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MKDemigodZ-Warrior: We'll we've got plans. And yeah, Oma's harem is basically evil Riders and villains.

Zero Shadow-01: Um...when we came up with Wild Zi-O, Metal Cluster Hopper debuted...but yeah, I can see Build Hazard being an inspiration in there too.

ZO/J Reviews:

Shooting Star Dragon 3000: Yeah and this story was probably more environmentally friendly than 90's PSA shows. *laughs*

DS Rider: Well, life gets in the way and when crap is being blown up almost weekly, you tend to forget things.

Bahamut0: Thanks very much, dude.

Here are some reviews answered by our own GreyKing46:

Zero Shadow-01: Yes, yes they did

Alexander. babitsky. 1: We have plans

Neo-Arsene: Not a harem.

Sep 10 c35Guest: It's not a harem. A harem is one guy with lots of women in love with him. Keep reading to find out what we are planning though.

Frostspiderman: Yeah, it's an OC idea. Berserk forms allow for GREAT character development

MKDemigodZ-Warrior: Yes, that is the deal with Oma's harem

technodude458: That was the inspiration

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Shadeking666: We did not use the phrase two girlfriends at any point last chapter

KoutaMamba24: Actually it is based on MetalCluster Hopper. Drawing the curtain back, when MetalCluster debuted in Zero One we where about... Three chapters away from this point in the stories publishing? And I was inspired. So out of nowhere Ghost and I came up with this new form and storyline and COMPLETELY rearranged and changed some of the chapters we had planed coming up to fit this storyline in. Because I LOVE berserk forms and the storyline potential they give. So to everyone, if this storyline sucks, blame me!

ZO/J Reviews

DS Rider: They are. Just off screen, in the main story. They do have other stuff to worry about as well.

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Kamen Rider Zi-O Revised

2019: Wild Side, Dark Time Break

Co-Writer GreyKing46

We do not own these characters. All rights belong to Shotaro Ishinomori, Ishimori Productions and Toei Company

The situation was dire. Sougo could barely stand, exhausted from a week with next to no sleep. Hiryu, Another Zi-O II powered up even further than before. Geiz and Woz, in Revive and Ginga, were able to match him by working side by side but they weren't winning. Hiryu was walking towards them, ready to kill

"Hey! Hiryu!" Sougo roared as he pushed passed his friends, gripping a weapon given to him by Oma Zi-O himself "Over here!"

"Huh? Oh, Tokiwa? What do you want? I was going to leave you until last but... If you're so eager to die..." the Psychopath smirked evilly

"Hiryu... Stay away from my friends!" Sougo frowned as he held the watch forwards. He turned the dial with his thumb, completing the mask image on the front. This also revealed that, yes, the katakana was reversed... And it was also a right-handed watch, like the Zi-O and Geiz watches. With bravery, he hit the button on top, determined to save his friends


The watch had a clearly... Darker, more monstrous voice than the others. Full of hate and rage

"Sougo! NO!" Alpina yelled in fear

Sougo ignored this and slotted the watch onto the right side of the ZikuDriver and hit the button on top, unlocking the driver.

The clock that normally appeared behind Sougo as he transformed was there only this time the clock seemed to be made out of a deep bronze looking colour, making it look older and decrepit. The clock hands were slowly rotating up, both hands having been at the six positions. However, they moved the clock face seemed to crack and hiss, black smoke seeping out from the clock

"What are you doing, you idiot?!" Geiz snapped

"My King?!" Woz gasped

Sougo was exhausted, he could barely move. Barely think. He reached out with his left arm and gripped the top of ZikuDriver. His left hand gripped the raised right side section, ironically holding the Wild Zi-O watch in the process, as his body was slightly crouched over... And then he flinched, hissing in pain as the black smoke. Black lightning began to spark over his body as pain filled his every nerve, the smoke physically hurting him. It was like he was standing in a rain cloud

"I don't think so! You aren't beating me this time, Tokiwa!" Hiryu snapped as he rushed forwards towards the Rider

"Sougo! No!" Aura yelled

"Don't do it!" Wol called over as well

"SOUGO!" Alpina screamed

"Wild Henshin!" Sougo called as be made up a new term, feeling like it was only fitting. He pulled as hard as he could with his left hand, the ZikuDriver spinning hard and fast, before it slammed into place... And it began



The clock shattered, glass shooting all over Hiryu and forcing him back, while black smoke completely enveloped Sougo

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! " He howled in pain as he was shocked.

The shards of glass then flew back and attached to Sougo's body, stabbing onto his body and forming armour.


Shooting out of the darkness and black lightning, throughout Sougo's screams were white reversed Katakana lettering, the glass formed around Sougo's body, giving the impression of a Rider's body as the lettering flew out and struck Hiryu which hit him violently before crashing into Sougo's visor; reading 'rediR' in its vision.

W~I~AL~DO~! ZI~O~!

