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Two Minds in One

Athena was tired. More than that, she was mentally exhausted. So much has happened over the past couple of years that went beyond her domain. From the second Titan War to the Giant War, with so little break in between. The Goddess of Warfare and Battle Tactics was tired.

She would usually relax in her temple and read a few of the novels that she loved, but a nice trip to the mortal world sounded extra nice for the goddess. Thus is why she is currently relaxing in a small library/café hybrid. She sighed and shook her head. When did she allow drinks to be made in her library's? Maybe another divine being was messing with her? Something to look into latter.

She took a sip and hummed slightly. Dark, with two sugars' and a small amount of cream. Not the worst drink she ever had. She gazed down at her thick book and just decided to try and escape for a few moments. That is if one of the mortals would stop staring at her.

She peeked up from her book to examine the lone mortal. He was lanky and looked to be foreign, Japanese if she had to deduce. His brown eyes boring into her own as if he was searching for something. His brown hair was messy with decorative hair clips in them, and he wore a lose green and white striped shirt with a light green jacket on and brown pants with red shoes.

Athena gazed at the mortal with narrowed eyes. Never one to just ignore things and being curious to a fault she gazed back at him and felt something was off. The mortal looked young, maybe in his late teens yet for some reason she felt like this mortal child was much older. A minor god perhaps?

The mortal tilted his head at her and blinked once before looking down at his book. Athena frowned but decided to let it go for now. If a minor god decided they wished to read, then that's fine with her. She enjoyed her novel finding herself enthused and humored over the writing and the lack of knowledge of the subject the author was writing about. Mortals did have an odd way of explaining history.

"The book is wrong you know." A voice spoke up causing the goddess to look up to see the same young boy from before now sitting across from her his book still open and him still reading from it.

"Oh?" she asked. Deciding to humor the boy.

"He was caught forging documents. Along with his theory of the world was way off." He explained further. "He was not a bright man, taking the things he learned off the internet as his only source, and when things didn't go his way he forged them." He snapped his book closed and stared at the woman right in the eyes. "A criminal who will be counting their sins." He said.

Athena only blinked at the man before looking back at the book she was reading, feeling disinterested in it now. Granted she knew of it being completely false in every way, but even so it was an entertaining form of fiction. "Is that right?" she said placing the book down. Before giving the man a small grin. "Well thank you for your insight."

The young man nodded to her while still staring intently into her eyes. Athena stared back not going to back down to a mere mortal. Even then there was something there, someone so young and yet showed some promise in the area of the mind.

"I prefer history and battle tactics over simple fantasy." She said with a small shrug. "How about you? What do you fancy?"

The young man gave her a small grin. "Everything." He said simply.

Athena blinked at that response not expecting it. "Everything?"

The young man nodded once his eyes leaving hers to look around the room. "Yes. Did I stutter?" he asked then looked down as if in thought. "Did I use that right?" he muttered opening his book.

It was then Athena realized that the young man's book was empty. There was nothing written on the pages. Her eyes narrowed as she gave a critical look at the young teen as he continued to look through his empty book.

"Ah." He spoke causing her to raise an eyebrow at him. "I did use it right." He said before tilting his head like a puppy. "Even so." He raised his head to stare right at her with narrowed eyes. "What's a goddess doing in an American Library?" he asked.

Athena tensed and glared at the young man who stared back at her without fear. A foolish notion. She made sure the mist was strong to not attract any attention, something that he noticed as he gazed around with a raised eyebrow.

"Impressive." He spoke up. "Using illusion based magic to hide our presence to the rest of the store." He gave a small nod. "Not bad. Now back to business." He turned back to the woman and raised an eyebrow at the change she had done.

She was sitting strait up her expression un-reading. She gave him a calculated look and the young man gave her one in return. Athena spoke up first. "Who are you." She demanded.

The young man gave her a small grin. "Why would I give my name to someone I don't know?" he asked.

Athena's glare hardened. "You know who I am." She hissed at him.

The man tilted his head. "Do I?" He asked. "I actually made an educated guess, based on the strange energy that you have been giving out the moment you walked in." he said pointing to the door way. "Even so, you confirmed it now by reviling yourself." He gave a small grin.

Athena glared at the boy, her grey eyes aglow with her magic ready to be set free. Yet she was impressed with the mortal. He was able to see through her disguise. "You're not the first to do this you know." She said to him.

