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It was Christmas Day in the city of Petropolis. The snow was falling lightly, and it looked magical. Some kids had been awake before daylight, and they were happy to see that Santa had come. The bad guys that didn't reform were not surprised that Santa had skipped them. But I'm more concerned about Dudley and Kitty, so let's head on over to their house.

At Dudley and Kitty's, Summer was the first one to wake up. She noticed daylight streaming in through the window, so she knew that it was morning. It didn't take long for her to realize what day it was.

"Oh my gosh! It's Christmas!" Summer thought. She jumped out of bed and ran to Molly's bed, shaking her as she said, "Molly! Get up! Get up! It's Christmas!"

"What?! What's going on?" Molly asked as she awoke with a start.

"It's Christmas!" Summer told her.

"Oh, is that all?" Molly asked as she appeared to be dozing off again. But then she realized what Summer said, and she was fully awake!

"It's Christmas?" Molly asked.

"Yes!" Summer replied, nodding her head.

"Let's go tell George!" said Molly.

Both girls ran to their brother's room and threw the door open, which pretty much woke George right away.

"What is it?! Are we under attack?!" George asked, really startled.

"No, it's Christmas!" his sisters cheered.

"Christmas?! Let's go see what Santa brought!" George exclaimed.

So the three hurried downstairs to see what they would see. When they saw the tree, they gasped in shock!

The tree had more presents than they could count underneath it.

"Oh wow..." said Summer.

"Should we open them?" George asked.

"Not until Mom and Dad get up." Molly said.

"Let's go get them!" said George.

It was hard for the kids to tear their eyes away from the tree, but somehow they did, and they darted upstairs, making a beeline for Dudley and Kitty's bedroom.

Dudley and Kitty were awake, but they weren't out of bed yet. They were still under the covers, picking up from where they left off last night, kissing and snuggling.

"So, it's really Christmas?" Kitty asked.

"It sure is. Merry Christmas, Kitty." Dudley replied.

"Merry Christmas, Dudley." Kitty said, smiling at her husband with love.

All of a sudden, they heard some loud banging at their bedroom door, followed by the kids saying, "Mom! Dad! Get up! It's Christmas! You gotta come see what Santa brought!"

"Think we should get up now?" Dudley asked.

"They're giving us reason to." Kitty said as she and Dudley reluctantly stopped snuggling and went to the door.

"Did you guys take your showers yet?" Kitty asked as she opened the door to see the kids.

"I knew we'd forgotten something." Summer said.

"How about you guys hurry up and take your showers, and in the meantime, we'll get something ready for breakfast, okay?" Dudley said.

"Okay!" the kids said, and they quickly decided who would shower first.

Dudley and Kitty, meanwhile, went downstairs to get breakfast started.

"You remember what we suggested for Christmas breakfast, right?" Dudley asked Kitty.

"I didn't forget." Kitty said, producing the cinnamon rolls from the fridge. They were the kind you heat up in the oven.

They quickly grabbed the pan they made cinnamon rolls in and sprayed the pan before arranging the rolls in the pan while they preheated the oven. The oven was preheated by the time the first one to take their shower was done. The other two kids showered as the rolls baked.

By the time the kids had showered and gotten dressed for the day, the cinnamon rolls were ready. Kitty put the icing on the rolls while Dudley fixed some hot cocoa to drink with the rolls.

There were only 8 cinnamon rolls, so George, Molly, and Summer got 2 rolls each, and Dudley and Kitty each had one. They didn't mind; the kids were important to them, and they wanted the kids to be happy. Especially on a day like today.

After breakfast, the kids offered to do the dishes so their parents could take their shower. Dudley and Kitty were surprised, but they said, "Okay." And they went upstairs so they could take their shower.

When Dudley and Kitty got done, they told the kids they could open the presents in the stockings, and the ones from Santa. And they'd be getting more from relatives, but those wouldn't be coming until later.

So they opened the presents from Santa, as well as the stocking stuffers while they waited for Quacky's show to come on.

Everyone was satisfied, but not nearly as satisfied as Kitty when she opened the presents in her stocking. Dudley had given her some nice jewelry with emeralds (to bring out her eyes), and he also got her a bottle of perfume that she liked.

