Mrs. Murphy walked into the therapy office, casting a glance backwards.

"Ah, Mrs. Murphy! How can I help you?" Dr. Sherman greeted her.

"Hello, Doctor. I have some questions about my son Connor…?"

"Connor, hm?" Dr. Sherman led Mrs. Murphy farther into the office. "How is he, by the way? Is he taking his meds?"

"...No…" Mrs. Murphy fiddled with her wedding ring, sitting down at the desk across from the therapist. "I don't know what to do. He doesn't talk to me about school or anything, and his attitude is getting worse. And…" she choked on tears.

"And…" Dr. Sherman prompted.

Mrs. Murphy pulled a piece of paper out of her purse and handed it to Dr. Sherman. "I found this yesterday."

"...I see." Dr. Sherman took off his glasses. "I assume he is at school right now?"


Dr. Sherman nodded. "Alright. I'd like you to bring him in at four o'clock today. I think I have a solution…"

"But Larry won't-"

"I won't charge you for this appointment, Mrs. Murphy." Dr. Sherman assured. "I think helping these kids is more important than little green pieces of paper."

"Thank you," she whispered.

"I do believe I have a phone call to make," Dr. Sherman said. "Please excuse me."

Mrs. Murphy left to the waiting room while Dr. Sherman picked up his phone, dialing a number. He sighed when he was sent to voicemail. He then went to the woman's work number, but was sent to voicemail again.

He looked at the third number on the list; his patient's. The kid probably wouldn't pick up. So, Dr. Sherman opened a text conversation.

Dr. Sherman: Hello Evan, do you mind if we make your appointment today a joint session? No added cost.

I feel obligated to warn you guys of a few things.

1. I've never been to therapy. Everything is something I've gathered from various sources and things I think would help. In no way is this going to be accurate. Constructive criticism is encouraged.


3. I do not have depression or anxiety. Or at least, I've never been diagnosed with it. I'm trying my best.

4. Updates are so random. I've got so much going on, and other fics to handle. Apologies.

5. I am in no way trying to romanticize mental illness. These are just part of the characters, and it is a ship I enjoy. I want them to get help, and they just happen to properly meet in therapy.

6. (last one I promise) I do not own the characters. If you don't realize this, then you must be new to this whole fanfiction thing. Or something. I forget to put this disclaimer all the time, so this will just cover the whole fic.

I appreciate you all! ~BlackPolaris