Fate/Stay Night: Umbra Bello

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P.S: this chapter has been rewritten for a number of reasons, and as a result, is not consistent with the writing style of some following chapters. I plan to update chapters 2-23 as I go along to bring a higher quality to the early story, as well as make minor changes to it to make it fit easier within the grander plot I have planned.


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Chapter I- One Door Closes, Another Opens...

Date- September 21st, 2015

Time- 6:52 am

Location- Mays Landing, New Jersey

It was hot. And unusually so for Mid-September.

Then again, the weather had been odd for the last few months. Chaotic almost.

I didn't think much of it other than the fact that it messed with my plans for the end of the summer.

My head turned back to the road as the distinctive call of the bus called out through the early morning. Interrupting my inner discourse on the nature of rapid local climate change.

I had to will myself onto the vehicle. I liked school well enough, mind you, but the students?

Well, the less said about these brats the better.

That, and I didn't exactly trust the bus itself.

The noises it made… for some reason, they convinced me it was only being held together through duck tape, elbow grease, and sheer fucking willpower.

That thing was going to fall to pieces in the middle of a field trip someday, mark my words-

"Are you gonna get on, or stare like a dumbass all morning kid?"

I blinked. Caught off guard by the underpaid driver.

Not looking to trade verbal barbs with the man, I merely grumble and climb on.

And now the third worst part of going to school-

Choosing a seat.

I was among the last few students to be picked up on this route, so most empty seats tended to be taken by the time I climbed on.

Though last year, and this year have been good so far, I've had to put up with a lot of real assholes over the years. On the bus… and at school.

But, y'know, who doesn't.

Guess it's all part of the experience really.

Still… a good spot is available in the front where some… okay people sit in front, and behind me, so I decide to take it, and try relaxing a bit. Letting Ben Folds 'Cooler than you' carry my day back to a higher point and drown out the morning bullshit.

Oddly enough, I almost fell back to sleep.

Fortunately, I shake myself awake in time to avoid a pencil thrown in my direction.

I was agitated as it clattered to the floor, but too tired to really do anything about it, so I decided to just let it go.

Instead, I choose to watch what might pass by the window.

"Hm… was there supposed to be a marathon today?" I wondered quietly as a group of people rushed past-

Until I was nearly thrown out of my seat by a sudden stop.

Slamming my head against the window, I become dazed for a few moments. Barely noticing the items flying about the vehicle.

"Okay... what the hell was that!?" I ask as I shake off the throbbing pain caused by my foreheads rendezvous with the now cracked glass pane.

I vaguely heard other people panicking somewhere that sounded a mile away.

I grabbed onto my seat as the shaking event was repeated.

Coming into focus, the first thing I hear is... screaming.

"What's going on!?" I demand to know before-

The sky is on fire.

maybe shoulda been worried about that weather after all.

And now the ground is opening up.

Ok, we gotta drive the hell outta here-

And the driver is gone.

And the students are trampling over one another to get out.

… starting to notice I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

"Now might be a good time for me to move too." I point out to my currently frozen body.

Waiting for everyone else to pile out because I'm totally not panicking (and not because I'm scared shitless), I moved out of the bus to get a better view of the situation.

People were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and none of them seem to know where they are going.

"Ok… what the hell am I supposed to do...?"

I tried to recall some youtube video I watched once about drills for this situation in California.

They don't teach us about what you're supposed to do in earthquakes around here.

Fire drills? At least once a month.

Intruder drills? A regular thing (Though if someone genuinely tried to break into the school, I haven't the slightest idea how what we were taught is supposed to help).

Earthquake drills?

Zip. Nada.

Maybe it's safer back in the bus? Y'know, duck and cover or something?

With that plan in mind, I turn back to the vehicle, and try to find the best place to stay bunkered down until this blows over.

Stepping inside, the windows on the other side showed the street was on fire too.

Oh, and also there was a shadow wolf.

"... the fuck?" my brain just stopped processing the scene for a moment.

Were we being invaded by the RWBYverse or something?

I know the show's turning to shit, but this was going a bit far...

This… Beowulf wannabe was tearing people to shreds.

Ah intestines, and other human bits. How… quaint.

Does that sound a bit off? Sorry, just trying not to panic-

They're also eating people.

"Hehehehe… I'm in danger." is all that comes to mind.

Upon realizing that this was, apparently, an actual supernatural event, I noped my way the fuck out of there, and took off faster than I'd ever run.

I really have no idea where I'm supposed to go, but as long as it wasnt back there, it'd be a vast improvement.

Swerving between panicking people, and stuck vehicles, I keep trying to think about somewhere I can go.

I can't run forever… or very far.

Or very lon-

I'm outta shape alrigh-!?

My head swivels to the source of a screeching banshee in the form of an out of control truck.

I ducked to avoid the debris from the crash, and cover my ears at the clang the vehicle achieved upon falling over to its side.

"Holy shit…" moving behind a parked car for cover, I take a second to think. "Okay...okay… we're under attack… people are dying… it might be the apocalypse… safest place to be would be… aw damn."