Standing where Sougo stood was a monochromatic version of Zi-O a black watch-face helmet with his antenna in the 11 and 1 position, his body-suit was silver with black armour-pieces a complete inverse of his colours. His shoulder parts looked familiar to Geiz, Alpina, Woz and the Time Jackers; as they looked like the shoulders of Oma Zi-O! His forearm armour and his shin armour were more spiked than his natural base form and finally some spikes on his heels. The spikes looked like shards of glass protruding from his flesh; like he was stabbed in reverse. Around Sougo's waist, was his Ziku Driver and the Wild Zi-O RideWatch resting comfortably...with the word 'WILD' blazing in the middle of the belt's screen.

Wild Zi-O breathed slowly as it stood before the group, standing as motionless as a statue. The glare through its visor was piercing as the Riders and those on the side saw Sougo's newest form...and how vicious it looked.

Then, without a noise, or any indication, the rider hurried forwards. Black smoke trailed behind him as Wild Zi-O almost seemed to teleport across the battlefield.

He grabbed Hiryu by the neck, lifting him up by his throat.

"W-What?" Hiryu gasped out as he tried to remove the hand but he couldn't match this new form's strength.

Wild Zi-O stayed silent before he slammed Hiryu into the ground and started running. He ran, hand still on Hiryu's throat as he literally dragged him across the ground, breaking up the concrete beneath the Another Rider as he was pulled

"Sougo." Alpina whispered in fear, seeing how violent that Sougo had become almost immediately. Wol, Woz, Geiz and Aura looked on at Zi-O, the nightmare that was unleashed.

Hiryu grunted in pain as Sougo dragged him around, almost like it was a cathartic means of revenge. Taking vengeance on the bully who tortured him for so long. "T-Tokiwa." He grunted in pain, Sougo lifting him...before crushing him into the ground once again.


Hiryu's face slammed into the ground first, followed by his body.


Hiryu summoned his power and summoned his blades. He managed to catch himself and slash, dark purple clock hands slashing through Wild Zi-O as Hiryu managed to push him back. He kept slashing, using his attack to the best of his ability.

"No!" Woz gasped in horror

"DIE! DIE! DIE DIE DIE! DIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIE!" Hiryu chanted in rage as he slashed again and again

Wild Zi-O was pushed back with every single slash, large shock waves coming off every impact



With one final downwards slash, Hiryu unleashed a massive blast an explosion that completely enveloped Wild Zi-O. Everyone watched in horror, scared the worst had happened. And when the dust settled...

Wild Zi-O stood there calmly.



In Wild Zi-O's right hand was the weapon of Decade Armour, the Heisaber. Meanwhile in his other hand was the combined SaikyoJikanGlaide. He walked towards Another Zi-O II, the blades dragging across the ground and producing sparks

"A-What is this power?" Swartz asked, scared

"St... Stay back!" Hiryu stuttered as he raised his blades

Wild Zi-O's deadly glare struck terror into Hiryu, seeing the abyss within the white visor as Sougo couldn't hear...or didn't want to hear the cries of one so pathetic.


Wild Zi-O swung his swords up, shattering the swords in Another Zi-O II's grip and slashed up his body, right through the two warped watch-straps. "Gah!" Hiryu yelled in pain as he was hit by the powerful slash. He was sent into the air... And a second powerful slash sent him plummeting back into the earth.

"He's a monster." Swartz whispered in fear, seeing the devastation that Sougo was causing. He had to get out of there!

"Sougo. Stop." Geiz got up, seeing Wild Zi-O's arms reach down into the crater that Hiryu crashed in and ripped him out. "Stop it.". Hiryu grunted as he was held by the back of his neck, staring down the business end of Sougo's blade, terrified that he might get carved like a roast. "Stop it!" Geiz roared and slashed at Sougo, causing him to drop Hiryu before he killed him.

... And Wild Zi-O span around, slashing at Geiz and knocking him back.

"My King, stop! Please!" Woz got up and ran at him, trying to hold him back before he did anything else.

Hiryu crawled away as quietly as he could, scrapes and bruises littering his body. "S-Swartz." He whimpered as the purple-clad Time-Jacker grabbing him and disappeared.


"Argh! Sougo! Snap out of it!" Geiz called out, trying to snap him out of it.

Wild Zi-O grabbed Woz and lifted him into the air and threw him into a wall in anger.

Wild Zi-O reached down and hit the button on the top of the Ride Watch


"SOUGO!" Alpina screamed in fear as Wild Zi-O leapt into the air and shot down, aimed right at Woz. As he came rushing down he spun his belt.


Wild Zi-O's foot glowed lightly and connected right into his chest, surrounded by black mist and lightning as a devastating typhoon surrounded him and cracked the very air, causing the sound of thunder to crash into the city with a deafening crunch.

Woz exploded shooting back and flew through the floor, his Super Form protecting him... but it didn't stop him from de-transforming, turning into a beaten, bloody and broken person. Wild Zi-O dropped to the floor on his feet with a heavy THUD looking at where Geiz was... and couldn't find him.

