onto the couch, face first. Kate giggles and cranes her head back giving him a seductive smile. "Now suck me off bitch" He commanded. Kate wastes no time and crawls onto him, which is currently laying on his back. A pillow supports him so his upper torso is propped up. "No. I want to eat that delicious pussy of yours as well. Turn around" Lyle ordered.

Kate sensually turns her body around giving him the full view of her plump round ass and her swollen, used pussy. Kate instantly swallows his entire length catching Lyle off guard. "OH FUCK! Eager aren't you?" He grinned slapping her ass. Kate lets out a muffled reply followed by a sharp sucking noise. "Well let me get started as well". He roughly part her labia and starts eating her out like crazy.

Link exits the bedroom and sits at the other end of the couch. Seeing how Kate expertly sucks at his twin's cock makes his own cock comes back to life. He starts jerking himself off to the magnificent view. Kate realizes someone's watching and after knowing that it's Link, she gives her a sexy wink. "Damn you bitch. You know how to turn things on" Link grunted.

Kate returns her full attention back to the red shaft inside her mouth. She twists her head around while her tongue massages his shaft. Lyle's hips buckled a few times. He also tries his best to concentrate but it proved to be an almost impossible task against her extremely amazing talent of giving head.

"H-Hey! Come on man I was just eating her!" Lyle protested when Link turned Kate's body around away from him. Kate yipped at the sudden shift and she felt a hot pulsating object right above her ass. "Shut up. I want to fuck her asshole" Link said and thrusts deep into her ass. Kate lets out a muffled scream and tries to get away but Lyle, using his hind legs, kept her under control. "Stay put whore. Now resume your deepthroat" Lyle said.

Link nearly came a second after he sheathed himself into Kate's ass. It's even tighter than her pussy. He wonders how he didn't came in an instant. It must've been because she had drained him several times earlier. "Fuck me Kate you are tightest bitch I have ever fucked. Not even that whore Claw could compare to you!" Link growled and complimented her at the same time. Kate shows her gratitude by wiggling her ass earning yet another growl from Link.

"So that's how you repay my kindness? Fine then. Then be prepared for this!". Kate yelps when Link slapped her juicy ass. In the meantime, Lyle grabbed her head and starts thrusting deep into her mouth. Now being fucked from two side, Kate is slowly losing herself once more to lust. Each thrust makes her want to cum. Each deepthroat makes her want to pass out. Her pussy juice gushing out at an outstanding rate. Link noticed this and used it as a lube to make fucking her ass even easier. Once applied, it made it more enjoyable and less painful for Kate.

Lyle on the other hand forces her to look into his eyes. He pulls his cock out of her mouth, let it dangles in front of her. "Do you want this?" He asked wiggling it back and forth. Kate lets out a pathetic whine while moaning softly to the rough ass fucking she currently receiving. "What's the magic word?" Lyle teased. "P-Please…" She purred.

"Please what?" "Please let me pleasure you. Let me suck that big, hot, long cock and let me drink your cum!" Kate whined while licking his tool sensually. Her answer is a rough throat fuck by Lyle. She loves this. She couldn't think anything but being used as a sex toy, a cum dump, and a breeding whore.

Lyle and Link are close. They could feel their balls welling once more, restocked to the brim with virile seeds that would definitely make Kate pregnant with their pups this time. They grit their teeth to hold their orgasm back for a bit longer to make it even enjoyable.

Without warning, both of them pulled out of Kate, from her throat and asshole respectively. This earned a questioning look from Kate. "L-Lyle? L-Link? Is something wrong?" She asked sacredly. Did she do something that make them lose interest in her? She has to fix this! And fast!.

"Get on your haunches in front of the couch" Both male ordered. She wastes no time in doing so while they repositioned themselves in front of her, both cocks dangling just right in front of her muzzle. "Now use that slutty mouth of yours and that paws to jerk us off. We will reward you with our most plentiful orgasm of the night".

Kate wastes no time in jacking one off while deepthroating the other one. She would change every so often to make sure both twins receive the same pleasurable treatment. Both of them would not hold back and sometimes use their fore legs to keep her in a deepthroating position to make her choke on their thick cock and let her go just before her vision goes dark.

This continues for several minutes. Moans, gasps, and groans filling the cabin which reeks with the smell of cum, female juices, sex, and more. Kate decides to up her game by deepthroating both cock at the same time while playing with their balls. "H-Holy fuck!" Both screamed. In response, they both use their hind legs to lock Kate in place. The cocks inside her throat increase in size and they start to shoot their most plentiful load of the night. They literally force feed Kate so much that her stomach grows even larger than before.

They don't let go of their grip. Letting their cum filling Kate's throat, and then her mouth until it couldn't expand any longer. Then it starts to leak out from her nose and from the corner of her lips. It wasn't until a steady river of cum running down from her mouth they let go of her. She quickly gulps down the cum in her mouth before opening her mouth once more as they are not yet finished cumming. The white, hot, sticky cum landing everywhere but mostly on her. Her eyes, nose, head, ears, chest, stomach, pussy. Everywhere.

After they were finished, she's as white as her sister Lilly. Maybe even whiter. She giggles as a response and starts to drink the cum off of her body giving the twins yet another sexual show earning her a couple of spurts that landed on her waiting tongue which she gulps eagerly.

"Damn Kate… you… drained both of us…" Lyle commented. "Best… fuck… of my… life…" Link breathed.

They crane their head up to see Kate grinning mischievously at them. They gulp nervously. "You might have been drained but…" She grabs both limp cock with her paws and starts stroking it slowly.

"I am not done with you yet".

Both male groans as she starts to sucking them off again.