But Dudley was happy too. Kitty got him some nice cologne, and some soap-on-a-rope, which he liked a lot.

Dudley and Kitty also got each other gift cards for restaurants (they'd save one for Valentine's Day), and the kids even found gift cards for stores that sold toys and video games.

Santa gave the kids more toys, and Dudley and Kitty got some nice clothes.

Once all the presents were opened, the kids used the few minutes left before Quacky's show came on to put their things in their rooms.

Then it was time for Quacky's show, and he was doing another Christmas special.

"I guess our moms and siblings aren't gonna show up until after Quacky's show." Dudley said.

"That's usually how it is." Kitty said.

Shortly after Quacky's show, Summer looked outside and saw Bruce and Katrina's car pull up in the driveway.

"Mom! Dad! Uncle Bruce and Aunt Katrina are here!" Summer said. Then she saw Adam get out, and she said, "And Adam's here, too!"

"All right!" George and Molly cheered as the family got up and went to the door.

Sure enough, Bruce and Katrina were glad to see Dudley and Kitty greet them at the door. It was just as well, since they were carrying lots of gifts up to the house. Adam, too.

After Bruce, Katrina, and Adam placed their gifts under the tree, they greeted Dudley, Kitty, and the triplets.

"So, the moms aren't here yet?" Bruce asked.

"Not yet. But they should be here soon enough." Dudley said. Then he said, "And I gotta get the turkey stuffed and in the oven!"

"I'll preheat the oven and help you get it ready." Bruce said as he and Dudley made their way to the kitchen.

"So, did Santa bring you lots of nice stuff?" Katrina asked Kitty.

"Yes, but Dudley really surprised me. You've got to see the jewelry he got me." Kitty said.

"Oh, Brucie got me some nice jewelry too." Katrina said.

"What did you guys get?" Adam asked his cousins.

"Come to the den, and we'll show you the video games we got!" George said. So the kids went to the den.

A few minutes later, a knock at the door startled everyone, but Kitty got up and opened the door, seeing Peg, arms full of gifts.

"Merry Christmas, Kitty!" Peg greeted her daughter-in-law.

"Dudley! Bruce! Your mom's here!" Kitty called before telling Peg, "I'll take some of those for you." She took some of the gifts from Peg's arms and put them under the tree.

"Grandma!" the kids exclaimed, running to the living room to greet her.

"Merry Christmas, kids!" Peg said as she hugged them all at once.

"Merry Christmas, Grandma!" the kids replied as they hugged her.

"How are you kids liking Christmas so far?" Peg asked.

"It's been really good!" Adam said.

"Do you have more presents for us?" George asked.

"In the car." Peg replied.

"We could help you bring them in." Molly offered.

"I'd really appreciate the help." Peg smiled.

"You've got it!" Summer replied.

So the kids helped Peg bring in the rest of the gifts.

By the time they got done with that, Dudley and Bruce had finished stuffing the turkey and putting it in the oven.

"Mom!" Dudley said, happy to see his mom.

"Dudley! Bruce! How are my boys?" Peg asked as Dudley and Bruce came to greet her.

"I'm good." Bruce said.

"Me too. How about you?" Dudley asked.

"I'm fine. My grandkids just helped me bring in the presents." Peg said.

"That's great!" Bruce said as he and Dudley hugged their mom.

"Hi, Mom-in-law!" Katrina greeted Peg.

"And hello to you, too, Katrina!" Peg said, going over to see Katrina.

But that's when Mrs. Katswell's car pulled up outside.

"Hey! Grandma Katswell just pulled up!" Adam called.

"Mom's here!" Kitty said as she went out to see her mom and possibly help her out.

"Kitty! It's so good to see you!" Mrs. Katswell exclaimed when she saw her daughter come out.

"It's good to see you too, Mom. Do you need some help getting those presents out of the car?" Kitty asked.

"That'd be nice." said Mrs. Katswell.

"I'm coming to help, too!" Katrina said.

"Thanks, girls." Mrs. Katswell said as her daughters went outside to help her unload the car.

Once everyone was inside, they started sorting through the presents, handing them to their respective owners.

"I wonder what this is?" Dudley said as he picked up a present from his mom.