Wild Zi-O stood tall... and began to walk towards Alpina, Aura and Wol

"S-Sougo. Wait! Please! We're your friends!" Wol called out, panicking as they backed up, to no avail as he raised his sword at them

"Sougo!" Geiz roared and tackled him, grabbing his waist and tried to force the RideWatch out of his belt. There was a small explosion of dark mist, the Wild Zi-O armour suddenly vanishing from Sougo as he fell to the floor.



The group looked at each other in fear, then looked at Sougo. Geiz holding the Wild Zi-O RideWatch in his hand in fear. What did Oma Zi-O put into this nightmarish creation?

*Time Skip*

Sougo groaned in pain as he awoke... And he finally felt well-rested.

He felt like he had the best night's rest he had in a week...which he did. No nightmares. No terrors plaguing his mind. He felt more like himself. Back in his bed; with its stiff bedding and its...starchy quilt? 'This isn't my bed.' He thought as he slowly got up and saw that he wasn't home, he was in the hospital. "Wh-what the-?"

Aura saw him awaken and ran out to go get the others. "He's awake."

"Sougo!" Alpina gasped as she rushed over, hugging him tightly

"Ah! A-Alpina? What? What's happened? Why am I here?" Sougo asked, hissing in pain from the hug. "Where are we?"

"You're in the hospital. So are Geiz and Woz." Alpina answered. "You don't remember anything?"

Sougo shook his head. "No. I...It's a blur. I can't-. I just remember transforming and then...pain. Then nothing." He sat up, looking at them "What happened?"

"You lost control. After you transformed, you...went on a rampage. Like you weren't yourself anymore." Aura answered as she sat a little aways from him.

"You almost killed Woz and Hiryu." Wol agreed, hiding himself like a scared child.

"What?" he asked in shock and horror

"You. You were a monster." Alpina spoke in fear. "Like...Like Oma."

Sougo grabbed his head as he heard that. These nightmares...they became real. Blood on his hands, his friends' blood. How could he do that? Forcing himself to use that power. "No! No!"

Alpina saw how distraught Sougo was. And how betrayed she felt. Not because of the gesture of protecting their friends...but the fact that he could turn with that power. That armour that 'Wild Zi-O' had, it looked like it was the beginning of the end. She knelt next to him and hugged him close.

"Why? Why did I do that?" Sougo whispered to himself, berating himself.

"Sougo. It's not your fault." Alpina muttered

"It was my choice...I almost killed you. Woz. I'm the bad guy." Sougo whispered back. "What kind of boyfriend and 'soul mate' am I if I would attack the people I love?"


"Snap out of it!" Aura snapped. Sougo's cheek now had a red mark on it, both he and Alpina looked up at her. Sougo having gotten out of his funk. While Alpina looked at her in slight anger. "You made a mistake. Everyone does. You know what? Wol and I have made mistakes and almost tried to kill you and Geiz and Tsuki!" She gripped his shirt a bit, looking into his eyes "You did what you saw as the only option. Trying to save everyone and stop Another Zi-O."

Sougo couldn't say anything, just looking right at her and into her eyes, seeing the truth in those words...and how he would have to be stronger. Would have to be better. No. He needed to be better. To try and control that demonic power. But he was scared. Terrified about what he could become from it. But he was with his friends. His loved ones...they could help part of the way...but he needed practice. From someone who had experience with this sort of thing.

However, Wol said what everyone was thinking...

"What the hell even was that RideWatch?"

"I. I don't know. It's completely different too what we were used to. I must be made of Quartz right? But...I don't know." Sougo answered.

"It's probably an Oma Zi-O creation." Geiz spoke as he walked into the room, wearing gauze and patches on his body.

"Geiz! I'm so sorry!" Sougo gasped

"It's not me you need to apologise to." Geiz answered. "We've had worse."

"But I-." Sougo tried to apologise.

"Save your energy and apologies." Geiz raised his hand. "It's fine, man. Really."

"...What about Woz?"

"Asleep. You should've seen Hiryu. You left him in a much worse state." Geiz responded making him look even guiltier. "Sougo, don't feel guilty about Hiryu." Geiz informed him. "He's been a pain in our sides for ages."

"I guess."

"Alright. Just...try and heal up. I think the doctor is coming." Geiz finished as he turned around and walked to the other room.

"Thanks." he sighed

"Try and get some sleep. Please." Alpina whispered, kissing his forehead and left with the others.

*Time Skip*

Sougo was outside on the roof, it was a couple of days since he used the Wild Zi-O RideWatch...and he had to talk to someone.

"Hey, buddy!" Parad cheered, coming up into the roof followed by Poppy and Emu.

"Huh? Oh, Parad. Emu, Poppy. Why did you-?" Sougo asked.

"This place is a popular spot if people are having existential crises. I know 'cause I'm up here most days since becoming a Rider." Emu chuckled.

"Too true." Poppy shook her head

"So, you're up here...because of something that you've done. Right? And you're feeling the guilt of what happened." Emu pointed and investigated.

"Y-Yes. I transformed into evil transformation. I almost killed Woz and nearly attacked my friends. I don't know what to do." Sougo answered. "But how'd you know?"

"Your friends told me about it." Emu responded

"Oh." Sougo frowned, looking to the floor.