The young man simply shrugged. "Perhaps not." He said simply. "That still begs the question of why you are here?" he asked with more force.

"Watch your tone mortal." She warned him with a cold glare. "One wrong word and you will think your nothing but a little girl." She said darkly.

The young man blinked at that and looked at his book again. "That would be enlightening." He said back. He looked up at her, book still in hand. "Even so. I mean no disrespect. It's just that I need to know why you are here. It's important." He said simply.

Athena narrowed her eyes at the mortal for a long moment. Their eyes never leaving each other. Before Athena took a breath, "I simply wished to read a book and relax." She said.

The young man blinked and looked at her for a long moment. "That's it?" he asked.

She nodded yes. "That's all."

"Good." The young man stood up and started to move back to his table. "Oh, one more thing." He said before turning to the woman. "You should move." He said.

Athena blinked confused before feeling her senses warn of her of danger. She quickly moved to the side to avoid the wall she was leaning against falling on top of her. When the dust settled she witnessed something that left her baffled. A strange monster was standing in the hole where the wall once was its strange appearance resembling a few books and pages decorated its body, along with a very sharp looking book mark coming from its arm. Athena had never seen anything look that ridicules.

What was worse however was that everyone could see this monster. The screams of horror as the mortals tried to run from the store as the monster slashed at every book it came across. Athena was shocked. The mist was not concealing the monster. Worse it felt like the monster seemed to repel the mist away from itself.

Athena raised to her feet with narrowed eyes. This was bad. If anyone else on Olympus finds out that a monster with the ability to repel the mist exists. It would cause huge problems and more arguments. She sighed softly. She was so tired of arguments.

She gazed around only to stop at the beast turned its eyes to her. Athena narrowed her eyes at the monster as it let out a roar and charged at her. It raised its bookmark high for a slash but before Athena could defend herself a lone cup of hot coffee crashed into the monster making it pause.

Both turned to see a young man wearing a white suit with a white fedora on his head. He was also from Japan if Athena could guess right and his eyes were focused on the monster before them. "Leave her alone." He ordered simply.

The monster let out an annoyed huff and charged at the man. He narrowed his eyes as he ducked under a slash and rolled away from the beast to create some distance. "Dr. Marlow Davis." He started pointing at the monster. "Former writer for a famed book describing ancient history. Now however all your work was proven to be a sham." He said with a dark look.

"Now he wishes to destroy his work." A voice spoke up causing Athena to turn to see the young mortal she was speaking with before still seated and his book still open in his hand. "To erase his biggest failure." The young man closed his book and gave the monster a cold look. "Even traveling the world to find all the copies that you shipped out of Japan." He explained further.

"Almost got away with it too." The other man said with a small smirk. "Except there was one book still residing in the west." He lifted the book that much to Athena's surprise was the book she was reading earlier. "This book right here." He said.

The monster roared and charged at the young man. He held the book close and ducked under a swipe of the monster blade before leaping off a table and using the beast as a stepping stone landed behind the beast book still in hand. "Those who except their failures are truly hardboiled." The man said before glaring at the monster. He gazed at the goddess and quickly tossed the book to her.

She caught it with some surprise thinking the mist was keeping her hidden. Seemed the monster was causing her own to fade. "Keep that safe!" the man ordered, making her grit her teeth. Who was a mortal to order a goddess?!

"Ready partner?" the man asked as he pulled out a strange device from behind him. It was red and looked like it could hold something. He placed the device on his front near his waist where one would place a belt buckle and a belt manifest from the device connected it to the man.

Athena felt a strange energy engulf the room making her turn to see the belt and device appear on the other young man. She watched him smile and place his book down before walking next to the other man. "A battle in the states? How enlightening!" he said before reaching into his pocket and pulling out…a green USB?

Athena narrowed her eyes at the device. Unlike what some of her family might think, Athena was well aware of the new trends in gathering and storing information. It was her domain after all. Still it made her wonder what exactly a USB drive was going to do in this situation. She was tempted to blast the monster to Tartarus and erase the mortal's memories yet something was telling her to observe.

The man dressed in white narrowed his eyes as he pulled out a stylized black USB from his jacket pocket. The two pressed the buttons on the USB and to Athena's surprise they spoke out.



Athena felt something change. The energy in the room had changed with these devices. It startled her but she hid it quickly. The power she felt coming from those devices felt too similar to Gaia. Yet it felt…purer. She couldn't understand it and as she felt the energy she could feel it was similar to the monster before her, yet it's was more tainted and raw. It left her nervous. Her eyes narrowed and she was ready to summon her spear and shield but the two would surprise her once more.

