"Hello." Severus, unsurprised when the Healer barged in without a by-your-leave, didn't bother to respond. They all tended to waltz in willy nilly, whether wanted or not. This one's robes were the usual lime green, an appalling color that Severus would happily put behind him, but her blond hair, a color that must have come from a spell, curled forward an inch above her shoulders. Short hair wasn't unknown in Healers, but it was uncommon. It suggested she was either a novice or so exceptional that she could flout conventions.

"I suppose if I told you to leave it would have no effect."

"Afraid not." This one grinned at her own rudeness. Hmm, she was unusual.

She held her wand toward him and asked, "May I?"

He'd learned that Healers left more quickly when he cooperated. "If it will help me leave this infernal facility."

She grinned as if he'd made a joke, and the familiar tingle of a diagnostic spell itched under his skin. She spoke while she scanned him which confirmed her skill. Most witches didn't have the control to both cast a spell and chat. "Clever of you to build an immunity to cobra venom. It saved your life. Well, obviously I saved your life but you would have died at Hogwarts if you hadn't inoculated yourself before being bit." Ah, and there was the expected Healer arrogance. "You obviously used a blend of venoms but I couldn't tell if the Caspian venom had been gathered on the waxing or waning quarter moon."

Severus blinked in surprise. Her question suggested an unusually deep knowledge of potions even for a Senior Healer. "I've found that gathering on the waxing quarter moon enhances the effects on yellow bile and on blood."

She actually paused and looked inward as if considering his words. Surprising. Most Healers tended to assume they knew it all. "Oh my stars and garters! By cooling down the warm humours, your potion protects the body by weakening it. Very, very clever. The blood becomes more sluggish thereby slowing the dispersal of venom through the system, and the reduction of bile humour delays a respiratory attack. No wonder you took so long to heal. You threw your vital bodily fluids completely out of whack. Have you considered patenting the formula? There's not much call for it with snakes I suppose, now that Voldemort's dead, but adapting it for wyvern venom would dramatically decrease mortal injuries n the dragon sanctuaries."

The question didn't seem to warrant an answer.

"Right ho. I'd like to thank you for presenting me with such an interesting case. I mean, I do understand, obviously, that you didn't get bitten just to brighten my day, but still your recuperation did provide quite the interesting challenge and I do like a challenge. Not sure why. Probably easily bored."

"I don't suppose I'm free to leave."

"Oh, didn't I mention? This was your final check. Not really necessary but I did want a bit more data on the effects of that potion of yours. Anytime you're ready, you're free to go. Just try to avoid snake venom for, oh I'd say the next six months or so. Probably best to avoid snakes altogether for a bit."

"That won't be a problem." If he saw another snake ever again, it would be too soon.