"You're gonna have to wait and see." Peg smiled.

After all the presents had been handed out, they decided the order. The kids went first, then the parents, and Peg and Mrs. Katswell agreed to go last.

The next hour consisted of everyone opening their presents, and everyone was happy. Peg and Mrs. Katswell knitted things like blankets, sweaters, and mittens for everyone.

After all the presents were opened, Dudley waded through the sea of wrapping paper to get a trash bag. When he came back, everyone helped throw away the wrapping paper. Once it was out of the way, they turned on the T.V. and looked for something to watch.

"Oh, look! "White Christmas" is on! Let's watch that!" Katrina said when Dudley was looking through the channels.

"We watched it on DVD just the other day, but there's nothing wrong with watching it again, because it's a good movie." Kitty said.

"Okay, all in favor of watching the movie, say 'aye'." Dudley said.

"Aye!" everyone said.

"All opposed?" Dudley asked.

The sound of a cricket chirping was heard.

"Okay, let's watch." Dudley said as he turned it to the channel the movie was on. After he did that, he got up to baste the turkey. He and Bruce had done that a few times when everyone was opening their presents, but they were good about waiting till they returned to continue.

When a commercial break came on, Kitty got up to set the table, and Katrina went to go help her. That was done by the time the movie came back on.

After the movie, Dudley and Kitty's children hurried to put their stuff away before making their way to the den. Adam joined them, and they played wintery levels of video games while the adults looked for something else to watch.

A few hours passed, and by then Dudley announced that the turkey was ready. He started carving it, and the rest of the adults got to work preparing the rest of the dinner.

In no time, the dinner was on the table, and Kitty and Katrina were pouring the drinks.

"Kids! Dinner's ready!" Dudley called.

It didn't take long for the kids to show up, 'cause they'd just wound up the controllers for the console they were playing on when he called.

"Wow! That was fast!" Dudley remarked.

"We'd just gotten done playing when you called." George replied as he and the others sat down.

Once everyone was seated, they started helping themselves to the food. The kids decided to fill their plates themselves this time.

As they ate, Bruce asked Dudley for permission to fix himself a couple of turkey sandwiches before his family went back home.

"You know I'm not gonna stop you." Dudley told his brother.

After everyone had a second helping of food, Kitty started on the dishes, and Katrina went to help her. The moms put the leftover food in the fridge. Dudley and Bruce went back to the living room to talk, and the kids went back to the den to play more wintery levels of their favorite video games.

About an hour later, everyone had enough time to digest, and so Dudley went to help Kitty bring out the pies. Everyone had a slice of pie, and they were really happy.

Now they didn't know what to do next. But then Kitty had an idea. She brought out her keyboard and started playing the Christmas songs she knew, and everyone sang the words to the songs she played.

When she finished played every song she knew, it was pretty dark out, and the lights had come on. But before they left, Bruce quickly made his way to the kitchen to fix himself some turkey sandwiches to take home.

In the meantime, the kids were helping Peg and Mrs. Katswell get their presents in their cars. Dudley and Kitty helped Katrina load up her and Bruce's car.

When Bruce got done fixing his sandwiches, he went to help everyone else load up the cars.

Once everything was loaded up, Peg, Mrs. Katswell, and Bruce's family got in their cars and drove home.

With nothing else to do, Dudley and Kitty decided it was about time to call it a night. The kids weren't ready to turn in yet, so they went to the den and played more video games.

"Don't stay up too late." Kitty said as she and Dudley passed by the den.

"We won't." the kids promised.

So Dudley and Kitty made their way up the stairs and got ready for bed. Once they were in their pajamas, they got under the covers and cuddled together.

"So Christmas is really over?" Dudley asked.

"Not until midnight, Dudley." Kitty replied.

"Well, since we've still got a few hours left, let's make the most of them." Dudley said.

He and Kitty spent the next few hours just cuddling and kissing each other, happy to be together.

A couple of hours later, the kids were tired and decided that it was a good time to go to bed, and they did.

But I heard them exclaim as they turned out the light, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

The End

Wow! This story really does have more than it did the first time around! I hope you enjoyed this story, and that your Christmas is as merry as the one Dudley and Kitty's family had!