"Henshin!" The both shouted as they posed before the monster side by side making a W with their body and arms. The younger of the two placed his USB in one of the open slots where it quickly vanished and repapered on the man dressed in white. To Athena's shock the young man she was talking to before fell to the ground in a faint. His partner looked unconcerned and he paced his own USB in the other slot. A sound started to reverberate around the room, it made the goddess tense as she had no idea how much would change with what she was about to witness.

He pushed the two slots to the side as they formed a W on the belt and it spoke once more.


The wind picked up tremendously as a small green cyclone started to spin around the man along with purple tribal marks started to spread over his face. The pages of the destroyed books started to fly everywhere and Athena had to grit her teeth to stay rooted and hold onto the book. The monster was not so lucky as it started to be hit by books of all sizes causing it to fall to the ground as it got buried under a few dozen books and paper.

Athena's eyes were wide with shock. This power. It was stronger now. More focused. It was Gaia's power yet was purer then anything she had ever felt. It felt so amazing to her. This was the earth being used in its purest form. No…not the earth itself but the knowledge and the information the earth provided.

The wind faded and in the place of the young man was now an armored warrior. His armor was spilt in half. The color on his right side of his body was green and his left side was black with the purple tribal markings on the body and arms. A small white scarf fluttered in the wind on the green side of the armor and its red compound eyes shined bright. On the top of its head were two V's that combined to form a W.

Both Athena and the Monster who had dug its way out stared at the figure before them in surprise and shock. The figure moved its head to stare at the monster before moving to the side and pointing his black hand at the beast lazily as if he was holding an invisible gun.

"Now, count up your sins!" Two voices spoke at once within the armor shocking Athena more. She knew that voice. It was the same voice of the young man who fainted mixed with the voice of the other man. She narrowed her eyes at the figure as it lowered its arm and got into a fighting stance.

The monster let out a roar and charged at the armored hero. It swung with its blade but was easily side stepped and kicked in the side causing the beast to let out a grunt of pain as it crumbled a bit feeling the pain from that blow. It tried to swipe at the hero with its blade again but the hero ducked and delivered a strong punch to the beasts exposed stomach causing it to stagger back in pain.

Athena only watched with narrowed eyes. So he was a hero? Interesting. She had no idea of this hero or their godly parent. Furthermore, she had no prior knowledge that heroes would start using Gaia's powers. Her power in the hands of mortals was a dangerous thing. Still, she did admire how the hero fought. He was shown to be more of a brawler as he traded blows with the monster while also avoiding swipes from the monster's strange sword. Whoever this hero was, they were well versed in combat.

The monster let out a groan of pain as it staggered back from another blow, its head snapping up to glare at the hero before it.

"Is that all?" the hero asked its left eye blinking as he talked.

The beast let out a roar that sounded like a distorted humans and to Athena felt a new power start to grow. It felt much like the hero's power, yet it was rawer more untamed and wild. It felt like Gaia the way she remembered her. Athena tensed as she felt the energy spread and soon gasped as she saw all the books around her start to shake and rattle.

The hero noticed too as he gazed around the room. "Huh?" he asked as the shaking increased.

The monster let out a roar as it pointed at the hero and let out a loud distorted voice, "DIE!" It shouted and the books went flying into the hero.

The armored hero dogged the best he could, swatting away a few books but was unable to avoid them all as a few hit him causing him to stagger back. He grunted a few times as he was struck and one caught his foot causing him to stumble before another caught the head making the hero stagger back.

Athena dodged the books with ease as she held on to the book in her arms. She would not release it even if it tried to move on its own. She glared as the monster roared and got back to its feet before charging at the man. "Pay attention!" she shouted but was too late as the monster slashed at the distracted hero causing sparks to fly as the blade cut the armor.

The hero let out a yell of pain as the beast struck again and sent the hero rolling on the ground. He was able to roll into a kneeling position and took a breath holding his chest. "That hurt." He spoke up.

"We underestimated him." The right eye blinked as the voice of the younger man spoke up surprising and confirming Athena's hypothesis. "As the Book Dopant, he has powers over books and paper. As well as ink." The young man explained to the other as he slowly rose to his feet. "Were at a disadvantage."

