When Arachne awoke she sat up and looked around her room, she couldn't tell what time it was from the lack of windows and her room was always dimly lit. She stood up in a sleepy daze and slowly walked to her wall. Placing her hand on the wall she summoned a vanity mirror and desk with small yellow light bulbs framing it. She took a seat and began to brush her hair. She didn't use alot of makeup, just a dark red lipstick. Her skin was already and soft and even, her lashes long enough to look like extensions and she didn't feel the need for much more than that. After brushing her long hair she tied it up in the double bun she always wore. When she finished that she walked to her wardrobe and pulled out a lavish black gown. It had rose patterned lace sleeves and a high laced collar to match. It still had the low cut sweat heart neckline and floor length skirt. She placed her night gown on the edge of her bed to have a maid fold and put away later. When she was ready she walked to her huge purple double doors and opened them with magic, she couldn't be bothered to push the heavy doors open herself. When she walked into the hall several servants stood at attention including Mosquito. He slightly blushed and looked away when he saw her, still embarrassed from last night. She began walking to the dining hall for breakfast and as she walked Mosquito walked beside her and 4 servants walked behind them. Her heels clicked gracefully across the black tiled floor.

"Lady Arachne, the moral manipulation machine is progressing well, we've taken the liberty of hiring some extra security to watch over it during construction. His name is Mafune, he's a very skilled samurai. But I'm afraid he wants something in return for guarding it." Mosquito spoke as they walked the long halls.

"Oh? And what does he want in return?" she asked sceptically.

"He wants us to guarantee the safety of the witch Angela. She's only six or seven years old and the grim reaper is already after her for being a witch."

Arachne paused for a moment. She hated the thought and fact that the academy would kill even a child just because they were born a witch. She herself was a witch and she remembered the constant assassination attempts on her own life, she didn't even have to think about her answer.

"Its a deal, we will protect Angela in exchange for Mafune's skills." she said with certainty in her voice. Besides this samurai was known as the "Sword God" his combat skills were legendary, it would be extremely beneficial to have him as an ally. Plus when Angela grows up she could be very powerful with Arachne as her mentor.

When they reached the dining room Giriko was already seated and clearly drunk next to Arachne's seat at the head of the table. Truly a banquet fit for a queen was layed out across the long table. She took her seat and noticed Mosquito sat next to her. She had a special bottle of wine for Mosquito to reward him for finding Mafune and convincing him to join Arachnephobia.

"Here Mosquito, as a reward for your recent efforts take this, a nice glass of wine should do you good." she said smiling as she filled his glass. He instantly lit up with joy and thanked her. As he went to take a sip Giriko chimed in.

"Unless its poisoned..." he said purposely to annoy Mosquito. "With me around Arachne won't need you for much longer old man, I'd watch your back if i were you" he commented trying his best to trigger and offend him. Mosquito paused for a moment and then downed the whole glass. Arachne didn't know what Giriko was trying to prove but she could tell it was intentionally provoking the vampire.

"If anyone is leaving its you chainsaw boy!" Mosquito replied now very angry. After a few more minutes of back and forth fighting Arachne lost interest and went back to her meal.

As she thought about their behavior she recalled they both used to sit a few seats away and now that she thought about it both of them followed her more closely lately. Mosquito used to walk a few feet behind her and now he walked next to her, and Giriko usually walked several impatient feet ahead of her but now he seems to have purposely slowed his pace to walk at her side. He even began to call her "Arachne" instead of "Sis" or "Boss". He's always been the most informal of her followers, never calling her by her titles and just nicknames he'd come up with.

As they ate a low level servant came running inside loudly and disrupting her thoughts. The servant sounded like a young lady but with the cloak and mask you couldn't see her.

"Lady Arachne!" the servant called, catching the attention of everyone in the room. It was considered impolite to just run up and speak without permission.

"Yes, what is it?" she replied with a monotone voice slightly annoyed from being disturbed.

"Lady Arachne you have a visitor!" she spoke as she ran towards the table.

"A visitor? Who?" as she asked, both Mosquito and Giriko stood from their seats curiously.

"Forgive me my lady, but she claims to be your little sister..." the servant said nervously. Arachne paused before opening her fan and holding it to her face and standing up at her full height.

"I see... bring her to my throne room." she said with a bit of an evil chuckle. She knew exactly who was here to visit her. The servant ran off and Arachne began to head to her web throne and once again Mosquito and Giriko walked next to her. When she reached her throne room she cast a gigantic spiders web into the air. It was at least 30 feet in diameter with herself elegantly laying in the center; fan covering her face. Thick fog covered the stone floor beneath her web with stone pillars here and there in the unlit room. Small footsteps approached slowly and out of the fog came Medusa. Who had now possessed the body of an innocent little girl named Rachel.

"My my, look at that adorable little body you've stolen this time Medusa." Arachne started as Medusa grinned.

"I've found I can get away with quite a bit in this body." Medusa said with a voice as if she was showing off.

"Why are you here Medusa? " Arachne said with a suddenly serious and threatening tone.

"Oh come now Arachne, we are both a pair of newly revived sisters let's put things behind us and forget the past." With that comment Arachne was not happy. In fact she was pissed. "oh and I wanted to tell you that I've found an undercover job at the academy, I'm the school nurse. Its quite fun I'll admit." Medusa smiled as glowing red eyes peered over her fan to glare at the small blonde Medusa.

"You were the one who told the grim reaper where I was 800 years ago."

"Oh come now sister, you're still upset about that? It was just a few cuts and a broken shoulder..." Medusa sarcastically hissed back. Within seconds of that remark Giriko, Mosquito, and Mafune had Medusa surrounded and ready to kill her.

"Ah well look at this welcome party you've prepared for me haha, but I'm afraid I'm no good at parties I'll take my leave now..."

"I'll show her out my lady!" called the servant girl from before.

As Medusa walked away Giriko asked, "Are you sure its okay to just let her leave unharmed?"

"Its fine, I'll get my revenge on her soon enough. I have more pressing matters to attend to anyway... she's always been such an obnoxious troublesome girl." Arachne replied still glaring at the smiling Medusa.

"Lady Medusa! You can't keep showing up here! If Arachne found out I was your spy she'd kill me for sure!" cried the servant girl from earlier, the one who had told Arachne that she had a visitor.

"Then you better do your job well if you don't want to be caught, Eruka." Medusa said with no sympathy. "And if you stop being my spy I'll just have my snakes kill you" she smiled manically. Eruka looked like she wanted to cry, being stuck as Medusa's slave was one of the worst fates anyone could have.

"I'll be borrowing this." Medusa said as she took an old broom stick from outside the castle and flew away. Eruka simply put her mask back on and ran back inside the castle to work.

Meanwhile inside the throne room Arachne got to work, she sent thousands of spiders across the world to find Asura.

After several hours of searching a spider came across a hidden away castle in the side of a mountain all the way in the Himalayas. Controlling the spider Arachne went inside and instantly sensed the madness. Her spider went closer and closer to the source until she saw him. Curled up in a ball of debris, Asura sat. He wore a red and black thinly striped button up top and black pants but his most defining feature was the scarf like bandages thickly wrapped around his face, hiding it. You could vaguely see black wisps of hair poking out from the wrappings on his face. His hands each had 3 eyes tattooed on them. The room was red and gold themed with destroyed red pillars and a dark stone floor. Outside the castle was just a stone star case leading to it from the bottom of the mountain but everything else was covered in snow. As her spider crept closer to see Asura one of his scarves quickly lashed without warning and killed it. Asura grinned.

"I've found you" Arachne smiled.