"Listen, you're not the first Rider to go 'berserk' and you're not the last. Heck, I went crazy a few years ago." Parad patted his back

"Although technically a different circumstance," Poppy added

"But Sougo, that form wasn't evil. It was a berserker. It was, as it is called, Wild." Emu assured while checking Sougo's vitals once more

"And speaking of Wild, the Bottle Nerd is done and will be over tomorrow to help you." Tsukasa said as he appeared holding the ZikuDriver and Wild Zi-O watch

"Sento finished his tests?" Poppy asked

"Yeah." Tsukasa nodded as passed the gear to Sougo "Here."

Sougo held the gear in his hands and frowned, looking at it and saw his reflection in the faceplate. "Thank you." He whispered

"Stop moping." Tsukasa ordered "As I said. Sento finished looking at that watch. It's made of the same stuff from your driver... And I don't get any of the stuff he started rambling about, here." and Tsukasa held out some paper.

"It's made out of Quartz?" Sougo asked in confusion as he looked at his Driver. "My Driver is made out of Quartz? It's a crystal."

"Yeah, he also wanted to ask if you can get him some 'specimens' for him to examine." Tsukasa added

"Of course he would." Emu rolled his eyes.

Sougo's eyes flickered over the letter and gasped "Oh my go... That makes so much sense!"

"Okay, now you're not making any sense." Tsukasa responded as he saw Sougo's reaction. "What did 'Brainiac' figure out?"

"Just like my Driver, the Wild Zi-O Watch is made out of Black Quartz!" Sougo explained

"... okay...?" The senior riders blinked

Sougo sighed and put a bunch of his ride watches down. The base Zi-O Watch, the Ex-Aid watch, the mirror watch, Zi-O Trinity and the Wild Watch

"Where were you hiding them?" Parad asked in shock.

"Okay, let me explain." Sougo answered. "My Base RideWatch is made out of 'Red Quartz', the same with the Ex-Aid Watch." He showed the these two, calmly "Red Quartz is basically 'ripe' Quartz, the 'time Stone' of our timeline. 'Raw' Quartz is pink and what the Another Watches are made from."

"Okay, got you so far." Tsukasa spoke

"Next is my 'Mirror Watch'. This was made out of Blue Quartz and it combines with my Base RideWatch." Sougo explained. "The Blue Quartz is created from 'Timeline B'."

"There are multiple timelines?" Parad asked in shock.

"Yeah, I even went to a different timeline for the Ryuki RideWatch." He answered "This one being from Alpina's timeline."

"Who?" Parad asked

"Tsukuyomi." Poppy responded, informing him.

"Ah, right." He nodded

"So what's the Trinity Watch?" Emu asked

"A mix of Our timeline, Alpina's timeline and the future." Sougo explained. "The potential future. Rainbow Quartz, an evolved Green Quartz."

"There's green now?" Tsukasa groaned

"Yes." Sougo answered simply. "And now...Black Quartz." he spoke, pointing to the Wild RideWatch.

"What's that depict? Present Time, Alternate Time, Future Time...'Land Before Time'?" Parad joked.

"Sort of." he shrugged "From what we can tell it's... I dunno. 'No time'. Time as a concept? Ancient time? It's really weird but it's the foundation all the other Quartz grows out of."

"...This is why dimensional travel is much easier." Tsukasa commented making the others nod in agreement.

"At least I know now." Sougo answered, holding the Driver and Watches. "And explains why I was like that as Wild Zi-O. When you are 'nothing'... It makes everything the enemy."

"Then you need to make the 'nothing' 'something'." Tsukasa answered.


"Anyone else's head hurt?" Parad asked

"Yes." The group responded

"I think we should head back in." Poppy answered


"Why would Oma give Sougo that watch?" Geiz wondered

"I don't know." Woz answered as he was eating his pudding.

"Before all this, it was mindless destruction, proclaiming his power. Now? I don't know." Geiz answered

"To be honest. I've never understood why he went on his wild tangents." Woz admitted

"... He went on wild tangents?" Alpina and Geiz asked as if they had been told new gossip

"Did I not mention that?" Woz asked

"No. You didn't." Alpina answered.

"Well? What were they?" Geiz added

"Oma, so weird to say it like that, he would grant powers to those he kept in his prison, just to put them into trials to fight for their lives." Woz informed. "Sometimes he gave them 'hope' just to rip it away, just to see the distraught on their faces."

"... Oh, this is bad." Geiz said as the three realised what this meant

"Sougo's his next target." Alpina answered


Swartz and Hiryu were in their latest hiding place

And Hiryu was coughing up a storm. Wincing in pain as he was getting rudimentary healing from Swartz. A trained doctor, he was not. But the hostage they had was. "Tokiwa... Why did Oma give him that power up?"

"'Why' indeed. Maybe, it's because of who he is?" Swartz answered as a portal in time opened

"Who's coming now? Is it those jack-offs?" Hiryu snarled, giving a berated nickname to Wol and Aura.

"I don't think so." Swartz answered as he saw the figure emerge from the portal.