"Well lets even the playing field then." The other half said as he pulled another USB from his belt on the side. This one was mostly silver with a giant M on the front. He pressed the button on the device and it spoke in the same voice as the others.


He pushed the device back up and took out the purple USB device and replaced it with the silver device. With the flick of his hand he spread the device out again causing it speak out once more.


While the green side remained unchanged the heroes purple side changed to a pure silver in color. He also gained something from this change as a small pole could be seen sticking out of the man's back. He reached behind him and grabbed the poll as it extended to a staff. He twirled the staff a few times before charging at the monster.

The beast roared and charged as well raising its arm sword high. The weapons clashed in a sea of sparks as they tried to push each other back. The hero showed more cunning however as he quickly ended the deadlock by spinning around the monster and nailing it in the back of the head with the staff.

The monster fell onto the ground face first as it rumbled in pain. The hero did not let up as he charged again. The monster however raised his non sword hand and the books started to fly at the hero once more.

"Not this time!" The hero spoke up as he lifted the silver USB and placed it within the staff itself. He started to spin the staff around and to Athena's surprise a gust of green wind started to flow around the staff as the hero continued to swing and spin the staff. The wind deflected and changed the directions of the books causing them to miss him completely. He glared ahead at the monster and continued to spin the staff around and around until blades of wind could be seen dancing and forming.


Athena watched as the hero continued to spin and with two voices, announced the attack. "Metal Twister!" They shouted out the attack and with a mighty swing they slashed the staff into the monster causing sparks to dance across the beast as it let out roars of pain as the wind blades dug into the beast. The hero continued to hit the beast as he spun in place delivering vicious strikes to the beast as the combined power of wind and metal damaged the beast.

With one final strike the beast flew back and landed on the ground in a pile of books and let out one last pained roar as sparks and discharging electricity could be seen coming from the best before it froze and fell to the ground where it exploded in a blaze of fire. The heroes back were to the beast allowing Athena to see the red compound eyes almost glow brighter behind the explosion.

The goddess stared hard at the figure before her as it stared back at her before the figure turned its head away and faced the fire. Athena followed his gaze to see a small USB drive that looked more rugged with ribs on it shatter and a groan of a man was heard from where the monster exploded.

When the fired dimmed Athena was stunned to see a human male with a pale complexion and wearing a yellow sweater and beige pants and dark shoes. Her eyes widened as she looked at the back of the book she was holding and was surprised to see the very same man as the writer. Her eyes narrowed as she stared at the man.

The hero walked over to the figure and kneeled down before him as the man slowly came too. He looked around slowly as if coming out of a long sleep before his eyes spotted the twin colored hero and he let out a scream of fright as he scrambled back before wincing in pain.

"Relax. We're not going to hurt you." The hero spoke in his native language. He reached down to his belt and pushed them to a standing up position and he took the two memories out of the belt returning the man to normal.

The young man opened his eyes slowly before siting up and looking at the goddess before him who had acted as his shield. He gave her a small grin before getting to his feet. "Thank you for watching over my body." He said with a bow to her surprising the goddess slightly.

The young man then walked over to the down author and kneeled down to be face to face with him. "Trying to delete your past work. Something like that I can't forgive easily." He said with a cold tone making the man gulp slightly.

The older man smirked lightly and placed a hand on his partner's shoulder. "Agreed."

"You don't understand." The man said with a growl as he tried to get up.

"Don't understand what?" The fedora wearing man said back with a glare.

"You think I wrote the book?" he asked them with narrowed eyes.

"Of course." The older man said with narrowed eyes. "Why else would you be attacking all known stores that hold a copy?"

"Because it was not your own work you were trying to destroy." The goddess spoke up causing everyone to turn to her surprised to see her still there.

"Eh?" The fedora wearing man asked tilting his head slightly.

The goddess held out the book to them. "The novel while holding nothing but false information, was indeed written by a Dr. Marlow Davis, however that's not your true name is it?" she asked with narrowed eyes.

The man stared at the woman with wide eyes before lowering them to the ground and took let out a deep sorrowful breath. "No. He was my brother."

"Brother?" The fedora wearing man asked with widened eyes.

"That explains a few things." The young man spoke up his finger to his chin in thought. "It's why he didn't go after the lone book but just the whole store where he knew where the book was located."

"Why destroy your brothers work though?" The fedora wearing man asked with narrowed eyes. "Unless…you were trying to fix his mistake."