The closest place I can think of is a local church. It's set up as a place of shelter during emergencies, so maybe it's secure enough to last against… all of this. Especially since there seemed to be demonic shenanigans going on.

Problem (besides the priest giving me all the wrong vibes) being, it's on the complete opposite side of town from here. So I probably-


I stopped my panicked breathing.

Ducking behind cover, I could hear that thing prowling through the debris.

"Wh-what the fuc-! OH GOD NOOOAARAGGHHHH!" The driver was being torn apart by the thing. Blood was flying everywhere.

C-Can I do something!? I-I can't just leave or-

"m-mom...? Mommy!? Mo-aaaaaiiiiiiii!"


... nope, not listening to this!

"I...I can't stay here. I can't do anything. I can't, I don't... what do I do? What do I do!? I… I can't listen to this!"

Not gonna spend another fucking second here.

I bolted out of cover, not giving a damn where I was going, just so long as it wasn't here.


"Oh shit. They saw me-!" I didn't look back. I couldn't look back.

But strangely, I could only think-

"Hey... why does this give me the oddest sense of deja-vu?"

I nearly make it to a small neighborhood, I might be able to lose it there-

"-FUCK!" A massive fissure opened up in front of me, knocking me over with a wave of pressure and heat. I picked myself in time only for one of those monsters to be almost right on top of me-

"Yup! I'm panicking!" I finally admit as I wrestle with my fight-or-flight instincts.


But just before I became its next meal, both me, and the monster turned in time to see an out of control cop car that was on fire-

"Wh… What's…" I hacked up blood

"It's… my blood?" was all my semi-cognizant brain could register at the moment."What… what happened? Fire… Right. That car..."

I could see it having run into a nearby guardrail, the driver presumably in a worse state than me-

Oh. there's something sticking out of me.

"Are.. are those my…. oh… that's not good." apparently I become very descriptive upon seeing my own bones.

Getting back up seemed like it was going to be a pipedream in the least.

And I was fairly certain the only reason I wasn't screaming my head off from pain was my nervous system being thrown out of whack by the impact of my body to the road.

"... I'm going to die here." I was… oddly calm about that.

Probably owe that to shock… or something to that effect. Note to self, if reincarnation turns out to be a thing, try to be a nurse, or a doctor next time around.

Oh? Is that all?

… and now I have a disembodied woman talking to me.

… y'know what, let's roll with it.

"… god? Is… that you? Okay, excuse the odd question, blame the blood loss, but I gotta know before you send me to the other down under, what the fuck is the deal with the platypus?"

"Hello? … God? Yahweh? Hera? … hallucination genie?"

none of the above I'm afraid. Just… an old friend.

Look, there's a lot going on, and no time to explain.

As you may have surmised, the world is coming to an end.

Lucky us, a very wise person set a plan in motion to fight this.

This is where you come in.

You're going to be sent somewhere you might find familiar.

When you get there, you won't have much time to prepare for what comes next. So you're gonna have to do a lot of learning what you can do on the fly.

Not exactly ideal, but we've run out of time to do things properly.

All I can say is, trust yourself. It's never been more important.

And… be safe.


The first anchor is lifted… the boundary between the worlds has become ephemeral.

We patiently await your return.

Make us some good luck.

"H-huh? The pain… is it-"

"Ergh!" Well… it's not as bad as before...

"My body feels like it got hit by- Oh… right."

I carefully opened my eyes.

The first thing I see is that it's dark out. Like it's early in the morning.

Am I still just waiting for the bus?

Did I just imagine all of that?

Wait... no. This isn't the bus stop.

Actually… I have no idea where I am...

I'm standing alone on an empty street. It's either late into the night, or early morning.

I seem to be in the suburbs of… somewhere?

Moving down the street a bit, I saw a street sign that wasn't using phonetic letters…

… where the hell am I?

For that matter, how did I get here?

Maybe I'm dead?

Can't be heaven though. Heaven wouldn't hurt to be in.

In that case… am I in hell?

Kinda figured hell would a little more on… y'know…

On fire?

Okay, since the street signs are a bust, I'mma keep walking until I find someone.

Odds are someone around here speaks english. Only question is if they are willing to help a lost foreigner.

After about ten minutes of walking, I still couldn't find anyone.

Apparently, there weren't many people occupying the streets this time of night.

On an unrelated note, I found a still puddle of water. Clear enough for me to see my own reflection.

Yup. That's me. In all my glory. Black hair, brown eyes, and standing at about five foot eleven.

Taking a look at my reflection, I could tell I looked as bad as I felt. Dried blood covered me in patches, although it looked like the bleeding had stopped. My sweatshirt was ripped to shreds, and the T-shirt beneath had a tear right where I had... somethingthatwillnotbenamedintheinterestofnotvomiting sticking out of me.

Come to think of it… I think that as soon as I got here all lethal wounds seemed to have closed up, but for some reason there were still non-life threatening injuries left behind.