Emerging from the portal... Was Oma Zi-O

Swartz's face was stunned, seeing the Overlord who ruled the future come back to the past. "My Overlord. You're here!"

"Of course I am, Swartz. Don't look so surprised. And this young man here, he's this world's Zi-O?" Oma Zi-O responded, praising Hiryu.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Hiryu snarled.

"Simple boy. There are two main timelines. Each with their own Zi-O." Oma explained almost like a proud teacher

"And I'M this timeline's Zi-O?" Hiryu answered

"You're meant to be. Until it was stolen from you." He answered. "But you will be."

"How? How can I become Zi-O?" Hiryu inquired, his greed and desires showing, wanting the power all for himself before he shook his head "Wait! No! That's not important right now! Why did you give Tokiwa that power up?!"

"You really want to know?" Oma responded with a smirk to his voice.

"Yes!" Hiryu snapped

"Tell me, what is the best feeling one can have when in a fight?" Oma asked, stepping a little to the side.


"That's part of it. But no. It's the look on their face when you give them a chance to fight back. Think about it. When they manage to fight back, then you crush them! You grab them by their throats and SLAM them into the ground! Showing how futile everything is, how they thought they had the slightest sliver of hope that they could just, just try and beat you...and then you snap. Their. Necks!" Oma Zi-O emphasized, showing his sadistic and nightmarish side. "The look forever plastered on their faces as you throw their lifeless corpses into their comrades' arms as they reel back in fear and hopelessness. Begging for their lives as they WORSHIP YOU AS A GOD!" He proclaimed and made the room rattle, terrifying the hostage doctor and expanded Hiryu's mind to why he did so. "Ah~. Sorry. I got a little carried away." He exhaled as he was hyping his ego up.

Hiryu was silent, mouth agape with his eyes sparkling in wonder

"That. That's why I gave him that power. And when he uses it, he will go on his rampages and attack any in his way. Attack his friends. Loved ones. Anyone." Oma continued. "Making him realise, that all that he wrought is done by his hands...and then you rip. Out. His. Heart. Breaking him. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically."

"I see. Give him this power. Force him to use it, to hurt his friends. Force their bonds of 'friendship' to shatter and breaking his spirit." Swartz nodded

"See? He gets it." Oma pointed at Swartz. "Now do -you-?" He asked Hiryu.

"Yeah. I think I get it." He nodded

"And don't be stupid when facing that power. If you see him come after you, tactical retreat. Got it?" Oma informed

"I don't run away from a fight!"


"Ow!" Hiryu grunted, feeling his forehead being flicked by a beyond adult's strength finger.

"Listen. You are this world's Zi-O. You can't be that if you're dead. Got it?" He responded


"Good. Swartz, look after him." He answered

"Of course, Oma Zi-O." Swartz answered

*with Sougo, time skip*

"Try not to get hurt so much, Sougo." Emu spoke as he and his friends were discharged from hospital by Emu and Poppy.

"I'll try." he said as the group left the hospital...

Where Hiryu was waiting

"Hiryu?" Sougo looked in fear.

"So that's where you've been hiding. Licking your wounds?" He jeered.

"Great." Emu frowned as he and Poppy attached their belts

"Swartz. Bring them." Hiryu ordered as he activated his Another RideWatch and transformed.

zI-o Ii!

"Like we'd let you!" Woz glared as he, Geiz and Sougo attached their own Drivers.

Swartz smirked and threw four RideWatches to the ground

Emerging from the mists and purple lightning, came these four new Another Riders.

Another Ex-Aid, Mighty Brothers XX Orange and Azure.

Another Faiz Axel

Another FangJoker

And finally Another Blade Jack Form.

Another Faiz Axel was a deep black, dark green and silver veined Rider, shattered visor with blood-red glass, warped spiked shoulder-pads and shin-pads and a blood-red cracked gem in the centre of his chest.

Another Blade Jack Form was a golden armoured, dark blue body-suited creature with spiked feet, shin-guards and gloves, spiked golden and blood-red tipped shoulder-guards, chest-piece and horn with a warped playing-card spade on his chest with a pair of tattered wings as a cape behind him.

Another FangJoker was a tooth-spiked armour figure on his right side with a fossilised T-Rex head on his right shoulder-guard, in place of the green rags of his Cyclone form and to match his wild fanged right side, the 'Joker' left half was more razor-like with more extended claws.

And lastly were the Another Ex-Aid Might Brothers XX, an exact mirror of each other. Broken gamepad-like chest-pieces, orange and azure bodysuits and sneakers, inverted of each other, golden face-like belt, a broken human-tooth smiling half face on their shoulders, humanoid teeth in a menacing grin on their helmets.

"...Those are horrible." Poppy commented

"Darn." Geiz frowned as he noticed Another Faiz in his speed form

"Get them." Hiryu ordered his Another Riders, which Axel struck at Sougo, only to be grabbed by Geiz.

"No, you don't!" Geiz snarled and raced off with Axel.


"Parad... Let's go!" Emu called


The Another Riders raced forwards as Woz Ginga Form ran at Another Blade Joker who was flying in the air to attack them.