The deep sigh he gave off was enough evidence. "He was so proud." The older man said wincing in pain. "So proud of the book he had written that I couldn't be happier for him. Then…then he died before the books could be published. I wanted him to be remembered so I found a publisher and had them publish the books." He shook his head in sadness. "I never knew he falsified everything he wrote."

"Until the reviews started to come in." The young boy spoke up. "That's when you found out. Deciding to look over the book itself you discovered the truth. Its then you decided to do something about it." He said.

"I couldn't let his memory be ruined by his last work!" the man shouted. He winced and leaned back against the tipped over table. "I made a deal with some bad people. Got my hand on one of those Gaia Memories." He said with a shudder. "It was amazing." He whispered.

Athena came to attention instantly at the name of those devices. "Gaia Memories?" she asked with narrowed eyes.

"Memories of the earth itself." The younger man said with narrowed eyes. "They are in a sense stronger versions of steroids that instead of making one more muscular turns them into a monster known as a Dopant." He explained to the goddess making her nod slowly.

"I wanted to preserve his memory." The man said starting to black out from the overuse of the Book Gaia Memory. "Didn't want the last thing he did…to be…a failure." He said before blacking out.

The fedora wearing man let out a sigh as he approached the man and placed handcuffs on him. "He did it for his brother. As hardboiled as it might be, the way he decided to do it was truly half boiled."

"Like you?" The younger man teased making the fedora wearing man glare at him.

"Hardboiled!" he shouted out before the two gave a small grin to each other before both turning to the glaring goddess before them.

"Thanks for holding the book ma'am." The fedora wearing man said tipping his hat to the woman.

"It's not an issue. Now will you explain what just happened here?" she demanded with narrowed eyes making the man shiver slightly.


"We defeated the Dopant that had escaped Japan and now we are going to return home and make sure he gets a trial." The young man said lifting his book up to his face again.

"You turned into an armored warrior." She said with a glare towards the two men before her. "Something like this couldn't be possible without a blessing from Hephaestus. You both also used the power of Gaia herself." She narrowed her eyes at them as her frown grew deeper. "Are you two fools for even attempting to use her power without her knowing!?"

The older man just blinked at her in confusion for a moment before turning to his partner. "You have any idea what she is talking about Philip?"

The young man named Philip hummed in thought before looking at the goddess. "Yes, but she won't like the answers we give her." He gave the goddess a dull look. "What you saw was the memories of the earth itself fight off against other memories of the earth." He said with a small shrug. "We used a purified version sure, but in a sense we are using the memories of the planet not the power of the planet itself."

Athena narrowed her eyes in thought. "Memories of the planet?" she asked softly.

The young man nodded with a small grin. "Right. Using the power of the earth we become the two in one hero. Double." He said with a small grin.

"Double?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Kamen Rider Double." The other man said with a smirk. He reached down and picked up the accused and lifted him over his shoulder. "Now if you will excuse us. We need to get him to the local police station." He said starting to walk out of the door.

Philip just sighed and shook his head. "Forgive Shotaro." He said with a bow. "He can be very half-boiled." He said simply.

"Hardboiled!" the voice of Shotaro shouted out at the two from outside.

The young man rolled his eyes in fondness. "As you can see." He said.

Athena couldn't help but grin lightly at the young man before her. She felt like she could relate with this mortal in some way, "I do."

"Perhaps we could talk another time." He said with a grin. "I would like to know how I would be a girl." He said opening his book, "So far all I've seen is a surgery that sounds both painful and expensive." He said with a frown.

Athena raised an amused eyebrow at the young man and shook her head. "Perhaps another time." She said handing him the book she was holding.

Philip smiled and took the book from her. "Thank you again." He said bowing to her before turning around. "It was nice to meet you…"

"Athena." She said with a small proud grin.

"I knew it." He whispered before giving her a nod before walking out of the destroyed library.

Athena watched them leave before looking around the destroyed store. With a wave of her hand the store and all the books had returned to their proper place. Once could have wondered if there was any kind of fight in the store at all. Yet Athena knew the truth. She had seen it with her own two eyes.

She had just witnessed a hero not connected to any god, that used the power of Gaia defeat a monster that was also using the power of Gaia. She had much to discuss with her family as she left the store and returned to Olympias. But before she reviles what she saw to the other gods and goddess, she needed to gather any info she can on the strange hero and the title they gave themselves.

"Kamen Rider." She said softly as she started her research.