Odd, curious, and annoying.

Oh… I was still carrying my backpack!

Little sack that could was still hanging on by one strap.

Quickly rummaging through the contents, I found everything still there. Besides books, I also kept my glasses here. I'm kinda nearsighted, but I don't always keep them on because paradoxically, they make things that are close to me harder to read.

Still, it was comfortable knowing I had them.

Besides my glasses, I also had about three bucks I usually have on hand to buy snacks..

Glasses now on, I carried on my trek for the night. It seemed like it had been nearly an hour of walking, and I couldn't really find anyone outside.

I think there were still some people in their houses, but I couldn't bring myself to walk up to one of them and disturb someone so late at night.

Ah. Social anxiety. Was wondering when you'd show up again.

Seems even in a situation like this my social ineptitude would fight to stop me from talking to someone.

Anyway, It seemed like I might be reaching the outskirts of town. On another note, it seemed like this town had a paradoxical architecture.

The houses seemed Western in design. The big ones wouldn't look out of place in an affluent European country. Yet the street signs implied that this was an asian city. It raised hopes that someone here spoke english, and questions about where the hell I was.

Maybe like there's korea/chinatowns in most big american cities, there could be western towns in certain asian cities? Like… Japan, and Korea?

Guess I don't know as much about the rest of the world as I thought I did. Documentaries can only teach so much I suppose.

I mean, I've heard certain things about Japan, but mostly due to being an anime nerd. I can only hope I can try explaining my situation sounding like a sane per-



I just felt like… there was static in my head?

I just turn around. I don't know why, I just... feel a pull.

There's a mansion. Strange… there wasn't one there a second ago. Maybe… maybe I just missed it?

It looked worn down. Like it hadn't been lived in for decades. But when I look at it I… I feel like-


I fight the urge to start walking towards it.

Something's not right. Something is pulling my body towards that place.

One foot moved entirely on its own, despite my protests

Then another.

Then another.

Then another.

And so on until I'm standing in front of the place.

Indeed, this old house seems like it's been through hell. Actually, it kinda looks like the place was a warzone at some point.

But still, I can't help but feel that I'm not alone. That there's… something, or someone here that wants me gone.

Come to think of it… all the sounds of the night. All the bugs, birds, and everything else that calls out in the night. They were silent. As if this suggestive force compelled them to leave as well.

And so, this late at night, so far from the city, there was true silence.

Back home there was always some sound or another. Even through the walls of our home, the wind, and the calls of insects could still be heard, even the odd car passing by.

This quiet… it just didn't feel right.

The force compelling me forward was gone. So I just stood there for a minute. The suggestive force telling me I wasn't wanted here. Telling me I need to leave this place.

I stepped up to the worn-down door.

If I open that door, I'll be challenging what I know.

It's an… itch. Like something that's been clawing at me for years. Like… a repressed memory threatening to surface.

This moment… it will change me.

I can't explain it. Deep down, some instinct is telling me that this is to be the beginning of something.

I raise my hand to the doorknob.

The suggestive force telling me that if I cross this boundary, I will enter a world that could destroy me- no. That will destroy Robert Orso as I know him.

Yet… there was something beyond that. That if I entered this world, there could be something greater.

This is the gate of mystery. The compelling force that brought me here. It is what's giving me this choice.

It let go of forcing me, because what comes next, must be my choice.

"Heh… after everything that's happened within the last, what, two hours I finally get a choice here, and now? And what is it? Red pill, or blue pill?"

I shake myself into focus.

I need to make this choice. I don't know what this has to do with everything so far… but I know it's important.

I could walk away. I could leave this crazy place behind. Pretend it never existed. Find help. Try to find a way home.

And try to live a life knowing I left an opportunity like this behind.

It would be safe.

Probably the smart thing to do.

Is that what you want? A hollow life? Knowing you could have sought what you wanted? You've always hated the idea of living a life of a nothing. It would be an inconsequential existence, but a normal, stable, unchanging one.

Or… I could go inside. And find what I want… what I need to know.

Are you sure? The path you see before you is the path of death, and sacrifice. For with great victories, for with however many joy's, there will be nearly as many, maybe even more failures, and sorrows. It will be a full life. A satisfying life if you can make it one. But one marred with as much pain, and death as there will be excitement and purpose.

Many live fulfilling lives without such things. Many feel as you do from time to time. This need to seek adventure, and excitement. It could pass. And if it does, you will come to regret, to hate this foolishness. The pain you could bring yourself and others.

This choice will free you.

It will enlighten you.

But it will also destroy you in one way, or another.

Choose wisely

"I… I choose…"

End Theme: Fate/Grand Order: Nisha Senitsu (二者穿一) by Rokka (六花)

I jump as the old door collapses upon my touch. My heart leaping out of my chest.

Welcome, Robert Orso, to the world of Magi.

Time will tell if you've made the right choice.

Aaaand, that's a rap for chapter one! I'd like to thank each, and every one of you for giving this a chance.