"Henshin!" The remaining group proclaimed, Sougo turning into Zi-O II to fight Hiryu.


"Ha!" Sougo called, fully energised, slashing at the Another Rider

"Still using this weak form, Tokiwa?" Hiryu jeered as he threw the blade back, punching Sougo in the stomach.

"I'm not... Falling for that!" Sougo frowned

Hiryu just chuckled and punched Sougo into his stomach, almost winding him and smashed his fist into his side.

With Emu, he had transformed properly into Might Brothers XX, Parad was the Orange side while Emu was the Azure side. "Let's do this, Partner!" Azure spoke

"Ora! C'mon, fake!" Orange roared excitedly and raced at his double.

The two rushed forwards, charging with an almost joy-filled battle cry

Each one of the Mighty Brothers struck their counterparts, throwing kicks and punches, landing them as strong as they could. With a pink Kamen Rider backing them up. "Parad, Emu, duck!" Poppy called out as she landed a slashing strike with her Bugvisor in its Chainsaw Mode.

She gave a series of slashes to Another Double FangJoker, sending him flying back into Another Ex-Aid Mighty Brothers

"Thanks, Poppy dear!" Azure Ex-Aid cheered softly at his girlfriend

Another FangJoker growled like a wild beast, scraping his claws on the ground as the fossilised shoulder-guard looked like it would bite her outright.

Woz was in the sky, battling Another Blade Jack form.

"To slow!" Woz proclaimed and fought in the air against the Another Rider, clashing his fist into the golden armour.

"RaRgH! nO. YoU!" He roared and slashed his arms at Woz, almost penetrating his space-styled armour.

Sougo yelled as he was kicked to the ground, although Hiryu was sent flying back into a wall

"Darn it Tokiwa. Still too strong." Hiryu muttered "Come on Tokiwa, what's the matter? You where actually a challenge last time we fought!"

Sougo coughed as he was struggling to get back up, he was scared to use Wild Zi-O. He would lose control again...but he wouldn't allow Hiryu to do his own thing any more than he has done.

"Yeah. I'm not losing to you." Sougo said, "I don't need that power to keep up!"

"Really? Prove it." Hiryu jeered as he was seeing the future between him and Sougo, while Sougo did the same. Each power contradicting and clashing against the other to try and get a one-up on their enemy.

Of course, they should be even... But Hiryu had that small power up from Oma running through his body

"Hraaargh!" Sougo ran, throwing his fist right into Hiryu's open palm. He was aiming for his face, but he couldn't get that close.

Hiryu was chuckling and tutting. "Good try." And slammed his fist into Sougo's chest, flinging him into the building.

"Ah." Sougo groaned in pain

"Weak. You're still too weak to beat me." Hiryu spoke, delusional to his previous losses.

"Shut. Up." Sougo grunted as he tried to get back up. "You're delusional, Hiryu." He grunted, pushing himself to his feet.

"You're just jealous. I'm the King!" Hiryu answered before he shot out a massive blast of energy, which sent Sougo to the ground in his human form

"Grrr..." Sougo growled as he reached for his RideWatch... only for Swartz to grab the Zi-O watch.

"You don't deserve this power, Tokiwa. I told you I'm destined to be King...and you?" He jeered, before stomping into his back.

"ARGH! AH!" Sougo screamed loudly as he felt his back being ground into powder.

"Sougo!" Alpina called out in worry, aiming and shot at Hiryu with her FaizPhoneX blaster.

"Pathetic. Can't even tickle me." He smirked, turning to Alpina. "And you can't do anything to stop me." And stepped towards her.


Hiryu was pushed back, knocking him back as Decade walked up besides Alpina

"You okay kiddo?" He asked

"Yes." Sougo said in slight despair, seeing Swartz holding Zi-O RideWatch. If he wanted to fight... He... he had no choice!

"Tsukasa...Stop me. If I go too far." Sougo grunted as he got to his feet.

"What're you-?" Tsukasa asked before he saw the RideWatch.


The demonic voice came from the RideWatch; before Sougo slotted it into his Driver and slammed his fist onto the top of his belt. The holographic deep bronze broken clock appeared behind him with its hands pointing to six, the black hissing smoke seeped through the cracks of the faceplate and gears as it reminded Sougo of that first time.


"WILD HENSHIN!" He proclaimed as his right hand went under and gripped the tilted side, spinning it violently as the belt returned back to normal.

"Sougo, no!" Alpina looked on in fear for him again.



Sougo's screams once again returned, the shattered glass of the holographic broken clock erupted as the hands pointed to 11 and 1, slicing the air and stabbed into Sougo's body as the black mists formed over him. The terrible, gruesome pain he had to endure; all to save his girlfriend.

The black mists formed and solidified as white Katakana shot out and struck Hiryu, slamming into Sougo's visor and showed off the word 'rediR' once again.

W~I~AL~DO~! ZI~O~!

Sougo's body jerked slightly as his power flowed through him and then became limp while standing...before he slowly lifted his emotionless black Watchface helmet.

"No! Why did he do that again?!" Geiz snapped

"Don't mess this up, King Boy." Tsukasa whispered as he held his own sword.

Wild Zi-O walked slowly forwards, looking at Hiryu. "I knew you'd do that again." Hiryu commented and laughed. "Just what I wanted." he whispered

"What're you talking about?" Alpina asked, ready to shoot him, before Wild Zi-O walked towards them with primal rage.

Wild Zi-O pulled out his Zikan Glade and dragged it along the floor, sparking the concrete and slightly pulling it out. He was aiming at Hiryu for getting close to Alpina; how dare he?


Both Another Zi-O II and Wild Zi-O clashed with their weapons, coming into contact with their respective strengths. This was going to be hell.

*With the others*

"RaRgH! DiE!" Another Blade Jack roared as he flew and clashed with Woz, only to be grabbed from behind.

"I prefer not to!" Woz grunted and tore off the wings, causing Another Blade Jack to plummet. Following that, Woz took the advantage, opening and slamming shut his Driver's door.



Woz rocketed down with his Rider Kick, connecting right into Another Blade Jack's chest giving no quarter for escape as the explosion and crater caused by their impact destroyed the body of the Another Rider, leaving only the RideWatch behind, hidden among the rubble. "Thank goodness there was no-one inside there."


"Ah!" Woz yelled as he was sent flying to the ground from Wild Zi-O's slash. Wild Zi-O's emotionless helmet face was glaring now at Woz, seeing him as an enemy, ready to strike him down with his sword like an executioner's axe. "M-My King. Stop this." Woz gasped, getting back to his feet, trying to stay his rage and anger.

"This is your plan?" Alpina snapped at Hiryu. "To get him to attack his friends?"

"Regret becoming my girl -now-, Tsuki?" Hiryu smirked, grabbing her wrist and dropped her gun.


"Let go of the lady, creep!" Tsukasa spoke slashing at Hiryu's body, distracting him long enough for Alpina to get free.

"Ow!" he hissed...


He was sent flying with a powerful kick.

"You okay?" Tsukasa responded

"I'm fine, go help Sougo." She answered, grabbing her gun and ran off to find Wol and Aura.

"Parad, let's end this!" Emu spoke as he and his 'brother' were facing their doubles who were opposing their moves.


"I'm with ya, Emu!" Parad nodded

"Let's clear it together, with super co-op play power!" The two said in unison, giving a reflected but identical pose.


All four leapt into the air and shot at each other, though the true brothers were much faster and dealt more damage. Causing the two Another Riders to slam into each other into one entity, being upper-cut right into its dumpy warped white armoured chin, by Mighty Brother X, the 'base form' of Mighty Brothers, before they leapt into the air and separated, causing a huge explosion that destroyed not only the Another Riders, but also the Another RideWatch that created it. "HAAA!"


"Ye-heh!" Parad hi-fived his brother.

"Alright!" Emu smiled back

Poppy was dealing with her own problem, having to deal with Another Fang Joker...who was definitely cheating. He wasn't playing her dance-off!

"This isn't fair you know!" she frowned, hitting the B button on her driver


"fAiR? aLl FaIr In WaR!" Another FangJoker roared, readying his dinosaur skull and fangs attack.

"Is that right?" Poppy questioned as she leapt into the air. "Then I can do this!"


Poppy rocketed down with her foot extended, surrounded by hearts and musical notes, hitting Another FangJoker right in the torso as he was just shy of getting his own attack in, but couldn't as the surrounding notes and hearts blocked his fangs and bones from attacking her. "RARGH!"


Another FangJoker exploded into pieces, though his RideWatch survived and clattered to the ground.

"I did it!" she cheered

"Great work, Pop-Ee!" Emu smiled, before Wild Zi-O raced in their direction, stabbing at them with his sword.

"Emu!" Parad called out, blocking the Zikan Glade with the Gashacon Key Slasher.

Geiz was handling his own against Another Faiz Axel, his own speed keeping up with it and was ready to strike out at him when the opportunity came. 'Come on freak. Give me an opening.' he thought

"ToO. sLoW." Another Faiz Axel jeered as he flicked his right wrist twice.

'Oh, you're begging for it now!' Geiz thought in anger, gearing up to run right at him with his JaClaw.

He just needed to wait for the right second.


Another Faiz Axel stared right into Geiz's visor.


Geiz stared back at the monster he swore to destroy.


Another Faiz Axel's hand flexed his fist.


Geiz's foot got into position as his free hand aimed at his belt.


A spark of broken red light formed on Another Faiz Axel's foot.



Both leapt into the air, shooting towards the other as they extended their feet and kicked at each other.



The twos' feet connected as sparks erupted from both sides before they separated, landing on either side of the battle-field.

Geiz fell to one knee in pain, almost turning back to his normal self; while Another Faiz Axel stood tall. "wEa-". Sparks began to fly as he slowly turned around, jerking as his body began to shatter and scream, purple light began to erupt from his body before exploding into pieces and the Another RideWatch fell to the ground.

Geiz got back to his feet after that, getting back his breath. 'Okay. Come on.' He thought as he went back into the fight, going to his comrades.

"King Boy! Stop this!" Tsukasa grunted as he tried to hold back Wild Zi-O's mindless primal driven rage, though he might have to break out some of his big guns.

"He can't help it. Just shows how weak and worthless he is!" Hiryu laughed before striking Tsukasa in the back, carving his armour up.

"Gah!" Tsukasa yelled in pain before Wild Zi-O kicked him away...

And then Wild Zi-O grabbed Hiryu's head, slamming his knee into his face. With Another Zi-O II stumbling back, Wild Zi-O pressed the button on the back of the Jikan Glaide


"T-Tokiwa!" Hiryu grunted as he tried to leave, but he was looking down the barrel of the proverbial shotgun.

5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

"I did not think this through." Hiryu frowned before he hurried.


"TRY THIS!" Hiryu yelled as he slashed his swords, an X energy slash that hit Wild Zi-O HARD!... But he didn't react.

Wild Zi-O instead raised the sword and brought it down hard.


Wild Zi-O started with a downwards slash which sent a shock wave of black energy similar to a sweeping clock hand through Hiryu, this was followed by a horizontal slash which produced a similar response and finished with an upwards cut.

Explosions went off around them as Another Zi-O II was sent flying into the air and came crashing down to the ground as his form sparked and glitched out, fading away as explosions continued to go off around them.

Wild Zi-O stood there uncaring as the explosions went off around them, reflecting off his armour and making his white eyes stand out even more.

"Gah!" Hiryu gasped as his Another Rider form faded away, rolling onto his stomach as he coughed violently... And saw Wild Zi-O's boots inches away from his face.

Wild Zi-O raised his sword, ready to execute Hiryu, the hollow abyss of his eyes ready to kill him.

"My King, NO!" Woz grabbed him, holding his blade back. "I cannot allow you to do this! It's not you!"

... Wild Zi-O let go his sword and threw his arm up, freeing it from Woz's grasp, before he gave a hard kick to his comrade's gut.

"Gah!" Woz coughed as he was knocked, falling to his knees

"Woz!" Poppy yelled in worry


"Darn it Sougo! Snap out of it!" Geiz hissed as he shifted to his power form, coming to a stop before his friend.

Wild Zi-O tilted his head in a strange way before rushing forwards. Geiz didn't get time to react as he was given a series of harsh punches to the face before he was kicked hard in the jaw, knocking him back.

"Geiz, we can't hold back! We need to knock him out of his transformation!" Emu called as he and Parrad came rushing past him, the two holding their weapons tightly as they slashed at Wild Zi-O.

The black and silver armoured Rider stumbled back, taking the blows from the Gashacon KeySlasher and Gashacon Breaker without reacting too much. His body just jerked around with each strike, the two co-op players not giving him a chance to retaliate.

"You okay?" Poppy asked as she helped Woz to his feet.

"Yes. I need My King to be distracted." Woz nodded confidently.

"I think we can do that!" Parad called before they got unlucky.

Wild Zi-O managed to grab their swords, gripping them tightly. He forced their blades back, twisting their wrists painfully before he gave two sharp kicks that knocked them back. He threw their swords away and with a few sharp hooks and kicks they were sent rolling away.


'That can't be good.' Geiz thought as he saw Wild Zi-O hit the button in his watch... Wild Zi-O then suddenly did a seemingly random high kick before Geiz realised he couldn't move "What?!" he gasped and looked down. Around his arms and legs was black... Fog, like the stuff that came out of the clock when Sougo transformed into this form.

Wild Zi-O then jumped into the air, extending his right foot as it glowed with black smoke and purple light. The katakana for 'kick' appeared in the smoke over Geiz's chest, only in reverse


Wild Zi-O came crashing down, hitting Geiz hard in the chest and causing an explosion.

Geiz yelled as he was knocked out of his armoured form, rolling away capped and bleeding

Suddenly chains of fire, a photon "energy cone", OOO Shautah whip's and Build RoseCopter's thorn whip wrapped around Wild Zi-O, holding him in place

"You guys had better hurry up!" Tsukasa said, in Build form with the three different whip's emerging from the Rabbit hand while the other-hand held the Ride Booker "I had to spam three different Attack Ride cards and I don't think I can hold much longer!"

Woz nodded, tackling Sougo in the stomach with his hand on the belt with the RideWatch inside. Wild Zi-O looked down and tried to shake him off, only for Woz to rip the RideWatch out of his body, retreating all the dark fog back into it and reverted Sougo back to normal.

Sougo yelled in pain and exhaustion, quickly going limp.

Aura and Alpina rushed quickly to Sougo's side, catching him before he toppled to the floor.

Almost immediately, time stopped, Swartz grabbed Hiryu and saw understood what happened. 'This power, it truly is monstrous.' He thought as he escaped with Hiryu in his arms.

Time restarted, Hiryu was gone and so was the Another RideWatches that weren't destroyed.

This battle... This RideWatch... What was it doing?

To be continued

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